Based on an Untrue Story Ch. 02

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Chuck moved out of town and got married a couple weeks ago, and Matt was a groomsman. He’d never been in a wedding before, and I’d never attended one that wasn’t a man and a woman. I wondered what to expect. Would one of them wear a dress, or would they both wear jeans? Would they serve beer instead of champagne? I asked Matt while he drove, and he assured me it would be just like most other weddings, except that that there would be a lot more flowers because Tom, Chuck’s fiancé, managed a grocery store and got a discount. Matt managed to tell me this without making me feel stupid about it.

We checked into our hotel and headed to the church for the rehearsal. At the dinner, I was seated with Chuck’s aunt and uncle and Tom’s aunt. I had to explain to them and a few other people that I wasn’t in the wedding; I was the date of one of Chuck’s groomsmen. It was the first time I’d said anything publicly about being with a guy, and I felt remarkably at ease. While the uncle got us some drinks, it occurred to me that I obviously had a welcoming audience, or else they wouldn’t be at the wedding.

Afterward, Matt and the grooms came over to me. Chuck said, “I’m so glad you could make it, Jerome! This is Tom.” Tom extended his hand, and we shook. He’s six feet tall, and if I had his height and handshake, I’d be a killer at job interviews.

Matt told me, “Tell Tom what you were asking me in the car.”

“What did I ask?”

“What to expect at a two-man wedding.”

I remembered what I said, but I left out the dress. “Since you don’t have any women telling you what to do, I wondered if you’re gonna wear T-shirts and jeans. Are you serving beer instead of champagne? Flowers just anywhere?”

Chuck was laughing, and Tom was doubled over. Matt had made it sound like I was joking, and our friends thought I was genuinely funny! Tom added, “Don’t forget having our first dance to Rammstein!” I laughed along with them at that one.

Chuck and Matt motioned for us to head into the hallway. Matt explained, “We have something serious to ask you.”

Chuck continued, “Tom’s never had a threesome, let alone anything more. I told him if we could find someone to make it happen, it would be a wedding present for him, and I certainly wouldn’t ask Matt without including you. What do you say?”

Tom is at least six feet tall, with black hair and just a trace of a beard. He wasn’t quite ripped, but he looked like he could lift one end of a couch without help. I told them, “I have to ask Tom something,” and they were fine. Chuck went and got Tom. I looked at him and asked, “You’re serious about this? Chuck’s not just using you as an excuse, is he?”

“I really want to try it,” Tom assured me. His voice was so deep that it would have seduced me if I hadn’t already made up my mind.

“Then I’ll do it,” I answered.

“Meet you at your place?” Matt asked.

“It’s five miles away. The hotel’s only two, and we’ve got a room there too,” Chuck answered.

Tom explained, “He’s staying there ’cause he says it’s bad luck for one groom to see the other on the day.” Matt and I laughed.

When we got there, Chuck told us, “I’ve got the honeymoon suite. You can see where they put up the new sign over the one that said ‘bridal suite.'”

Once the four of us were inside the suite, Matt took the lead with Tom the way he had with me. “Do you want to build up to it? Do you just want us all to come at you at once?”

Chuck looked at Tom. “Why don’t we start with just watching them, and you can see what you’re comfortable with?”

“That’s why I love you, Chuck,” he answered. “But I have another idea. We can do it at the same time as Matt and Jerome, and see who gets the other couple’s attention.”

I started to correct him about us being a couple, but I didn’t want to spoil the mood. Instead I turned to Matt and told him, “I guess that’s our cue.” I waited to see whether Matt would take his own clothes off first or start with mine. He did neither. He put his arms around me, and I put mine on his lower back. He kissed me, and I let my hands slide over his butt. He did the same to me while we continued our kiss. I noticed that Chuck and Tom were lying on the right side of the bed, and the only thing I could see that they’d taken off was their shoes.

“So glad I took that breath mint like you said,” I told Matt.

“Not as glad as me,” he responded. He unbuttoned my shirt, and I pulled it off. I got his off and unbuckled his pants for good measure. Matt took everything off below the waist, and I sat down on the left side of the bed. I held his shaft up. It was only a little bit hard when I lifted it, but when I kissed his balls, it swelled quickly. I sucked each ball into my mouth briefly and kissed a line up the underside of his dick. I swiped my tongue around the head and moved down slowly. I could see from my vantage point that Matt liked it. When I came back up, I moved his dick to my right cheek so Tom would see it if he was looking poker oyna our way. I moved up and down quickly a couple times for even more of a show. I didn’t hear a reaction behind me, so I went back to a more leisurely pace. When Matt got really hard, I looked up for his approval, and he gestured with his chin to look behind me. Chuck and Tom were naked, and Tom was on top, but the only contact was their dicks bumping into each other.

