Bad Dolly Ch. 04

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After my little ‘cat dying’ incident Amber came and stayed at my place for a few days. It was quite a rush sleeping on my bed with her. The same bed her father had taken my virginity on. I explained to her that my neighbor thought it was our cat’s body on the side of the road, but it was just a stray, she was very relieved and business went on as usual. On the Thursday we were eating dinner and talking about the coming weekend.

‘Come on Dolls, Henry’s is going to go off.’ She begged in a lowered voice,

‘I’m not a drinker Amber, you know that.’ I scolded. I’d only had alcohol once or twice and it didn’t end well.

‘My parents have already said yes! Your folks don’t have to know. Come on!’

I thought for a moment. Amber’s dad had said yes to us going to a party? Where there would inevitably be drunk boys trying to get into our pants? I’d already lost my virtue, what would stop me from fucking one of them? Obviously he didn’t care. Or maybe he wanted to see what I’d do.

‘Sure, let’s do it then. Fuck it. What’s the worst that could happen? You’re paying for the booze, though.’ I said cheerily.

The next night we switched over to Amber’s house and started getting ready for the party. I always borrowed her clothes; mine were shitty hand-me-downs or clearance sales clothes. Hers were just like her house, the best quality and immaculately kept. I chose a tiny black cocktail dress with black thigh high stockings, a black garter belt to keep myself from having to pull them up all the time, and a pair of black stilettos.

‘Classy with a hint of FUCK ME PLEASE!’ Amber laughed at me when I stepped out of her walk in closet. I shoved her onto her bed and kicked her, we both laughed like idiots. She wore a fitted, cream lace dress with nude heels, we looked like ebony and ivory, angel and devil. When we’d finished our make up we headed downstairs for something to eat before taking off.

Mr. Wells was sitting in the living room reading a book, we made eye contact while Amber and Madge weren’t looking and that familiar rush of adrenaline coursed through me again. I put my bag beside a stool by the breakfast bar, giving him a nice view of the tops of my stockings with the garters attached. I didn’t look around to see his reaction. I had to make sure I looked indifferent.

I crossed my legs on my stool leaving two inches of skin revealed, and ate my food quickly. I didn’t look over to him again until we said our goodbyes, and even then it was an innocent wave.

We hopped in the taxi and I felt a little rush of excitement, I hadn’t been to many parties before and I never knew what to expect. Some were quiet, some were deafeningly loud with people drunk, dancing, screaming, running and fucking everywhere.

Amber and I nervously chatted away until we pulled up outside the very busy house with a street full of cars outside it. You could hear the music from the street over. This was definitely one of those deafeningly loud parties.

Amber paid the driver and grabbed our drinks, I followed her to the house where people were conversing outside and staring at us the moment we came into view. A few guys wolf whistled and a few people we recognized called our names. We waved and greeted the people we knew and pulled out our first drinks. I was so nervous about being around new people in my tiny outfit, that I practically inhaled my first drink.

The party went on without a hitch, aside from me walking in on Amber and some guy fucking in the bathroom. I chugged five drinks and by 2am I was feeling pretty drunk. I found Amber and we stumbled outside to call a taxi.

‘Fuck man, I forgot the number..’ I drawled and we both fell on the pavement laughing. ‘No, but shit, what are we gonnado?’ I whispered as though we were being spied on.

‘I.. I’mgunna call my Maaaahhhm..’ Amber slurred and dialed her home number. My sloshed brain didn’t register that we were going back to her place, and who was there. She had a giggly conversation with one of her parents while I lay on the pavement, singing loudly at the sky.

We waited about half an hour, while some poker oyna guys piled up around us. One of them was sitting right by where my head lay and was playing with my hair. I could tell he was doing his best to flirt with me, but I was only talking to him to be nice and because I was too drunk to walk away.

We talked about stupid crap, but I kept noticing his face was getting closer to mine and obscuring my view of the moon, which annoyed me, so I clumsily pushed his face away. He took the opportunity to grab my hands and lean down to shove his tongue down my throat.

I squirmed and tried to push him away, but he had my hands in a firm grip. Amber didn’t notice, being only half conscious herself, and the other guys were just cheering this one on. I couldn’t breathe with him smothering my face and decided the only thing to do was to bite.

I clamped down hard and our faces separated abruptly. I rolled over and got up quickly. The world spun for a second, but I found my legs and reached out, catching Amber’s hand, dragging her up with me. We ran down the street in the direction we hoped the car would be coming.

‘You fuckin’ bitch!’ I heard the guy scream after me and some footsteps following us. My lungs burned and I could barely see where we were going.

Suddenly I recognized the car on the road ahead of us. I waved my arm out and screamed at Mr. Wells to pull over. The car screeched to a halt and I ripped open the back door, pushed Amber in and ran around the car to the front passenger’s seat.

