Big Brother, Little Sister

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The following is based on conversations my friend and I have had. She is the inspiration for this story’s character, Marie Poland. Thank you for the inspiration!

My name is Nate Poland. I am 35 years old, single, available, no kids, a writer of erotica. I have always enjoyed what I do for a living even though it hardly pays the bills. No Nobel Prizes are given for writing smut! Haha!

I have a much younger sister, Marie. She is seven years younger than I. Just as I was graduating from high school she was starting to discover boys. Little did I know the only boy she wanted to discover was her own brother! I found this out one time when I was a senior in high school. I’d always been an active kid. Sports were my life. I lettered in baseball and football so I was very well-built. I am six feet tall, 190 pounds, jet black hair and eyes. I have a big chest, back and arms and well-developed muscles in my lower body. It also didn’t hurt to have a nice package between my legs which got its own personal workout after I was done with weights.

It was nothing for me to work out in just my briefs, usually with the door open to allow air into my room. I also didn’t have anything to hide so long as it didn’t bother my family.

My bedroom window faced directly into the master bedroom of our neighbors, the Hendersons. Perry and Diane Henderson lived next to my family ever since we moved there in 1968. They had three daughters, Tracy, a year older than I, Roxanne, two years younger than I, and Beverly, four years younger than I. They were pretty girls. But, we’d known each other so long I never had any more than friendly interest in any of them.

Roxy and Bev took Marie under their wing when I left home since they were fairly close in age. They did typical girl stuff, gossiping about boys, trying on makeup, shopping and the like, and it was always fun to listen to them giggle as I came home from school every holiday.

One day, a couple of years after graduating from college and temporarily living at home again while my apartment complex was being renovated, I was going through my usual routine of curls, squats and bench press. I was standing with my back to the door, doing curls and wearing just my briefs when I noticed a glare in my bedroom window. I quickly rubbed my eyes to see if I could catch a glimpse. But, it disappeared before I could see what it was. I wasn’t hard yet so whatever caught their attention couldn’t have been much.

A minute later, I noticed the same figure glaring at me as I resumed my routine. Once again, I couldn’t make out the figure. I put down the weights, turned around, and walked into Marie’s bedroom. Marie was sitting Indian-style on her floor, going through her music CDs, her hair in pigtails, poker oyna and wearing a little white halter and matching shorts, looking like your average 18-year-old.

I asked if she’d been playing a trick on me while I worked out. Without lifting her head to acknowledge me, she said she hadn’t and I must have heard a noise. Without another word, I went back into my room, and was about to finish my routine, when I saw the mysterious figure a third and final time that day. This time, I focused on it long enough to see the white clothing it was wearing.

I immediately put two and two together and presumed it was, indeed, my little sister spying on me. Why she would do this with me I never could understand then.

I decided to pretend not to notice her the next time I exercised. I quickly undressed completely and jerked off before my routine so I’d be working out with an enormous hard-on. I quickly got huge and hard and put on my briefs again before starting my routine. I’d never worked out in this condition before. But, if it settled this game of sexual cat and mouse with my baby sister it was worth it.

15 minutes into my routine, I saw that familiar smallish figure staring at me through my window. Only this time I could make out the face as being that of my sister whose eyes were as wide as saucers seeing my big dick pointing out, bulging through my black briefs. She was licking her lips as she watched me. When she saw I was watching her this time she quickly vanished.

I purposely waited a couple of minutes, finishing my set of curls, before going into her room to try to talk to her. As I lay down my weights, I could hear the distinct low wail of crying. If that was her I felt awful for playing with her like this.

I walked into her room, and saw her laying face down on her bed, wearing a white tshirt and silk shorts, her legs splayed, her body bouncing up and down. She was, indeed, sobbing. All I could do was sit on the edge of the bed and stroke her neck slowly and tell her I love her. She apologized for spying on me, and told me she loved me, too.

She explained that the Henderson girls always thought I was hot. But, she poopooed their remarks until seeing me work out one day. She explained that she didn’t have a lot of luck with guys at school, and figured I was as close as she would ever get to having a guy!

I told her I thought she was being too hard on herself. That she was cute, smart, fun, funny and loving, and any guy who didn’t see that was missing out on a special girl. With that, she sat up on the bed, kissed me on the lips and told me she loved me. I told her I loved her also, but, this was as far as this would go with the two of us. Little did I know it was far from the end of this with Marie canlı poker oyna and I!

A month passed, and things between Marie and I were fine again, once she managed to actually look at me without embarrassment.

