Beth’s Family Ch. 02

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Jack had left Beth’s apartment the next morning; he had given her multiple orgasms, her cunt was squelching when he left her. She told him that she would video Peter when he licked her out. Jack felt that it aroused her when he did this to her. Beth had even suggested that they could allow Peter to watch them fucking then let him lick her out. Jack was not entirely comfortable with this as he enjoyed being alone with Beth. He had two calls to make on his way home which he did then had a craving for spaghetti so stopped at an Italian restaurant for lunch. He had his phone on mute since last night, he hadn’t missed any calls, but there were several emails unread.

He now had permission to view Jo’s pictures. They were seductive, exciting and imaginative; they were also very erotica. Her naked body was very similar to Beth’s. He liked the three naughty pictures in a nun’s habit, one of her posing with an angelic look on her face. One with her white collar held up exposing her massive tits in a push-up bra. The third shows her with her legs wide open with a large dildo in her cunt. The others were her posing naked; they were tastefully down. She was a very sexy woman. The way her makeup was applied made her look so hot in all of her pictures.

He then read the message that she had sent from the site, “Wow, that’s a big boy, you have chosen the right name, but maybe Big Fat Boy would have been better. Now I know why Beth is so happy. I’ve checked, and I see that you are on WhatsApp, it will be faster writing on there, we can even send naughty selfies to each other. I’m available for an overnight visit anytime, just let me know when. My pussy got wet when I saw your pictures then I had to bring myself off. Look forward to hearing from you. Love J.”

He was happy with what she had written. Tina had accepted the Facebook friendship request. She had sent a WhatsApp message with her blond hair, she looked stunning, and it helped her appearance. With the picture she had written, “Hope that you like the picture, I did that for you. I had a long chat with mum this morning. I told her that I was sexually attracted to you. She is comfortable with that and doesn’t mind sharing you with me. I am going to stay with mum now which is better for Tom. Tom’s happy there. Mum has told me to tell Bill to get out of the house. She has spoken to her lawyer, it’s not like divorce, mum owns the house, and she can sell it then he has to go back to his mother’s house. Thank God mum did it this way or it could have ended up messy.”

“I would like to spend weekends with Tom, I will be staying with mum, so there will be no problem with you having mum and me in a threescore. I will be sleeping with mum tonight, and we both are excited about it. I know that you have a business to run, but I believe that we all can have poker oyna a lot of fun together. Next week I can be in your town for a night. Let me know what night is the best for you, and I will be there. As well as the hairdressers I also went to my doctor as I was not on the pill, I am now, and I can’t wait to feel your hot cum inside me. Write when you can, I am thinking about you. Love Tina.”

Over his coffee, Jack worked it out that he would see Tina next week on her own, but after that, it would be a threesome with Beth. The nights he wasn’t with Beth and Tina he would be with Jo. He didn’t reply to them then but he would when he got back to his office. He then drove back to the office. After he had checked things he answered by WhatsApp to Jo, it read, “Love your pictures, would love a blow job with you wearing your habit. How about tomorrow night? If it’s good, then come to the store around four, and I will show you around. I have two questions, have you ever had a priest and how did you get involved in this type of life? Love Jack.”

He then replied to Tina; it read, “You look wonderful, what a difference, I am so happy that you did it. Tuesday night could be good, let me know if it’s good for you? I think you and Tom would be better off without Bill. You are lucky that you have the security of Beth behind you. No problem with the weekends, if threesomes are good for you and Beth then no problem, I can be there for some weekends. A tip for you, Beth loves her clit sucked, but finger fuck her as you suck her. Her clit is big; it’s like a little cock. She gets wet easily and loves it when I fist her as I suck it. She is also a great gripper; she has powerful cunt muscles. You will feel it when she grips your fist. Let me know how you get on. I will think of you tonight. Love Jack.”

Ten minutes later he had a reply from Tina with a picture of her with her legs open and her cunt lips spread open with her index and middle finger displaying her massive clit. It looked bigger than Beth’s. Her message read, “I’m the same as mum and can’t wait for you to suck it and fist me too. My clit is not small, it’s so sensitive. I will be there at four on Tuesday. Mum and I are going out for a meal tonight so it may tomorrow before I update you as I would like to be discreet. I would love a picture of your prince, is that possible? I have strong cunt muscles too. Love Tina.”

He replied immediately with two pictures of his massive thick cock; he wrote, “I hope you like him. Beth usually goes back to Peter after I have fucked her, he is a cuckold lover. She enjoys him licking her cunt out. Then she goes to her bed and comes back to me early in the morning to be fucked again. If this happens, then let me know after she leaves. I love how you think. Love Jack.”

