Brotherly Duties: Hunting Cabin #01

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It has been a few years since writing Brotherly Duties: The Next Day and many years since the original Brotherly Duties was submitted. Both accounts of when my sister and I first got together seemed to be well received and should probably be read prior to reading this installment. I finally took the time and effort to recount something that happened to us during summer vacation of that same year. Again, please feel free to let me know what you think; I am open to all forms of constructive criticism. Also, please accept my apologies for the long time between posts, I will try and do much better on part 2.

My sister and I continued to have our “fun” together for the rest of the semester and it was like a “dream come true”. We spent nearly every Friday or Saturday night screwing our brains out except for the rare occasions when my roommate stayed in Milwaukee for the weekend. You would think someone would have caught on to what we were doing but they didn’t. We did hear comments about how good we got along with each other, but everyone seemed to think it was sweet for a brother and sister to be so close. Thinking back on those days, I guess we didn’t fuck every weekend, since we both attended different colleges we were not invited to all the same parties and we both still went on dates. The dates just never seemed to work out and my sister would end up sneaking up to my dorm room the following weekend or I would call and invite her over. We even had a special knock, where she would knock with her hand three times then kick the door twice and I would know she needed in and I should hurry to open the door.

Then it was time to pack everything up and head back home for the summer. My sister and I spent our college summers at our parent’s home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (typically called the U.P. by everyone living there). So we packed up my 78′ Monte Carlo and drove nearly 3 hour’s home. We quickly found that our opportunities for “fun” were now few and far between. I took a job in a furniture factory for the summer and my sister started bartending on weekends getting her time off in the middle of the week. Plus we were staying at our parent’s house and didn’t dare try anything under that roof! Just the thought of getting caught by our Mom or Dad was too much to deal with and so by mutual consent we didn’t risk it, even if we were sure we were the only ones home.

Seeing my sister at the breakfast table each morning, her hair mussed up and wearing a flimsy little robe with pajamas stretched tight beneath was driving me crazy and I couldn’t wait for the summer to be done with and us go back to college. We found a couple mid-week evenings when we made excuses to drive off together and have a “quickie” parked on a dirt road back in the middle of nowhere but it never seemed enough and had its own risks such as the occasional cop that drove by.

It was the beginning of August when our opportunity came. We had an Aunt and Uncle that lived in Lower Michigan (People from Lower Michigan were called Trolls by the locals because they live “under” the Mackinaw Bridge) and they owned a hunting cabin way back in the woods that was primarily used during deer hunting season. We were told that our Aunt, Uncle, and our cousin Ginny were driving up to drop off a new gun rack and a replacement bed for the hunting cabin. Mom had asked Jodi (my sister) to take that weekend off from work because she wanted Jodi and I to sweep out, air out, and otherwise clean the cabin. Our Uncle offered to pay us each $100 to do the cleaning plus Mom sweetened the deal when she offered to cook Lasagna the following week for us. The plan was that everyone would meet at the cabin Saturday morning then after they dropped off the gun rack and bed, Mom and Dad would jump in with our relatives and drive up north to the Casino at the Indian Reservation, returning Sunday evening to pick us back up.

This seemed the perfect opportunity to me and considering the wink Jodi snuck me I could tell she was looking forward to the weekend as well.

That Saturday morning Mom loaded up a cooler of food for us while I tossed some cloths and other supplies in a backpack. After Mom yelled for Jodi to hurry up, she ran down the stairs with her own backpack and wearing a very familiar jean skirt with big pockets and a white V-necked, button down shirt. I couldn’t help myself but grin at Jodi and her returning grin was pure Evil. I was already getting hard and had to excuse myself to the bathroom so that I could shift things around to a more comfortable position. The ride out to the cabin was bumpy, dusty and hot but I couldn’t have been happier.

The hunting cabin consists of the cabin itself with a kitchen area, living room with fireplace, bathroom, then one huge bedroom with several bunk beds for the men, and two smaller bedrooms, one for children and one master bedroom used by our Aunt and Uncle during vacations. The new bed was for the master bedroom and the new gun cabinet was for the living room. Next to the cabin sitting at 90 degrees from it was the barn. It was more of an oversized two poker oyna level garage but we called it the barn. The top floor was L-shaped with the side portion of the top floor being used for storage and the back section was filled with bales of straw. The bottom floor had a workshop for loading gun rounds and storage for snowmobiles and a riding lawnmower.

