Cassie’s Secret Fantasy

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Cassie and I met at college, dated, became serious and eventually married. We were each other’s first love and first lover, and at first we were quite proud of that fact. But, unbeknown to each other, as time went on both of us began to wonder what it would be like to make love with someone else – although it must be said that we were actually looking in very different directions. Neither of us did anything about it, in fact neither of us even spoke about it, but it was there in the background to us both, a little voice wanting to know. Then, at a party to celebrate ten years since we got together, something occurred that suddenly brought it into focus.

The party was being held at our house and, because we didn’t have to worry about getting home, we had let our hair down and had far too much to drink. It was in the early hours and the party was winding down with only a few people still there. Cassie was sprawled on the couch, not quite passed out but well on the way, and I was slumped in a chair pretty much opposite when Shauna, one of the few people still around, came over to say goodnight while she waited for her husband to collect her. She was also drunk, although not quite as bad as us, and somehow the usual goodnight peck on my cheek turned into a full on snog.

Cassie looked up, bleary eyed, but instead of being mad she simply smiled sexily. ‘Hey, what about me?’ She slurred.

Now I have no idea, and neither has she now, whether she meant had we forgotten she was there, or why wasn’t I kissing her, or something else entirely, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t intend for what happened next. Shauna lurched to her feet, staggered across and plonked down on the couch next to Cassie. Then, as I watched, she turned Cassie’s face to hers and kissed her full on the mouth. I think I probably expected Cassie to pull away, but she didn’t, instead she returned the kiss in full measure, her arms going around Shauna’s shoulders and pulling her closer. I can remember dimly thinking “that’s new” before surrendering to drunken eyelids and closing my eyes.

I don’t think I was asleep for much more than a few minutes, but when I opened my eyes again the two were still kissing deeply, the front of Cassie’s blouse was undone, her bra was pushed up to expose her breasts, and Shauna’s hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her panties. I didn’t need to ask if Cassie minded, for she was moaning the sort of pleasure moan that I recognised only too well. I hadn’t realised that Shauna was into women; after all she was married, although her husband wasn’t a party animal and she had come alone, and I certainly hadn’t expected Cassie to be enjoying it. But somehow in my drunken state it didn’t seem anything too much out of the ordinary.

‘Save some for me.’ I mumbled to whichever of them was listening.

I hadn’t intended for them to separate, I felt strangely happy about seeing my wife in another woman’s arms, but they instantly flew apart sporting very guilty looks, and Shauna stumbled from the room leaving Cassie to hurriedly pull her skirt straight and fumble for the buttons on her blouse.

‘Sorry Dave, I think we got carried away.’ She murmured, turning away and hiding her face in embarrassment.

‘It doesn’t matter.’ I told her, feeling vaguely disappointed to have cut things short and wondering how far they might have gone if I hadn’t.

If truth be told then I’ll admit that I wouldn’t have said no to Shauna myself, I’ve always fancied her on the quiet and, as I said before, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to take another woman to bed. I suppose I was a little bit jealous that she’d come on to Cassie rather than to me.

Cassie and I probably should have talked about it then, but we didn’t do anything that night except snore and the next morning we were both so hung-over that talking about anything sensibly was out of the question, so the twin subjects of my wife’s possible bi-tendencies and my own voyeuristic fantasies were quietly left in abeyance.

They weren’t forgotten altogether though, not by me at least. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see Cassie with another woman, though there was no way I dare say so. But then one night I was thinking about it as we were making love, imagining Cassie naked on the couch with her legs wide and Shauna kneeling between them ready to go down on her, and became suddenly impossible to hide it any longer. I was so damn randy because of what I was thinking that the sex we were having was out of this world. I can remember plunging deep into her, making her gasp with the power of my thrusts as I got closer to flooding her. I was absolutely ramming myself into her and in her turn she was squirming and heaving under me, her nails raking my back with sheer lust. I could see that she too was on the brink of an enormous orgasm because her eyes were squeezed tight shut and she was bucking erratically, losing control as she got closer.

Then I was there, my cum racing along my shaft as I slammed my cock home and held it deep inside poker oyna her, twitching and jerking with each spurt that sprayed her cervix. Seconds later and she came as well, an enormous orgasm making her eyes shoot wide and forcing a cry from her lips. Now her fingers just grabbed at my shoulders, her nails digging in and holding me tight as I filled her, until in the end I was giving little jolting thrusts but with nothing more coming from my empty balls. Finally I just collapsed on top of her, gasping and sweating, feeling her panting hard beneath me as well, her arms locking around my neck. For a short while we lay like that, my erection softening inside her, but then her legs slumped back onto the bed and I knew it was my cue to pull my shrunken cock out and roll away and lie silently beside her while we both struggled to get our breath back. She turned her head to look at me and I could see by her questioning expression that she knew something was different.

