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“We’ll have to stop, Mom. I need to get the radiator looked at. I can’t keep filling up with water every hundred miles. Ring Aunt Molly and tell her we’ll be there tomorrow. Probably.”

Jenny Miller nodded. Tom was right. The car needed looking at, without a doubt. She spotted something up ahead. “What about there?”

They were lucky. ‘There’ was a service station, the old-fashioned kind, where the owner/proprietor/mechanic actually knew what he was talking about, was proud of his ability to fix things, and didn’t seem the kind to overcharge them. It wasn’t all good news, though.

“The radiator is okay, no problem there. What you have is a split hose. Normally, I could fix that in ten minutes, but I used the last of that size two days ago. I have more coming in, due tomorrow. I can fix it then.”

“So we need somewhere to stay tonight. Any suggestions?”

The mechanic’s face creased in thought. “Motel is closed, doesn’t open until Monday week. We never got an awful lot of tourist trade here, and with the Interstate rerouted, even less. Suits some of us fine, but Joe and Ella take themselves a vacation, about now, so it’s closed. Old Ma Benn sometimes takes overnighters, but she’s in hospital.” He brightened. “I know! My old trailer is around back. It’s clean, I promise you, an’ you’re welcome to use it for tonight.”

“That’s great,” said Jenny, “But where do we get something to eat?”

“There’s a stove in the trailer, butane. I can let you have a couple of slices of ham, an’ a couple eggs. Do at a pinch, I guess.”

Jenny stepped over and kissed the mechanic’s cheek. “You are an angel!”

The man grinned, embarrassed. “Shucks, ma’am, you’d do the same, was the position reversed.”

“I hope I would, but you did it. How much do we owe you?”

“I’ll add a couple of dollars onto the bill in the mornin’. Grab your bags, and I’ll show you the trailer.”

A hundred yards away, in a copse of trees, the wheels blocked up. Small, clean, just as he’d said. Stove, tiny bathroom – plumbed in – dining area, and a bedroom.

“You folks have a good night, an’ I’ll get myself off home. I’m ’bout two miles down thataway, anything happens. It’s the only house. My wife an’ I keep a few hogs, that’s how come I had the ham. I’ll see you folk in the morning, an’ we’ll get your car fixed and get you on your way.”

“We’re much obliged, and thank you. Good night.”

“G’night, ma’am, mister.” and he was away.

“Mom, we have a problem.”

“No, son, we don’t. It’s a double, plenty of room for the both of us.”


“It’s okay, son. Honest. Now let’s see how this stove works.”

Much the same as any other trailer stove was the answer, after they’d found the main tap on the butane tank, and they enjoyed the ham and eggs, washed down with coffee they still had in the thermos flask. Fed, they sat at the table and chatted for a while, until Jenny stood.

“I dunno about you, Tom, but I’m tired. I’ll get washed, and into bed. I’ll scoot over against the side, so’s you’ll have room to get in.” She looked away for a moment, then back at him, her face troubled. “Tom, you know I usually sleep nude at home, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mom. I did catch you out once or twice, remember? You have a point?” And he’d had to jack off in his own bed later, those times he’d caught his mom in her skin. Slim, trim, fit, her breasts small but still shapely, no discernible droop that he could see. Damn’ good-looking woman, no doubt about it.

Jenny nodded. “Yes, Tom, I have a point. No nightdress in my bag. I’ll try not to make you uncomfortable, but I guess I’ll be sleepin’ in my skin tonight.”

Tom nodded, a strange excitement in him. Sharing a bed with his naked mother! “That was part of the problem you said we didn’t have, Mom. I don’t have any PJ’s, either. I could sleep in my shorts, I suppose, but I’m used to sleeping in my skin, too.”

Jenny smiled. “No problem, then. We both sleep in our skins. We’ll both get embarrassed, and then we won’t be embarrassed, see?”

Tom laughed. “Sort of, Mom. You take the bathroom first, okay?”

Jenny nodded. “I’ll just grab my toilet bag.” She wasn’t long, and when she stepped out from the bathroom, she had already undressed, shoes in one hand, her clothes over the other arm. She smiled at him, a spot of color in her cheek, but made no attempt to hide herself, laying her clothes on a chair, and slipping into bed. The image of a neat delta was burned onto his retina, a delta bare of fleece, her cleft clear to him. Wow! Mom shaved her pussy!

He was fighting an erection as he washed and brushed his teeth, but he’d managed to will it mostly down when he stepped out of the bathroom. Like his mom, Tom had decided to undress in the bathroom, and he was naked as he laid his own clothes on another chair, turned off the lamp, and slipped into bed beside his mom.

