Beginnings: A Voyage of Discovery

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This is a story where there are long descriptive sections between the good sections. It tells how two lifelong friends learn about lesbian love. Enjoy


BEGINNINGS: A Voyage of Discovery

Like our mothers, Sharon and I are best friends. As with Sharon and me, our mothers had a special bond all the way through school and onto university. They had back to back weddings. Sharon and I were born twelve months later although Sharon happens to be the older by thirteen minutes. Our mothers even gave us similar-sounding names. Our families live next door to each other, and our fathers are even members of the same Rotary Club.

I am Shannon Bartlett. I have light brown hair which is long enough for me to have it pulled back and tied with a scrunchy. Sometimes I tie a big red ribbon around it: being a very feminine girl I love it like that. I have a smallish nose that has a few freckles across it. My eyes are dark with light brows over them, but I hate my breasts because they are not very big while all my friends’ breasts are much bigger.

As I have said my best friend is Sharon McKenzie. She is the same height as me but that’s where the similarities end because she has short dirty blond hair. I love her eyes because they are green and for some reason always have this misty appearance which seems to change as her moods change. Like her hair her face always has that unkempt look almost as though she forgot to wash it: she has a larger nose and her mouth always looks as though she is about to laugh. In fact, one of the best things about Sharon is her infectious sense of humor: our mothers say she’s a Tom Boy something that I didn’t think about until after our eighteenth birthday but looking back they were right.

I also love her breasts … to be honest I am jealous of her breasts because they are bigger than mine. When I say bigger, I don’t mean that they are huge: neither of us like women with huge breasts while Sharon’s are … well I suppose you could describe them as being perky because they are small yet well developed.

I think that due to Sharon being more forward going … you know the adventurous Huck Finn type where she was always getting us into trouble. Aunty Rosemary or Sharon’s Mum … I just call her Aunty just as Sharon refers to my Mum as Aunty. She was very strict with Sharon and I and between the age of eight and fifteen, a weekend rarely went by without us both receiving a spanking.

Sorry I digress. As I should have said because due to Sharon being more outgoing and adventurous, she seemed to mature faster. As I have indicated I have always been the very shy reserved kind of girl. When I was little, I loved my dolls and I had a huge dolls house that I loved to organize and make up stories about. On the other hand, Sharon liked climbing trees and paddling a raft she had made on the creek at the bottom of my garden. Due to this Sharon appeared to mature much faster than I did something that came to a head during our joint eighteenth birthday party.

I had gone into the garage to raid the grog fridge. As I turned with a fresh slab of beer, I almost ran into Aunty Rosemary.

“Why don’t you put the beer down for a moment. A couple of days ago Sharon came to me asking if I could explain the feelings, she has for you. Well, yesterday when you were at the shops she and I approached your Mum and we decided that maybe it would be best that I broached the subject first so that later you can have a quiet chat with your Mum.”

“What’s all this about Aunt Rosemary … am I in trouble?”

She gave me a light hug kissing my forehead before continuing.

“No darling it’s nothing like that. Look when Sharon spoke to me, she came out saying that she thought she was lesbian and that she was madly in love with you yet too frightened to talk to you about it.”

‘When we spoke with your Mum, we all agreed that you were more than likely the same and yet way too shy to think about it.”

I was so embarrassed I felt my face become flushed and I noticed my hands began to shake. After all, what does a person say when the mother of her greatest friend says that she has come out and announcing that she’s lesbian. Then to make things worse her mother suggests that I am most likely the same. I was so shy that I was trembling, as Aunt Rosemary continued to speak.

“Shannon darling, we all knew that you would react like this so I think now that I have started you thinking you should talk to your Mum because she has a lot to explain to you.”

“You may be surprised darling.”

Aunty gave me another hug kissing me again on the forehead and picking up the beer returned to the patio which was the center of our celebrations while I sat trying to recover before returning myself.

