Bea’s Daughter and Eileen

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I have described how my mature mistresses daughter and I got together but I never thought it would go further.

It is rare that you get to see two women with whom you have had sex recently standing together and each not realising that I’d had sex with the other, but this happened recently when Eileen was asked to cover an exhibition of wildlife art in Glasgow and asked me along.

It was couple of weeks ago that I’d had a great weekend with Ellie, who was the daughter of an old lover and at the time Eileen was on a journalistic assignment in London. Where coincidentally she was getting fucked by our publisher.

Ellie had called me from her office on the Monday after our weekend. When I asked her she was I could almost see her grin, she said, “I’m sitting hear with a big grin on my face like ‘the cat that got the cream, looking at the beautiful ring you bought me and thinking about the fantastic weekend I had. I do have a slightly sore ass but I really did enjoy myself and would love to do it again.”

I said I had an assignment coming up in the North in about a month’s time and would love for her to accompany me. She hadn’t got back to me to say whether she could make it.

Anyway when Eileen came back from her adventure we had a couple of good nights with me ‘reclaiming’ her body and I was happy to wait for Ellie to confirm

Eileen had got the assignment to cover the exhibition and had suggested we spend a night in Glasgow and have a bit of fun after the exhibition – possibly picking up a young guy or two.

I must say Eileen looked well with her blonde shoulder length hair fluffed out, heavier make up than normal and wearing a tight pair of tan over the knee boots, cream skin tight leggings sculpted to her big rear and buttocks, a cream cashmere sweater that emphasised her big dangling unbraed breasts and a short tan suede jacket to match her boots. She looked more mid 40s than mid 50s.

With her expensive leather camera bag over her shoulder she looked, smart, sophisticated sexy.

Champagne and nibbles were served and we sampled these while a presentation was made by the three artists/scupltors and their manager. When this was finished Eileen went forward to chat to the artists and gallery owner and take a few photographs, suggesting I circulate and look at the art but not to buy anything!

I spotted a large sculpture of a stag and had made my way over to look at it when one of the young ladies brought round more champagne and gave one to me and a guy looking at it. I asked him was he enjoying the event and he said, “Surprisingly yes, my wife is covering it for the local newspaper and suggested I tag along.”

I said that my wife was also covering it but I was quite enjoying it and that there were some magnificent pieces. He grinned and looking across to where Eileen and a slim brunette in a short miniskirt were taking photographs said, “That really is a magnificent piece.”

I said “The blonde or the brunette?”

He laughed and said, “The blonde of course, the brunette is my wife.”

I said I thought they were both very attractive in different ways he smiled conspiratorially and said, “Have you not seen the boobs and rear on the blonde.”

He flushed bright red when I said “I see them quite often as she is my wife!”

We shook hands and introduced each other and I suggested that when Eileen finished I would introduce him (Bill) to her. When I saw them finishing the photographs and taking a glass of champagne we went up for me to introduce him. I said tapped Eileen on the shoulder and said I would like to introduce her to an admirer. As they both turned I nearly dropped my glass when I saw that the leggy brunette was Ellie.

I quickly said, “Eileen I’ve just met Bill and he was telling me how attractive he thought you were and he promised to introduce me to his wife.” Turning to Ellie I said “I’m Tom, and I have to admit I was admiring you.”

The ice was broken when Eileen said, “What on earth are guys of their age like, it’s a wonder they weren’t flirting with the waitresses.”

She said, “Tom and I were talking about going to have a late supper back at the hotel, if he hasn’t stuffed himself on nibbles, would you and Bill like to join us?”

Bill was very keen and Ellie who had recovered her composure agreed.

The ladies decided to go to the loo after we had drinks and ordered and I think we each looked at the rears of the others wife. Bill who it appeared had a lot more to drink than me said “You really are a lucky guy, she really is stunning with curves in all the right areas and she is obviously happy to wear clothes to show her assets off. I couldn’t imagine Ellie going our braless and Eileen is much bigger on top.”

I agreed Eileen was very sexy but said so was Ellie in a different way.