We reached the cabin first and had the food and backpacks unloaded and put away before another car drove up and parked in front of the barn. Our Aunt and Uncle jumped out of the vehicle and hugs, kisses, slaps on the back, and other greetings were given all around. I was shocked when I saw Ginny climb out of the back seat holding a cardboard box full of gun ammo. It had been at least three years since I last saw Ginny and she had sprouted up. She was 18 now but because of an illness when she was young she was held back a grade and so still had one year of High School left to go. I had to admit to myself she looked great! Her honey colored hair, big brown eyes, and slim/petite build was a great combination, although a little too skinny and gangly for my tastes. Jodi ran up to Ginny and gave her a big hug crushing the cardboard box between them. Thinking gun ammo shouldn’t be crushed like that, I offered to take the box into the barn for Ginny while they chatted away. Then the unloading commenced, and we hauled the bed and gun cabinet into the cabin, then several gas cans and cleaning supplies into the barn.

I was sitting on a bench in the barn when Jodi came in followed by my Dad. She came over to sit next to me as Dad told us what to do in case of an emergency. After the lecture he gave us a big smile and said, “I hear a blackjack table calling my name, see you tomorrow!” He then went outside and we heard the sound of several doors slamming, an engine start up, and then the cracking of stones under tires as the car turned around.

I turned to Jodi with an evil grin of my own and said, “I thought they would never leave us!” Then I reached over and started tickling my sister’s sides making her squirm even as I pulled her body towards mine.

“No!” my sister shouted making the word draw out as she giggled. “Let’s make sure they are gone before you go and get us in trouble!”

We both jumped to our feet and sprinted over to the barn door, looking over the tall grass and through the trees, but because of all the dust we could only see the tail lights as the car turned a corner. Jodi squealed as I reached up under her jean skirt and then she batted my hand away. Giggling she went to a cabinet in the back of the barn and pulled out a large wool blanket. She commanded, “Follow me” and started carrying the blanket up the ladder leading to the second floor.

My cock was already straining at my zipper as I climbed, then swung around the ladder to chase her to the back portion of the second floor. She just started kicking a broken bale of straw around trying to give us a comfortable place to lay the blanket down. The only open area to do this was right next to the balcony overlooking the 1st floor. I helped kick the straw around, then we each grabbed an end of the blanket laying it over the flattened out bale.

“Finally,” I panted as my sister dropped to her knees on the blanket and I did the same facing her. I reached down slowly, my hands caressing first her waist, then her hips, then down her thighs and up under her skirt. Jodi first untied the bottom of her shirt and then started slowly unbuttoning it from the bottom up. My fingers hooked into her panties and I wiggled them from side to side over her cute little bubble butt and hips then down her legs. She first lifted one leg then the other while I slid the panties the rest of the way off her. While Jodi finished unbuttoning her shirt I reached under it and around her back unclasping her bra. Our faces were very close as her bra came undone and I gave her a soft feathery kiss. Her bra was white and lacy and didn’t have shoulder straps so it slid right off and I set it aside next to her matching white panties.

I wiggle-stepped forward a little, pushing her white shirt aside so I could see her wondrous, beautifully large tits. Jodi lifted my tee-shirt over my head throwing it over the railing to the floor below. She was then fumbling at my zipper but having trouble getting it down because I was leaning over running my tongue around her right breast while using my hand to massage the opposite nipple making both become hard at my touch.

Jodi growled something like “That’s it big brother” but it could just as easily been “Lick it even harder”. Whatever it was, it was meant as an encouragement so I continued. Her tits were like heaven, soft and smooth but with hard nipples. I nuzzled my face between them, kissing and licking, then worked my way up to her neck. This allowed her to succeed in unzipping my jeans so I took a break from her neck to help remove my jeans and underwear.

We had not been able to release our sexual frustrations for so long that I couldn’t wait any longer. I shuffled forward pressing her down and canlı poker oyna back onto the blanket. I flipped her skirt up onto her belly and positioned myself between her knees. She had one arm up on the bottom post of a railing and the other was helping keep her propped up. She lifted her smooth bare pussy upwards, meeting me as I tried to align myself up. We both groaned as I entered her, she was very wet, almost dripping, and ready for me.