That’s all that happened but later that night lying in bed I got thinking about what had been said accepting that Aunt Rosemary was correct: I was fascinated in Sharon who had been my best friend since kindergarten. We had grown up together kocaeli escort God I remember our first day at High School: as I stepped off the school bus my bag blew up depositing my lunch and all the shit you take to your first day in Year Seven.

Sharon was three kids behind me and burst out laughing which I think saved me from bursting into tears. It was so embarrassing as all the kids stepped over me groveling in the gutter. All, that is but Sharon who sat helping me to put everything back and taking her scarf off using it to fasten my fucking bag. Although we had always been best friends, I think that day took our friendship a bit further: not that we understood it at the time. After all, we were only twelve going on thirteen.

Thinking further about what I had been told it occurred to me that until now I had thought that we had no secrets. Sharon had never let on that she was more into girls than boys while I had never expressed my feelings to her. To be honest I was just too dam shy to come out like that: for fucks sake, I had only just turned eighteen. Funny about that because so had Sharon which goes to show how much more mature, she was.


The day after our eighteenth birthday we had a cleanup lunch during which I got Sharon in the garage and mentioned her mother’s revealing chat noticing her almost relieved smile.

“Yes, I begged her to have a quiet chat because I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer.”

“You have talked with your mother about your feelings towards women? For fuck’s sake until your Mum told me your feeling I didn’t even know that women turned you on.”

“Well, my attraction is to you only. You know my mother it’s so easy to discuss anything with her. She told me about your mum and her and how in university they were lovers. She indicated that your family had a history, but she never elaborated on that.”

“Our mothers were lovers? You mean they fucked and all that?”

“Well that’s what lovers usually do, isn’t it? God Shannon, you sometimes say the funniest of things. I think that’s one of the big things I like about you.”

“Sharon I never knew you were like that and yes it’s the same with me because I have noticed you develop over the past twelve months although I simply thought it was me comparing notes. As to a family history well I know nothing about that.”

“You are coming to the Lakes this summer … my parents are sometimes allowed to holiday in this magnificent house: wait until you see it, you’ll be gobsmacked. Why don’t you quiz your mum before coming down with us?”

That evening while my father was at his weekly Rotary meeting, I approached my mother. At first, I was too embarrassed but when she asked me if it was about what Sharon’s Mum had told me I just nodded. Cradling me in her arms and she then told me about my family.

“We have a family history of homosexuality and it goes back many generations. My older sister is bisexual … you know the woman who she says rents a room from her: you call her Aunt Hetty … she is her lesbian lover. As you know I met your father at university but what you don’t know is that Rosemary and I were old school friends and we were exclusive lovers for the three years we were at university.”

“But you said you met Dad at university.”

“In our third year he started joining us at parties and sporting events and although we didn’t sleep together until after graduation, we became very close.”

“But you and Sharon’s mum … wasn’t he put off?”

“Darling your Dad’s family also have a history after all his Uncle your Great Uncle had three daughters, they are your second cousins.”

“The ones who never married?”

“Yes, they were lesbian but for some reason or other never entered into long-term relationships.”

“You never knew your grandmother your fathers mother: she was bisexual just like Rosemary and me.”

“So, Dad knew about your three-year relationship at university?”

“Of course. Look you are a bright kid and next year you and Sharon are studying science at the same university that Rosemary your father and I attended. With such a strong family background especially as it’s from both my family and your Dad’s you are most likely lesbian just like Sharon after all I have been watching you for years and all your friends have been girls. Do you remember your cousins sixth birthday party that when you knew boys were going you and Sharon flatly refused to attend.

You and Sharon were in evil moods all day because we insisted that you both at least make an appearance. God that was embarrassing I am amazed you don’t remember that spanking: ask Sharon if she remembers it because I was the one who spanked you both.”

“You spanked us? Hell, we must have turned it on because you never spanked us.”

“Well I did that day and I assure you the yells must have been heard all down the road.”

The following evening Sharon came over to my house for the night and after dinner and watching kocaeli escort bayan television with my parents we went down to the old sleepout which became my bedroom once I needed peace and quiet to study. It’s a big weatherboard room with an iron roof with a two thousand-gallon water tank attached.