He bent across to kiss her cheek, to kiss her goodnight. Whether she’d had the same idea, and was turning to him, he didn’t know, but instead of her cheek, he found himself kissing her lips. He made to pull back, poker oyna but there was a moan deep in her throat, her arm snaked around his neck, and she drew him back into her kiss, into her embrace. A long kiss, which she broke with a muffled cry.

“Sorry, Tom,” she whispered.

“It’s okay, Mom,” he murmured, but it wasn’t okay. Her kiss had had a primeval effect on him, and his sudden erection was hard, aching for her. He kissed her cheek and lay back, his mind whirling. The instant desire he’d felt for her, for his mother, scared him. But it excited him, thrilled him, made his prick feel like it was made of steel.

“Goodnight, Tom.”

“Goodnight, Mom. sleep well.”

They lay, silent, for ages, but each of them knew the other was awake. It was Jenny who spoke first.


“Yeah, Mom?”

“Can I ask you a very, very, personal question?”

There was a long pause before he spoke, but he knew she was waiting for his answer. “Of course you can, Mom, but I don’t know whether I’ll answer.”

Another pause. “What did you feel there, when we kissed? Was it more than just a ‘goodnight, mom’ thing? Did you want me?” Her voice was hesitant, unlike his usually assured mom.

He took a deep breath, but he knew, somehow, that it was important to her that he answer, and even more important that he answer honestly. “Yes, Mom, I did. I wanted you more than I can remember ever wanting a woman before.”

She sighed, but it was a sigh of acceptance, not irritation, not exasperation. A soft laugh in the night. “We’re two of a kind, son. I wanted you, too.” Another laugh. “I guess I still do.”

He took a chance. “Mom? Give me your hand?” She moved in the darkness, and he reached out, feeling for her hand. He took it, and moved it to his prick, so that she could grasp his hardness, hearing her breath hiss in on a gasp.

“I guess I still want you, too, Mom.”

He could almost hear the smile on her face when she spoke. “I guess you do at that, son. I thought I felt something poke me when we kissed.” There was another long pause, and he could barely hear her when she spoke again. “Question is, what do we do about it?”


Her voice was stronger this time. “You heard, what do we do?” He felt her move, releasing him, but it was only to roll over, to face him, and it was her other hand that took him in a gentle grasp. “Tom?”

“Yeah, Mom?”

“When did you last get laid?”

He laughed, he couldn’t help it. “Mom! What sort of question is that to ask your son?”

She chuckled. “One designed to get information. Come on, tell!”

“Last night. Kathy wanted to give me a proper goodbye before we left this morning. I mean, it could be a whole two weeks before I see her again.” A thought struck him. “You?”

“The night before your dad was killed.”

“Mom! That’s three years! You’ve been dating, I felt sure you must have, I mean, you’re a very attractive woman.”

“Thanks for that, son. I guess I never wanted any sex.” A pause. “Until now.” They were both silent for a while in the darkness, until Jenny spoke again. “Tom?”

“Yes, Mom?”

“Do you have any, um, rubbers with you?”

If anything, his prick got harder. “Yeah, Mom. Three, I think, in my wallet.”

He heard her draw a deep breath, and when she spoke her voice was hesitant, a tremble in it. “Will you make love to me, Tom? Fuck me? Make me feel wanted again?”

He could barely speak for the excitement building in him, but managed to keep his voice steady, gentle. “Is that what you want, Mom? Truly?” Please say yes, Mom, please!

“God forgive me, son, but yes, it is what I want. I want to feel a cock in my pussy, I want to feel a man, someone who loves me, I want to feel him riding me, wanting me. I want to come, I want to come hard, with a cock in my pussy, feel that cock come in me.” Another soft laugh. “That last bit had better be in a rubber, since I’m not on the pill and seem to have misplaced my diaphragm.”

Tom was thinking furiously. That he wanted to do this was a given, considering how hard he was, but there were other considerations. “Mom?”


“Is this a once-only thing?”

“I guess it is, son. Tomorrow, all being well, we’ll be at your aunt Molly’s, and there’s no way I could sleep with you and not have her know about it.” Jenny laughed. “I suppose we could invite her to join us.” A giggle. “Your cock thinks that’s a good idea!” She sighed. “Yes, son. Once-only.” They both understood the unstated, ‘unless Molly joins in’.

“Mom, I put my prick, my cock, in your pussy, I’m gonna come in about three seconds flat, and I don’t think either of us wants that, do we?”

“We most certainly do not! Got another idea?”

“Ever given anyone a blowjob?”

A pause, and then a soft chuckle. “Yeah, once or twice.”

“Will you eat me, Mom? Give me a blow job?”

“Assuming I say yes, what then?”

“I eat you. I like eating pussy, Mom, and yours is shaved, like Kathy’s, and shaved pussy is succulent.”