We had a good meal and Eileen had obviously taken a bit of a shine to Ellie as she suggested she could help us with some of our assignments including doing background research and taking karataş escort photographs. She suggested that they come to Edinburgh to stay withs the following weekend to go over some possible work. Ellie smiled at me and said she’d love to but Bill said possibly Saturday but not Friday night as he had school games. When Eileen said that we could only do Friday I realised the invitation was really for Ellie. I said to Bill, he must come another weekend we could have a game of golf.

He really had got stuck in to the wine and had a couple of brandies afterwards because when the ladies went to loo before we left he had obviously been getting more and more enamoured with Eileen he said “I hope you don’t mind me saying but you really do have a very sexy wife, she has gorgeous fantastic tits, great ripe thighs and what a really sexy big rear and I really loved the way she dresses.”

I suggested Ellie could also be sexy and he should suggest how he would like her to dress. He said, “Well she has got some shorter skirts recently but she really is quite conservative when it comes to dressing sexy. She hasn’t got a body like Eileen but she could dress to show what she has off a bit better.”

Anyway we did the normal kissing goodbye thing and as I inhaled Ellie’s perfume I couldn’t help think I’d love to be taking her to bed that night.

I noticed Bill was most effusive with Eileen and she later told me he had copped a feel at her rear!

We had another drink before going up and Eileen asked what I thought of them. I said, “They see a pleasant couple and she could be very useful helping us out.”

She said, “I was talking more about how they looked as Ellie appeared totally taken with you.”

I said, “Nonsense, it was the reverse Bill couldn’t take his eyes of you and he was quite graphic about your assets.”

She said, “I noticed but apart from his drinking I didn’t fancy him at all, she was very attractive but hadn’t made the most of herself. I am glad it’s only her coming next weekend.”

I said, “Yes, I suppose she is quite attractive in a slim androgynous way. He’s Ok I don’t blame him for being a bit over the top you did look spectacularly sexy tonight.”

She mused, “Yes that must be it about her, goodness knows you know I am not into women but I was strangely drawn to her and I wondered was it some innate desire for her body or simply that at times I would have liked to have a figure like hers. Thinking about it she is quite boyish in a lot of ways including her hair cut, facial looks, small tits, and boyish rear but she has legs to die for. In a really short mini she would look spectacular. Whether it was my imagination but I felt the attraction was mutual and she was sort of drawn to me. In fact I felt in a lot of ways we were sort of flirting with each but on the other hand she appeared to fancy you – maybe she is just a very sexual person.”

I said, “Not according to her husband who said he regrets they had never been with anyone else and wishes she would dress more like you.”

She said,”I can’t believe that she had a real sexual aura about her.”

I said, “Wow, you seem to have rather fallen for her do you intend to seduce her next weekend.”

She smiled and said, “That might be fun, in fact it might be fun if we shared her, that’s something we haven’t done before.”

When we went up we had a very good night imagining what it would be like seducing Ellie while I enjoyed Eileen’s tits, thighs and ass that Bill had been admiring.

Ellie called me two days later to say how surprised she had been to see me and to say she couldn’t believe how attractive Eileen was, she said Bill had also been raving about how sexy she was.

I said Eileen, had really raved on about how attractive Ellie was and how they had really connected and I said, “Although Eileen is definitely not into women, I think she actually fancies you physically, she felt a sort of sexual connection as well.”

I was surprised to hear her say, “We obviously have a lot in common with our work and of course although she doesn’t know it- also you! And possibly because we are so different physically we both sort of envy the other as we at times would have wished to look like the other. I really liked her and I can understand how she feels as I too felt an odd sort of sexual attraction for her.”

I said, “Well although she has never been with a woman before, she might try it on this weekend as she certainly isn’t shy about expressing her sexuality.”

I could imagine her grinning as she said, “It sounds as if it could be an interesting weekend.”

A couple of days later Ellie called me again and said, “I’ve just had an unbelievable experience -‘phone sex’ with your wife!”