I used the rail to hold myself up as well, my other hand massaging her tits. My cock sank in slowly, then out, then sank in deeper, and back out. As I pushed further inside her we established a rhythm rocking back and forth, our breathing coming in small gasps as we looked straight into each other’s eyes. Just as I decided to reach down and started kissing her sweet neck again… that is when we heard it.

“Hey guys, you want to get something to eat before we start cleaning?” asked Ginny as she walked into the barn through the open door.

Oh yes you guessed it, they left Ginny behind with us and never said a word. It makes sense now, all of our parents were going to be boozing it up at the Casino and they wouldn’t want Ginny there when she was under the drinking age. Plus Ginny didn’t have much money, just like Jodi and I, so they were probably paying her to help clean the Hunting Cabin too. No one thought to say anything about it and we didn’t see everyone get into the car, we just assumed she was with them!

So there we were, like a deer in the headlights, or more like two deer fucking in the headlights. We were on the second floor with only a skinny railing between us and the drop to the first floor. We were in her direct line of sight as she walked in and we both knew she could see everything. Her jaw dropped open and the three zip-lock bags full of sandwiches fell to the floor, forgotten. She then covered her nose and mouth with both hands and seemed to yell “OH MY GOD, I’M SO SORRY!” then she turned and ran out the door.

I’m not very good in stressful situations; I have a tendency to freeze up. Luckily my sister is much more on top of things. As I rocked back to a sitting position, my cock deflating like a leaky balloon, my sister jumped up with her skirt falling into place and clutched her shirt together running for the ladder. Her shirt came open again as she climbed down but as she ran outside I could see her buttoning up the front again.

I just sat there, like somehow staying in one place was going to make everything ok. I knew we were toast, Fucked, the gig was up, and nothing was going to be the same ever again. I groaned (this time not in a good way) and ever so slowly climbed to my feet. I found my pants but couldn’t locate my underwear and my shirt was downstairs. I climbed down the ladder so slow you would think I was a zombie or something. I forgot about my shirt and just walked to the barn door, peering around it like a sneak thief in the night.

I could see the front yard. There is a large oak tree with an old fashion swing hanging from a branch. Ginny was sitting in the swing still holding her hands over her face and Jodi was sitting nearby on an outcropping of tree roots. Jodi’s hand came up and tentatively touched Ginny’s leg for a moment and I saw Ginny turn slightly towards Jodi but then face forward again. I couldn’t hear what was being said and I didn’t want to either. I turned away and paced back to the ladder then looked in the workshop and saw the phone our Dad told us about earlier. I tested it, and there was a dial tone. I had half hoped it stopped working over the summer but no luck. So I set it down expecting Ginny was going to want to use that soon and paced back to the door again.

Ginny had lowered her hands and it was obvious that the girls were talking but I had no idea if it was going well or not. I paced back to the ladder again thinking I needed something but I couldn’t remember what. Then back to the phone again, then back to the door. I followed this circuit about 6 or 7 times before I realized I should pick up the sandwiches I was trampling into the ground. A few more circuits around and I noticed that Jodi was now crouching in front of Ginny talking in earnest to her. I tried to think if this was a good sign or not and couldn’t decide which.

Another few circuits and I decided to sit down, so I stumbled over to the bench I sat on earlier and flopped down depressed. I’m not sure how long I sat there worrying when I heard a quick laugh that turned into a giggle outside. I raced to the door again and things looked pretty much the same except Ginny had her hands over her face again and Jodi was smiling. This seemed good to me, giggling can’t be bad right? I went and sat down again.

A little while later, both girls walked back into the barn. Ginny looked a bit red faced and wore a strange and somewhat sickly smile, while Jodi on the other hand was beaming at me. I was mildly surprised, because I thought Jodi had buttoned all her shirt buttons when running after Ginny but I could now see that only two buttons held the shirt from internet casino falling open again. The girls walked up to me and being the brilliant conversationalist that I was I asked, “Err… everything ok?” Thinking about Jodi’s buttons made me realize that I didn’t have a shirt on, so I got up looking for where it had fallen.

