Bi Pool Surprise – Greatest Day!

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It was a heavily overcast-cloudy day but humid. Cyril and myself were lounging about and enjoying the odd dip in the pool, and gin. The clouds were getting even a touch darker now as I looked up, I was standing in the shallow end leaning about, Cyril comes over and runs her hand gently over my chest down to my stomach.

We both still have our shorts on as we fondle each other through our long kiss. I lower her hand gently over my bulge and let go – she sure enough keeps her hand right on my slowly growing erection over the shorts. All this while I gently reach my hand inside Cyril’s short’s elastic and feel that beautiful ass, between her cheeks and right down and under to her gorgeous tight pussy.

All this was happening as we were waist deep in the most soothing water and I look up again and I see the ever-darkening of the clouds as possibly a slight summer shower looms over us. I reach for my gin and have another taste, I share it with my lover Cyril and we kiss again. Her feeling my cock, my feeling her pussy, all under water, as if hidden from view, hidden from even our view, something taboo in the air.

Suddenly I hear someone in the kitchen. There could only be one person who could be in the kitchen – and that was Cyril’s older brother Axel. Alex is late twenties – a couple of years older than Cyril and myself. A weekend athlete. For some strange reason neither Cyril or myself are startled. We just keep at our hidden fondling, but now an unknown thrill awaits. Cyril and I were lost in each other’s eyes as we continued the digital exploration poker oyna of one another.

Ever so slowly I realise we are being joined in the pool by Cyril’s brother Axel. We are still not startled, but rather a touch more excited, as now two’s company but three’s even more company! We break our pash only to see Axel standing right there with us and he is completely naked. I can’t help but to look down and see his raging hard on pointing straight up. The head of his cock is getting air out of the water.

This cock that has joined us is magnificent, not in monster size, but just the mere shape, hardness and the actual excitement of the dynamic in the three of us, and what we were about to embark on – together – all together!

Cyril takes my free hand and places it on Alex’s cock, I didn’t disagree in the slightest, I needed to touch it. The sensation now of feeling a pussy in one hand and feeling a beautiful cock in the other was something else, was something beyond my wildest dreams.

This somehow completes me – a pussy and a cock. A cock and a pussy, I’m not sure now in what order I should even say this in my mind. The air now is electric. I feel the slightest raindrops now come down and they were amazing – heaven.

I’m feeling his cock and now his hand is making its way inside the elastic of my shorts and he slowly pulls my shorts down, only to my thighs. He stands behind me as now I fondle Cyril’s cunt, ass and boobs. He stands there and holds my hips tight. The feeling of his strong hands holding me tight takes everything to a new level canlı poker oyna yet again, not to mention the awareness I’m under of knowing his cock is now right behind me.

Cyril slowly moves her body to the side and now both my hands were feeling up her ass and cunt. Over her gorgeous ass and all over her gorgeous cunt. She moves herself away just a few inches and this forces me to lean over a touch toward her. Right then I feel it. A magnificent cock comes in contact with me. Alex ever so gently moves his cock up against and in between my ass cheeks.

This is how women feel when they are just about to take a beautiful cock from behind! The feeling of his hands holding me tight, his cock slowly moving up and down against my ass and having this sensational woman in my hands all at once. The gentle raindrops falling on us through this. Alex reaches and slowly pulls my shorts down just a touch more. The feeling of this – these manly and caring (male) hands pulling my shorts down was awakening something else altogether.

Cyril kept herself turned a touch and faced me as we sucked on each other’s tongues. Now as if all on its own, Alex’s cock stopped at a certain spot, this spot was my anus! Alex’s cock head is now right at my entrance! I gasp now as now I know for sure that I am going to be fucked from behind in a threesome, in a swimming pool – in the rain!

I need this more than ever now, his cock inside me. We are a wonderful unit, all together for these loving moments. The pain/wonder, his cock head is inside me now. He stops for a moment so internet casino we can all re-align for this slow love-making. Cyril reaches now with both hands and holds my cock now with both her hands. Alex fondles around me even more as he grips me, caresses me and my tummy, my waist, my naked thighs.

A wonderful cock head now pushes further and further. I somehow push back on this cock, needing it now more than ever. His cock and my ass becoming one! This was so meant to be! This is love! His cock is fully inside me and gently fucking back and forth. He gasps now as he is caressing around me, around my ass cheeks.

I am ever so turned on even more by him caressing me. The feeling of being caressed by a male is incredible. Feeling what women feel. Loving what women love. Cock. I feel a sudden slippery sensation inside me – he is cumming! This is making his cock move in and out, in and out, so wet and lubricated. I feel his cock spasm inside me and jolt. I feel him all tense up behind me, his muscles all hard, his grip all hard and tense and he shoots more and more cum deep inside of me.

We stay like this for quite a while now and the throbbing slowly subsides. I cum inside Cyril’s two hands and it was the best cum I have ever experienced, I was somewhere else in the universe, somewhere dark, warm, loving, content, spent, complete.

I feel this loving cock ever so slowly start to slide out of me and right before it came completely out he stops, pushes back in a little. A felt a throb, and then another. Before long Axel was becoming hard again and pushing his cock way back, all the way back, through his own sloppy and slippery cum and completely back inside me. Oh my god! I’m going to have two in a row! This has to be the greatest surprise of my life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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