She went on to say Eileen had called her to say how much she had enjoyed meeting her and in a wide ranging conversation about families, work, kids, husbands etc had mentioned that she thought Ellie was very attractive and felt an odd connection with her. When Ellie admitted a similar sort of feeling, Eileen came straight out and asked her had she ever had any sort of physical relationship with a woman. When Ellie told her no and in fact only really physical relationship with her husband, Eileen had said well she had quite a few physical relationships but only with guys. In fact she had said she had to admit enjoying sex with guys and had never felt any attraction for any woman. But apart from taking a fairly instant liking to Ellie she had felt a sort of physical attraction and since then had been rather struggling about the implications of it. She then came straight out and said she had been imagining kissing and fondling her and going to bed with her to have sex. She said she thought she should tell her before the weekend in case it caused embarrassment.

It had rather thrown Ellie but it also excited her and she suggested she wasn’t shocked at the idea and that they should see what developed at the weekend. She smiled inwardly when Eileen had said, “You could be in quite big demand because I am sure Tom found you attractive especially that little butt of yours and those long legs.”

Ellie had said, it could be quite a weekend as she thought we were a remarkably attractive couple.

On Friday I dropped Eileen off in town to meet Ellie. Eileen said they would have lunch, do a bit of shopping and get a taxi back. She thought we would just have a meal at home and if Ellie could be persuaded to stay to Sunday take her out for a really nice meal.

When I saw what Eileen was wearing, I thought if Ellie was dressed similarly to when she met me they would clash, as Eileen was wearing her over the knee boots, tight black leggings, a grey cashmere sweater and her short leather jacket. Ellie had been similarly dressed when I met her.

I had a few guys to see at the golf club and it was around five when Ellie and Eileen arrived and they were very similarly dressed except Ellie was wearing a black sweater. When I said they were dressed like sisters Eileen said, “We have fairly similar tastes in casual clothing, wait and see what we have to wear tonight.”

Their clothes gave me a great basis for comparison. Both women were of similar height but Ellie had longer legs and longer slimmer thighs with a space between them and no obvious pussy bulge whereas Eileen had much riper thighs and she had a very prominent pussy mound. Ellie’s tits looked smaller, firmer and high riding while Eileen’s were much bigger and pendulous. Both had jutting high riding rears but Ellie was much slimmer hipped. I later found out later found out that Ellie was 35A – 24- 35 while Eileen was 40c 27- 42. At the time I thought if things go well I am going to enjoy two fantastically beautiful mature women.

They had some shopping and Eileen suggested I take Ellie, her bag and shopping to the guest bedroom while she started the dinner. I followed Ellie’s butt up the stairs with a rising erection and when we got into the room pulled her against me, kissed her and groped her unbraed tits and cunt. She responded and it was all I could do to pull away from her, suggest she get settled in and come down for a drink.

It was around 6.00 when Ellie came down by which stage Eileen had the dinner in the oven, she had a G&T and I had a beer. She had poured a large G&T for Ellie. When Ellie came into the lounge Eileen took her over the drink and putting her other arm round her waist kissed her full on the lips. She said, “Welcome to our home and I hope it’s the first visit of many.”

Although it was more of a peck than a snog I found it unbelievably sexy to see these two very sexy women, who I had had in every way possible, even in a casual embrace.

She ushered Ellie to an arm chair and she recounted that they had a great bonding afternoon including very nice lunch and shopping for some things to wear tonight and tomorrow night. They both hoped I would like them.

She suggested I have a shower and get changed first and come down to look after the wine and dinner, they would have a couple of drinks and then Ellie and she could go up to their respective bathrooms to shower and ‘make themselves beautiful’.

It was with a real sense of excitement that I had my shower, dressed and came down, got the dinner ready to serve and waited for them to show me themselves ‘made beautiful’.

Eileen likes to make an entrance and she obviously arranged for them to come down together and they entered the room ‘hand in hand’. They were stunning in the exact same outfits of black sheer cleavage tops slashed to the waist, short black stretch miniskirts sculpted to their thighs and rears, black stockings and heels. Eileen had her blonde hair fluffed up and much heavier than normal makeup and looked absolutely stunning but Ellie looked even more spectacular with again much heavier makeup than I’d seen her wear before and her hair gelled in a more masculine style.

I said, “Wow ladies you are absolutely stunning I should be taking you out to show you off to a much bigger audience.”

