Bisexual 4-Some

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This story is pure fantasy for now, but the people involved are real and their names have been changed.

My wife Grace and I have been swinging for about a year now. We have had several experiences with a male friend of mine. Some of you may have read about those adventures already. We have also had one experience with another couple. We are constantly on the look out for other couples or singles like ourselves. We are both bi-sexual and very open minded when it comes to sex. As long as no real hardcore pain or fecal matter is involved, we are pretty much good to go.

The other day Grace told me about a nurse that comes to the hospital she works at. She told me that her name was Julie and that she works for an agency and is not employed by the hospital itself. I guess a lot of hospitals are using per diem help these days. Well Grace told me that they were talking about how uptight the people that work in her department are when it comes to sex and sexual preferences. Grace has told me in the past how she hears them talking about how they feel that gay marriage is wrong and that anything that has to do with same sex relations is immoral and whatever. They are nothing but a bunch of closed-minded fools if you ask us.

Well anyway, she told me about what they were talking about and Grace asked her, “Well wouldn’t they be surprised if they found out I am bi-sexual?”

To which Julie responded, “Well I am pretty open minded in that area myself.”

“So what does Julie look like?” I asked.

Grace went on to tell me that Julie is around our age. I am 32 and Grace is 34. She told me Julie is about her height. Has shoulder length, brown hair. She has nice sized breasts. Has a nice body. Is good looking and has a great personality. She also told me that she would be very interested in getting her to come over for some adult fun. I felt my eyebrows raise a little and my cock gave a twitch. My wife telling me that she is checking out other women always gives me a tingle in the groin area. It’s nice to see she is on the lookout for other women to join us. It’s such a turn on to see her eating out another woman. Well doing anything with another woman if you want to get down right technical about it. Of course seeing her pleasure another man is a turn on as well. I always seem to cum quick when I am fucking her while she is sucking on another mans cock. By the same token, she cums quick when she sees me sucking on another mans cock as well.

I told my wife that she should continue to talk to Julie and try to get more information out of her. I told Grace tell Julie what we are in to. I gave her permission to let out any and all details she chooses. Like the fact that we are both bi, and that we both get off when Grace mercilessly rams my ass with her strap-on. Hopefully Julie will respond in kind and let out some of her juicy secrets. Hopefully they will be in line with ours, and the possibility of getting together with her alone or with her husband will be good. The perfect situation would be if they were both open to bi encounters or were completely bi-sexual. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

A couple weeks go by with no mention of Julie. I had put it in the back of my mind after a couple of days. I got busy remodeling our upstairs bathroom. What a chore that was. I gutted the whole thing down to studs. Installed new everything. It was a long and almost painful experience, but now that I look at the finished job, I feel pretty good about it. Especially since I did it all myself.

So on a Tuesday a couple weeks later, Grace asked me if I could get that coming Friday off. I told her I would look into it. In my job it is sometimes hard to get a day off. She told me to let her know as soon as possible. So I checked the schedule that night when I went in. There was already one person off and one other took the first half of the shit off. Well there goes the whole night. I called home and told her I could only get the second half of the night off. She told me to do it.

I asked her, “So what’s going on Friday night?”

She replied, “Never mind about that. You just make sure you drive straight home after you get out.”

I persisted, “Just tell me what’s going on.”

I realized that that was almost a bad move when she came back with, “If you keep asking you may as well work the whole shift.”

Needless to say I relented. I didn’t know what she had planned, but I knew I didn’t want to screw it up long before it even happened. When she plans stuff I usually benefit greatly from it so there was no point in messing with it anymore.

I spent the rest of the week trying to figure out what she had planned. I called my mother to see if she was taking the kids that night. I ran in to a brick wall there. Mom wasn’t talking. My birthday isn’t for a couple months so I know there wasn’t a surprise party being planned. Anytime I even hinted that I was going to ask about Friday, all I got was a hand in the air telling me to stop asking.

Finally Friday came. Man was that a long week. The day dragged on forever. I couldn’t keep my mind on anything except that night. Grace went off to work like nothing bahis şirketleri was going on. No hints dropped. I got nothing but a big fat zero. I was dying. Usually she would drop a hint or two if she was planning stuff. Not this time. She clammed right up.

