Brotherly Love Ch. 03

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After doing the dishes and doing a little idle chitchat with Mom, Dad, Mamaw, and Papaw, Harrison grabbed Hunter slightly by the arm and started to lead him to their bedroom. Hunter didn’t like the pain from the pinch, but he kind of enjoyed the urgency and aggression of his twin’s latest move.

“Bro, what was that about?” Hunter feebly protested, but Harrison silenced him with a French kiss while sticking his hand down his brother’s pants.

“Not right here! Jesus, Harrison!” Hunter pretended to complain, before Harrison pushed open the door and threw him onto the bed.

Only then did Harrison remember to close and lock the door behind them. Hunter chose that moment to take control, yanking down his brother’s pants and freeing his dick for a taste of that smooth, bulbous meat. He took a second to kiss it lightly, just to tease the frustrated Harrison, who felt his balls grow larger than in a long time.

Harrison groaned and grabbed Hunter by the ears, pulling him onto his cock and shoving it down his brother’s throat. Hunter gagged at first, but took the hint, soon getting greedy for more of his twin’s cock. His yummy cock…Hunter loved the taste of it, every last veiny bit of it.

Hunter couldn’t help but play with Harrison’s balls soon, too, making Harrison desperate to cum even faster. Harrison gave him another groan and a pleading look, urging him to swallow it down. Hunter then grabbed Harrison’s buns and started fondling them for extra pleasure. Harrison wondered if Hunter would go ahead and finger his asshole. Harrison got back at Hunter by pulling out of his mouth and turning around to urge his brother finger him now. Hunter took the hint and began stroking his dick and balls with one hand and easing a first finger poker oyna into his sphincter with the other.

Harrison really almost fell over for a second, feeling the exquisite pleasure of that brotherly finger in his butt, even as Hunter made it worse by licking his buns. Damn, it felt incredible to have his twin’s mouth on his ass as Hunter started rimming him, too.

Harrison backed into Hunter’s mouth and demanded more, thinking out, more fingers in my butt, you damn tease! Harrison then aggressively got up, put Hunter on his back, and landed his ass down on Hunter’s face. His twin took the hint and began to finger and lick his butt with a vengeance, eager for more of it.

Meanwhile, Harrison leaned over and began to lightly caress his brother’s dick, just enough to tease him naturally. Hunter groaned now as well, complaining that his brother would be so cruel to tantalize him. He was very hard and really turned-on as Harrison played mercilessly with his dick and made him eat his ass…not that he minded or complained about eating that…it was a very sweet and smooth ass, in fact.

Harrison fought to edge for a little bit longer, but finally, he couldn’t resist it anymore and he spurted his load directly onto Hunter’s chest, making his brother feel slimy and yet quite horny as well. Hunter was now desperate and Harrison continued to toy with him as he stroked him.

“You ready to cum, you tease? You certainly made me desperate, didn’t you?” Harrison taunted him a little while making him beg for it.

Hunter whimpered a little and Harrison caved, taking him into his mouth to suck him greedily for the hell of it. Hunter damn near came right off, but he held back just a bit to enjoy the blowjob just a bit longer. He didn’t canlı poker oyna mind resuming his rimjob on his brother, licking Harrison’s ass with enthusiasm and energy. Just to pay Harrison back, he then inserted his fingers back into his asshole for more fun, to get Harrison hard again in a hurry.

It worked and before they knew what was up, Harrison’s cock was in Hunter’s mouth, too. Both guys were in a sixty-nine, sucking harder than they did on lemons. Both were hard as rocks as they tried not to cum yet, but it was so difficult right then…both were so aroused, so turned- on. Hunter then felt Harrison’s fingers go deep into his ass, paying him back for the fingers that he had put in his brother’s ass. Hunter couldn’t fight off his urge to cum anymore, shooting his cum into Harrison’s mouth.

Harrison was now very hard and needed it badly, so Hunter urged him to get up, as he himself bent over. He spread his cheeks and offered Harrison what he really craved: his ass. Harrison grinned as he lubed up and went behind Hunter to push his cock inside him. Hunter moaned in need for his brother’s cock. Harrison went deeper, harder into his brother’s ass, going closer to the prostate with his large dick that could split a lesser man. There was no way that most men could take that big of a cock, but luckily, Hunter was perfectly built for the job…

Hunter bucked back at Harrison, working his hips to get more inside him, craving yet more of his brother’s dick within him. He squirmed and begged for more, pleaded for Harrison to take him and use him as the bottom. Harrison loved Hunter’s ass more than anything else in the world and now he was fucking it with abandon. Few things could get Hunter off more easily than having his brother ram internet casino it deep.

“Damn!” Hunter groaned again, as Harrison took him furiously, driving him to the point of no return, making him even harder again.

That cock in his ass, right up at the prostate, driving deeper, reminding of who was in him, as no one else had a cock like that. Harrison grabbed Hunter’s hair and pulled him back toward him, ruthlessly using him for his own pleasure. Hunter all but jerked, but he got very hard indeed now, arching his back to beg for his brother’s cock…more of it.

Hunter pleaded, “Do it. Cum in me,” as he felt his brother’s cock probe him deeper.

“Why cum yet? Why not just make you wait?” Harrison teased him, making Hunter squirm and beg more with a whimper in his voice.

“Please…cum!” Hunter urged him.

“Alright, then,” Harrison felt his balls churning, knowing that he was only bluffing…he would have to cum soon, despite his teasing.

Harrison’s cock twitched and jerked along with his balls as the first spurt hit Hunter’s prostate, followed by another, and then another. Harrison’s thick, long dick went deep enough that the entire anal passage was slick with his cum as he pulled out. Then he leaned over to Hunter and gave him a hard, eager kiss on the mouth, giving him more tongue as well.

“Thank you, little brother,” Harrison teased him, “but I could use a shower. How about you?”

“Certainly, but this ‘little brother’ stuff has to stop. We’re twins. Now, are you ready for Grams and Granddad?” Hunter asked him with a wink.

“No and neither are you. Besides, I am nine minutes your senior,” Harrison laughed, running out of the bedroom just in time to run into Granddad, who had a seriously shocked look on his face at seeing his grandson streak through the house, smelling of his brother’s ass, with said naked brother chasing after him.

Harrison and Hunter took one look at Granddad and went “Oh, shit!”

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