By Accident, On Purpose Ch. 01

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Being an only child, my parents always doted on me, especially my mother. Dad was always the quintessential “busy businessman”, always had a big deal going on somewhere. I never really understood what he did exactly, but whatever it was, it paid well; we lived a very comfortable existence. He was described by his friends as a “rainmaker”. Bringing entities together and making things happen. His gift was seeing potential where others did not.

He was gone a lot, but when he was around he was completely involved in our lives; Mom’s and mine. He was fun, gregarious, had a bit of a naughty streak about causing mild trouble, just for fun. His charm tended to disarm people he pranked, and everyone wound up laughing. I always remembered him being a great Dad.

When he was gone, he was gone. He would make a nightly phone call to touch base, but always sounded distracted and distant. A quick, perfunctory conversation, to keep contact, but really his mind always seemed elsewhere; the opposite of when he was at home with us.

We lived in a big, stately home on a large farm in Martinsburg, Ohio, about 40 northeast of Columbus. The farm had been in Mom’s family since her great-grandfather farmed it. Dad had no interest so it was basically share-cropped by and very nice family that lived on the far end of the property.

Mom was sexy and well proportioned, and always doted on Dad, but struck me as a bit lonely, due to his constant travels. She was not shy about wearing sexy swimsuits in the pool, but as my mother, this kind of bothered me when my friends were over for a swim and Mom would join us by the pool.

They had been married for 23 years and had deferred their anniversary celebration until they could go on a special trip with friends to the Mexican Riviera. There were to be 4 couples going, which was barely going to make a dent in the accommodations, which apparently had 8 en-suite bedrooms in the place. Mom was beside herself with excitement. She and Dad had traveled a fair amount, especially recently, now that I was grown and off at Ohio State. They had been to the orient, Europe, and a safari in Africa. Hanging out at the beach, with not much to do and no one to bother them was going to be her idea of a vacation.

She loved the travel, but the hustle and bustle of European travel, always brought her home exhausted. Not that she wasn’t fit. Mom loved her workout regimen. I think Dad did too, as it kept her in fighting shape. Actually it kept her body beautifully toned and shapely. She was only 42, and literally had the body of a 30 year old. In our rural region, few women had that kind of shape, and the leisure time to work on that shape and keep it tan by lying out by the pool. At 5′-8″ she was also the tallest of most of her friends.

She had a few friends at the local tennis club, who were similarly toned and had the free time to play. For the most part though, her friends were the normal moms of guys I had gone to school with. Boosters for my football and basketball teams. I think she preferred their company to her more snobbish club friends. I always thought Mom was pretty. I had seen her all my life in her swimsuits at pool parties and the like. They were never anything too revealing, but still managed to capture the attention of Dad’s friends, and her girlfriend’s husbands. Toned fit thighs, tight round bottom, nice tight C-cup breasts.

Mom’s dark hair had began to take in some grey in high school. She said her family always had this trait. By high school graduation, it the salt and pepper; a somewhat misleading appearance, that at first glance made you think she was older, then up close realize that she was not only far younger, but possessed of a beautiful body! My friends had always given me a hard time about my sexy mother. It was weird. I had gotten into it with a couple of guys at school who had gone too far in describing her sexiness, and their lustful thoughts about her. I never got in fights, except for defending my mother’s honor. She thought it was sweet, but very wrong behavior.

The summer of my junior year, my parents were going to vacation in Corrales, on the tip of land extending west, into the Pacific from Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. They were staying at a private villa, that was owned by some billionaire businessman that dad had met in passing. One of their guests was going to be Andy Jenkins and his wife Sue. He had worked on the latest Predator movie and was responsible for finding the villa in the first place. Andy and Dad had met up with this billionaire regarding something business related.

I was going to stay home alone, while they were gone. I was dreaming of sleeping late, going out to parties, maybe having a couple parties at the house. Mom was fairly dancing around the house, (at times she really was dancing), packing for the trip, taking short shopping excursions to the malls in Columbus. She had packed and then re-packed a couple of times ahead of their Thursday departure date. I was staying at my apartment in poker oyna Columbus, near the OSU campus, and was going to have coffee with them on their way to the airport Thursday, then head to the house for my own 2 week vacation. Monday night I got a call from my Dad.

“Hey Kev, how you doing?” he asked brightly.

