Bikini And A Badge Ch. 06

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Arriving back at the Charleston airport, the two women checked in their rental car before boarding the private jet.

“I’ll be glad to get back to Dallas.” Evelyn muttered. “It’s been a long day. Interesting but long!”

While Evelyn slept in her reclining leather seat, Brittany jotted down item after item she still needed to purchase for the team. Completing her list, Brittany turned off the overhead cabin light and closed her eyes to catch a quick nap. They were still more than an hour away from Dallas.

The rumbling sound of the landing gear lowering into position woke Brittany from her nap.

“Hey sleepyhead!” Brittany said as she leaned over to wake up Evelyn. “We’re home.”

After putting her seat in the upright position, Evelyn wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Get your shopping list all made out?” She asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Brittany responded. “We need to drive down to Houston tomorrow. I know a guy there who should have everything we need.”

Entering Brittany’s apartment, Evelyn opened up the sliding patio door in the livingroom to allow in fresh air. Brittany checked her voice mail messages. Other than telemarketers, there were two phone calls from Trace McCullough in Tampa, one from Brad Langley and one from Evelyn‘s husband, Jared.

“I’m going to shower before I do anything.” Brittany stated. “I’ll return the calls later.”

“I’ll see what Jared wants, not that I really care anymore.” Evelyn said. “Then I’ll fix us something to eat.”

Brittany stood in the shower, letting the warm wate8r rinse the soap from her tired body. Leaning against the wall, the water had a soothing and relaxing effect. The bathroom door opening suddenly brought Brittany out of her trance. Sliding the shower door back, she saw Evelyn standing in the doorway. She had her arms folded across her chest; the look on her face was an expression of anger.

“Problems at home?” Brittany inquired, grabbing a bath towel from the towel bar.

“Jared, he wants me to fly back tomorrow for his big announcement about running for senator.” Evelyn retorted. “It’s a goddamn stage show!”

“Well, why don’t you go if you want?” Brittany asked. “I can drive down to Houston myself and pick up the stuff we need.”

“No. I told him no!” Evelyn responded. “He doesn’t need me by his side. I’m damn tired of playing the trophy wife.”

Brittany wrapped the large bath towel tightly around her as she stepped from the shower. Evelyn stepped aside as Brittany passed by her.

“I’m taking my life back.” She added. “I’m fed up with taking orders from him and being on a goddamn schedule all the time.”

Brittany slipped on a beige shorty sleeper and sat down on the side of her bed. She continued listening to Evelyn rant till she got everything off her chest.

“Feel better now?” Brittany asked.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do feel better.” Evelyn replied, beginning to smile. “How about I fix us some dinner?”

The two women sat at the diningroom table eating the light meal Evelyn had prepared. The knock at the front door sounded like Langley’s familiar rapping.

“Better hide the food.” Brittany quipped. “That sounds like Brad.”

Answering the door, Brittany found she had guessed correctly. Brad Langley entered the apartment. He was carrying an attaché filled with files and information about the seven kidnapped women.

“I smell food!” Langley exclaimed with a big grin on his round face.

“I bet you smell beer too!” Brittany smarted off. “Come on in. We’ll fix you something.”

While Evelyn prepared Langley a plate of food, Brad took the files from the attaché and set them out on the diningroom table.

“Here’s what I’ve gotten so far.” Langley said. “Photographs of each of the women and a description on them. Their families gave me as much information as they could.”

“Great!” Brittany exclaimed. “I’ll be sure to make copies to take along with me.”

“I hope to have information on their last know whereabouts in the next few days.” Langley stated. “I’ve got friends with informants in both Cuba and Columbia.”

“Let’s hope they come up with the information we need.” Brittany responded. “Otherwise it’s going to be like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

“How’s things coming along on your end?” Langley inquired, gobbling down his food.

“We’re coming along.” Evelyn answered. “We’ve got the guns bought and two guys and a girl on our team already.”

“A girl?” Langley questioned. “What the hell is she going to do?”

“She’s a sharpshooter.” Evelyn quickly replied. “She’s going to be our sniper if we need one.”

“Hmmmm. Bet it’s Charles Denton’s daughter.” Langley said.

“How’d you know?” Brittany inquired.

“When you mention guns and female sharpshooters in the same sentence, it could only be Denton‘s daughter.” Langley answered with a big grin on his face.

“Just don’t let her get carried away.” He added. “She’s got a weird taste for blood!”