My sweet smiling sister walked over to the cabinet in the back again and grabbed a second blanket and said, “Yes, we are just peachy as a matter of fact!” She then returned to us and held Ginny’s hand pulling her towards the ladder.

Jodi then encouraged Ginny to start climbing up the ladder and turned to me giving me the “come hither” hand signal. I mouthed the words “I can’t find my shirt” to her but she looked exasperated and just said “Come over here dummy.” So realizing that I should do as I am told I followed her to the ladder and then up to the second floor.

Ginny was at the back already and she seemed to be staring at the bra, panties, and underwear that I couldn’t locate before. I felt my face flush hot and started stammering some sort of apology but before I could get it out Jodi smacked my arm and walked past me. She walked over to where a few bales of straw made a sort of long three step pyramid. She spread out the blanket over two bottom bales making a sort of bench and came back to the blanket. Ginny was still a bit red faced but she didn’t seem like she was crying or anything. She looked unsure of herself but when Jodi took her hand she followed obediently.

Ginny turned around and sat on the new blanket just as my sister directed her too, then Jodi returned to me and grabbed my hand. She then kneeled in the center of the blanket and pulled me down next to her. This is when I started protesting, looking quickly back and forth between the two girls. I kept expecting Ginny to run for it and start screaming at any second.

Jodi held my face with both hands and planted a kiss firmly on my lips. I tried to protest but she just whispered to me, “Just go with it, I know what I’m doing!” Thinking she had gone insane I attempted to speak but she just kissed me again holding it and I eventually kissed her back but there was no feeling in it. Jodi didn’t even seem to notice though; her eyes kept glancing over to Ginny whom I couldn’t see. Jodi then unbuttoned her last two buttons and then realizing that I was about to protest she gave me a firm look, took my hands and placed them over both her tits. Then with couple swift distracted looks at Ginny she moved in for another kiss from me.

Jodi’s nipples were stiff and she was starting to breath more heavily; she was obviously getting off on this. My big weakness in life is tits, and without a doubt my sister knows it better than anyone else. I couldn’t stop myself from getting turned on with my hands roaming freely over her naked breasts. I returned each new kiss with more passion as she shuffled closer to me and when we came up for air she glanced over at Ginny and smiled.

Jodi angled back this time lying fully on the blanket with her legs spread and knees up. I kneeled between them and heard Jodi whispered to me, “Take your pants off hon.” Not wanting to disappoint her, but also not daring to see what Ginny thought of this, I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. My dick was hard enough to cut glass and didn’t appear to be embarrassed by this public show in the least. Jodi slowly pulled her skirt up, inch by inch exposing more and more flesh as I positioned myself deeper between her legs. While doing this she never looked at me once, she just kept her eyes locked on Ginny with the most incredibly sexy little smile.

I leaned forward and attempted to enter my sister for the second time that day. Jodi gasped very loudly as I touched the entrance, and groaned passionately as I slowly entered her. It was much the same as before with one exception, Jodi did not look at me, she kept her eyes on Ginny the whole time. Her legs spread wide for me, and her arms grasped mine, pulling me forward but her gasps and steamy looks were aimed at our cousin the entire time. When she started whimpering I realized she was, either putting on a show, or she had never been this turned on before (maybe both?). I couldn’t believe the animal noises she was making as we picked up a frantic rhythm and I started licking first one nipple and then the other.

That’s when I heard an unfamiliar gasp, and it was from behind me! I swung my head around, my cheek brushing against Jodi’s right nipple and looked back at Ginny for the first time since this started. Holly shit! What an incredibly hot sight! Ginny had her shirt pulled up under her armpits and one hand was pushing and pulling on an exposed small dark nipple, while her other hand was squeezed under her unbuttoned jeans and panties and was obviously massaging her cunt! Ginny’s eyes were slits, just barely visible through her thick eyelashes and her mouth was partly open with her tongue licking her lips both top and bottom. Then she gave another gasp stiffening a little, her hand that was massaging her mound slowing for a little bit, then circling and building up speed again. I drug my knees around to swing both my sister and I in a position where we could both enjoy watching our cousin finger herself while she in turn watched us fuck.

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