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Double Penetration

Co-workers have many uses. Their knowledge can be shared, making two people smarter than either one. They can be leaned on in times of trouble. They can be sex partners.

Cheryl and Mary had no desire to have sex. They needed each other to survive an extremely stressful work environment and, for about the past six months, that’s exactly what they did. They became closer and closer until they were rarely seen apart when not at their desks. Even then, one could be seen helping another on a troublesome document or learning a new application.

Perhaps they got along so well because they were so different. Cheryl had long, brown hair and was tall. Mary was blonde and short. Cheryl was a risk taker and Mary was as introverted as they came. Their only similarities seemed to be their ages—both were thirty—and their slim figures. Plus, they were both married.

It was that last fact that led to most of their lengthy lunchtime discussions. They were in their fifth and sixth years of marriage. The honeymoons were over. Each was getting to know their spouse a little better and that wasn’t always a good thing. Oh, neither one was on the verge of divorce. It was just that the sparkle of being a newlywed was long gone and a routine was settling in.

The girls were not hesitant to talk about it and, of course, nothing was out-of-bounds for Cheryl.

“How’s your sex life been?” she asked Mary at lunch one day.

“Fine. I mean, like, Tom would have sex every waking moment if he could. Or, rather, if I would,” Mary replied. “I’m exhausted when I get home, Cheryl. I need time and space to unwind before I think about that stuff.”

“Is he good?”

Mary smiled. “Yeah. He gets pretty wild, though. You know me…Ms. Conservative. But it’s OK. How about you and Joe?”

“We’re fine, too. I suppose it’s rare to have two people that are perfect matches for each other,” Cheryl said. “We have different philosophies, but the sex we have is good. I just wish there was more of it.”

And so it went. The odds were good that, without an intervention, one of the couples wouldn’t last to see their tenth anniversary. Luckily, things were about to change.

It began with an innocent invitation by Cheryl for the two couples to spend an evening at dinner together and gather afterward at Cheryl and Joe’s condo for drinks. It would be the first time all four were together. Tom was very much looking forward to it, having heard so much about Cheryl. Joe was less enthusiastic, which was essentially his approach to everything.

From the moment Tom first saw Cheryl, he had trouble keeping his eyes off her and even more trouble keeping his mind off her. She wore a fairly unadventurous outfit, but that didn’t stop him from imagining what was underneath the tall brunette’s clothing. Tom loved her effervescent personality and found himself talking to her almost exclusively. Mary was just happy everybody seemed to be getting along.

The festivities moved to Cheryl’s condo and she and Joe found the other couple very easy to please. Tom readily helped Cheryl with the drinks and snacks while Mary and Joe chatted. If any of them had been paying attention to such things, they would have seen that the pattern had already been established. Like particles that either attract or repel each other, pairings were formed and marital status had nothing to do with it. Within half an hour, Cheryl was feeling the attraction to Tom and Mary to Joe.

The former was physical and the latter was intellectual. The results were the same: an excitement that all of them felt needed to be acted upon. As expected, Tom acted first.

He found himself alone with Cheryl in the basement den, a circumstance she found easy to accomplish.

“I hope you won’t be offended if I say you are very pretty, Cheryl,” Tom said. “Mary is lucky to get to work with you every day.”

Cheryl’s blush preceded her answer. “Thank you. I’m glad I finally got to meet you after all this time.”

“What lies has my wife been telling you?”

“How would I know if they were lies?” Cheryl said coyly. “She says you have lot of, um, ‘energy.’ Is that true?”

The little tilt of Cheryl’s head and the look in her eyes nearly made him take her into his arms.

“I’m not exactly sure how she meant that. But it’s probably true.”

Cheryl laughed and said, “Joe is just the opposite, so I wondered if I would like anyone so different. But I do, in case you were pondering that.”

“I’m glad you do,” Tom told her. “I do have one question for you that may sound strange, though.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you dress so conservatively at work, also?”

Cheryl grinned and said, “Not really. You don’t like this?”

“Oh, no. It’s not that. You look great,” Tom explained as Cheryl delighted in watching him squirm. “I just wondered…you know…”

“What I look like naked,” she finished for him.

The startled look on Tom’s face quickly turned to one of pleasure. “Yes, actually. I’ll admit it.”

“Mary was right, then,” Cheryl replied. “So, antalya escort what’s your offer?”

“My offer?”