Inside it is basically one big room with a small bathroom off to the side. I have it nicely set up with two lounge chairs and an ancient three-seater sofa plus to the rear a queen bed but there is also a set of bunks on one wall which was leftover from the days it was used as the kid’s exclusive bedroom. It’s all very comfortable with a twenty-seven-inch television plus gaming set up and my parent’s old radio and CD player.

That evening Sharon and I got dressed for bed before sitting on the sofa. It had been a stinking hot day, so all the windows were open which let in the little breeze there was. We sat in our favorite position facing each other with our legs folded. Sharon looked so beautiful in her cotton shorts and black singlet: I couldn’t take my eyes off her perky breasts with their hard nipples and her misty green eyes which this evening seemed even more misty than usual.

“So, you spoke to your Mum?”

“Yes, on our father’s Rotary evening.”

“She explained everything even about the relationship at university. Fuck can you imagine.”

“Oh that. I knew about it months before I spoke to her about my feelings for you. Remember the golf fundraising Ambrose last January when we had gone rafting down the creek? We got home early and I went to the bathroom and passing your Mum’s bedroom heard what was obviously our mothers making love. I peaked in and my Mum was between your Mum’s legs: they were both naked and your Mum was moaning really loud. I think she must have cum just as I looked in.”

“But you say you knew long before I did: why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I was frightened.”

“Do you mean to say that all this time we have both had the hots for each other and yet too frightened to talk about it.”

“Sounds crazy doesn’t it but yes, after all, neither of us really understood anything. Listen I was frightened that you were not like me. I didn’t want to spoil our friendship. We are both studying the same degree next year at our parent’s old university I didn’t want to ruin things. Bye, the way I say that I didn’t know if you were like me but for fuck’s sake, I didn’t understand my feelings towards women anyway.

“You dunderhead you wouldn’t have spoiled anything you mean too much to me.”

Sharon sat in silence for a moment her eyes blinking away tears and then she leaned forward kissing me for the first time on the lips. It was nothing as a kiss and certainly there was no sex in it, but it marked the first time we had shared a kiss on the lips before. Reaching out I held her close as my lips increased the pressure. We kissed like this … just our closed lips mashed against each other for what seemed ages although it couldn’t have been longer than a few minutes. Finally, when we pulled apart mostly, I think because we needed to breathe Sharon started to laugh.

“WOW! Oh, fucking WOW that was wild.”

“We have just kissed for the first time.”

“What happens next?”

“Look Sharon I have a DVD here: it was Hailey’s birthday present. When she gave it to me, she suggested I open it later.”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s a lesbian movie.”

“No way Hailey gave you a lesbian fuck movie? She’s a year older than us and I have heard she frequents that gay nightclub in the old industrial section. Do you think she’s coming onto you? She had better not I beat her black and blue.”

“Sharon don’t be silly it’s you that I am interested in and no one will change my feelings. Anyway let’s watch it: maybe we will learn something.”

Sitting close we turned on the flick: as I had suggested it was a lesbian movie. We watched in silence and when it ended Sharon looked at me: if at all possible, her eyes were even more misted, and her lips were slightly parted she looked incredibly sexy.

“I was all wet and my boobs were so hard they hurt.”

“Fuck that was hot. Yes, I’m the same. Now what?”

“Let’s go to bed and talk about it.”

Getting comfortable Sharon turned towards me and I saw the feeling in her eyes knowing that I was much the same: after all we had only just come out to each other.

She eased herself closer kissing me once more on the lips but this time we held each other as our lips mashed. Taking a short breath I felt her tongue slid between my lips and I quickly sucked it against mine as she pushed my head onto my pillow.

We continued kissing like this our tongues exploring as we used our hands to caress each other’s face. At last, after what must have been an hour Sharon pulled back.

“Oh my God, that was amazing now my shorts are wet as well. I love you Shannon and cannot wait until we are at the Lakes. Let’s make izmit sınırsız escort a pact to only do what we have done this evening until we are at the Lakes then let’s take it further.”

