Carries New Life Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: The Video Changes Everything

As the words were still ringing in his ears he realized that Carrie already had the remote in her hand.

“Wait!” he started. “Let me put in a real movie at least. This is just an old workout tape I was rewinding when you got here.”

Before he could finish Carrie pressed the play button.

“That sounds good to me. I don’t really feel like watching a movie right now anyway. Just something to pass the time while we wait for you to …”

It was too late. The video had already started. It was at one of his favorite parts.

“Oh, wow! ” Carrie whispered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a workout video quite like this!”

Tom was mortified. He certainly hadn’t expected this change of events.

“Please Carrie. Don’t…”Tom begged.

On the screen were several men in leather masks standing around a very shapely middle aged blonde woman. Her arms and legs were shackled just as Tom had imagined the woman Carrie had told her about earlier. poker oyna All of the men were stroking their cocks furiously as they looked down at the woman who was sobbing uncontrollably.

Suddenly one of the men began to slap his cock on the woman’s face as she wept. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head upright. With his other hand he pushed his cock against her lips. She resisted for a moment and suddenly let his throbbing meat slide deeply into her her mouth. At the same moment another man knelt down beside her. His cock was huge. He aimed it at her ass and began to shoot his cum all over her back while she deep throated the masked man before her.

Tom had to force himself to turn away from the scene to look at Carrie’s reaction. Her eyes were glued to the television . Her mouth was agape and her breath was staggered. Would this change everything? Would Carrie be sickened by her brother-in -law getting into bondage gang bang videos? All these things were storming through his head when canlı poker oyna he heard Carrie speak.

“Tom, I guess I don’t really understand a lot of things here. Are you one of these men in this video or are you just into getting off on this sort of thing?”

Tom hesitated before saying “It’s not what you think Carrie. I could never think of abusing or humiliating a woman like you see in this video, it’s just a harmless fantasy that I use to make myself cum. It doesn’t say anything about my true personality. It’s all play acting anyway and I know this. Like I said, harmless.”

Carrie turned to him and said “Tom, I want to ask you something and I hope you will give me a straight answer.”

“Well sure Carrie. I wouldn’t lie to you about anything. I swear it.” Tom said plainly.

“Good.” said Carrie. “Because I want to know if you would like to tie me up and fuck me in every hole.”

“Uh… what are you asking here Carrie? Surely you’re not serious?” he asked.

“Why wouldn’t internet casino I be? There must be something to it if you, as well as your brother, find something exciting about it. I want you to teach me Tom. Would you?”

“But what do you expect me to teach you? Like I said, I’m not really into this stuff. I just enjoy the fantasy of it all.” he replied.

“Like you said, Tom. It’s not real. It’s just make believe. I’m willing to do just about anything that will make sex more interesting. What’s wrong with that? and besides, you watch the stuff. You should be able to tell me the things about it that turn a man on, right?”

She looked almost pleading now.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right. I suppose I could show you what the turn on is, but why are you suddenly so interested?” Tom queried.

“Because if that can turn you and your brother on maybe I could have you both together, like in my own fantasy.” Carrie replied.

“Oh, Carrie. If that’s truly what you wish I would be honored. But first I would like to make gentle love to you. Aggressive behavior and sex don’t always mix. Closeness and intimacy are a very important part of our sexuality.”

“Please Tom, take me there. It’s what I’m needing more than anything right now.”

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