“Let’s say I agreed to send you a picture, what do I get in return?” Cheryl asked.

“A picture,” he quickly replied. “That’s only fair.”

“It is. Give me your number.”

They each pulled out their cell phones and exchanged numbers with nervous anticipation. They assured each other their spouses would never know and headed back upstairs.

Speaking of which, Mary and Joe were making expectedly slow headway in forging a relationship. They discussed world affairs and the election and the potential long-term dangers of fracking. Not fucking. Fracking. In the end, they liked each other. No phone numbers were exchanged between them.

Cheryl spent the next twenty four hours planning her picture for Tom. It had to be just right. She determined early on that it would not be what he probably hoped for: a full nude shot. No, Cheryl would tease him. She wanted him to beg for it, knowing that the consequence would be equal treatment from him in return. That was fine with her. This would be fun.

Finally, the evening after the dinner and drinks, Cheryl was alone in the bedroom with phone in hand. She wore her tiniest pair of lacy bra and panties, the fabric of which hid virtually nothing when the light was just right. Cheryl made sure they hid enough to disappoint the intended audience. Then, using the ten second delay option, she set the phone on the dresser and let it take the first shot. She reviewed it and took two more at different angles. After selecting the second pose, she sent it to Tom.

He was watching TV with Mary when he saw the email come in from Cheryl. The paper clip attachment indicator that came with it caused his heart to race. Tom moved into the bathroom, closed and locked the door. His cock reacted at the first view of Cheryl’s long, lean body. He expanded the picture and stared at it. Soon, his zipper was down and he was stroking his ever-growing erection as he gazed longingly at Cheryl’s full breasts, flat stomach, and smooth pussy. Sure, the breasts and pussy were covered by a bra and panties, but Tom visualized what was underneath. His cock was rock hard by the time he closed the picture. He stuffed his cock back into his pants, waited for it to calm down, and returned to the couch.

So, she had kept up her end of the bargain…kind of. She wouldn’t send him a nude photo and she wouldn’t get one back. Tom didn’t intend it to be a punishment. It was a continuation of the game. When he got up the next morning to shower, he kept his briefs on and opened her photo. A few strokes through the fabric had him thick and hard. The first picture he took of himself was perfect, showing the outline of his erection as it threatened to escape at the waistband. He sent it to Cheryl.

There was only a touch of guilt on her mind as Cheryl opened the photo from Tom at work. She smiled knowingly as she studied it, thinking of the multitude of things she would like to do with that cock if Mary did not. Then she plotted her next move.

Tom would be expecting the next picture, so Cheryl sent him a text message. A very simple ‘Hi.’

He replied back: ‘Hi. Nice picture.’

‘Same here. Is that the best you can do?’

‘Ha. I had no enticement to do better.’

Cheryl thought for a moment and answered, ‘You must be the verbal type.’

‘Call me and find out.’

Cheryl was dialing his number almost before she finished reading the text. He answered on the second ring.

“Hi there. Bored at work?” he asked.

“Yep. You?”


“Do you have an office?”

“I do.”

“Close the door,” she said.

“It’s closed,” he replied.

“Then why aren’t you looking at my picture getting hard again?”

“I wasn’t hard in my picture,” Tom said. “That’s my normal state.”

Cheryl laughed and said, “Nice try. Now rub it and get hard for me.”

“I will…if you promise to send me another pic. A better pic this time.”

“What would make it better?”

He repositioned his cock as it grew inside his pants. “More skin.”

“I’ll send you a picture of my back.”

“I want to see your tits, Cheryl.”

She smiled and said, “Are you hard yet?”


“Wrap your fingers around it.”

“Rub your clit.”

Cheryl didn’t need to be told twice. She pulled up on her skirt and put her hand on top of her panties. They were already damp.


“I was hard all night, Cheryl. But you in your underwear isn’t going to cut it.”

She tried to stifle her chuckle. She responded, “I could have shopped online at Sears and seen as much as you sent me.”

Each one was masturbating the entire time, their pulse rate rising minute by minute.

Tom repeated, “I want to see your tits,”

“Would that make you cum, Tom?”

“Depends on your tits.”

This time she did laugh, saying, “I’d want photographic proof that you came.”

“God, you drive a tough bargain.”

“Or kemer escort cum now.”

“I’m close.”

“OK. So, I’ll send you another pic tonight. Bye.”

They were disconnected before Tom could reply. But he stroked his rock hard cock for a few more seconds before letting go of it.