Matt moved toward the bed. I stood up, and he lay on his back. I turned around while I took my clothes off so I could see Tom spreading his legs for Chuck. Tom and Matt had their heads on the pillows. I got on top of Matt in a 69, and Chuck knelt in front of Tom. One thing I like about this position is that Matt’s arc forms an arc that I can see while I take it into my mouth. It reminds me of the tracks at the peak of a roller coaster. Once the head hit the back of my throat, I looked to the left to see Tom taking Chuck’s thick black cock into his own mouth. I could feel Matt’s tongue swirl around my balls and the base of my dick. I lifted my hips, he put his fingers around the head and he guided it into his mouth. He ran his tongue up and down the top of my shaft and then around the head before he backed his head down. Matt knows I love it when I can feel my cock head running along his cheek as he lets it out, and I lifted my hips to make it easier for him. He likes it when I let his head out just for a second or two before I take it back in, and being on top makes that easier.

“You’re ready, aren’t you?” Chuck asked Tom.

“I’m always ready,” Tom answered.

“You know what I mean,” Chuck said.

“Then do it,” Tom told him.

Chuck got off the bed and pulled a bottle of lube out of his suitcase. He poured a little on his dick, got back on the bed, and laid the bottle between himself and me, giving me a knowing glance. He lifted Tom’s hips and separated his butt cheeks. Chuck pushed into him slowly a few times.

“I love you, Chuck,” Tom said.

“I love you too,” Chuck said.

Tom hadn’t come yet when Chuck got up for the lube, so he was still hard. After only a few more thrusts, Tom was already coming! That sight made me come, and I guess that put Matt over the top. I swallowed as much of Matt’s cum as I could, then moved away from Matt’s mouth so I could lick Tom’s cum off his chest and crotch. “I want more!” Tom yelled. Chuck fucked him harder, but Chuck corrected him. “You’re fine,” he said. “I mean, I want another dick.”

Now that I’d moved, Matt was in a good position, so he turned over and swung around, letting his dick hang sideways over Tom’s mouth. Tom pushed down gently on Matt’s butt so he could take the head into his mouth without much effort. Matt did the work next, fucking Tom’s mouth by moving his hips. I couldn’t do much for him, so I sat up and kissed Chuck on the mouth. He still got to taste his fiancé’s cum, even if it wasn’t straight from the tap. I moved back and watched him fuck Tom harder. “Damn, now I wanna fuck,” I said.

Matt looked down at Tom and said, “I’m kinda busy right now.”

Chuck furrowed his brow. “I’ll be with you in a couple minutes.” His back arched, and soon he was coming inside Tom.

I picked up the lube and poured it on my dick. Chuck got on all fours and pointed his ass in my direction. I don’t know if I overdid the lube, or if it was something else, but I got my dick inside him on the first try, and I could even thrust in and out pretty easily. It was nice not to have to work hard, but not as rewarding when I came filled his ass with my cum. “That was great,” I told him, “but wasn’t this was supposed to be for Tom’s benefit?”

“We can still make him the star,” Chuck said.

Tom was sitting up watching us. “Why don’t you use me for target practice?” he suggested.

Chuck got on his knees in front of him, with Matt and me on either side. Tom got down on his elbows. He stroked Chuck while Matt and I masturbated, just to get him started. He’d do one of us for a minute or two and move to the next guy. I was the lucky one to have my dick in his mouth when I came. Chuck tapped him on the shoulder to let him know he was coming, and Tom turned to let it shoot into his mouth. I could see that Matt was close too. I moved next to him. I wanted to be greedy and swallow it myself, but instead I grasped his dick and helped aim it at Tom’s face. Most of it got on his cheek, but the last couple spurts didn’t have much force and just kind of dribbled over my fingers. I lay back and licked it off.

Matt asked Tom, “Was it everything you hoped for?”

“The only thing missing was to get fucked while I sucked one of you.”

The rest of us looked at each other. I told him, “My dick needs a rest for now.”

Matt added, “So do my legs after the drive.”

