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Big Tits

Thanks to Eddie for his help, patience and giving me the confidence to finally share my story.


This is a true story

Well where can I start? From the beginning, I suppose. Picture this: a bored 30 something housewife, married her high school sweetheart, and then almost 15 years later felt like she was screaming inside with boredom. That was me, and I felt like I was abnormal because I wasn’t enjoying lovemaking — it was always over too soon, was always the same; and if I dared to suggest something out of the ordinary, I was looked upon as if I were dirty.

So what did I do? I left. I did try everything to salvage my marriage, but I couldn’t live my life the same as it had been. I needed more than he was prepared to give. Six months later I was a sexual wildchild willing to try anything, and for that I give thanks to Ken for opening me up and showing me that there is more to lovemaking than lying on my back with my legs spread. I met and married Anthony a short time later. Anthony knows that the sexy woman he has now is because of Ken, and how he became my teacher

When I met Ken, he chased me, flirted with me, and made me feel the way a real woman should feel. There I was, having never slept with anyone else ever (other than my ex), with no self confidence, very little self esteem, and this man who was a real “working man” with his muscles hardened from outdoor work was chasing me. Me with flabby thighs, big bouncing boobs, stretch marks, even my lard arse–as the ex used to remind me.

I was so nervous, I had never thrown caution to the wind the way I had done this time. I was way out of my comfort zone. I considered backing out right up to the time I was due to meet Ken. Should I? Shouldn’t I? I nearly chickened out on the way. He called me on my mobile and said, “Just come and meet me. If after you do, you decide not to go through with it – you can leave.”

So there I was, nervous as all hell, like a girl going on her first date, meeting a man I had only chatted to on the phone and on the net. Whew! Huge step, girl.

Ken was the perfect gentleman, and we fell into each other’s arms. “You are gorgeous,” he said. “What on earth are you so worried about?”

Unfortunately, after a quick meeting, he had to go back to his conference. I slept all afternoon. Thank heavens. I would need the rest.

When I heard Ken come back through the motel room door, I was greeted with such a beaming smile.” Get up, Sweetheart,” he said. “We are going shopping.”

“Shopping?” I said.

“Yep,” said Ken with a huge smile. “No lady such as yourself should ever be without a vibrator.” I laughed when I remembered our conversations recently poker oyna about me being 35 and having never used or touched a vibrator. I tell you walking into that sex store was like taking a kid into a candy shop. I walked out with two gifts — gifts I still have today: a purple vibe (which was my personal favourite) and a gold vibe.

We went back to the motel and then out for dinner, his company had booked the Kookaburra Queen an elegant paddleboat restaurant. Tonight they had put on a buffet dinner. Ken was in high spirits even hand feeding me a piece of lobster, which was juicy and I nibbled suggestively. A little while later Ken and I stood out on the deck and talked. I mostly listened and watched and took in what a gorgeous man he was.

Ken was in his middle 40s and you could tell he was a hard worker by the firm muscles in his arms and his body was tanned a rich golden brown from all the outdoor work he did. He wore tight denim jeans that emphasized his butt and the bulge of his manhood. His blue denim shirt hugged his body as much I wish I were hugging him. While we stood and watched the world pass us by we could faintly hear the music drifting out and other peoples voices and laughter. Ken wanted to go, and I had enough drinks to make me happy and relaxed … the shotties I had as a going home gift from Ken left me warm and giggly.

When we arrived back to the motel room, my cheeks were flushed alcohol and anticipation on what was to come. We slowly undressed each other. I had on a pair of trousers, which emphasized my hips, Ken pulled them down swiftly and then edged his fingers in my black lacy g-strings and with one swift yank ripped them from my body. The buttons of my blouse were slowly unclipped and my nipples were already hard straining inside my bra, which was soon discarded like a rag on the floor. As Ken held me and fondled my breasts I slowly unclipped his belt and undid the button and the zip of his jeans. The jeans fell from him and I was slightly shocked to see he wore no underwear. As I took a step back to admire his already engorged cock, he slipped out of his shirt naked except for his socks. Ken wasted no time dragging me over to the bed

Ken spent a long time licking, kissing and caressing my breasts. Just to have someone take the time and explore my body: touching, feeling, kissing long and hard — tasting each others tongues — feeling fingers everywhere just touching or tickling — teasing. My body was so alive and excited. I don’t think I had ever been so sexually aroused.