By the time she got home, Cheryl had reconsidered her promise of another picture. Oh, she wasn’t backing down. To the contrary, she wanted to up the ante. She sent Tom a text: ‘When can you FaceTime me in private?’

The response was almost immediate. ‘Tomorrow night. 7 pm. Mary has a meeting.’

‘Do it,’ was the reply from Cheryl. Joe was out of town for two more days.

At 6:55 the next night, Cheryl changed into the exact same bra and panties she wore in the picture. She set up her iPad and waited. Across town, Tom was naked except for his briefs preparing to make the call. He waited until 7:02.

“Well, that looks familiar,” Tom said when Cheryl came on the screen, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“It’s all I own,” she replied. “Stand up. Let me see you.”

Tom stood and moved back, letting her see him from the face to the knees. She gazed without saying a word.

“I haven’t gotten the next picture, yet,” he said.

“This is your picture.”

“You promised to be topless.”

“Mary never said you were this impatient,” Cheryl told him. “Get as hard as in your picture and I’ll get topless.”

Tom’s hand moved to his cock and he rubbed it slowly, instantly feeling the blood flow into it and the throbbing begin. Cheryl watched intently as the shaft hardened.

“There. Now take off the bra,” Tom ordered.

Cheryl was grinning as she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She let it hang with the straps starting to fall off her shoulders. Inch by inch the breasts appeared. Finally, she tossed the bra aside. It was Tom’s turn to stare at the firm tits and small hard nipples.

“Very nice,” he said.

His cock ached and he massaged it, never taking his eyes off the tits.

“Now, I think the deal was you would cum for me,” Cheryl said.

“I thought we decided we would cum together.”

Cheryl smiled and replied, “I’m not sure that was discussed. But, I’m open to considering it.”

Tom reached inside his briefs and grabbed his cock. It was warm on his palm and the head looked like it was about to explode. She hid it from her view the entire time.

“Let me see it, Tom.”

“Agree to cum with me.”


Only when her hand slid inside her panties did Tom put his thumbs inside the waistband of his briefs, pulling them out and pushing them down. The head of his cock appeared as Cheryl rubbed her clit. Then he was stepping out of the briefs and his cock rose from between his legs like a pole. Cheryl’s heart pounded at the sight of the biggest erection she’d ever seen. She desperately wanted to lick it and suck on it. She wanted it inside her wet pussy.

Tom began to masturbate as Cheryl did the same. He watched her put a hand on one of her tits, playing the nipple. He could see her fingers being inserted into her pussy, drawing the moisture from it before moving back up to her clit. Cheryl watched Tom’s hand slide up and down his massive cock, the blue veins bulging out on all sides.

“Push down your panties,” Tom told her.

Cheryl obeyed and leaned back on the bed while rubbing her clit harder. He heard her moan. She pulled one leg out from the panties and spread herself farther apart. Tom saw the pink skin of her pussy and the first drop of precum oozed from the tip of his cock.

“I’m moving into the bathroom,” he told her.

Cheryl watched as his iPad was moved, occasionally getting an up-close glimpse of his cock swaying as he walked. Then the picture steadied and Tom was at the edge of the shower. He began to stroke himself once more.

Cheryl’s whimpers were persistent and clearly audible now. Her tits bounced as she rubbed her clit harder and harder.

“Oh God,” Tom heard her sigh.

“Cum for me, Cheryl.”

Another couple minutes passed, with Tom trying urgently not to cum too fast. Cheryl was wriggling on the bed, ready to cry out as soon as her orgasm began.

Then Tom groaned, “Now. I’m cumming.”

Cheryl couldn’t take her eyes off the screen as Tom unloaded his cock with long, white streams of cum spraying into the shower. She saw him wince with each grunt; with each new burst of cum. And then she came.

She threw her head back on the bed and she rubbed her clit as the climax flowed through her body. Tom watched her hair flail in all directions as she squealed with delight. On and on the orgasm went, a new shudder occurring each time Cheryl managed to see the screen and the remnants of his own orgasm on the tip of Tom’s cock.

“Holy shit, that was great,” Tom declared when Cheryl was done.

“I’ve never cum like that in my life. When can I have that cock in person?”