Chuck looked at him and said, “Then I’ve got you all to myself.”

Tom smiled and said, “You have that whenever you want it.”

Matt looked at me and asked, “Ready canlı poker oyna to see what’s in the honor bar?”

Tom was on top of Chuck and they were kissing again. I looked back to Matt and said loudly, “Yeah, that’s a great idea!” We put our clothes on, and Chuck waved to us as we left the bedroom part of the suite.

When we got to our own room, I asked, “Are they really sore, or did you just want to give Chuck and Tom some privacy?”

“Both,” he said. “I had to start work early today, so I need some sleep.” After a pause, he said, “You don’t look disappointed.”

“I was serious about needing a rest,” I assured him. We both stripped to our underwear and headed for the king-sized bed.

When I woke up in the morning, Matt was checking his cell phone for a shorter route to the church than the one they included with the invitation. I put my fingers on either side at the hip and traced up his sides. “The wedding’s not till five. Do we have time to do anything else, or does Chuck need you for something early?”

“They’ve got a pretty nice museum here. There’s a special exhibit of art that depicts revolutions.”

“Painting? Photography? Sculpture?”

“All of the above,” Matt answered.

“Count me in,” I said.

Matt switched to his e-mail app and showed it to me. “I already bought our tickets.”


The wedding party wasn’t all male; Matt entered with Tom’s sister Linda. There were two other groomswomen, one on each side. The tuxedos were just a shade lighter than navy blue, and the women had outfits that looked more like the tuxes than bridesmaid dresses, but they didn’t look any less feminine. The seating for the dinner wasn’t the same as that for the rehearsal. I was seated with Chuck’s uncle and aunt and Tom’s cousin Georgia. She was attractive, so I told her only that I was a friend of Chuck’s, leaving Matt out of the picture. Georgia and I had gone to competing colleges at nearly the same time, but we shared our disdain for another one north of the two. We also shared an interest in impressionist art. I told her about the exhibit I’d just seen, and then the DJ played a song that was popular with 20-year-olds when we were both 20. Georgia asked me to dance. I looked to see where Matt was. He was already dancing with one of Tom’s groomsmen, so I accepted, but tried to stay on the other side of the dance floor. After that song ended, a raunchy song from those same years was up next, and Georgia did a particularly sexy move. I gave her the sexiest move I could come up with in response. She must have liked it, because she whispered, “Ever fantasize about getting it on with a bridesmaid?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “but you’re not a bridesmaid.”

“You’re not a groomsman either, but we’re both close enough for fantasy. What d’you say?”

I looked to see where Matt was. He and the rest of the party were forming a line. He wouldn’t notice if I left. “The hotel’s a couple blocks from here. Do we have time?”

“We don’t need to get to the hotel,” she said, and she held up a master key. She took me to a room just beyond the kitchen and opened it up. “I work here. That’s how they could afford this place on their budget.” The room was bare except for a leather couch, two chairs and a tall lamp. Georgia sat on the couch, and I sat next to her. She pulled me close to her and kissed me. I put my arms around her and ran my hands up and down her back. I brought one hand all the way up and felt her zipper. I tugged on it just a little and looked her in the eye. She nodded. I unzipped her dress and slipped my hand inside.

I found the waistband of her panties and ran my index finger just above it. “Always the bridesmaid, huh?”

“I only do it so I can screw the best man now and then,” Georgia answered. She felt the bulge in my pants and added, “And you’re definitely the best man!” She stood up and I followed suit. I pulled her sleeves off her shoulders, and she let her dress fall to the floor. “You’d better be good if I’m wearing this ugly bridesmaid dress just to do you!”

“I’ve never had an unsatisfied customer,” I assured her. I unbuckled my belt, and she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I was already hard, but I hadn’t seen tits in months, and she was wearing a strapless bra. I put my hands underneath the band and lifted it up. She pulled my head down, and I licked the nipples. I sucked each one into my mouth while she cooed softly. As soon as I straightened up, she pulled my underwear down. We moved back to the couch. She sat down and I stood in front of her. She cupped my balls, then opened her mouth and put it right over my cock head. She leaned in and closed her lips around the shaft. She looked up at me, and I nodded my approval. She went up and down several times, tickling my balls intermittently. It had been so long since anyone deep-throated me that I forgot what it felt like until she sucked the air out of her mouth. Matt was great, but this woman was even better. Now I could feel my foreskin internet casino moving back and forth with her palate. When my balls hit against her chin, she put me over the top and I started coming. “Better than a margarita?” I asked.