I barely made my way through they day. I tried to occupy my time by messing around on my computer and trying to take care off odds and ends around the house. Finally it was time for me to leave for work. I managed to make it through my half shift which felt like a double. I got in my car and raced home.

When I got there, the house seemed a little dark but the van was in the driveway. Kind of odd I thought. I went in and found a note on the table. The note read, “You are in for a very good night. The kids are at your mothers until tomorrow morning. Go upstairs in the bedroom. On the bed you will find your attire for the evening. Take it in to the bathroom with you. Take a nice hot bath in the new tub and make sure you clean everywhere inside and out. Make sure you have a nice fresh shave everywhere too. Then come down stairs. We will be waiting for you.” We? Did she say we? After reading it a couple more times, it definitely said we. Do I need to say I got hard instantly?

I put the note down and ran upstairs to the bedroom. On the bed I found, a black thong, a medium butt plug, a tube of lube, and my bottle of Drakarr. I looked around but there was nothing else. No problem. I did as I was told. I went to the bathroom and took a nice bath. Got clean everywhere and made sure I shaved nuts to butt while in the tub. When I got out of the tub, I thought I heard movement downstairs. The thought of running down stairs to see who was here and what was going on flashed through my mind, but I hadn’t finished my list of things to do yet. So I quickly ran my electric razor over my face. I shoved the butt plug in, put on my thong, splashed Drakarr all over and headed for the stairs.

As I was passing the bedroom, I noticed our toy box was on the bed open. The thought of stopping to see what was missing passed by briefly. Then I thought, no matter what is missing, if I stop, it will be that much longer before I find out what the hell is going on down stairs. I get to the top of the stairs and I could hear a porn playing on the TV. Well there was one thing that came out of the box. Then I heard soft voices and a muffled moan or two. I tried to sneak down the stairs but those damn creaky boards messed it up. I was busted.

I heard Grace call out, “Well it’s about time you got done. Get in here!”

I walked in to the living room and my jaw hit the floor and my eyes rolled tilt. There was my wife, lying on the couch across the lap of a man I didn’t know sucking his cock, with a woman I didn’t know eating her pussy. Grace stopped sucking his cock long enough to say, “We didn’t think you were ever coming down. I was beginning to think I was going to have to take care of these two all by myself.” She gave his cock a couple more bobs up and down before she stood up and came over to where I was watching the show from.

Pointing to the woman she said, “Honey, this is Julie. I told you about her. She’s the nurse from work.” Then she pointed to the man, “And this is her husband Mike. We have a great night planned. Oh, and don’t worry, Mike is also bi.”

They both stood up and came over. I shook hands with Mike and Julie gave me a peck on the cheek. “Nice to meet you both.” I said. “Looks like the party started without me.” Everyone laughed.

Grace gave me a big passionate kiss and then whispered in my ear, “We were just getting warmed up a little while we waited for you to come down.”

“How long have you been warming up?” I asked.

“We came in the house about 10 minutes after you did. We were outside sitting in their car when you got home. We ducked down when we saw you pulling up. We waited for about 10 minutes. Then I eased the door open to make sure you were upstairs. I heard the water running so I knew it was safe. As soon as we heard the motor start on the tub, we popped in the movie. We watched it for a bit while playing with each other. As soon as we heard the tub stop, we got naked and really started playing. I wanted you to walk in to a nice scene. Which you did so it was a complete success.” She gave me another hard kiss on the lips.

I’ll say it was. That was a hot sight. Seeing my wife sucking a big hard cock while getting her pussy eaten. I’ll remember that one forever for sure.

So I looked around at everyone and noticed that I was the only person wearing anything. I quickly adjusted that situation by pulling my thong off. My cock sprang forth hard as a rock. We all went back over to the couch and sat down. My wife disappeared for a second.

When she came back in to the room, she had a fresh drink for me in one hand and our John Holmes dildo in the other. She them both down in front of me and said, “Julie and Mike here do not believe you can take this most of the way up your ass. They say it is too big. I keep telling them you can take it like a champ, but they want to see it. I told them that would be no problem.”

“Well I can’t bahis firmaları take it without any lube.” I said looking around for a tube of KY.

“Here you go darling. I bought a new tube just for tonight. I have a feeling it will get a lot of use.”

