Bound at the Art Show

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


“So you’re one of our new models?”

Goatie shuffled a cloven hind hoof, tucking it behind the opposite one. Dressed demurely, there was a definite feminine edge to the goat’s periwinkle blue attire, the strapless blouse cutting low across the top of his arms to leave his shoulders bare. For the street, the slim-fitting skinny jeans pulled the look off well — enough to be seen happily in public without worrying about getting more than a lingering side-long glance. Or two. Or three.

Hey. Maybe he liked those looks too.

The deer behind the reception desk of the exhibition hall pushed her glasses down her muzzle a little and peered at him over the top, her moist nose twitching. Framed against the white-washed wall to her back, there was something severe about her pose as if she was a librarian about to scold him for making too much noise and not the gate-holder to the weekend job he’d applied for.

Under her scrutiny, he jumped, realising that he had not yet answered her.

“Uh… Yes?” He bleated quietly, averting his eyes. “I spoke to Ms Harrisson earlier this week? She told me to come here at this time?”

“Ohhh…” The doe raised her eyebrows. “It’s you she’s been talking about. Well then, by all means, do come this way.”

Relieved, Goatie’s shoulders slumped and he eagerly followed as she strode ahead of him, a fine pair of imitation leather hoof-boots stretching up from her own pair of cloven hooves. Her work suit screamed luxury and there had clearly been no expense spared when it came to her wardrobe.

Down a long hallway, she paced, sliding back her sleeve to check the watch at her wrist just the once.

“So, what’s this all about?” He chanced to ask, trotting to keep up with the longer-legged doe. “The ad was a little vague but Ms Harrisson seemed to think I’d do well at it. I’ve done some modelling work before too.”

Giggling, the doe covered her mouth with her fingertips a breath too late.

“Oh, it’s not your usual kind of modelling fare,” she said vaguely, waving her paw. “But they’ll explain it all to you soon enough. You could say that it’s an exhibition of our artist’s finest work and, well, we need models to help put it on display for us. Hence the ad.”

His ears perked and Goatie would have tilted his head if he had not been concerned with keeping pace.

“An exhibition?” He probed, hoping for more information. “What kind of exhibition?”

Without an answer, the doe, who did not wear a name badge, opened the door at the very end of the long corridor, ignoring all others that they had so far passed. Bubbling laughter rang through and he tipped towards it instinctively, curiosity getting the başakşehir escort better of him.

“Yes, an exhibition.”

Stepping back she nodded for him to go through the door ahead of her. Despite wanting to know what was going on beyond the door, a rack of clothing blocking any further view he may have had of the room, Goatie took note, quietly, that she had not actually answered his question.

How curious…

“Please proceed through here and our designers will have you dressed up and ready to go very shortly.”

What else could he do but as she asked and, with a deep, steadying breath, Goatie nodded his thanks and did as she said, bracing himself for the unknown.

What he found was a scene that he could not have anticipated even in his wildest, kinkiest dreams, however…


Well, it was an exhibition, he thought to himself, spinning lightly as he hung suspended from one of the beams. The entire hall had been decorated to look like an old-time log cabin of colossal proportions, but he was sure that the majority of it had been dragged into the exhibition hall in the very centre of the city for the event itself, for there was no way that anyone could have grown such a vast quantity of mistletoe and holly within the bounds of the city itself. Candlelight flickered from the large, hanging candelabras, but the scene was well lit enough for everyone to see by with glowing, orb-like lights that were spaced at intervals along all walls and beams.

And the models posing on display… Everyone was in the same boat as he, bound and strung up in various alluring poses, although not everyone was suspended. As a newer model, they had said that it was better to fix him in a certain position, just so they could hit the right note with his display. He wasn’t entirely sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

He blushed and suppressed a bleat, conscious of those mingling around him with champagne glasses in paw, the goat turning and turning and turning slowly in midair like a Christmas bauble. He’d been stripped off and his clothes folded to the side before he’d even had a chance to blink, more appealing attire for an adult only exhibition donned and then the rope harness snugly fitted and tightened over his soft, grey fur.

“Oh, look at this one!”

A giggling vixen set her glass aside and ran her fingers down his arm, the crimson ropes crisscrossing in a pattern that he could not have hoped to replicate if he’d been making a rope harness for himself or even on the body of a willing fellow kinkster. Intricately wrapped up while leaving absolutely everything on display, they had not given him a shred of clothing to cover himself with and the rope even framed his crotch oh so innocently, drawing the eye down to his most intimate region.

Blushing, Goatie squeaked as he was spun, letting the russet-furred fox admire him from all angles, and then suddenly his world was going end over end, what was up becoming down as his head followed his toes in kadıköy escort a feat of twisting bondage that was truly impressive to behold. With his paws bound to the sides of the harness, fingers twitching and flexing helplessly, the goat squealed and shook his head as he once again came the right way up, his legs bent back towards his buttocks as if he was, at least by half, hog-tied.

“Look, he spins this way too!”