A couple of days before I was scheduled to return to my apartment I went to collect the mail from the box on the sidewalk. On the very top was an envelope addressed to me with just my first name typed on it. Apparently, whoever wrote this knew me, or they’d’ve spent the money to stick a stamp on it, and actually address it.

Once inside, I laid the rest of the mail on the kitchen table, and opened this mysterious note to me. It simply said, once more in typing, as whoever wanted me to read this must have wanted anonymity, to meet them at the hotel downtown the next night at six o’clock. The sender of the note told me to wear my good black slacks, and dark blue dress shirt. I was able to determine that the person sending me this note was female beause they said I’d recognize them by the little black dress and matching boots she’d be wearing. I hoped it was a real female, anyway, and not a drag queen! That would have been sick!

I was further instructed to meet them at the hotel bar, and bring a single yellow rose, yellow being the color of friendship, and order champagne and dinner. Chicken stuffed with water chestnuts, rice pilaf and au gratin potatoes. Whoever fancied me had good taste! I have to admit that, by now, I was intrigued.

That afternoon, I pulled the clothes Ihad been asked to wear from my closet, and ironed them. Once done, I showered and dressed, deciding to go without underwear since the note didn’t mention wearing any.

I got to the hotel precisely when asked to, and immediately begin to scan the bar for the woman in black! After about 30 seconds of scanning, I sae the sender of the note in her black outfit. It was Marie! My own sister still had the hots for me! My jaw dropped as I approached the table where she sat. Her little black dress was little all right as evidenced by her standing to greet me with a kiss on the cheek, her hemline barely covering her little ass.

Marie was a cute little brown-eyed blonde with 34 B tits which she told me she thought sagged unless she wore a bra. This was more information than I needed to know. But, she was obviously braless because her nipples were already very hard, poking through the plunging neckline. When I went to hug her, she positioned my right hand on her ass so I could tell she didn’t wear panties, either. This she also explained to me was common practice for her.

As we broke our embrace, she looked at me with that look that only a lover gives to another lover. One of smoldering sexuality that said I had better watch out that night. internet casino

We sat and ate and actually had fun, laughing and talking! I’d always enjoyed talking to her so it wasn’t really awkward to do this. Only the circumstances bringing us together were. I asked what she had planned next. She told me she had dessert waiting in her hotel room. Strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. We finished our meal, and headed to her room for dessert.

She said to kick off my shoes to get more comfortable so I did. She excused herself while I helped myself to the food on the silver platter on the table in the middle of the room.

Five minutes later, she walked out wearing a black see-thru nightie, and nothing else. The nightie must have been made by the same people who made her dress as it barely covered her ass. She’d also given up shaving her pussy for a while as she was hairy between the legs now. This embarrassed me to the point of making my penis so huge it hurt as it pressed the inside of the pants zipper. Apparently, she’d found out how much I love hairy pussies!

She noticed how big my penis had become from her seducing me so she reached out with one hand and rubbed me thru my pants. She smiled wide when she realized I was not wearing the briefs she loved seeing me wear so much. She fed me a strawberry drenched in chocolate and whipped cream. I start to moan thru my chewing as she made me cum in my pants. When she saw the wet spot in my crotch she unzipped me, fished her hand inside, pulled out my hard-on and sucked me clean as a whistle!

Once done sucking me off, she pulled off my clothes, and told me to do the same with her. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. All she did was smile. We were now beyond the point of no return. As I slid the nightie over her head, she handed me a condom. I quickly put it on me. She planted her soaking wet pussy on my throbbing member. I got my first real glance at her self-proclaimed saggy tits. They did sag a little. But, I’d seen worse, and they were firm for being so small.

I took a nipple into my mouth as she stroked the underside of my dick with her delicate, crimson-colored nails rubbing up and down. I came in her pussy within two minutes of her doing this. She moaned as I thrust inside her. Her moans got louder every 30 seconds or so. Sweat began to form on her breasts as I heaved in her.

Her ass tightened around my dick as I banged her small but well-used pussy. Apparently, she’d been playing with herself for a long time. 20 minutes later, we were both spent. She thanked me for a wonderful night and being the best lover she’d ever have.

With a big grin I told her the pleasure was entirely mine. But, I told her I was sure she’d have other lovers. She said no one would ever compare to me as we collapsed in each other’s arms, and drifted off to sleep, never to do this again. In hindsight, we pleased one another even though that hadn’t been my intention.

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