Brittany and Evelyn looked at each other. Both wanted more almanbahis details about his remark but neither wanted to hear anything negative about the woman that might make them regret their choice. Brittany shook her head at Evelyn, signaling her not to ask about Karen.

“Who’re the guys?” Langley asked.

“I made contact with the McCullough brothers in Tampa.” Brittany replied. “They’re just going to handle the boating chores. They won‘t be involved in any assault action.”

“I thought about making contact with some former green berets who do mercenary work.” Brittany added, handing Langley the dossier on the group.

Langley briefly glanced at the file before setting it down on the table.

“Forget these guys.” Langley stated. “According to the latest reports, they’re in South Africa fighting with a group of rebels.”

“Well, guess we’ll have to go back through the folders and pick out someone else.” Evelyn said. “I don’t care what it cost to get the right people.”

“Well, I hope you find good men.” Langley said, rising from his chair. “You’re going to need them.”

The two women escorted Langley to the front door. Hesitating briefly before stepping outside he turned to them.

“I’ll get you all the latest information I can.” The man stated. “It still seems impossible that you’ll pull any of this off though.”

Securing the door after Langley’s exit, the two women set about cleaning up the diningroom table and kitchen.

“We’ve still got a few possibilities.” Evelyn muttered. “There’s at least four or five dossiers on other men.”

“I know! I know!” Brittany exclaimed. “I’m just anxious to get the team lined up and get going.”

“Don’t forget to return Trace’s phone call.” Evelyn said. “Maybe he’s got some boats lined up.”

“I hope so.” Brittany replied. “If he does, that’s one less thing we’ll have to worry about.”

While Evelyn sorted through the numerous file folders searching for men to join the team, Brittany made the call to Tampa.

“Hey Gorgeous.” Trace greeted, hearing Brittany’s voice. “How soon can you get down here? I found just what you’re looking for. Course, you know what I‘m looking for!”

“Yeah, I know what you’ve got in mind.” Brittany quipped.

“Evelyn and I are driving down to Houston tomorrow to pick up some equipment.” She added. “We could be in Tampa the morning after.”

“Great!” Trace responded. “Maybe the two of you can spend a day or two with Wayne and me. Let us show you around Tampa, take in a little of the nightlife.”

“I don’t know if we’ll have that kind of time.” Brittany replied. “We’re still trying to put the rest of the team together. We’re having a run of bad luck all of a sudden.”

Brittany and Trace engaged in a few moments of intimate conversation before saying their good-byes. Evelyn had a coy smile on her face from overhearing their dialogue.

“Sounds like he’s still warm for your form.” Evelyn smarted off, her face breaking into a grin.

“What about you?” She added. “You got a wet spot in your pants for him?”

“He gets me off.” Brittany replied. “That’s as far as it goes.”

Waking early the next morning, Brittany and Evelyn set out on their four-hour trip to Houston. Evelyn took along the dossiers to review while Brittany drove. The two women discussed the pros and cons of each person. Coming to a decision still seemed quite far off.

Arriving in Houston, Brittany drove into the older, rundown section of town. Driving down the streets lined on both sides with dilapidated storefronts and abandoned buildings, Evelyn looked at Brittany curiously.

“You’re not lost, are you?” She inquired.

“Nope. I know exactly where I’m going.” Brittany quipped. “We’re not exactly going shopping at a mall.”

Brittany pulled her car up to the large overhead door at the front of a multiple story brick building. Honking the horn several times, the large steel door screeched as it slowly lifted. Two huge black men stood on either side of the doorway. Both were neatly dressed in sport shirts and dress slacks. Evelyn was slightly astounded, her eyes enlarged, at the sight of the two men.

Brittany eased her car into the dimly lit building. The two men courteously opened the doors for the women so they could exit the vehicle. Evelyn caught a glimpse of a black Hummer parked at the rear of the building.

“Duke’s a little busy right now.” One of the men stated, smiling at the women.

“Blonde, brunette or redhead?” Brittany smarted off.

“Redhead this time.” The man responded, breaking into a big grin.

The two women ascended the wooden stairs to the second floor of the old building. Walking down a narrow hallway, Brittany and Evelyn could hear a man’s voice coming from one of the offices. Standing in the doorway to the office, both women peered in.

“Is that a late breakfast or an early lunch you’re giving her?” Brittany quipped.

“Hey Britt! How’s my favorite ex-marshal these days?” Duke responded.

