Call Me “Mom” Ch. 01

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Tim had been going out with Angela for over four months and he felt that they had a good connection with each other and they would have many great times together in the future.

He is twenty-three with shoulder length black hair and green eyes and a slim build. She is forty-one and has long dark brown hair and blue eyes and she has a stunning body. Her measurements are 38-26-38. Yes she had a few pounds on her, but to Tim she looked great and she had the sexiest pair of legs that he has ever seen. Especially when she wore stockings, (which she wore often since she knew it got him excited). Another bonus of their relationship is that Tim has always been attracted to older women and he knew he had scored the jackpot with Angela.

Both were great together in bed. She has a pussy that he could lick and suck on and never grow tired of it. He especially loved to lick her to orgasm and the feel of her hips move all around as she came. She loved to return the favour to him. She loved to take all of his cock deep in her mouth and suck him dry. Out of all the women he had been to bed with, she was the best cocksucker ever. Another benefit he believed to dating an older woman, the experience they have.

He met Angela in coffee shop one day. She had taken they wrong jacket with her and she discovered that she had no money to pay for her order. Tim happened to be behind in line and heard she had no money and offered to pay for her. She thanked him with a warm smile and they two started to chat and get acquainted. They learned that they shared many things in common such as music and movies. They soon started to date each other and things seemed to get better as time passed.

He discovered that she has a kinky side to her. His last girlfriend who was only a couple of years older then he was not very fun in the sack. She refused to perform oral on him and the only position that she would do was missionary. She wouldn’t even consider his suggestions to experiment with other positions or get a bit wilder then they were. They broke up after she found someone else, and for Tim it was no big loss since they seemed to be going nowhere anyways.

Angela loved to dress in sexy lingerie and nylons for him whenever they had sex. From what he has experienced so far, she has a high sex drive and seemed to be up for anything. When he suggested 69, her reply was to start massaging his cock as she kissed his neck and rubbed her pussy. When he wanted to cum on her face, she looked at him seductively and licked her lips. She was even into anal sex, something that none of his other past girlfriends wanted. But Angela was hot for it and all ready to go. He wondered from time to time what else she might be into and he told her that he could be open-minded at times and was willing to try new things.

One night they had just returned to her apartment from having a few drinks after seeing a movie. His cock was hard and he was all ready to go. He snuck a feel between her crotch at the movies and felt how wet her panties were. They went şişli escort to a quiet bar after where he had a couple of beers and she had some wine. She was a bit tipsy, but she gave him a look that he knew that she wanted him when they got back to her place.

She asked him to get a bottle of wine from the fridge and that she would meet him on the couch. He went to retrieve the wine as she went to change. He knew that she might want to kiss and cuddle before getting down to business and he was fine with that. As long as they would both wind up in her bed for hot sex, he was all for it.

He went into the living room and opened the wine and poured it into the two glasses he brought with the bottle. When she finally emerged from the bedroom, she was dressed in a black silk teddy and she wore matching black nylons. He felt his cock rise as soon as he saw her and he knew that he wanted her more then ever.

She joined him on the couch and accepted a glass of wine that he offered her. They kissed and cuddled for a bit, but he sensed that there was something on her mind. He didn’t know how but he somehow knew that there was something that he wanted to ask him.

He finally looked at her between kisses and asked, “Is everything okay?”

She looked at him shocked and replied, “Yes. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. You just seem to be a bit tense like there is something on your mind or something.”

She looked down and back at him and said, “Well yes, there kind of is.”

“What is it? You can tell me anything.”

She took a long drink from her glass and refilled it. As she did, she said, “I was just wondering if you might be up to some role-playing?”

Tim had many fantasies and he was intrigued to learn what hers were. If role-playing was a way to find out, then he was up for it.

“Sure I Am.” He replied happily. “I’m willing to try new things.”

She then turned and gave him a sexy look and asked, “Any new things?”

“Umm yes. Sure. Why not. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun.”

She then leaned towards him and started to kiss him again. He felt her hands all over him. She even occasionally rubbed gently on his hard cock through his jeans to tease him. She then started to tell him what was on her mind and it wasn’t quite what he had expected.

“I have fantasies that I want to share with you Timmy.” She told him in his mouth. “Fantasies that get me all hot and horny.”

“Yes.” He moaned. “Please tell me what they are.”

As she kissed and teased him more, she asked, “Can I tell you anything. I mean really tell you anything?”

“Yes yes you can.” He was dying to know what it was that she wanted to do with him. “Please tell me baby.”

“I have a fantasy that I want to share with you. Its one that seems to get me so wet, and I have masturbated to it lots of times. It’s a taboo fantasy.”

Now he was really intrigued to what it was. Now it could be almost anything and he didn’t know what to expect.

“Are you ready Timmy?” mecdiyeköy escort she then asked.

He licked his lips and looked at her. “Yes I am.”

“Okay I want you to pretend that it’s our first time together. And you are shy and I am in control, and you will do what I want you to do.”