Jenny laughed. “And then we fuck?”

“And then we canlı poker oyna fuck, Mom, yes.”

“I eat you, then you eat me, then we fuck? Is that it?” Her voice was neutral.

“Yes, Mom. That’s it.” He was eager, but didn’t want to repel her, and fought to keep the eagerness from his voice. He needn’t have worried.

“Hell, yes! Son, that’s the best idea I’ve heard since the first time I ever got myself laid.” She laughed. “And that’s a long time ago.” She squeezed his prick. “You ready for mama to come cock-sucking?”

“Yes, Mom!”

She threw back the bed covers, and moved to kneel between his legs, a shape in the darkness. Her hand took a gentle grasp, and he felt more than saw her head move down, until he felt the ‘O’ of her mouth close over the head of his prick. He hissed in a breath at the exquisite sensation. Kathy was good at giving head, very good, and they both enjoyed it, but this was his mom! And she was good, too, very good. Teasing him, nipping at his glans with her lips, her tongue busy. She went down, down as far as she could, her lips tight around him, and then up again, letting him slip from her mouth with a soft ‘pop’.



“Can you reach my breasts? I kinda think I’d like to feel your hands on me.”

“Sure thing, Mom.” He sat up, pulling the pillows behind him as a support, and reached for her, moving his hands under her slender torso, sliding his hands over her soft skin, until her felt her breasts, cupping them, feeling the nipples hard against his palms.

“That’s it, son, just play with them.” Her head went down again, and he felt her lips close over his hardness, sliding down, almost to his root, then up again, her tongue making patterns on his sensitive glans, her lips just tight enough to feel like a wet pussy, and he stifled a groan, thinking, ‘soon, very soon, and it will be in Mom’s pussy’.

His fingers were busy on her breasts, molding them in his hands, his fingers pulling at her nipples, caressing, enjoying the feel of soft, warm, sexually excited female skin. They were both excited, both stimulated by the illicit nature of their intimate contact, both ready to make the other feel good, both ready to feel good themselves, and the volcano was getting ready to blow.

Tom could feel the excitement building in him, the tension climbing, his sensations sharpening, and he knew it couldn’t be long. He gave her breasts a soft squeeze.

“I’m close, Mom, very close. Finish me off with your hand if you want.”

Her head lifted for a moment, and he felt the summer night air cool upon his heat. Her hand kept up a gentle stimulation. “No way, son, you’re coming in my mouth, and that’s it!”

“Yes, Mother,” he said, mock-meek, and she giggled.

“There’s a good boy.” Her head went down again and her lips and tongue got even busier. There was no way he could last, not after she had brought him nearly all the way, and then told him, told him flat, that he was coming in her mouth. She lengthened her stroke, her lips tightening over his glans as she let him slip almost from her mouth, then moved down again, tight, hot, wet.

“Mom!” he said urgently, “I’m gonna come, Mom, I’m gonna – Oh, fuck! I’m coming!” But by then she knew, swallowing frantically as her son blew his excited wad, filling her mouth, his prick jerking as she sucked, his hips fighting not to drive his rod down her throat, the reflex action clear to her as she felt the orgasmic spasms of him clear down to her toes.

Slowly, slowly, he calmed, his jet slowing to a trickle, the trickle to a seep, the seep to nothing, her mouth busy, keeping his seed from spilling into their borrowed bed. Eventually, she took a long lick around the head of his shrinking prick, causing a reflex spasm, but that was all it was now. He had come, and for the moment, was done.

He dragged in a deep, trembling breath. “Wow!” he said, on a long exhalation.

Jenny laughed, a soft, happy sound in the night. “Wow, eh? I’m that good?”

“Mom, you’re incredible, absolutely incredible. Best blowjob I’ve ever had. Ever. Kathy’s good, very good, I think it’s because she enjoys it, enjoys making me feel good, but that was amazing.” He dragged in another deep breath, and exhaled, still trembling in post-ejaculation recovery.

Jenny lifted herself, and sat back on her heels. The moon had lifted over the nearby hills and was casting a pale light through the thin drapes at the window of the trailer, so that he could see the beautiful, silvered shape of her in the dim light. He could see her smile, the gleam of her eyes, her teeth.

“I enjoyed that,” she said, her voice a caress in the night. “I think we’re going to need a little rest before round two, eh?”

“Absolutely, Mom. I definitely need some recovery time.” He was surprised, because Jenny came forward, lying half on him, her breasts against his chest, one slim leg between his. She turned her head, laying her cheek against his chest.

“I can hear, feel, your heartbeat.”

“Proves I’m alive, Mom, that I didn’t just dream that.”

“Good dream?”

“The internet casino best.”