Thus began the negotiations between Tom and Cheryl. konyaaltı escort Meanwhile, Mary and Joe were moving along like tortoises, exchanging e-mails in which they discussed the major topics of the day and exulting in their attempts to outwit the other. Joe couldn’t wait to get out of his business meetings and get back to the hotel where he could read the latest news from Mary. He even allowed himself the pleasure of thinking what it would be like living with a woman who appreciated the proper use of the mind.

By the time Joe was back in town, he and Mary were communicating by e-mail several times a day. The conversations became more and more informal, with a suitable amount of philosophy mixed in. They were connecting in a way neither of them had experienced before…and they liked it. Left on their own, it would naturally lead to a physical relationship.

But fate was about to play its hand.

Mary was not technologically challenged. She knew how modern devices worked, including cell phones. She also knew her husband. It did not take her long to ‘steal’ his phone’s passcode once she had it in her mind she wanted it. After that, it was simple to find the texts and pictures from Cheryl.

Mary wasn’t necessarily angry. Nothing Cheryl did would surprise her. In fact, little that Tom did would surprise her. So, she momentarily felt betrayed. But then, the solution to a lingering problem flashed through her brain. With a smile, she shut off the phone and anxiously awaited work the next morning.

Cheryl welcomed Mary into her office as always that day. However, she wasn’t used to Mary closing the door behind her before she sat.

“I’ve been thinking about the night we all got together, Cheryl,” Mary began with a pleasant look on her face.

“Oh? What about it?”

“Did you and Joe enjoy it?”

“We loved it,” Cheryl said. “I think we should do it again. I’m sure Joe would agree.”

“Good, because that’s what I came in here to suggest,” Mary told her. “But I think the next time will be very different.”


Mary crossed her legs and took a deep breath. “Because I’m not sure dinner and drinks will be enough for you and Tom.”

Cheryl’s confused look was followed by, “What do you mean, Mary?”

“I mean you’re going to want to fuck,” she said bluntly. “Am I right?”

“Mary! What the hell are you talking about!?”

“I’m talking about you and my husband exchanging texts and photos and, apparently, at least one FaceTime session.”

Cheryl’s face turned pale and her heart nearly leapt out of her chest.

“I…I…don’t know what you…,” Cheryl started to say.

“Stop it, Cheryl. I saw them. Now, let’s talk about this,” Mary said calmly.

Feeling much more relaxed now that the initial blow was delivered, Mary said, “You and Tom were probably made for each other. Unless you already have and I don’t know about it, I suspect sex between you two would be pretty…wild. Just the way he likes it. Joe, on the other hand, is a passionate thinker. I know that because we’ve been talking the entire time you and Tom have been getting each other off. So, here’s my proposal.”

She paused before continuing: “I propose we have another evening together. I’ll host it if you want. You and Tom can do whatever you want, as long as Joe and I have our own time together. The understanding going into it has to be that we all go home with the person we brought and that more gatherings will be scheduled in the future.”

Cheryl replied, “And if one of the guys doesn’t agree to it?”

“C’mon, Cheryl. You can only mean Joe and I’m confident he’ll do it.”

Cheryl, of course, accepted the offer with suppressed glee. She would get her fling with a well-hung sex fiend and Joe…well; Joe would get whatever he wanted, whatever that was. Neither wife needed to do much persuading to get their husband to agree. It most likely would have all happened in due time anyway and this arrangement let all four of them experience a fantasy, of sorts, under less stressful conditions.

A date was found when all four were available and Mary and Tom hosted, as promised. They owned a four-level split with a finished basement and three bedrooms upstairs. On the two middle levels were the kitchen, dining room, living room and den. It was the ideal setup for what was about to occur.

It took very little time for the swap to take place, although Tom and Cheryl were hesitant to hold each other as they both wanted to do. Instead, Tom took Cheryl’s hand and led her into the basement, closing the door behind them. Mary and Joe sat on the couch and talked. The instant Tom and Cheryl were at the bottom of the steps, Tom pushed Cheryl against the wall and lifted her face so that he could kiss her. Cheryl’s whimper of surprise was quickly replaced by groans of lust as their tongues came together and their bodies rubbed.

Tom got his hand inside the back of Cheryl’s very short skirt and he gripped her ass. The other hand kneaded a breast roughly. She could already feel his burgeoning erection through their clothing and knew it wouldn’t be long before she would have it. But Tom was in control and he lifted her top to reveal her tits. He yanked the bra aside and put a breast inside his mouth.

“Ohhh, yes Tom. Suck on it,” she told him.

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