‘Oh my God, GO! GO!’ I yelled, and felt the car take off.

‘What the hell, girls, what happened?’ Mr. Wells spoke sternly at both of us. I looked over my shoulder to Amber for some support, but she was already unconscious.

‘One of those guys pinned me, so I bit him?’ I explained, half confused as to what happened, myself.

‘For Christ’s sake, are you okay?’ He quickly looked into his rear view mirror at Amber, then reached over to me and stroked my face and hair. I relaxed in my seat and put my hand over his.

‘I am now.’ I purred.

‘You can’t get yourself in that kind of situation, Doll.’ He shook his head, disappointed.

‘What do you care, anyway?’ I remembered that he had allowed us to go to the party in the first place. He took his hand from my face, looking back at the road and putting his hand back on the wheel.

‘You know I care. Just don’t pull that shit again, alright?’ He frowned and straightened up. I could tell I’d upset him, and even though it was satisfying, I tried to lighten up,

‘Oh, come on. None of those boys have anything on you.’ I whispered cheekily.

I had sobered up considerably from the run to the car, but my inhibitions were still dislocated. As Mr. Wells drove, I leaned into him and kissed his neck, my hand roaming over his thigh, up and down, then over to his crotch.

‘Dolly, not now, come on.’ He quickly shifted my hand from his crotch to his thigh, ‘You’re drunk and Amber is in the back.’ He whispered.

‘I don’t give a shit.’

I smoothed my hand over again, unzipping his pants. I drove my hand into the zip hole and pulled out my prize; his large, half hard cock.

‘I’m serious Doll, stop it!’

He pulled over and looked over his shoulder at Amber, who was still very much comatose. I slowly stroked his cock with one hand, and popped my tits out of my dress with the other. His eyes widened and despite his protests, his fingers latched around my nipple and I moaned quietly.

My pussy moistened at his touch, and I squeezed his cock, now fully erect. Our mouths found each other and we forgot anyone else in the world existed. We kissed for a long time parked there, and when he finally broke away, my lips headed south. With his eyesight unhindered, he began driving again, with my head in his lap.

I sloppily licked the entirety of his shaft, paying special attention to his head. Clasping my lips around the tip, I descended, sucking the whole way down. I gagged as his head reached the back of my throat, then tried again, opening my throat and swallowing him all the canlı poker oyna way down until my face was buried in his groomed pubes.

He kept silent, apart from a few solitary grunts as I downed his cock all the way, allowing him into my throat. Obviously Madge wasn’t as open to deep-throating as I was, and I always prided myself on being a fast learner. A few drunken mumbles from the backseat gave us a fright, and I whipped back up into a sitting position, but both times were false alarms and I continued where I left off.

I sucked and swallowed and massaged his cock with my tongue, finding a nice pace of my own and sticking to it, until I tasted more precum and felt his body go rigid. I took him all the way down three more times and tasted the hot creaminess of his cum fill the back of my mouth. This time I swallowed every drop like a little slut, and cleaned up all the excess saliva.

I sat up, happy with my performance and wiped my mouth, my tits still floating above my dress. Mr. Wells chuckled and shook his head, zipping himself back up. He glanced over at me and caressed my breast tenderly, paying attention to my nipple.

I moaned in the back of my throat and pulled the hem of my tiny dress up, exposing my thighs, stocking tops, panties and garter belt. ‘Jesus Christ you’re sexy!’ He exclaimed, trying to keep a low volume, but he was very impressed, and his limp cock soon created another bulge in his pants. I let him continue playing with my tits and slid my own hand over my thigh and down into the hot center. I opened my legs and pushed my hand under my panties to feel my little clit throbbing and tingling. I was already soaking wet, so my fingers were lubricated as I glided them over it again and again. I closed my eyes and let myself be overcome by the pleasure I was giving myself.

I felt a moist suction on my nipple and looked down to see Mr. Well’s lips attached to it. He’d pulled over again; overwhelmed by the sight of me masturbating and had to touch me.

I was so close to cumming I closed my eyes again and let him work on my tits. I felt his fingers trace up my thigh and join my hand beneath my panties. Almost there, almost there. He plunged his fingers inside my tight hole just as I began shaking with my first orgasm of the night. My hips gyrated uncontrollably and I let out a quiet whine. His fingers worked in and out, pumping through my orgasm, until it finally ebbed out and my body relaxed.

I caught my breath and we laughed, looking at each other. He pulled his fingers from me, leaving rivets of wetness between my dripping pussy lips and his fingers. He put one finger to my lips and I suckled the moisture off. He took his finger from my mouth and put the other in his own, visibly savouring my taste.