“Hey Dad. I’m good, how about you? Looking forward to your trip? You at the house?”

“Actually no. I’m still in New York working this deal, with Paymer.” He had been there a week and a half already, putting together god-knows-what kind of a deal, (whatever it was that he really did). “I may be shootin’ into the airport just in time to meet up with your Mom, Thursday.”

We chatted a bit and then he told me, “Listen Kev, there’s something I want you to do for me.”

“What do you need?”

“I want you to join us in Mexico.” I was shocked. “It’ll be a surprise for your Mom, so you can’t tell her, nor can you fly with us. I want you to be a surprise when she arrives.”

I was a bit disappointed at missing private time at the house, but intrigued with a trip to Mexico. Laying on the beach and hanging out with the ‘rents for a couple of weeks sounded kind of fun. We always had a good time together.

“Really? That sounds awesome! Do I need to get a ticket…?” I was already thinking of the logistics.

“No. I actually bought one for you and it’s at the American counter at the airport. It’s for the day before we fly, so you can get there and make sure the place is up to snuff.”

“So… I’m flyin’… Wednesday?”

“Yeah. Wednesday morning. Is that enough time to pack?”

“Uhhhh, well sure. How much stuff do I need, to lay around in the sun for a couple weeks?”

“Too right, mate.” Dad chuckled in his fake Australian accent. He was very good at faking foreign accents.

“By the way,” Dad continued, “Amy, John Clendening’s daughter is going, so…” Whatever he said after that I totally missed, my mind was instantly elsewhere. Amy was the most exquisite creature I had ever laid eyes on. I had met her several times through the years, when they would make an annual visit to see us. The fact that she was going to be with us, with me, for 2 weeks on the beach, made my heart pound.

“…so anyway you should dress the part.” I had missed something important, dreaming of Amy.

“I’m sorry, I missed that. I should,… what? Dress what part?”

“Play it up.” He said. I was still lost and silent. “John told me that she thinks you’re cute and studly. So go buy one of those tiny European Speedos that show her what you got. You know the total banana-hammock thing.” He was laughing at his plan to use his son to tease this sexy young girl.

“It’s just going to be us out there. The beach at the villa is completely private, so… live a little.” I had an embarrassing flash of strutting around in my banana-hammock in front of everyone. Maybe I could wear it just around her. Hell after a few days on the beach alone, the group would probably wind up naked anyways.

This last thought sprang unbidden into my mind and I suddenly went cold with embarrassment, at the thought of my parents laying around naked on the beach, with their friends around no less. I had the disquieting thought that maybe they had already done such a thing. ‘Mom’? I thought to myself, ‘Laying around nude with other people?’ No way!! Wildly improbable! But,… I thought to myself , not impossible. I mulled over this a bit longer missing more of Dads conversation.

“Anyway,” he broke in, “I gotta run. Have a good flight and we’ll talk to you in Mexico. Remember it’s a secret!” I agreed to keep it on the down low and we hung up. I suddenly felt like I had a ton of work to do. Packing, shopping, planning. Thoughts of Amy, on the beach, her exquisite body, showing off for her, flooded my mind.

I rode my bike to the mall and was looking for a few things, including, just for grins, a banana-hammock, even as a joke. I was thinking of seeing Amy on the beach as I passed the local swimsuit shop. They had some beautiful tine pieces in the window. Their photos of swimsuit models in the windows gave me the sense of fullness in my pants that warned of impending erection.

I glanced past them into the window and noticed a familiar shape in the store. My mother was inside, probably doing the same brand of shopping I was. I chuckled to myself that she was probably NOT in the market for something as ridiculously brief as my hammock idea. I was just about to enter the store and say hello when I thought of the secret. Would she somehow know that I was shopping for the very same trip? How could she possibly? There was no way.

As I talked myself out of danger of spilling Dad’s beans, I noticed that she was examining the tiniest patches of fabric I could ever imagine. That couldn’t actually be a swimsuit, could it? It looked like fabric swatches. There was nothing to it. Two tiny patches that might,… might cover her nipples and one that couldn’t possible cover canlı poker oyna her pubes. The thought of her shaving washed over my addled brain. I physically shook myself aware. ‘That is so wrong!!’ I thought to myself. I wanted to run away, run from the thought I just had.

