Book Store Stories No. 03

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I woke up Sunday morning and next to me was my daughter, Candy. I slid out of bed not wanting to wake her up. I did have to stare at the outline of her beautifully shaped body under the white sheet. Damn, she looked sexy.

Then I thought, shit my wife and Candy’s mother will be home in a few hours.

What the hell was I going to do? I resigned myself into thinking; 1) My wife will kill me. 2) There will be a messy divorce with front page coverage in the National Enquirer. 3) Suicide.

I went to the kitchen and made my coffee and thought and thought about the fix I had gotten into at the adult book store.

It all started when I had thought, my whole family would be out of town, giving me the chance to sneak off and suck some cock.

Well, I did get some cock sucking done and it turned out to be my daughter’s date.

What I had not bargained for, was some pussy though a glory hole. And that pussy was between my own daughter legs who was in a booth next to mine.

When Candy had come home the next morning and found me in the shower. With my ejaculation running down the shower door, she took it to mean I had fantasied about fucking her. She was correct.

Embarrassed and confused we had talked about our coming out party for better than an hour. All that this talk had accomplished was, it just made the two of us horny once again.

We had fucked all of Saturday and into the night. Now my wife would be coming home. I just hoped she wouldn’t be horny.

I really really dreaded my wife coming home and facing her. Would Candy keep her promise to me and keep our secret?

Come Monday morning I went to work. I had been relieved that that I had survived the previous day and made it this far. Not much work was accomplished this day. I have to say I spent most of my working day thinking and of course fantasying. I was really hoping I could some how continue fucking my daughter. But deep down I knew it couldn’t continue. It just couldn’t.

At five minutes to five o’clock my office phone rang. I answered in my best office voice all the time trying to focus on anything other than Candy’s sex.

“Hi Daddy,,,, have you been thinking about me?”

“Oh, hello Candy. Where are you?”

“Daddy, I’m parked next to your office building”

“Your here? Outside? What for?”

“Daddy, I was thinking, with mom home now, maybe we should go to the adult book store.”

“Candy, no, we can’t do that. I…I… I don’t know what.”

“Daddy would you rather me come into your office now? I could casino şirketleri crawl under your desk and suck you cock?”

“No Candy! You can’t do that.”

“OK Daddy, I’ll be waiting outside for you, we’ll take me car.”

She then hung up on me, before I could say anything else. I knew what I had to do.

So a few minutes after five I walked out of my office and found Candy sitting in her car.

I opened the car door and said, “Candy, we can’t continue this. It’s wrong.”

I watched Candy and she lifted her skirt, reveling her pussy. She took her finger tips and wiped up her crotch and then held her fingers out towards my face.

“Smell my fingers Daddy. You’ll change your mind.”

I didn’t have to move closer, I could already smell the pungent sweet pussy juice within Candy’s car interior. She had to have been masturbating, while waiting for me to come out of the office.

“Come on Daddy, please. I’m so fucking horny for your cock. We can be at the adult book store in five minutes, have a quickie and then you can go home. Please Daddy.”

I climbed into Candy’s red Mustang and we sped off in the direction of the book store. I looked over at my daughter as she drove me towards another sin, she was smiling and looked radiant. I was noticing the light from the sun was illuminating her brunette hair when I felt her hand touch my leg.

Candy’s touch had brought me back to the present. She was pulling into the adult book stores parking lot. She parked and we exited her car. I stood there for a second, wanting to chicken out, yet knowing my erotic mind would never allow it. Candy took my arm and led me towards the door.

Once inside the book store I forgot my misgivings about fucking my daughter. Adult book stores have this incredible pull on a persons sexual desires. Once inside, you’ll do anything to achieve your own orgasm or to cause someone else to orgasm.

I stopped at the counter and exchanged a ten dollar bill for some dollar bills, to feed the video booths. There is something about having sex and watching people fuck on screen, that enhances your own experience.

Candy walked down the dark hall of the video arcade with me following her. Just as I guessed, she went straight to the two original booths where we had first fucked, with the glory hole between them. We walked into the nearest booth, as the other was occupied. I locked the door behind us.

As I fed some dollar bills into the video machine Candy sat in the chair and peaked into the glory hole. After viewing casino firmaları the occupant next door, she simple shrugged her shoulders, then unzipped my pants.