“Not a nightmare, then.” Her voice was soft, her tone reflective, and he kept silent, just letting his hand stroke lazy circles over her upper back, loving the feel of her skin. “I guess we just broke the law,” she murmured.

“Yeah, Mom, I guess we did, and we’re going to break it again, aren’t we?”

“You still want to fuck me?”

“Heck, yes! After that blowjob, Mom, I have to do something to repay you, make you feel as good as you made me feel.” Tom laughed. “If I can, that is.”

“Oh, you will, son, you will. I have absolutely no doubt about that!” She reached down, giving his limp prick a little squeeze. “Just get that lovely weapon of yours nice and hard again, and slide it into my pussy, and you will guarantee I have a good time.”

“Do my best, Mom, but I need to taste my dish of the day first.”

“Dish of the day, eh? Have you started writing poetry or something?”

“Once in a while, yeah. Just for fun. It’s absolute garbage, of course.”

“I doubt that, but I won’t embarrass you by asking you to quote any.”

“Doubt I could remember it, Mom,” he said, laughing.

“Your chest vibrates when you laugh,” she said. “Did you know that?”

“I’ll have to take your word for it, Mom. I’d probably need to have sensors measure it, ’cause there is no way I can lay my head on my own chest. Not while it’s still attached to me, anyway.”

“And we both want that state of affairs to continue, don’t we?”

“Damn right, Mom! Mom?”


“Are you ready to be eaten?”

“More than ready, son. I’ve been getting steadily wetter just thinking about it. You’ll have to drink me, not eat me!” A pause. “Tom? Do you eat Kathy?”

“Yeah, Mom, all the time! We both enjoy oral sex. A lot. We learned to enjoy it while she was deciding whether I was getting her cherry or not. I guess it was an educational time for us, and even after I popped her, we still do it, because we both enjoy it. And if you’ll roll over and let me up, I’ll try to show you how much I’m looking forward to eating you!”

“Roll over, eh? How about if I just sit on your face? Although, perhaps not, I’d hate to suffocate you.”

“Another time, maybe,” he said, wondering, will there be another time? Probably not, so let’s make this one good.

“You wish,” said Jenny, laughing, but there was no outright rejection in her tone. She pushed herself up. “Hey! Move off those pillows and let your mom get comfortable.”

He laughed, and rolled out of the way. Jenny moved up, went easily to her back, and made herself comfortable. He sat back on his heels, watching her in the faint moonlight filtering through the drapes. He’d never appreciated before just how good-looking his mom was. Oh, sure, he’d surprised her a couple of times, when they’d both forgotten she slept naked, but on those occasions she’d ducked away, and he had turned his back, acting the gentleman. Or the fool, he mused. But now, now he was seeing her as the desirable woman she was, naked, ready to have him fuck her, and the reality of it would make him hard again, soon. Very soon.

“Okay, Tom. Shift your butt, and let me show you my pussy. Good working order three years ago, but no guarantees offered today.” Her tone was light, playful, but he sensed that she was nervous.

“Okay, lady, spread ’em,” he growled. Jenny laughed, and moved her legs apart, making room for him between them. He wriggled down, leaning on his elbows, getting comfortable. He leaned in and breathed her in, the hot aroma of a sexually-excited, mature woman, overlaid with faint traces of the perfume of her soap. “You smell good, Mom,” he said, his voice husky.

“Thanks, Tom,” she whispered.

He bent forward again, extending his tongue, testing the range. On target! He hitched forward just a little, took a deep breath, and ran his tongue the length of her cleft, from the invisible-in-the-gloom pucker of her anus, to the hood of her clitoris, fighting a laugh as he thought, ‘drink’ was right, Mom, you’re soaking! He savored her flavor for a moment, salty-sweet, tangy, hot on his tongue, rich, then bent forward again, and took another long sweep, pointing his tongue, pushing it into her depths.

He heard a hiss from her as she gasped in a breath, and her fingers tightened in his hair, slackening as his tongue left her slit. He began to lay little kisses on her thighs, moving up, over her belly, across, above her mons, and down the other thigh, kissing, nibbling. He pointed his tongue again, and ran it up the crease between mons and thigh, and she tried to move her legs even further apart, making room for him. He let his tongue flick over her labia, sucking on them, pushing his tongue into her depths, never settling, flicking her clitoris now, as it began to peep from its hood. A groan from her as he did, her fingers in his hair tightening.

“Careful, Tom, I’m kinda sensitive there,” she whispered, intimate in the darkness. He kissed her, gentle, and went back to his random attacks on her core, nibbling, sucking, flicking, probing, with his tongue. She was breathing heavily now, almost gasping. “Oh, fuck, Tom! You’ve got me so close!” she gasped as his tongue flicked her clit. “Take me over the top, Tom. Take me over now!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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