Caleb’s Advice

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Caleb’s chest was heaving and I could feel his warm breath on my neck. His long strong arms where wrapped around my back. I could feel the dampness between our chests as my breasts where pressed flat against him. My fingers traced the small of his back where he was perspiring from the exertion he had just put forward. Caleb’s cock was deep inside of my pussy, filling me with his sperm for the second time in just the last fifteen minutes.

I had known Caleb for eighteen years now, and this was our first time having sex. Now that we had broken the ice so to speak, it would not be our last time. Caleb had come to me for advice; Caleb knew he could trust me as he had a personal matter to discuss.

Oh, Caleb knew I would tease him about his little problem, but only for a little while. I would be serious with helping him, plus I would keep my mouth shut. See, Caleb is my little brother.

Caleb had showed up at my apartment at eight o’clock this morning. I had answered the door with a surprise, as I was not expecting him. He explained his problem to me. He and his friends went out the night before to find some girls to fuck. They picked up three girls and took them to a park that night. Caleb’s two friends started to make out with their girls and Caleb decided to walk away with his girl, the reason being he told me was that he was a virgin. There you have Caleb’s problem in a nutshell.

Caleb was an honor student, played the piano beautifully and was a cross-country runner. But he just wasn’t out going around people. I had to think this over, so I told him to go and take a shower and get himself cleaned up. I had some thinking to do.

My brother needed some experience. I started to call my girl friend, who was a slut. She longed for casual sex with strangers. Then I thought well, not with my little brother.

I went to the bathroom door. I knocked on it but didn’t get an answer. Caleb, can you hear me, I said. No answer again. I twisted the knob and cracked the door, again I said “Caleb’.

No answer, I swung the door open wider, Caleb was behind the shower curtain, washing. I could see the out line of his body through the opaque curtain. I noticed Caleb was washing something below his waist. That’s when I got the idea.

I quickly dropped poker oyna my shorts and camisole. I stepped to the edge of the shower and pulled back the curtain. Caleb turned and looked at me standing there nude before him. I was baring my sexual soul to him. His mouth fell open and I stepped into the shower. I placed my hand over his mouth and told him to forget that I was his sister.

I took the bar of soap from his hands and begun washing his chest. His body was strong and firm. His nipples became erect under my palms. As my hands washed his body I stepped closer. I looked up into Caleb’s eyes. His eyes where big as saucers. I stared deeply into them. My mind was racing looking for answers and directions. When Caleb placed his strong hands on my shoulders, I knew I had received the answer I was looking and longing for.

Caleb didn’t move. He just stood there looking for guidance. With the soap still in my hands I began washing his hard cock. I was hoping he would understand to follow his pointing penis. Caleb stepped closer to me. His rock hard penis touched my stomach. I dropped the soap onto the floor. Caleb’s arms wrapped around me. He pulled my breasts into his body. We hugged for a few seconds then I reached up and took Caleb’s face into my hands and I pulled him down to my lips.

Our first kiss was tender and wet as the shower was drowning it. When we broke apart for air, I reached to the faucet and turned the water off. I stepped out of the shower and pulled Caleb with me. I towel dried his body, and then mine. We stood there naked as we did as babies.

I took my brother with his bouncing hard cock to my bed. I placed him in the middle of the mattress. I kneeled between his legs. My hands roamed from his face, down to his nipples and then to his cock. It felt hot and solid. I lowered my head, all along with my eyes watching his. When my lips touched his cock head, I closed my eyes and I begun to worship his beast.

Caleb’s climax was immediate. He filled my mouth with what seemed to be a quart of semen. I almost gagged on it. But I took my time and a big breath and swallowed all of it.

Caleb immediately started to apologize for his premature ejaculation. I placed my finger over his lips so to quieten him. I knew how to handle him. I slid canlı poker oyna my breasts up his quivering shaft, following it to his stomach and onto his chest. Our faces met once again. This time, our kisses where with passion. I was surprised when his tongue entered my mouth. My tongued danced with his, as I knew it would have my desired effect on him and his cock.