I was however rooted to the spot by witnessing my mother, gathering a couple of these swatches on hangers and walk to the dressing rooms.

“No way!” I said aloud, well within earshot of a woman pushing her stroller.

“I’m sorry, what?” she asked me. I turned and noted that she and her baby daughter both had the same questioning look.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Nothing.” I stammered to her. She looked up at the store sign, then back to me, looking through the window, then gave a look of disgust at what she assumed were my perverted thoughts about watching swimsuit shoppers, and then marched on.

I was suddenly struck by the thought of surprising my mother in Mexico, when she was planning on wearing something so brief on the beach. My erection was growing; I headed off for the food court. I needed something cold to drink.

The normal swimsuit store had a few Speedos but nothing very interesting. I bought a cool pair of board shorts, resigning myself to wearing something more normal on the beach. I was just about to give up when I noticed a store that was selling mostly women’s clothes, but had a small selection of men’s things. I wandered in and was greeted by a fey young man whose eyes sparkled when they met mine. With a broad smile of overly white teeth, he asked if he could help me.

I felt like his gaze was a bit too interested, but let it go. I figured the hell with it, and told him what I was looking for. His gaze was now definitely a bit too interested, but he told me he had just the thing. The store was almost empty of people, with noisy techno music playing, just a touch too loudly for my taste, as he led me deeper into the store. He stopped at a rack of the same type of fabric swatches on hangers. I laughed out loud.

He turned and gave me leering smile as he pulled a black rubber band on a hanger off the rack and held it out to me. It was actually larger then a rubber band, but not by much.

“Where are you going where you’d wear this?” he asked me.

“Two weeks on the Mexican Riviera.” I told him, withholding the bit about being in front of my mother.

“Then you should have one in white, for when you get all tan.”

I asked about sizing, and gave him the opportunity to really check me out, professionally of course; ‘Yeah, right!’ I thought. He pulled the sizes and told me that I should really try them, as it was tough to get it right by eye. He led me to the changing rooms and I undressed. I could hear him hovering outside as I worked the tiny scrap of fabric up my legs. It had a pouch, not quite big enough for my junk, but it covered enough, I guessed. The room was walled with mirrors which showed every inch on this obscene display, there was almost no covering for my butt, but at least it wasn’t just a G-string up my ass.

“How’s the size?” he asked.

“Hard to say.” I countered.

“Need some help?” ‘What the hell’ I thought and opened the door.

His look said it all. He was ready to eat me up right there. There was a moment where we both acknowledged that I was straight and he was gay, and he was drooling for my cock, but it was not for him. He made do with the leering and turned me around to check the back.

“Mmmmmmm.” He moaned. “Very nice.” His eyes came up to mine, inviting me to let him play with me, if I wanted. My look must have communicated my ‘No, thank you’ adequately, but not before my cock expanded from the attention.

He checked the fit of the waistband, commenting that if that was comfortable, then the rest would work as well.

“Unless of course,…” He stated quietly as both of us noted the increasing size and firmness of my cock. “I’m afraid,…” he continued, “… that if you become… aroused,… it may not be enough to contain… your… size.” He licked his lips lewdly.

I had lost all control over my cock as it continued to grow and thicken.

“The fabric stretches,…” he went on, “… but not enough for you I think.” We were both standing watching my cock grow. He glanced around to ensure we were alone. “Perhaps you should back up a bit.” He whispered. I backed into the stall and he stepped halfway in.

“With a cock as big as yours,…” he whispered, not tearing his eyes from it, ” you may have trouble holding it in.” He extended a finger and hooked it in the waistband, tugging slightly. That was all it took for the head and several inches to spring free of its confines. “Mmmmmm” he moaned. “You may inadvertently expose your…” his voice tapered off, his eyes came up to mine, then he whispered, “Your absolutely gorgeous, big, thick, cock to people.” His eyes dropped back down as his fingertips gently teased around the head. “So beautiful.”

I stood there and let another guy internet casino tease my cock. No man had ever touched me before. I had thought about it, hell, who hasn’t but this was all new. “Mmmmmm.” He moaned again. “Beautiful, big penis.” He glanced around the empty store again, then back to my aching cock. “You look so yummy.” I said and did nothing to stop him. I was frozen in place. “Oh, you look delicious.” He whispered. I felt his hand on my chest as he gently pushed me farther back into the stall and he closed the door. “Absolutely gorgeous, big, thick, cock.” He repeated.