A zebra who could only have been her companion — perhaps her lover? — clip-clopped up to her side with a low snort, skinny tail flicking back and forth in what Goatie assumed, or perhaps hoped, was eagerness.

“Have you found something to play with, darling?” He snickered, eyeing Goatie from head to tail. “He is a cute little thing, isn’t he?”

Goatie’s heart leapt into his mouth and he gulped down the tightness as his little tail twitched. How far, exactly, were the guests allowed to “go” with the models? Far from squirming with dread, the sudden of pleasurable anticipation that went through him made the ropes holding him shiver and, from a distance, came the tinkling of tiny bells. Chuckling weakly, he dipped his head, cheeks flushed red beneath his fur. Of course, there were bells. No one could have said that the designers had not been thorough in their presentation, after all.

When the vixen scurried out of his sight, her long, red dress setting off the hue of her fur with just the right note, he didn’t think too much of it with the zebra fondling his horns. The other male seemed more interested in him than most and Goatie couldn’t have felt, more happily, like a piece of meat on display before his eyes, there to be enjoyed.

Large ears pricking, the zebra snorted and chuffed lowly, looking behind the bound goat with great interest.

“Look, they’ve left things here for us too…” The vixen’s voice was muffled as if she was behind something. “Do you think he’ll like this one?”

Goatie wriggled, but could not crane his head around far enough to see just what they were doing. However, he certainly felt the cool touch of the dildo on his exposed tail hole, his tail nowhere near enough to cover it for some semblance of protection. Slick with lubricant — just where had that come from, let alone what was a very obvious sex toy? — it eased in with nearly no resistance at all and Goatie swallowed a bleat, heart pounding. The fox and zebra couple chuckled wickedly as if they weren’t supposed to be doing what they were doing at all.

But the dildo worked itself under his tail nonetheless and Goatie blushed as his cock hardened, the smooth shaft stimulating his arousal slowly and sweetly as the orb lights glimmered on his fur. As much as he tried, body wanting what his mind also craved, he could not rock into the steady thrusts and was forced to quiver in place, turning entirely on the whim of the fox and zebra using his body like a toy laid out purely for their enjoyment.

It seemed the vixen, however, had esenyurt escort bayan other ideas for him.

“You know you don’t have to only use the toy, dearie,” she said with a giggle. “Look, we’re drawing a crowd, I bet they all want you to fuck him.”

Goatie snapped alert, suddenly taking note of his surroundings and the indeed very large crowd he’d drawn, most of the other models left hanging (in some cases, quite literally) with all eyes on him. That didn’t stop him, however, from trying to turn at the sound of a zip behind him, cock drooling a thin, sticky stream of pre-cum to splatter onto the podium below him. The vixen ran her fingers through his silvery-grey hair and down his shoulders, bending down to his level as she crooned to him.

“Easy now…”

He didn’t need to be told, whimpering as the dildo slipped out only to be replaced with something far more firm and tactile. When the hard cock nuzzled up beneath his tail, questing entry, he didn’t flinch and tried against himself to arch back onto it, that thick, stallion-cock stretching him out as he hadn’t been for…well…too long. It would always have been too long.

“Look how much he wants this…”

Goatie would have replied to the vixen, if her lips had not met him at that very moment, dominating his mouth as he helplessly bowed to the whims of both furs. Her tongue forced his tongue back into his own muzzle as the cock drove deeper up under his tail, slipping past the medial ring as, tantalisingly, the zebra began to thrust. Each stroke of his thick cock coaxed a moan from Goatie’s lips into the vixen’s mouth and she moaned right back at him, tail flipping gently back and forth.

“Unnff… I haven’t had one this tight in ages.”

The vixen broke the kiss with a moan and a chuckle, propping up one leg on the stage below Goatie as she hitched up her dress. It didn’t look like it should have shimmied up as far as it did, but it easily exposed her crotch to his muzzle and Goatie eagerly allowed himself to be drawn in, tongue flicking out to tease over her panties, already soaked with her own juices.

She arched up to his muzzle as Goatie longed to roll his hips back onto the zebra’s driving shaft, though he could not spare the time to be jealous as she ground her crotch on his nose and tongue, too keen for his attention to wait for him to use his tongue as he could. He did his best, however, groaning between the two members of the couple, both intent on using him in their own, erotically delicious ways.

Baring her teeth like a wild animal in the throes of deep heat at her partner, the vixen laughed recklessly, caught up in the thrill of the moment. But the words that followed drew a thudding drum of desire from deep in his core, cock twitching and jerking as if he could cum right then and there, at her command.

“How long can you fuck him before he cums too?”

The zebra’s snort rumbled through into Goatie as he laughed and rammed in deeper, harder, almost as if he was trying to make her words true right in the moment. The medial ring ground over the tight pucker of flesh with every thrust and the goat rolled his head back and forth, a vixen’s feminine juices flooding his muzzle.

Goatie groaned.

It wouldn’t be long at all.

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