She replied, “If that canlı poker oyna happens then I will write to you. That doesn’t surprise me about Peter; I don’t know what mum sees in him, she supports him completely. That tosser Bill has never gone down on me in his life. I love oral, but the last time I had, it was at University. Love Tina.”

An hour later Jo replied, it read, “I will do that for you. When we get to your place, then we will fuck, and after that, we can do special things. I have a wonderful imagination, and you will never be bored with me. I have been gang banged by three priests, one in each hole, and I loved that. I have had Bishops, Archbishops but never a Cardinal. I was a cum slut for them. The priests and I started to get older. I remember at Bishop’s funeral there was fifty clergy on the altar; it was packed, forty-five of they had fucked me. I now haven’t had sex with a priest for three years. I still see a few nuns, every one of them loves cock.”

“How did it start, that’s a big question, because of my limp nobody gave a fuck about my feelings. When I started University, I had never been to a disco. I was insecure, the only place that I felt secure was in the church, Beth was at discos, and I was in church. I had no confidence because of my limp. I couldn’t go to discos, I went to church, all my life up until then the church was where I felt comfortable. I became an altar server, I was in church, and I felt relaxed. I was there every morning and when there was an evening service I was there too. I felt that I was contributing, I felt that I was doing something positive. When I was there I never thought of my limp; I was a person assisting in the running of the church.”

“In my final year of school the old housekeeper in the church house retired, the new housekeeper was a lovely lady called Mary. She was a widow with two grown-up sons. She had a house which she now rented out, and she lived in the church house. She was in her mid-forties, the two of us hit it off immediately, she taught me how to cook, bake and all the other household chores. I learned so much from her. During my summer holidays, I had left school and was accepted for University. We were doing a lot together; we would shop and go to the cinema. I had never done this in my life before. Mary loved lingerie, she introduced me to it, and for the first time in my life, I cared about how my body could look. Mary gave me confidence; she told me I was an intelligent, beautiful young lady who had a slight limp. From that day I didn’t care about my limp.”

“On my nineteenth birthday Mary took the day off, we went shopping, and she bought me some lingerie which I loved. She bought herself some too; she also bought a vibrator which she asked to be gift wrapped. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant, internet casino she ordered a bottle of champagne, and that was the first time in my life that I had drunk alcohol. After lunch, we went back to her room. She had a bottle of champagne, and we sat on top of her bed and drank it. She then took me in her arms and wished me a happy birthday then she kissed me, it was the first tongue kiss of my life, and I loved the passion and tenderness she was giving me.”

“We kissed and touched, soon we were naked, and I loved what she was doing to me. Like most girls, I had played with myself. I had orgasmed by rubbing my clit and with the shower head jet on my clit but what I was now experiencing was fifty times better, and I had cum with her sucking and playing with my tits. I had broken my hymen myself when I had fingered my cunt out of curiosity, and I could now get four fingers in it if I were wet enough. Mary then went down on me, she complimented me on the size of my clit, she was sucking it as she fingered me, I loved it, I had so many orgasms, I had never experienced anything like it before.”

“I had a wonderful birthday; we did everything, she put on a strapon and fucked me in my ass and cunt. Before I left, she gave me the vibrator showing me how to grip it when I had it in my cunt telling me that one day I would have a cock inside you and I must grip the cock at the base and head on every thrust. I walked home with my cunt and ass tingling. She had told me that I was perfect and wanted to see me tomorrow. I wanted to see her too. For the next month, we fucked at least twice a day every day. She taught me so much. She had a dildo in the shape of a cock; she showed me how to suck and play with it.”

“There was a convent next door to the church which the priest was responsible. One day she invited me to come with her and meet the Mother Superior, I went with her, and I liked her. To cut a long story short, I fucked her that afternoon and gave her multiple orgasms. She loved it and gave me a ten-pound tip which was a fortune forty-five years ago. There were eight nuns in the convent, and I was servicing every one of them. I was getting ten pounds a session; I was making money. Just before I started University Mary asked if I would like to have a cock? I told her that I was game for anything. Five days after my next period she put me on the pill.”

“Two weeks later she told me the priest would like to see me. She asked if I wanted her with her for the first visit. I said I was OK and asked what he liked? She told me he liked his cock sucked in foreplay and to talk dirty when he is riding you. His favourite position is doggy style, he cums very quickly, and he is just an in and out partner. It was easy; I enjoyed having a cock inside me. He loved it, and I visited him three times a week and got ten pounds per visit. Then there were other priests. Mary acted as my secretary. I would tell her when I was available. And that’s how I started. I know one thing and that is tomorrow I will give you the fuck of your life. Love Jo.”

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