I took the tube from my wife. Drank my drink down in one shot and proceeded to lube up the dildo. Now if you have never seen one of these monsters, it is about 14 inches long, about 8 inches or so around and weighs about 5 pounds or so. It is not for the anal virgin. I opened the tube and squirted a generous amount on the head of the dildo. At first I spread it around with a couple fingers. Then I wrapped my hand around it and started jacking it like it was a real cock making sure I got it completely lubed. I squirted some more on a couple fingers and rubbed them around my asshole. I decided to play this up a little so I bent over so they could watch me lube my asshole. I shoved two fingers in past the second knuckle and slowly started to work them in and out. I watched them play with themselves and each other while they watched my finger my own hole.

After a few minutes of that I decided it was time to show them all what they wanted to see. I pulled the butt plug out of my ass. Then I stuck the suction cup base of the dildo to the table and climbed up on the table to squat over it. I grabbed it just below the large head it has and guided it to my waiting hole. I slowly started to sit down on this huge piece of rubber manhood. I took in an inch or so to start, attempting to get my sphincter to open up. I would let an inch slid in then I would back off then let another slip past my ring. I love riding this thing. The feeling of it stretching my hole as it slides in is awesome. The pressure it places on my prostate is awesome as well. After about 5 minutes of slowly moving up and down, I had it inside me about 6 inches or so. I started to slowly move up and down. I was trying to get more in with each downward movement.

After about another 10 minutes or so, I had it almost all inside me. I started to pick up the pace. I was impaling myself a little faster and farther with each stroke. I was riding almost the entire length of the rubber cock. I would go up until the tip was just about to pop out and then plunge back down as far as I could go. Try as I did, I couldn’t manage to get the last 2 inches or so in. but that didn’t matter. I had the rest of it inside me and it felt wonderful. My hole was stretched to the limit and my ass was completely full.

Mike and Julie sat and stared in astonishment as I rode this monster dildo. They kept moving in to make sure it was actually inside me and not some kind of illusion. They both sat there playing with themselves and each other. My wife sat there with a big smile on here face watching me and the reactions of Mike and Julie while playing with her wet pussy.

She turned to both of them and said, “See, I told you he could handle that thing like a champ!”

Mike turned to her and said, “I still can’t believe he is taking that in his ass. It’s almost unbelievable.”

All Julie could mutter between her own small orgasms was, “Wow!”

I just looked at them all and jokingly asked, “Ok, who’s next?”

“Not me. That thing is way more than I can handle.” said Mike.

“Maybe I will try it another time, but not in my ass. Maybe in my pussy though. Right now, I want a real cock in there.” said Julie.

I decided I had had enough of the John Holmes for now and reluctantly slid off of it. I took it in to the other room to clean it up and to get some of the lube off of my ass. When I re-entered the living room, Mike had his cock balls deep in his wife’s pussy pounding away. Grace decided to take roost on Julie’s face. She smothered Julie’s face and mouth with her dripping pussy. I could see her juices running down Julie’s chin. The sounds of moaning filled the air. Every so often Julie was able to muffle a moan or an “Oh my god!”

Not wanting to be left out, I moved in front of my wife to make use of her empty mouth. I slid my cock between her velvety lips. It was very hot and wet and felt so good. I slowly slid my cock in to her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Then back out until just the tip was left in. Mike leaned in and started to help her kiss and lick the shaft and head. The two of them passed it back and forth between their mouths. Taking turns gently sucking me all they way in to their mouths.

We went about this for a few more moments before we decided to change things up a little. The girls decided they wanted to see Mike and me in a 69. That sounded like a good idea to me. After seeing Grace with Mike’s meaty cock in her mouth, I’ve been waiting to have it in mine. So I lay down on the floor and Mike crawled over top of me. He lowered his cock to my mouth and I opened wide to take him in. I reach out with my tongue to taste his cock head. It was sweat with the taste of his wife’s pussy. He lowered it further until he had most of it in my mouth. Then he started to move it in and out fucking my mouth. His cock was reaching further into the back of my throat with each stroke. I arched my neck a little kaçak bahis siteleri to allow him to push in farther. Soon his cock was sliding in and out of my throat and his balls were slapping my forehead.

I could only stay like that for a few minutes before it got uncomfortable. My neck started to stiffen a little. I lowered my neck back down and we bent the rest of the way over and took my cock in his mouth. It felt very good. He was doing an expert job of sucking me.