He quietly knelt down and peeled the suit down and off me. I leaned back completely nude against the mirror. His hands closed gently around the root of my cock, his thumbs were under my balls.

“Mmmmm, cum in my mouth.” He whispered as his lips closed softly around my shaft. His mouth was liquid and warm around me as he began bobbing deeply on my penis.

The two of us were absolutely silent as he sucked my cock. I was surrounded by mirror images of his lips on my shaft, wet and glistening, as he took it completely into his tight throat. My hand went instinctively to the back of his head. His eyes came up to mine smiling as he devoured me. I noticed how big and round his brown eyes were, his narrow elegant nose, his thick full, sexy lips, as my cock slipped tightly in and out.

My legs were trembling as I neared orgasm. He was nodding that he wanted it. My mind was a whirl, his lips, Mom’s tits in that tiny suit, Amy’s gorgeous ass at pool parties past. My head fell back and banged against the mirror as I squirted heavily into his mouth. The first shot caught him by surprise and he coughed just slightly, and made loud gulping noises and he drank me down.

I was shaking as I came down. He just held my cockhead in his throat, making swallowing sensations, that were almost, but not quite too much on my sensitive equipment. I looked back down into his smiling eyes. I was surprised at how erect I remained. He was perfectly happy to continue swallowing my cock. We stayed like that a long time.

A noise in the store, forced him to withdraw. I hated to let him go. He put his finger to his lips, I remained silent. He cracked the door and peeked out. Satisfied that on one was there he closed the door and smiled at me again.

“Perfect cock.” He whispered dropping his gaze to my still-hard penis.

“Perfect mouth!” I countered in a whisper.

“Oh, anytime, baby! Anytime!” he grinned widely licking his lips. “Plus,” he added, “…I don’t know if you’re into it but,…” He quickly opened his pants and fished out an amazing, very large very erect cock. He was bigger than me by an inch or two. “You may have mine anytime as well.

I stood there watching him stroke his hard penis, thinking ‘What the hell am I doing?’ I watched as his hand gently teased up and down the length of his gorgeous meat. He had a very attractive big head and the shaft was as thick as the head. He was completely shaved to the base. He then stood, hands on his hips and gently waved his thick pole at me. “I will suck your sweet cock, anywhere, anytime.” He told me. “Your cum is a treat on my tongue; warm and sweet”

“Feel mine.” He said simply. I reached out immediately and gently cupped his thick shaft. It was warm and very smooth. I stroked the length with the slightest pressure. “Oooh what a loving touch you have. Do I feel good to you?” I nodded. “Yeah? Well if you ever want to learn how to suck a big hard cock, I would love to teach you.” He moved a tiny bit closer. “I would love to watch you kneel down and take my big cock in your warm mouth.” I was stroking, entranced. “Mmmm watch you taste your first cock. Gently feed you my big, hard penis. Teach you to love sucking it. Gently flood your mouth with your sweet treat. I shoot a ton of sweet warm cum.”

I had been entranced with the feel of his smooth cock, even the fleeting thought of feeling it in my mouth, but my mind drew its line in the sand about letting him shoot his cum in my mouth. I retreated.

“Mmmmm. Well maybe. Someday.” He whispered as he backed up a step. I watched as he worked his fat cock back into his pants and closed them. We heard the sounds of 2 women entering the store. “Got to go.” He said and quickly, quietly slipped out of the door. I stood there gathering my thoughts, and slowly dressed. I bought the 2 pairs of hammocks and thanked him, he smiled wide and bade me goodbye then went to help the other ladies. ‘What a fucking shopping trip!!’ I thought to myself sneaking out of the mall so Mom wouldn’t see me.

I called Mom Tuesday night and wished her Bon Voyage. I made up a story about not being able to see them on Thursday per our plan, but she was fine about it. She sounded a bit odd and I finally got her to admit that Dad’s business trip ran over, and that he would have to meet her at the airport. He would fly in and they would immediately fly out together. I felt terrible that I couldn’t go out and get her and help her get to her flight, but I would be gone already. Dad had inadvertently made me feel like the bad guy for being such a thoughtless son. I told Mom that I felt bad and thoughtless, though not why.

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