I had become erect as I followed Candy’s swaying ass down the dark of the hallway, so there was not way I could bend my cock out of my underwear and pant fly. I started unbuckling my belt.

As I was pulling my pants down to my knees, Candy was startled, as the guy next door had stuck his cock through the glory hole and poked her arm with it. She giggled and grabbed the cock with her hand.

Candy motioned me to move closer to her where she used her other hand to grab me by the balls and proceeded to slid her lips down my shaft. Her warm lips felt so good on my over worked cock. I heard a sigh of relief come from my lips as my mind drifted off in to my pleasure zone.

I softly ran my hands through Candy’s hair as I watched her swallowing my cock again and again.

Candy broke the silence of sex when she stated, ” He’s cuming”. I looked down at her just in time to see the guy next door filling her small hand with his cum. Some of it had dribbled over the side of her palm and had dripped on her dress.

Candy made a face and shook his cum onto the floor.

Candy then stood and pulled off her top and laid it over the chair. She was braless. Next she lifted her skirt. I don’t know if she had spent the day without panties or had removed them before picking me up. Candy said, “Daddy, today let’s finish what you started to do Friday night.

With that said, Candy stepped up onto the chair. Spreading her feet she fully exposed her pussy for my tongue. I held her legs tightly as I buried my face into her dark canal, flicking my tongue up and down her slit. She moaned in delight.

As I lapped away on my daughters pussy and swallowed all of her juices that I could mange to catch. Candy danced, so to speak, on the slick chair as she climaxed. My own cock was hard and I could feel it wiggling in the darkness of the booth. Then I heard a knock on the wall.

I pulled out of Candy’s hands, turned to look. There was a light knock, knock on the wall and finger curling in the glory hole. A “come here” curling finger.

I stuck my dick through the glory hole for the stranger to play with, then half twisted my body back to Candy.

I slowly kissed my daughter’s clit and flicked it with my tongue. I could tell she liked it, as she would shiver with each flick of my tongue. She was in her heightened sexual arousal mode and any form of clitoral stimulation güvenilir casino would entice involuntary body movements from her.

At first our next door neighbor just played with my cock with his fingers. Now he was licking me. I hoped that soon he would engulf my cock fully and deep throat me. I love the feeling when my hard cock is forced to curve down someone’s throat. ( I hope you know someone who can deep throat you.)

The guy next door who had my tool deep in his mouth was disappointed when I pulled back my cock, leaving him with only a trailing stream of saliva and precum. Candy had stepped off of the chair and was demanding to be fucked. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

Candy, sat me down in the chair. Then she straddled the chair while facing me. She lowered her pussy down on my wet and ready cock. Slowly at first were her movements up and down on my cock. I leaned back to watch her face and hair movements. Her eyes were closed and she had a determined look on her face.

Our next door neighbor once again knocked on the wall. We both looked at the glory hole. The guy had stuck his cock through it and was wiggling it up and down, apparently wanting some attention.

Candy, not loosing her rhythm on my prick reached over and grabbed the guys cock and began jacking on it as fast as she could. Once she spit on the cock to lubricate it.

Not fifteen seconds after Candy had spit on the guys cock it erupted in it’s on spitting fit, squirting cum all over Candy’s right tit, rib cage and hip. Candy let go of the guys cock once his cum was dispensed all over her body. With her free hand she let go of my shoulder, taking both hands and began rubbing the guys cum over both of her boobs. Candy’s boobs glistened from the wet cum in the dim light, her fingers and palms rubbed her nipple erect and I could tell she was about to climax into the biggest cum of the night.

Candy moaned, closed her eyes and then pulled my mouth to her nipple. I sucked the cum off like the deranged pervert that I am. In fact, I reached out and cupped both of her boobs and buried my face between them, lapping up as much cum as I could find.

The boobs drenched in cum set me over the edges. My cock spasm and squirted in to my daughter’s cunt. Candy knowing I too was cuming ground her hips down hard against me and we locked together for a minute, closer to one and another like no other people could possibly be on this earth.

We got dressed the best we could and each went to the appropriate restroom to clean up. Candy drove me back to the office and let me off at my car.

She place her car in gear and moved slowly saying, “Goodbye Daddy, I’ll see you later”. I stood there watching her drive off, wondering if I was the luckiest guy in the world or the most condemned.

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