While this was going on, I had lost track of the girls. I tried to look around the best I could without letting Mike’s cock slip from my lips. No luck, I couldn’t see them. So I went back to my business of concentrating on blowing Mike. Next thing I know I hear the shutter of our digital camera. I looked again but still couldn’t see the girls. I could here them giggle and make comments. It sounded like Grace was directing Julie on what angles to get. Then they were up near me. I looked up and saw Julie taking pictures of me with Mikes cock buried halfway down my throat. Grace was pointing and directing. She was telling Julie what shots to get. And just like that, they were gone. I can’t wait to see those pictures.

I went back to sucking Mike the best I could. He was doing a real good job on me. He had slipped a couple fingers in to my ass hole was pumping them in time to his sucking action. All of a sudden he pulled them out and lifted my legs high in the air. I felt some KY being applied to my asshole and then the familiar feeling of a dildo sliding in. One of the girls had a strap-on and was fucking my ass with it while Mike sucked my cock. I looked up and saw Grace walking on her knees with another strap-on on. She slid up to Mike and lubed up his ass. I laid there sucking his cock watching my wife get ready to take his ass with her strap-on. She lubed it up and moved the head to his ass. Grace rubbed it up and down to tease him a little. “Are you ready for this Mike?” she asked. All he could manage was mumbled “uh huh” around my cock. I watched as she slid the tip in and paused to let him adjust to it. Then she started to slowly push in to him. Soon she was all the way in his ass.

She stopped for a moment so he could adjust again before pulling out slowly to the tip and plunging back in. Soon she had a nice pace going. Julie was slamming my ass like someone that has done it many times. I was getting close to cumming. Mike was rocking back and forth. Every time Grace drove in to his ass, it drove his cock further down my throat. If we were not careful, we both would end up cumming fast.

I took Mike’s cock out of my mouth and told the girls we needed to switch. With reluctance, they both slid from our asses. Mike got off of me and I sat up. I looked at both the girls with their cock sticking out. I knew I had to have a picture of this. So I grabbed the camera and started taking shots. The girls played to the camera by stroking their rubber dicks and getting in to various poses and positions.

Mike said, “Hey, I think it is their turn to get in to a 69.”

“Well Mike, I do believe you have a winning idea there.” I said.

The girls stripped off their strap-ons and got on the floor. Grace got on the bottom and Julie climbed on top. Mike and I sat back and watched while our wives went at each others pussies like it was a last meal. They were going at it for a little bit when I realized I should be taking pictures. They got pictures of us, so we should have pictures of them. I started taking all kinds of shots. Once again the girls played to the camera. It seems to be a bit easier to do when you don’t have 7 inches of cock stuffed in your mouth. I got pictures of Grace licking Julie from pussy to asshole. I got similar pictures of Julie doing the same to Grace. What a turn on it was to see my wife and Julie eating each other’s pussies. Both were dripping wet and we could see their juices running down each others faces.

I looked over at Mike, “Well they fucked us while we were doing this. Seems only fair we do the same.”

“Sounds good to me.” he said. “Who gets to do who?”

“Your wife fucked me and mine fucked you. So I guess you should fuck Grace while I get Julie.” I said.

He went over to where Julie was sucking on Grace’s clit and started to slide his cock in to her dripping pussy. She was so wet he slid in easily. Julie kept licking Grace’s clit and around Mikes cock as he fucked my wife. I moved behind Julie and positioned my cock at her opening. Grace sucked my cock in to her mouth before pushing it up to Julie’s pussy with her tongue. I slid right in. Grace started lick and gently suck on my balls. She moved back and forth between my balls and Julies pussy. The feeling was out of this world. My wife licking my cock and the pussy I was fucking at the same time. Both girls were moaning uncontrollably by now. I knew Grace was very close to cumming and from the sounds of it, so was Julie. I picked up the pace some and could feel my orgasm start to boil up from my toes. I felt Julie’s pussy clamp hard around my cock while she orgasmed. This was all it took for me. I pulled out of her and pointed my cock at my wife’s mouth and unloaded in a huge orgasm. Grace clamped her lips around my cock and held it there until I finished cuming. I bent down and gave her a big kiss. She pushed a good portion of my cum back in to my mouth. I love it when she does that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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