“Do you mean we then go all the way?”

“Well at least as far as we know to go. Until tonight I have not known what women do when making love.”

“Shall I bring the DVD?”

“Oh yes, after all, we will have tons of time alone because my parents love the Country Club there.”

That night we slept naked together which was another first. Oh yes, we had seen each other naked plenty of times but although we had shared the same bed dozens of times, we had never been naked. Sometimes through the very early hours of the morning, I woke to feel Sharon’s breasts pressing into my back: it was so special and once more I felt my pussy moisten up.

Later in the morning, the sun was still low in the sky when we woke, and we kissed once more. This time I felt Sharon’s hand cup my left breast and I all but came with the feelings it gave me. As we showered Sharon asked me why I didn’t shave my pussy pointing to hers which was a naked as the day she was born. Looking across at the clock she said we still had time before breakfast and taking the razor from the overnight bag she always kept in my bathroom sat me on the edge of the bed and carefully made my pussy as bald as hers.

That was the last day before Christmas that Sharon and I spent together. We spoke on the phone during Christmas Day of course and our parents discussed final arrangements for me going to the Lakes on Boxing Day. Then at around midnight, I was woken by my phone buzzing it was Sharon wanting to make private plans. She explained that she was to be allowed to use the fourteen-foot sailboat which was kept in the shed next to the house and wanted to talk about sailing up to the islands hopefully for a night or two. Although she had told me about the islands, I really didn’t understand what she was talking about. She suggested we bring a vibrator so that we can play in our tent at night and I instantly felt moisture shoot across my pussy: when I told Sharon she laughed saying she was the same but when she continued describing the big island and all the sheltered places we could get more experienced making love I felt an incredible boiling deep within my pussy and I had an amazing orgasm the first I had ever had without masturbating. When I had recovered Sharon laughed asking if I had just cum and when I said yes, she lowered the phone to where she was quickly working her wet cunt: it was so hot listening to her fingers working her wet squishy pussy that I climaxed again. It wasn’t long before Sharon came, and we then continued talking about the holidays and everything we were going to do until I heard her being told to turn out the light.

The following morning was hot and I quickly threw together some final things for the day’s journey. I was so excited because this was to be my first holiday at the Lakes. The drive took about seven hours but in the late afternoon as the sun was getting lower in the sky we came round a bend and there it was the water a golden color from the setting sun and we could see the gulls wheeling in the sky as a fishing trawler chugged down the channel. It was amazing and as we came closer, so Sharon began to explain all the sights.

The house we were staying at was a four-bedroom bungalow high up on the point with access via a path to a long jetty where we secured the boat in order to get everything up to the house. As we made our way down for the second load Sharon pointed out the shed where the sailboat was kept reminding me that this was the first year, she was allowed to sail it alone.

That night Sharon and I slept in a bedroom on the back verandah. The entrance was simply a flywire door as were the windows, but they had big canvas screens hanging outside which kept the early morning sun off us. The room was on one of the corners and it had a huge iron bed in it but there were also some old cane chairs with a chipped glass top cane table. After the long drive, we kissed for a while before cuddling together for a long dreamless night.

The following morning was perfect and after breakfast, we were told that we could take the boat out but as it was only our first voyage, we could not sail up the lake to the islands. As Sharon’s parents were going to play golf at the Country Club with dinner afterward, we were allowed to take a basket of sandwiches and fruit.

The boat was an old gaff-rigged clinker-built vessel. It was painted dark green with a light green gunwale. The mast and gaff were varnished while the sail was white. Being a heavy boat of clinker construction, it floated deep in the water meaning we didn’t need a centerboard. The bow was decked over providing a small locker for storing ropes and the anchor, but there was plenty of room for our basket of food and two-gallon water bottle.

As both Sharon and I had done sailing as a school sport we were quite at home rigging the mast gaff and sail. Then after her father checked we had done it right we pushed off from the jetty and screaming as the sail filled to the light breeze we set a course down the lake towards the commercial docks and fisherman’s Cooperative.

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