The first thing that he though was that she liked to be in control and run the show. He had his own fantasies of older women taking charge and using him for their sexual pleasure.

“Oh yes baby, lets go for it.”

She then rose from him and took off her teddy in front of him. Her milky white breasts and light pink nipples stood out at him and her pussy was wet. She them moved to his head and spread her legs as she climbed on top of his face.

“Lick me Timmy. I know that you have thought about licking pussy. Show me how what you can do.”

He pretended to hesitate, and said “I don’t know how or if we should.”

This seemed to get her a bit more excited and she then said, “Yes we can. Its okay. Please, kiss my pussy.”

Tim then started to kiss her pussy lips. He could smell her wetness and he wanted to plunge in. But he knew that she wanted him to act shy and so he just kissed with is lips.

“Mmmmmmmm that feels good Timmy. Soooo good”

She then started to mover her pussy on his faces. He felt her lips rubbed all over his lips and cheeks as her juices flowed on him.

“Lick me Timmy. Pretend like you are licking ice cream or something very tasty and sweet. Lick all over my pussy.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He stuck out his tongue and licked her swollen lips. She moved a bit faster and he licked her cunt hungrily. He then felt her hand gently caress his rock hard cock. Then made him lick her a bit faster and he heard her moan with delight, as she got wetter.

“Lick me harder!” she commanded. “Slide your tongue in me Timmy! Lick me deep!”

He worked his way between her lips with his tongue and licked away hungrily. He darted his tongue inside her cunt and back out. He continued to tease and please her with his tongue and she rode his tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH” she moaned as she came all over his face.

He licked sweet cum from her lips and was hungry for her more. He continued to lick her until his entire face was soaked with his saliva and her cum. He was prepared to try and make her cum again when she got up from on top of his face. She went and leaned down to him and kissed him passionately. Their tongues met and they shared the taste of her cum.

When she was done kissing him she went and stroked his hard cock. He was sure that she was going to give him a blowjob. Instead took his cock in her grasp. She then parted he legs and touch the tip of him to her wet swollen lips. He was in heaven as he felt her hot pussy slide on his dick and she mounted him. She moaned as she felt him inside of her and she slowly started to ride him. She went up and down his cock slowly and rode him a bit at a time.

She then looked at him. “Mmmmmmmmmm this is so hot isn’t it Timmy.”

“Oh, oh god yes.” Was all he could reply as he felt her on him. He felt her pussy juices flow slowly down his shaft and he loved how it felt.

“Will you do anything I ask Timmy? Even if it sounds perverted and taboo?”

He wanted her so bad and she felt so good. Not to mention how hot she looked as her bright eyes gleamed at him and her ruby red lips smiled at him.

“You know I will babe.” He moaned. “Anything you want.”

That seemed to make her more excited and she started to rife him a bit faster. “Mmmmmmmmmm lets do it then. Lets pretend to be dirty and perverted. Mmmmmmmmmmmm uuuuuunhhhhhhhhhhhh.

“Do something for me Timmy.” She then moaned. “I really want you to do one thing for me. Please. It will make cum hard for you.”

As he felt his own excitement build, he knew that he was at her will and couldn’t resist her. He knew that he wanted to give in to whatever she wanted and he moaned, “Ohhh yes I will do anything you ask. Anything at all.”

As she rode him faster she softly said to him, “call me…. call me…call me ‘mom'”

He wasn’t sure what he had just heard and he had to ask her again. She knew that she was still in firm control of him and she said again. ‘Call me mom!'”

He couldn’t help himself. She felt so good and he didn’t want her to stop at all. He really wanted her to go on and on.

He looked at her and she mounted him and called her mom. The very moment she heard him call her mom, her excitement seemed to burst from her. She really started to fuck his cock then. Her hot pussy sliding up and down on him a bit faster.

“Yessssss yesssss. Keep calling me mom. Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop.”

As he felt his ecstasy build he grasped her breasts with his hands and cried. “Mom yes mom. Mom oh mom. Oh mom.”

She then cried out in pleasure as orgasm again and again. She pressed his hands on her breasts as she reached her climax. He felt his cock and thighs get soaked with her cum and he loved it.

When she was done she looked at him and “I want you to cum now Timmy.”

She slid of his cock. It was soak with her pussy cum. She took his cock in her hand and started to masturbate him. As she did she looked at him as she beat him off and told him that she wanted him to cum for her.

He couldn’t hold back even if he had wanted to. He moaned out loud as his hot white jizz shot out from him and landed on his chest and her hand. She watched him orgasm, and went and licked up his cream from his chest and her hand. She told him that she loved the taste of his cum and could never get enough of it.

Angela then went and lay beside him on the couch and kissed him deeply.

“Oh honey,” she sighed, “That was fantastic. Mmmmmm thank you so much.”

She kissed him again and relaxed in his arms. As they were on the couch, Tim thought about what had just happened. They had always had hot sex together, but that time was incredible. But he never would have believed that she had it in her. And then he wondered, did they really just role-play and get off on an incest fantasy?

To be continued.

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