Ken got up, walked to the bathroom, and bought back my vibes and lube placing then within reach. We fell back into each other’s arms, and then I trailed canlı poker oyna my tongue down his chest till I got to his rock hard cock. I licked it all over before taking the whole shaft into my mouth. I could hear his moans, which only made me want to please him even more, so I sucked harder, sliding my tongue into the slit–which I love doing–and teasing with my tongue. I love sucking cock, and I knew Ken was very close, but all of a sudden he stopped me, and said, “Not yet.”

He reached for me and started fingering me — I was so wet and so horny — I would’ve done anything, and he knew it. Ken’s hands were calloused and rough, and as he placed his rough fingers one at a time inside me I could distinguish the roughness stroking the soft smooth insides of my wet waiting pussy. One finger became two, then one by one another two were inserted until I had four fingers jammed inside my pussy while his thumb was rubbing on my engorged clit. He got me to lay back spread my legs while he lubed up a vibe and slowly inserted it into my pussy while licking and sucking at my clit. Oh God, the sensations that he was giving me! I was like a mad woman bucking with my body to meet the thrusts of the vibe. Ken was fucking me hard with it. I couldn’t believe it when I started to cum, and he dug his tongue in deeper where the vibe had been, which made me cum over and over.

I started crying. It wasn’t tears of pain, but pure joy. No man had ever made me cum over and over so many times.

I think Ken was shocked, but he never said anything. He just held me in his arms and started kissing me again. He licked my tears and told me that I would always remember this night. This was what lovemaking was really about.

I felt Ken move on top of me and slide his cock inside me. To hear a man moan in pleasure and appreciate my body is wonderful. To feel hands exploring me and a cock slamming deep inside my pussy as I wrapped my legs around his to get him inside me as far as he could go. To feel hot cum spurt inside me as a man is calling MY name and slamming into me as if he will lose me if he stops. I just wanted all of him, all of his cock, all of his cum, and all of the love he had for me at that moment.

I laid there, Ken on top, thinking that the night was over. I had never had more than one session of sex in a night! “Are you happy?” he asked. He only had to look at my beaming smile to know I was.

He kissed me passionately over and over — exploring my mouth. We talked on and off while tracing fingers over each other’s body.

Ken said to me, “do you trust me?” I did.

“I want you to relax, and if you say stop I will. OK? ” He explored my body with internet casino the vibe. Firstly on my nipples, which were now as stiff as cherries. I was so relaxed that I closed my eyes. I felt the vibe move from my nipples down my stomach to the folds of my pussy. I was still wet from our love making, and it slid into my pussy with no effort. He worked it in and out — sometimes it was the vibe other times I could feel fingers.

I got a shock when I felt lube being put on my ass. I did tense up, and Ken said, “It’s OK. Trust me. If you say stop, I will.”

Ever so slowly he inserted a finger — OMG I had a finger in my ass and OMG it felt good–a different type of sensation as he worked his finger in and out slowly. I was shocked that I was actually enjoying it and could feel my body starting to move. I could feel fingers in my pussy as well, and oh, lordy, it felt so good.

“Mmmmm, Baby, want more?” Ken said to me. I nodded as I watched him lube up my vibe. Oh, oh, oh! I thought, “I can’t take that.” He started ever so gently pushing a little bit at a time into me. Ohhhh! It felt so good! The vibrations and the fingers stroking my pussy felt so good. I was amazed when I could feel the tingles starting in my body and an orgasm racked the very core of my being. It just went on and on and on until I just zoned out with pleasure.

I honestly never knew I had it in me. I felt like some wanton slut who wanted everything and more. I had already lost count of the times I had cum.

And there was Ken with a raging hard-on and a look in his eyes — I knew what he wanted. I was scared and sexually excited to the core at the same time. I did go down and suck him — enough to make him groan and push me away—saying, “Not yet “.

I watched him lube up his cock- that made me horny again–and he dropped a huge dollop in my hole, fingered it a bit more making sure it was well coated. He positioned himself behind me and so gently pushed himself inside me. At one stage I said, “I can’t, it hurts too much.” He just stayed still until I got used to him, and then slid in a bit more. He was so slow. Then I realized that his whole cock was in my arse — I had taken it all!

As he started to work himself in and out slowly, I surprised myself by pushing back and taking it–even more so when I asked for it harder! Oh the sensations! My whole body was quivering in desire as he rocked himself in and out digging his hands into my butt cheeks as he rode me. When another orgasm rocked me, I felt him pick up the pace and slam himself into me until I could feel him cumming inside me. “Ohhhhhh!” we cried as we both collapsed.

I don’t know how many times Ken reached for me that night – I lost count. He taught me more about my body in one night than I had in 15 years of marriage–and that’s sad.

Ken and I had a fling that lasted for almost 6 months. Some of our escapades I may share later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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