Betrayed By My Body Ch. 01

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My name is Dave Rogers, 35 years old, 5’9″ and a 168-pounds of good health. I am what you might call handsome, in a youthful looking way. If I had any complaints it would be my body is void of hair except on my head and a little blond hair around my privates. My chest and legs are as smooth as a woman’s and has at times, when I was younger, caused me embarrassment. But in my adult life until now this had been no problem or interfered with my sex life. I have a high sex drive and I am easily sexually excited – I now wish this was not true.

I work for an electronics company and I am employed in the computer division and have access to a lot of soft ware and this is what got me into trouble. I made copies of several high priced programs for myself. Even thought the company will prosecute you for this many employees never the less still do it and very few if any ever get caught, at least until now. I got caught.

The head of my division, Bill Neems, called me in late one Friday evening, “Dave, could you stay a little late this evening? I need to go over a few things with you.”

This was a break I had never expected. Mr. Neems had bypassed my departmental boss and wished to speak to me directly. After ten years maybe I was going to move from foreman to department manger. Not suspecting a thing, but hoping for everything, I readily agreed to call my girl and tell her I had to pass on our date this evening. This was disappointing to me as I was looking forward to a great evening of sex. Unknown to me, I would have an evening of sex, but sex as I had never known or would ever have imagined possible – not even in it in my wildest dreams.

After my department had closed for the day I took the elevator up to Mr. Neems’ office on the top floor. His was the only office on that floor and as soon as I got off the elevator I was at the reception area to his office. His office manager was just leaving and told me to go on back to Mr. Neems’ office as he was expecting me.

On entering his office I saw him seated behind his desk. What surprised me was that he had on a robe and his hair was damp but he explained he had just finished playing racket ball at the executives’ club and had just got out of the shower.

Smiling at me he said, “Have a seat,” and motioned to a chair in front of his desk.

“Care for a drink?’ Mr. Neems asked smiling at me. “I’m going to have a Scotch, want one?

“The same please,” I answered, as I sat down expecting the best and was no way prepared for what was about to befall me.

We made some small talk as I consumed my Scotch. It was good Scotch but for some reason tasted a little bitter. I passed that off as being a brand I had never tried.

“Well so much for the small talk,” stated Mr. Neems. “I have something very important to discuss with you…as of today a great change is going to come onto your life.

I leaned forward with expectations running high and thoughts of a wonderful promotion swimming through my head. But in the next few minutes not only was all these great expectations gone, but life as I now knew it would be gone.

Handing me another drink Mr. Neems returned to his chair and solemnly spoke, “Dave, you are in serious trouble…and I don’t know if I can help you, or I should say I don’t know if I want to.”

My life passed before my eyes, I had never expected this. In my numbness I drained my glass that tasted even more bitter than before. “Tro…trouble?” I stammered, wondering what he was talking about.

“Let me show you. Watch the TV screen,” he ordered as he opened his desk drawer and started typing on his keyboard.

He had his computer hooked to the large TV screen. Instantly the screen lit up and a menu of the company personal page appeared. He strolled down to Security and güvenilir bahis typing in his access code he opened the file and strolled down to my name. After clicking on my name he next clicked on a box showing my home PC was tied into the company computer. Even though I am computer ‘wise’ what he did next amazed me. He tapped into my PC and opened my file log. He then typed in something that caused all my hidden files to appear.

I knew I was doomed then because the names of all the company files it was unlawful for me to have immediately appeared.

“The last man that stole these files is doing 20 years in the Federal Pen,” stated Mr. Neems.

I just numbly nodded my head ‘yes’ because I knew this was true, as I had heard about this man from a Supervisor just last week.

“He was an asshole, I did not even think about trying to help him…but you…” stated Mr. Neems looking closely at me.

“Oh please help me,” I begged. “I’ll do anything,” I pleaded, hoping upon hope that Neems would help me.

“We’ll see,” he replied in a hard voice. “Now stand up…” he ordered.

I quickly arose and then froze as he gave his next order,

“Take your clothes off,” he demanded.

“Wh…what? Er…I…” I stammered.

“Now! If you want me to help you,” he snapped.

Still not understanding but realizing I had no choice I stripped which was not hard as I had on no under clothes as I was expecting to be striping for my girl and not a guy. Humiliated and ashamed I stood naked before him. I tried to cross my hands in front of me to hide my penis and lack of pubic hair. But he would not allow me even this much cover.