Eileen said, “We discussed that this afternoon but we think, the three of us can get to know each other better and have a lot of fun at home.”

I sat them down gave them a large glass of wine each and served them the casserole.

Over the meal Eileen explained that over lunch she had explained to Ellie, that while she certainly wasn’t gay as she loved cock and plenty of it, she had been strangely drawn including sexually to Ellie. She was pleasantly surprised to find that Ellie although a lot less experienced sexually had had similar feelings. Ellie went on to say that she also found me sexually attractive so rather than the two of them rushing back to bed it might be fun for them to enjoy some fun with the three of us.

She admitted they had kissed when they left the pub after lunch and had ‘broken the ice’ further by kissing and fondling each other when I was showering. They both felt that if I was up for it, it would be fun them exploring their desire for each other together with some fun with me. Eileen had explained that although we felt free to have fun with whoever we liked we had agreed that it would not be in our home unless we both agreed. She said that otherwise when Ellie agreed that the feeling was sort of mutual she would have rushed her home and into bed.

I said that I felt I had a lot to live up to and I hoped I could meet their expectations. Eileen smiled and said, she had taken care of that but we might need to get a couple of spare guys for the Saturday night or maybe a black guy.

When Ellie looked quizzically Eileen explained that I was still quite virile and with encouragement could go two or three times and with an enhancement pill up to five times but my record was ten times but that was some years ago and a couple of nights after she had had sex with a black guy.

She said it was after she had anal sex for the first time with a guy who was really hung. A couple of nights later when she had suggested a re-run, I had really stepped up to show her I really wanted her body.

Ellie asked, “Are black guys really that much better endowed?”

Eileen smiled, “I don’t have that much experience, I have only had two black guys, but that guy had the biggest cock I had ever seen and it was some job to take it my ass. But Tom benefited from it as it opened me up. The other one was about Tom’s size but not as thick but he had me five times in a couple of hours.”

Ellie grinned and said, “Until recently I hadn’t had any opportunity to compare Bill’s cock with anyone else but I had sex with a couple of guys and realised that it’s not the biggest.”

And looking directly at me she said, “And the guy who first had me anally was well endowed with a nice thick cock!”

Eileen smiled and said, “I don’t know about you Ellie but this talk of cocks has made me randy and I think we should skip dessert and see what fun we can have with and without Tom’s cock!”

She asked me to bring up a couple of bottles of champagne and glasses and she led Ellie up to out bedroom. By the time I got up they were kissing quite passionately and I noticed they had pulled each other’s tits out of their tops and were fondling each other.

When they broke apart to get a drink Eileen murmured, “Aren’t her boobs fabulously firm she could do without a bra.”

As I handed Ellie her drink I kissed her and groped her tits. I turned and kissed Eileen and took the weight of one of her much larger breasts and murmured, “Your tits are very different but each fabulous in their own way, you are two very beautiful ladies with fantastic bodies.”

Ellie chipped in with, “Eileen your boobs are absolutely fabulous, I couldn’t help noticing how many more guys checked you out today rather than me and Bill raved on about your tits and how you weren’t afraid to show them off.”

I suggested we should lose our clothes rather than compare bodies but when Ellie lost her clothes leaving just her stockings and suspender belt Eileen immediately kissed her again saying she wanted to feel her boobs against Ellie’s. As they kissed, I saw her drop her hands to Ellie’s crotch and she obviously liked what she felt because she murmured,” You also have a fabulous pussy.”

Ellie responded with, “Wow it looks like a child’s compared to yours, I’ll guarantee guys go wild for it.”

Taking Ellie by the hand, Eileen led her over to the bed and kissed her before pushing her down spreading her thighs and started to eat her pussy. This was a real turn to see my wife giving oral to another woman especially as she was bent over with her big rear in the air. Eileen has a very ripe butt with big creamy hips and with my cock at bursting point I really wanted to bugger her. Lubing my cock I parted her cheeks and fed her cock into her anus. It really was a turn on to see Ellie being brought to a climax by Eileen and Eileen being excited both by her making love to probably the first woman she had fancied sexually and being hard ridden in her ass by me. As she brought Ellie to climax, I emptied my cock into Eileen’s bowels.

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