Duke was sitting almanbahis yeni giriş on his desk with his pants down around his ankles. A tall redhead, dressed only in black thong panties and bra was bent over him, giving him a blowjob. Her head bobbed furiously up and down on the man’s enormous cock. Her lips appeared stretched to their limits. Her long red hair bounced in waves as she continued sucking on his cock. Loud, slurping sounds escaped her tight lips as she face-fucked her male partner.

Duke was a hulk of a man. In his mid-thirties, Duke stood almost six-six and weighed nearly three hundred pounds. He looked like a pro defensive tackle. His dress shirt was stretched taut over his muscular chest and arms. Duke’s legs were massive as well as muscular. His dark tan covered his body except for the crisp, white tanlines from his swimbriefs.

Evelyn froze at the sight of the young woman eagerly performing oral sex on the man. She was both mesmerized and sexually excited. She bit her lower lip to keep from licking her lips as she stared at the redhead working the man’s massive cock in and out of her lustful mouth.

“We came to do a little shopping.” Brittany stated.

“You know where everything is.” Duke responded. “Go on up. I’ll be with you shortly.”

Brittany proceeded towards the end of the hallway to another set of stairs leading to the third floor. Looking back, she noticed Evelyn was still standing at the office doorway. She appeared to be both paralyzed and fascinated, watching the activities inside the office.

“Evelyn! You coming?” Brittany shouted.

Evelyn jumped slightly, hearing Brittany’s voice calling her. Hurrying towards the stairway, she followed Brittany up the steps.

Brittany turned on the light switches at the top of the landing. The third floor of the brick building was open space, lined with racks and shelving.

“Grab one of those carts.” Brittany ordered. “We’ll start here and work our way towards the back.”

Evelyn noticed several flatbed carts lined against the wall. Retrieving one, she followed Brittany down the first aisle. Brittany had her shopping list out, reviewing the items she needed. Piling several sets of camouflage clothing onto the cart, she proceeded to the rack with bulletproof vests and flack jackets. Adding her selections to the cart, the two women checked out the rest of the clothing for boots and heavy socks.

Brittany increased the cart’s load with regular binoculars and nightvision binoculars. Checking out Duke’s selection of two-way radios, Brittany chose the newest Motorola models with headset microphones, specially designed for the military. The cart was filling up fast!

“Better get another cart.” Brittany suggested. “The rest of the stuff is pretty big.”

Evelyn hurried to get another cart. The sound of footsteps was clearly audible as Duke and his lady friend made their way to the third floor. As they approached Brittany and Evelyn, the two women waited on the pair.

“Finding everything you need?” Duke asked.

“Yeah, so far.” Brittany answered. “Whatcha got in shoulder fired rockets?”

“All I’ve got are Laws Rockets.” Duke replied. “Got quite a few of them, enough to supply a small army of rebels!”

Duke led the women to the rack where the rockets were stacked. Duke’s arm around his female companion allowed his hand to slip down over her nicely shaped butt. The two acted more like newlyweds than casual sex partners. Duke’s massive hand slipped beneath the thin nylon material of the redhead’s panties, gently squeezing her ass.

“Here we go.” Duke commented, taking one of the rocket launcher’s from the rack. “They’re all ready to fire.”

Opening up the sights on the launcher, Brittany looked through the aiming device. The sights had been modified to scope quality, great for distant shots! Brittany picked out eight of the units and added them to the cart.

“Got some new modified shotguns you might want to look at.” Duke suggested.

“We’ve already bought all the guns we need.” Brittany responded. “But it won’t hurt to look and see what you’ve got.”

Following the couple to another storage rack, the man handed Brittany a compact size automatic shotgun.

“It’s a cut down version of the Winchester 1100 competition model.” Duke stated. “The stock’s been cut down to just a pistol grip and I’ve had the barrels specially machined. The shot holds a tight pattern rather than blow out on you even with the sawed off barrel.”

“There’s just one drawback.” He added. “The damn thing’s so light you have to make sure you’ve got a helluva grip on it. It’ll damn near kick itself right out of your hands.

Brittany carefully examined the shotgun. The gun was indeed, compact and light. A synthetic gray material was used instead of wood and the barrel had a matte finish instead of black chrome. Holding it at arm’s length the shotgun felt like a large caliber handgun.

“I’ve also got leg holsters for them.” Duke added. “Why don’t we take almanbahis giriş one downstairs and you can try it out?”

The basement of the old brick building had been converted into an indoor shooting range. Brittany and Evelyn put on hearing protection before entering the room. At the far end of the firing range, two men in their late fifties were firing automatic weapons at moving targets. They waved at Duke as he escorted Brittany and Evelyn to one of the shooting positions. Brittany inserted four shells into the automatic shotgun.