“Put your hands at your side and come here,” he ordered.

Blushing, I removed my hands and started around the desk. Catching a glimpse of a look that he quickly erased from his face, I had the sudden thought, “Neems is a fucking pervert.” Although this was in part true it was mild to what was about to happen to me.

Standing naked in front of him I felt as if my whole upright world had collapsed. It had and more was to come.

Shaking his head, he smiled at me, Yes…I just may help you stay out of the pen.” He then did something no other man had ever done; he reached out and took hold of my cock.

I started to pull back but the words, “…help you stay out of the pen,” made me summit to him playing with my cock.

He then reached up with his other hand and pinched one of my nipples. It was then my body started betraying me. My nipples are about 3/8 inch and get even bigger when they are played with. Next to playing with my cock, when they are played with, I become highly sexually aroused. My fool of a body did not even care that it was a man pinching my nipples and playing with my cock and lustfully my body betrayed me. My cock that had been shriveled up in shame now began to grow with a mind of its own.

“Oh, like that, don’t you?” gloated Neems grinning up at me. “Yea, look at that baby grow.”

To my utter shame it was true…my nipples were hard and aroused and now my cock was throbbing in his hand. But along with my growing shame and cock, I was beginning to feel a strange sexual arousal or submissiveness that was numbing my thinking (I found out latter my drinks had been spiked with a drug to make me more sexual permissive).

Neems let go of my hard nipple and cock to shrug off his robe. He was completely naked beneath it and his own cock was standing straight out. His cock was about eight inches long, as big as round as a quarter, uncut and drooling pre-cum. I did not mean to stare but I had never been this close to a naked man, much less a naked man with a big cock.

“Like it huh? You’ll get to ‘meat’ it up close soon enough.” Then before what he had said could sink in he started playing güvenilir bahis siteleri with my cock and nipples.

Much as I tried not to my body was responding. I damn near fainted when he leaned over and took my cock into his mouth. I love having my cock sucked by women, but this was the first man who had ever put his mouth on my cock. I had heard men could suck cock better and in just a few sucks from his hot mouth even as ashamed and humiliated as I was, I knew this was true. So lost was I to having my cock sucked (and the drugs) I never realized what was happening when he pulled his mouth off my cock and took hold of both my nipples. My moans of pleasure turned to moans of pain as he pulled me to my knees by my nipples.

On my knees, his cock was just inches from my face. “Take hold of my cock,” he demanded.

“No way,” I thought, but before I could voice my thoughts he really clamped down on my enlarged nipples.

“NOW!” he demanded again. “Or spend 20 years wishing you had…”

Realizing I was trapped, I timidly reached out and took hold of the first cock I had ever touched beside mine. Although I was shamed beyond measure, I was surprised by how it felt. It was hot, hard and soft all at the same time. When I touched it, it throbbed in my hand causing some of his wet pre-cum to run down on my hand.

“Good boy,” he hissed. “Now rub it all over your face…at least 20 times,” he added to remind me the penalty if I did not rub his drooling cock on my face.

Reluctantly and disgraced I rubbed his cock over my face leaving a trail of wet pre-cum on my face that was burning with shame.

“That feels so fucking good…now rub it on your sweet lips and give it 20 kisses,” he moaned.

Aware of his threat, I rubbed it on my lips and gave my first ever cock kiss, actually 20 kisses, and awaited for the order I new was to come.

“Now suck it…” he ordered.

“No…please…I’ve never…no…please don’t make me…please…I’m not gay…please don’t make me do this Mr. Neems,” I begged, thoroughly repulsed at the thought of putting a man’s cock in my mouth.

Harshly taking my head in his hands he roughly tilted my head up till I was looking him straight in the eye. “Look pussy…you liked me sucking your cock…now you are going to suck mine and anything else I want whenever I want. No more 20-20 games. You’ll do what I want and when I want or you’ll do twenty years…Do I make my self clear?” he demanded.

Fully humiliated and defeated, I whispered, “Y..yesss.”

“Yes what? He harshly demanded.

“Yes I’ll…I’ll suck your cock or what ever you want,” I answered shivering from the dread of “What ever you want,” might mean. I hated Neems but I was too damn scared of what he could do to me to resist. I knew I was about to, for the first time, have a man put his cock in my mouth. But even here I was wrong; he made ME put his cock in my mouth.

