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Bianca Hogging is the name and I’m a big and tall black woman living in the city of Boston. Let me tell you exactly who you’re dealing with. A six-foot-one, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black female. I weigh exactly two hundred and ninety pounds. And I am proud of every inch of my body. Especially my sixty-inch fat booty. It’s one of my many claims to fame. Wherever I go, I attract a lot of attention. That’s more than okay by me. I’ve once been called an Attention Whore and I’m damn proud of that.

I currently attend Suffolk University, where I major in political science. When I’m not in class, I’m pursuing what I consider to be my ruling passion. What is a ruling passion? The thing that drives you the most. Something you absolutely cannot do without. Do you have anything like that in your life? Next to playing Softball, running Track and Swimming, the thing I enjoy most of all is the feel of a big cock throbbing deep inside my tight asshole. It’s the only thing that can satisfy my deepest and most intimate craving. And I’m not the only fat woman who is into that. Lots of fat sisters love getting fucked in the ass. We love it in the backdoor. Big women need anal too. Get it through your fucking skull.

Presently, I’m in my dormitory, lying in bed while sucking on my boyfriend Thor’s dick. Thor is a big and tall black man with light brown skin, pale gray eyes and curly hair. His exact dimensions? He stands six feet four inches tall, broad-shouldered and muscular. He weighs three hundred and ten pounds, all muscle. And last but not least, he’s got a twelve-inch, uncircumcised black cock that makes me sing like a damn Canary on occasion. He’s a member of the Boston Institute of Technology all-new Men’s Varsity Ice Hockey team. Thor sits on my bed and strokes my hair as I suck on his long and thick, uncircumcised güvenilir bahis black cock. I just love sucking cocks. Black cocks especially. When I flick my tongue over his big balls, Thor grins in pleasure and encourages me to continue. We’re totally in sync on a sexual and emotional level. You wouldn’t believe that we’ve only known each other for two weeks. I met Thor Musevini of Boston Tech when his school hosted the Suffolk University Men’s Baseball team.

Founded in 1980, the Boston Institute of Technology is a relatively new school on the Boston system of higher education. It’s not nearly as old as established academic powers such as Boston College, UMass-Boston or Boston University. It doesn’t have the panache of Harvard, MIT or Northeastern. It lacks the bold spring of Emerson College or the well-earned and proven confidence of Tufts University. However, it makes up for it by being the biggest athletic powerhouse in the state of Massachusetts. At a time when many schools cut sports teams due to lack of funding or political issues, the Boston Institute of Technology was expanding its athletic facilities.

I wouldn’t have met Thor if it hadn’t been for Boston Tech’s athletic expansion. The Boston Institute of Technology currently sponsors Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Wrestling, Fencing, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Sailing, Rowing, Rugby, Rifle, Pistol, Gymnastics, Football, Archery, Bowling and Alpine Skiing along with Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Fencing, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Sailing, Rowing, Rugby, Rifle, Pistol, Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis, Field Hockey, Equestrian, Archery, Bowling and Alpine Skiing. They compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Three. Thor chose to türkçe bahis enroll at Boston Tech specifically because they had a pretty good Men’s Ice Hockey team. He was a native of Atlanta who came to the North because of his lifelong love affair with the sport of Hockey.

I continued to slob Thor’s knob. Until he came, blasting his hot manly cum all over my face. Lots of women don’t like it when a man shoots his cum all over their faces. I’m not like those other women. I absolutely love getting cum shots all over my face. And I don’t find it insulting at all. Thor rubbed his big cock all over my face as I licked every last drop of his cum. I love the taste of his cum. It’s so thick, salty and hot. I call it the manly juice. I sucked Thor dry, then looked up at him. What did my man want to do next? As always, I was his to command. You wouldn’t know this from looking at me, but I’m a natural submissive. I love it when my manly stud takes charge in the bedroom. I love to submit to him completely. And just because a girl is big and bulky doesn’t mean she won’t take it up the ass. In fact, she might love this sort of thing. I know I do!

Thor pulls me to my feet and kisses me passionately. I wrap my arms around him. My man kisses me passionately while his hands roam all over my body. I am so hot for him right now. I feel like my pussy is on fire. Thor seemingly reads my mind and spreads my thighs. I gasp as he introduces one digit inside my pussy and begins to poke around. I feel his finger moving around inside of me. And I love it. After a few minutes of enduring this most delightful of tortures, Thor surprises me by spreading my ass cheeks wide open and sliding his finger into my asshole. I gasp. Well, this is a surprise. Thor grins, and pushes his finger deeper inside me. He starts to twist his finger around, deep inside my tight booty hole. güvenilir bahis siteleri I smile. He knows what I like. I lean closer to him and whisper something into his ear. Yes, Thor, my love. I want to get fucked in the ass. Take me now.

My man didn’t need to be told twice. He grabs me and pulls me toward the bed once more. He puts me on all fours, and spreads my fat butt cheeks wide open. I grab a bottle of lubricant from the nightstand and toss it to him. He knows what to do with it. In just a few moments, he has lubricated both his cock and my ass. He asks me if I’m ready. I am always ready for anal. Thor spreads my plump butt cheeks as wide apart as they can go and pushes his cock against my asshole. With a swift thrust, he wades in. I grin as my boyfriend Thor ‘s cock invades my asshole. Let’s get this party started!

Thor put his big hands on my wide hips and held them firmly into place as he began ramming his cock into my asshole. I grimaced as I felt his huge cock stretch my booty hole. I’ve always loved anal sex. I get more out of it than I do vaginal sex. It’s a lot more intense, intimate and forbidden. Vaginal sex has gone out of style. Anal sex is in! And speaking of in, Thor’s cock is always all the way inside me. I wince as his cock slams his way into my booty hole. I’ve been fucked in the ass before but Thor’s is the biggest dick I’ve ever had inside me. Even with the lube, the sheer bulk of his cock made my experienced asshole feel like a tight fit. And I loved it! Thor continued ramming his dick into my asshole until he finally came, blasting my booty hole with his hot manly cum. I screamed in sheer pleasure. Yeah!

Man, this was awesome. Thor and I spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking. In the end, we ended up covered with sweat, our bodies pleasurably sore. My ass was about as sore as his dick. He remarked on that and we both laughed. It was a Saturday morning in the month of March 2008. We were headed to a student rally supporting a certain popular black candidate, and afterwards we’d catch some prehistoric blockbuster. Smell you later, folks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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