“Remember. You’ve got to hold it tight.” Duke reminded her.

Brittany grasped the gun firmly with both hands. Holding it at waist level, she aimed the weapon at a full size image of a male figure approximately fifty feet away. Squeezing the trigger, the blast sounded loud even with the hearing protection. The gun bucked violently in her hands. The smoking shell ejected right in front of her face, causing Brittany to flinch. Looking at the target, she saw a large hole, about the size of a baseball in the midsection of the cardboard cutout. Firing the shotgun again, she put another hole the same size through the figure’s groin area.

“How much?” Brittany inquired.

“A thousand each.” Duke replied. “And I’ll throw in the leg holster.”

“Nine hundred apiece.” Brittany countered. “With leg holsters and six boxes of shells. I’ll take three of them at that price.”

“You drive a hard bargain!” Duke exclaimed. “Maybe you’d consider throwing in a little pussy to sweeten the deal?”

“There’s no way I could take you on.” Brittany said. “My pussy wouldn’t stretch that far.”

“I wasn’t thinking about me.” Duke responded, grinning. “I was thinking about Red here.”

“Hmmm.” Brittany smarted off. “Maybe another time. I’ll even let you watch.”

“Sounds good to me.” Duke replied. “Why don’t we go up to the office and settle up?”

Brittany and Evelyn followed Duke and his girlfriend back to his office on the second floor. Brittany sat on Duke’s desk, allowing him a good vantage point to look up her skirt.

“You going to cut us a deal on all the merchandise?” Brittany inquired, smiling deviously.

“If I do, you’ll have to promise me you won’t pull that derringer out you’ve got strapped to your leg.” The man quipped. “I’d hate to die before I got some of that pussy!”

“You don’t happen to know of anyone who might be interested in joining our team, do you?” Brittany asked. “We’ve still got to find a couple of good men who won’t piss out on us when the shooting starts.”

“Yeah, but it’ll cost ya.” Duke replied. “I gotta get something outta this deal.”

Duke leaned forward in his chair. Slipping his hand beneath Brittany’s skirt, he inched it slowly up her leg till he was lightly brushing it over her panties.

“Those two guys down at the range.” He stated. “They’re Vietnam veterans. They were in Saigon when it collapsed. They’ve got jungle as well as urban experience. Pissing out when the going gets hot won’t happen with them.”

“Let’s have a talk with them.” Evelyn spoke up. “Might save us alot of time rather than going back through those damn folders again.”

Duke and the women walked back down to the firing range in the basement of the building. The two men were sitting at a workbench, cleaning their weapons. Duke made the introductions before returning to his office.

Richard Barnes and his friend, Jacob Marsh were high school buddies who’d been drafted into the Marines right after graduating college. Both had served two consecutive tours of duty in Vietnam. The foursome sat at the workbench discussing the mission to rescue the seven women held captive. Neither of the men had qualms about the eminent danger they‘d be facing. They were eager to join the team even before finding out what it paid. Although skeptical because of their age, Brittany decided to hire them to complete the team. After exchanging cell phone numbers, the four shook hands before going their separate ways. Brittany and Evelyn stopped by Duke’s office before leaving to make arrangements for delivery of the goods they’d purchased.

“How’d it go with Rich and Jake?” Duke inquired.

“Great!” Evelyn replied. “They’re anxious to go with us.”

“Remember, you two owe me big for that.” Duke exclaimed with a big smile on his face.

“I‘ll remember.” Brittany responded. “I never forget to pay a debt.”

Duke pulled Brittany into him. Holding her tight with his huge arms, he kissed Brittany long and hard, taking her breath away.

“That’s just a preview.” Duke quipped. “I can’t wait to snake my tongue between those gorgeous legs of yours.”

Brittany turned towards Evelyn, her face slightly flush. The woman with the long red hair had Evelyn in an intimate embrace. It was clearly evident she was hot for Evelyn. Red’s hands were firmly grasping Evelyn’s butt through the leather material of her tight slacks. She was swabbing Evelyn’s mouth incessantly as their lips locked together. Evelyn was willingly succumbing to the seduction, holding the woman close to her. After several minutes of passionate kissing the two women finally parted lips. Evelyn appeared to be in a sexual trance. Her eyes were barely open and her breathing was faint. Brittany gave the woman a few moments to regain her composure.

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