“That’s better,” Neems replied, “But you better damn well give me a damn good blow job and I mean suck my cock like your very life depends on it because it DOES! Now get to it.”

Scarred and terrified out of my mind that he was going to send me to prison, I reached for his cock and after rubbing it over my dry lips and kissing it hoping I might please him I took my first cock in my virgin mouth.

It is here I must give voice to something that still troubles me. Because I was so repulsed at the idea of putting a man’s cock in my mouth I was afraid that I might become nauseated, gag and throw-up all over Neems. But instead of feeling sickened, I felt something else that I still find hard to define.

When the head of his cock wet with pre-cum pushed pass my lips I felt a sexual exotica that excited me in a way unfamiliar to me. His pre-cum tasted a iddaa siteleri lot like ‘pussy juice’ and I love pussy juice so the taste instead of hindering me helped me to continue my journey into cock sucking. This coupled with Neems’ erotic moans of sexual satisfaction as his cock slid into my mouth was, in spite of myself, opening a new type of sexuality that I could not understand or explain. In short (maybe because of the drugs, maybe because of the fear of prison, maybe because of something I had never known before), I found myself wanting to suck Neems’ cock. Even this thought as it raced through my mind caused me more shame and humiliation. But nonetheless, my sexuality took over and my body betrayed me. I, though shamed and humiliated, willingly sucked his cock. I licked, kissed, and bobbed my head up and down on his cock like some slut.

This so turned Neems on that he stood up and really began to fuck my face. Each in stroke went a little deeper into my mouth and soon was sliding pass my gag point. Maybe it was because of the down angle caused by him standing, it might have been the drugs, or it may have been my state of sexual insanity, but soon I took his whole cock deep into my no longer virgin throat. On the deep in strokes his big ball sac would bounce off my chin.

Not only was I for the first time in my life sucking a man’s cock, but I was deep throating that cock. In short, I was being face fucked and my mouth had become Neems pussy. But strangely I was not repulsed or revolted (that would come later), instead, I was willingly yielding my mouth to be fucked by Neems’ throbbing cock. This sexual power over me was also bringing Neems to a sexual high that he was giving voice to.

“YESSSS!! Suck that cock…yea baby you are a natural…man I have never fucked a face pussy like you. YEAAA BITCH TAKE IT ALL, make me cum…ohhh now..NOW SUCK MY CUMMMMMM!” shouted Neems as he wildly fucked my mouth.

I could feel his cock growing in my mouth and I knew I was about to eat a load of cum. His first shot hit the back of my mouth with such force that I almost choked so instead of thinking about to swallow or not, I swallowed to keep from choking. Neems must not have cum for a month. He pumped load after load into my mouth and throat. There was so much that some ran out my mouth and down my chin. His pre-cum may have tasted like pussy juice, but I can tell you his man cum did not. It had a somewhat salty but sweet taste. Again, to my surprise, I sort of liked the taste of his man cum in my mouth.

I sucked and licked on Neems’ cock till he pulled away. Then pulling me to my feet he went to his knees and swallowed my cock all in one swoop. It only took a few minutes for Neems’ talented mouth to cause me to unload my pent up cum. I could not help my self, as I cum in his mouth I moaned over and over, “Ohhhhso fucking gooood..yesssss.”

After Neems had drained my cock dry and licked it clean he stood up and pulled me tight against him. His damn cock was rock hard again and was pressed against my spent cock. Neems then pressed his lips against mine to give me a kiss. At first I started to turn away, but realized I was still under his power, besides, what the fuck was a man kiss. After all I had just sucked a man’s cock, ate a man’s cum and let him suck my cock and eat my cum, a fucking kiss was nothing compared to all that. I let him kiss my bruised lips. Here again I was surprised, Neems was a good kisser. His lips were soft and tender and as his tongue flicked across my lips I opened my mouth and let him tongue fuck me. His tongue was a lot gentler that his cock that was now throbbing against my stomach. I knew that probably in a few minutes instead of his tongue in my mouth I would again have his cock.

This was not to be, He had something far different planed for me, something that would make me beg him to let me suck his cock. But my begging would be to no avail, instead of fucking my face again, Neems was going to fuck my ass, my virgin ass…

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