“The taste isn’t as good, but I love the cup it’s served in,” Georgia joked. She stood up and put my thumbs on the sides of her panties. I pushed down and saw my first pussy in almost a year. I put my hand over it and let my middle finger separate her cunt lips. I wasn’t even conscious of it when I slipped one finger and then another inside her. I eased her onto the couch. She leaned back and opened her legs. I hadn’t seen a pussy in six months, and I wanted to make the most of it. I didn’t even pull my pants back up because I wanted to eat her till she begged me to fuck her and then oblige. I slipped my finger back inside her and licked her clit for a minute. I held her lips open long enough to get my tongue inside her. I was able to trace a line on the forward wall of her pussy while I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

Georgia had just started to tremble when her cell phone rang. “Show me the screen,” she panted. Her purse was close enough that I could just barely finger her with my left hand while I got the phone out with the right. I showed it to her, then held up the fingers that she’d come on. “Shit. This could be important,” she said. She gathered her breath before she answered. “Yeah, I’m having a good time.” She wrapped four fingers around my two wet ones. “Great, in fact. What’s up? … Damn it! Gimme an hour. … Okay. … Remember, you owe me one.” She hung up. “This was great, but I have to take care of a situation at work. You probably don’t wanna know the details.”

“Do what you gotta do,” I sighed. We both got dressed and went back to the dining area.

We didn’t want anyone to see us coming back together. I waited outside and watched Georgia get her things. I walked her to her car. She unlocked the door with the fob. Before she got in, she handed me a napkin. “Here’s my number. If you ever make it back here, give me a call and we can finish fulfilling the bridesmaid fantasy.”

“Count on it,” I told her. As soon as I was inside, I looked for a place where I could put it that Matt wouldn’t accidentally see it. I opened my wallet and slipped it behind a credit card that I rarely use.

When I got to the dining room, people were making speeches. I found the bar and got a glass of champagne. I went back to the table in time to hear the speeches. Once Matt finished his, I didn’t pay much attention to anyone else’s. I drank my champagne and went for another drink, this time a dark beer. I took a drink and also dipped my fingers in it, hoping it would mask the smell and taste of pussy juice. After that I was too busy thinking. If there was any doubt that I still like women, it was gone, but the thought of not getting together with Matt any more was too awful to contemplate.

I looked at Matt at the table. He looked dashing in his tuxedo, and he seemed genuinely emotional when he gave his speech. The last speech was Tom’s, and he talked about how Chuck’s friends and family had accepted him so naturally that he already felt like they were his friends and family as well. I’d gotten to know Matt better in our year together, even apart from the sex, and I knew he was part of what Tom was describing. I was so proud to be there with him. When Tom finished, people went back to dancing.

I sat down for a while and enjoyed my beer. I was going to get another drink, but I noticed that Tom was between partners, so I danced with him briefly. At the end of the song, his groomswoman asked to dance with me. Of course, I wouldn’t refuse. She was pretty, but I could see the ring on her finger, so I left it at that. While we were dancing, I saw Matt dance with Chuck and then Chuck’s mother. I did finally get one more drink, and when I saw Chuck’s mother move to someone else, I went over to dance with Matt.

As the first verse of the song was ending, I whispered, “Are you ready to make love?”

“Let me say my good-byes,” he answered. I watched him talk to Chuck, Tom and a few family members, and he seemed to be looking in my direction a couple times when he spoke. He took my hand, and we headed for his car. I had my hand on his knee the whole drive to the hotel room. Once we were in our room, he took my hands and told me, “I’ve been waiting for months to hear you call it that.”

“It’s overdue,” I assured him. He released my hands and I asked, “So, what do you consider lovemaking?”

“Same thing, but more feeling and more foreplay,” Matt said. He stepped back, and he was the second person to unbuckle my belt that day, not counting myself.

I pushed his hands away and removed his cummerbund. “I want to do it for you first,” I said. He unbuckled his own belt, and I gently pulled his pants and underwear down.

“Do you wanna get naked right now?” he asked.

“Keep the shirt and vest on,” I told him. “You look gorgeous in ’em.” I remembered as I said it that I’d overheard one of my female co-workers say something similar about seeing her husband in a tux. He took everything else off while I stripped naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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