When our kiss broke apart I took Caleb’s hand and placed it on my pussy. I told him to explore it. He went straight into me with one of his fingers. I made a mental note to later show him the proper way. Lucky for me, I was already wet; otherwise his crudeness would of hurt me. I lowered my nipple into his mouth as Caleb reached deeper into my pussy with his finger. I let him roam without any suggestions. He was better with my nipples. He began sucking rather then biting them. I let him alone for maybe two minutes to explore my body. With my breathing rate increasing and my pussy beginning to drip from his exploring I knew it was my turn to cum.

I pulled my breast from his mouth and lifted my hips off of him. His finger came out of me. I could see by the look on his face, he thought we finished. I just smiled at him and rolled my eyes.

I stood up on the bed, and then squatted over his hips. I took his cock into my hand, finding it wet from the blowjob and cum. I lowered myself slowly down until his cock head touched my opening. I wiggled his penis up and down my slit. I looked at Caleb, his eyes where focused on his cock and my pussy. I told him to relax and just enjoy the feeling. And not to worry about how he would perform. With that said, it was time to pleasure myself.

I wiggled and lowered my cunt down his shaft until he was fully in me. I began to grind around on his cock, letting it touch all inside of me. I reached down and fondled my clit as I started the rhythm of sex. I felt my orgasm building, and told Caleb this. He asked me what he should do. I told him to have one with me.

I felt Caleb’s hips lifting me off of them. His cock was sliding in and out of me. I had a strong hold on my clit. I was pinching it and pulling on it as I reached my orgasm. I made a slight whimper and fell forward on to Caleb’s chest. His cock was pounding me now fast and with fury. I had internet casino to scream as wave after wave crashed up inside of me. I let it all come out. I was still having mini orgasms when I noticed Caleb lying quietly still. I knew he had cum also.

I rolled off of Caleb onto my back. Taking deep breaths of air. I could feel the goo running out of me and onto my sheets. Damn he has a lot of cum I thought to myself. Then I had the feeling again, let’s find out!

I scooped up a palm full of cum and wrapped it around my brother’s cock. I began jacking him off. He was still slightly hard; I could have almost fucked him then. I crawled over him and got into a sixty-nine position. I told Caleb to explore me more and I lowered my mouth down onto his hot cum dripping cock.

His and my juices tasted delightfully perverted. Knowing this excited me beyond anyone’s sexual fantasy dream. I become enraged in sucking my brother’s cock, I was being quick and fast. Spit was dribbling out of the corners of my mouth. His cock was rock hard once again.

Caleb was a little shy about eating my cunt. He was touching with his tongue, rather than licking and probing my hot channel. I stopped sucking him and sat upright.

I turned around and lowered myself back down onto his face. I took my fingers and spread my pussy lips and told Caleb to take a big long lick and not to be so gentle. His tongue started at my hole and worked it’s self up to my bud. As his tongue flicked off of my clit it sent shock waves through my body. I told Caleb that he was doing it correctly.

Caleb really got into the act of pussy licking after I showed and told him how to do it. In less than a minute I was holding on to the beds headboard screaming and spitting sex out of my mouth. I think I hurt my brother’s nose when I ground down too hard on it during my orgasm.

I wanted to reward Caleb for the great pussy licking that he had just given me. I slid my pussy down his chin, ran it across one of his nipples and quickly slid it to his waiting cock.

With my hand I guided him into me once again. He slipped in with the ease of a prefucked cunt can only have. I wanted Caleb to be a man. I took a hold of him and we rolled over.

With Caleb on top of me for the first time I looked into his face and smiled. I pulled his lips to mine and just before we kissed, I told him to fuck me crazy.

That’s how my day and this story started. God I hope this doesn’t end or get complicated. It’s just too great.

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