‘Fuck me, please. We can get out and do it on the side of the car or something.. Please, I want to be fucked.’ I whispered to him, clinging to his suit jacket desperately. I nibbled on his ear and he leaned his head back on the head rest.

‘Madge is waiting for us all to get back, we can’t waste any more time.. I’m sorry.’ He looked genuinely apologetic, so I didn’t bother guilt tripping him. Instead I pulled my dress back over my tits and thighs and sat back in my chair, silently staring out the window.

The car started again and in a few minutes we pulled into their driveway. I silently got out of the car, stumbling a little, while he dragged Amber out of the back and slunk her over his shoulder, putting his jacket over her.

I shamefacedly greeted Amber’s mother, who didn’t look cross, just relieved that we were home safe. I touched my lips again, to make sure her husband’s cum was all gone. Madge gave me a quick hug and asked if I was alright, I solemnly nodded and headed upstairs. Mr. Wells flopped Amber onto her bed and I slipped into my own, after changing into my pajamas in front of him.

I was completely restless in bed. I tried masturbating twice, but sleep still evaded me. I went downstairs for water and skulled back two glassfuls, and took another back upstairs. My single bed was the closest to the door. I placed internet casino my glass on the bedside table then went to the toilet in the ensuite. I hopped back into my cooling bed and nestled in, listening to Amber’s quiet snores.

Suddenly there was a creak at the door. As far as I knew everyone in the house was asleep. I listened again and heard the door quietly close behind the intruder. I didn’t move, I didn’t open my eyes, I just lay there silently panicking. Soft footsteps padded toward my bed purposefully. There was no stopping to look around, there was no question of who they were there for.

The person stopped silently beside my bed and I heard their breath come closer. Then I felt a familiar hand slide under the duvet and up my thigh. He pulled my pajama shorts down and off my legs, then slid his hand back up to my bare, tingling cunt. I sighed quietly in relief and I spread my legs excitedly, smiling in the darkness, as he slipped his middle and forefinger into my tight little hole.

His cold fingers contrasted my hot pussy and I arched my back at the sensation. It felt so good every time he touched me, my body melted, overcome with pleasure and desire. His expert fingers pumped back and forth inside me as I spread my legs wider for him. His movements made the whole bed shake, and he slowed down, so as to not make any noise, but I wanted more.

I sat up and dragged him on top of me, under the blankets. I immediately felt his hard cock pressing into my thigh, and I pulled his pajama pants down, releasing it. As soon as he was settled on top of me and my legs spread around him, he began kissing my neck and I ground my bare pussy against his hard cock.

We both breathed heavily, but remained quiet, as I reached down and aimed his cock for my sopping wet little hole. We were both still for a moment as his head found my entrance, then he thrust upward once and half his cock was inside me. I bit the blanket to muffle my moan of pure ecstasy and he bowed his head beside mine, trying to keep silent, himself.

I lifted my legs up and hooked my ankles over his back. He thrust forth again and was completely buried in my now stretched cunt. A sensation of pulsating bliss overcame my spot as he began rhythmically pumping in and out, hitting it each time and making me want to squeal with delight.

I couldn’t believe that I was actually being fucked by Amber’s dad, in her room, while she was sleeping right there, and while her mother was sleeping in the next room. The thought sent a surge of excitement through me, adding to the bliss being pummeled into me over again.

It was too dark to see his face, but from his breathing I located his mouth and kissed him deeply. There was no hesitation in his response; he pushed hard into me, his thrusts becoming harsh and powerful, sending huge waves of ecstasy through me. Building up and building up, the pleasure was reaching a boiling point. My hips involuntarily jerked forward and back as the gigantic rush flowed down my legs and through the rest of me. My orgasm filled me with cold pleasure as I writhed and contracted underneath Mr. Wells.

My cunt walls tightened around his huge cock, and he sat up, slamming into me harder than before, grabbing hold of my hips and making loud smacking sounds as my ass and his thighs met. My eyes squeezed shut as the rest of my orgasm was heightened by his sudden enthusiasm. I had to turn my head into the pillow and moan into it, or else we would have been busted.

My orgasm reached its peak and ebbed away after a minute, and he finally pulled out. I felt a light sprinkling of warmth on my belly, as he came on my stomach. I caressed his side with my leg, and stroked his legs with my soft hands as he shuddered through his orgasm. I bit my lip thinking of what his handsome face must look like, cumming right then on top of me. And what he must be thinking, fucking his daughter’s best friend in her room. I figured he must have felt the same as me about it.

He got out from under the blankets and pulled up his pants, leaving silently and quickly, just as he had entered. I found a towel in the dark and wiped myself clean, then put my pajama shorts back on. I curled into the blankets happily and drifted off to sleep within seconds, my pussy pounded and satisfied, and his smell lingering in my hair.


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