‘I was fantasizing about you doing it with someone else.’ I admitted softly after a few minutes.

‘Christ! I wondered what had got you going.’ She muttered, then after a pause she asked. ‘Anybody in particular?’

I told her.

‘Christ!’ She said again. ‘I thought you meant with a man.’

She thought about it for a moment or two and then asked me. ‘Would it really turn you on to see me with Shauna? I mean, in real life?’

I took a deep breath. ‘Yes, it really would.’

‘It would me too.’ She mused.

After that we couldn’t avoid having the conversation we should have had long before. We lay side by side, holding hands, and we both admitted wanting to have other partners and to see each other with someone else. It wasn’t an easy conversation, especially as Cassie was admitting at least some lesbian tendencies, and so we trod very warily at first. Fortunately we had read each other well and the potential arguments didn’t materialise, instead we talked openly and without rancour, accepting that we were more adventurous than ordinary married life would allow. Finally we decided that if another opportunity arose for her to get together with Shauna, she should take it, although we had no idea of course, if Shauna was inclined towards women or if that episode with Cassie had been a one off that she now bitterly regretted.

After that we just lay there, still holding hands, while we absorbed everything we’d said. Then out of the blue Cassie asked me something else.

‘Would you like to have Shauna yourself?’

It was a night for honesty, and so I answered truthfully. ‘Of course I would, she’s a beautiful girl.’

‘I’d like you to.’

That was something I hadn’t expected. I digested it for a minute or so before I said anything.

‘Do you mean in a threesome, or separately?’

‘Preferably in a threesome, but if you want her separately, I wouldn’t mind.’

I was a bit confused by that. There seemed to me to be something behind it. I asked the obvious question. ‘Do you want to have it with another man?’

‘Only if you want me to.’ She told me. ‘That’s not what I meant.’

‘So what did you mean?’ I was totally lost.

‘All right.’ She said, taking an obvious deep breath. ‘I’d love you to fuck Shauna whilst I’m there too, and there’s a reason for that.’

I just looked at her, trying to make out her expression in the dark. I was too astonished to say anything.

‘I’ve got a bit of a fantasy.’ She went on. ‘There’s something I’ve never done, but I really want to try. I’ve wanted to do it for years and years, ever since I first thought about being with another girl. Promise you won’t get angry if I tell you?’

‘I promise.’

‘Well, I want to go down on her.’

‘I know that.’ I frowned; I’d already figured she would do that if they went to bed together.

She took another deep breath and squeezed my hand. ‘I mean after you’ve come inside her. I’ve always wanted to lick a man’s cum out of a girl.’

‘Wow!’ I told her. That was a bit of a shocker, but I must admit that the image it created made my cock twitch again.

‘Do you think she’d let you?’ Silly question really, how would she know?

‘I’ve no idea, but if she did, would you mind?’

‘No, of course I wouldn’t.’ That also seemed a silly question, but I can see why she asked. ‘But how are we going to ask her?’

‘I’ve no idea.’ She said again. ‘But I’d love to try.’ She rolled towards me and rested her head on my chest. ‘Forget I said it, Dave, because we’re never going to get the chance to try it.’

‘All right, sweetheart.’ I whispered. ‘But if we ever do, I know we’d enjoy it, both of us.’

‘We can dream.’ She whispered back, snuggling down to sleep.

That, I thought, was the end of what seemed to me to be a very sexy idea, and so I kind of parked it in the back of my mind among the rest of the “if onlys”.

Then, a couple of weeks later, after we’d both put the idea onto the back burner, I ran into Shauna on the street, and the first thing she did was to apologise for what canlı poker oyna had happened at the party.

‘Look Dave.’ She said. ‘I’m sorry for my behaviour at your place, I was legless. Has Cassie forgiven me yet?’

She looked so contrite and she’d got it so wrong that I couldn’t help but laugh – and that was probably what made everything that followed possible. If I hadn’t laughed I wouldn’t have had to explain and the chance we so dearly wanted may never have come up.

‘The only thing Cassie hasn’t forgiven you for.’ I told Shauna’s puzzled face. ‘Is running off just when she was beginning to enjoy herself.’

Her eyes widened in surprise and she blushed as she took in what I meant. She looked at me in shocked silence for a minute or so before she replied quietly. ‘Thank you Dave, that’s made me feel a lot better, I was really worried that I’d lost a friend.’

‘I must ask you.’ I continued quickly before the conversation could take a different route. ‘If I hadn’t interrupted, how far would you have gone?’

‘I don’t know… I was drunk…’ She stumbled over her words, caught out by my reaction being the reverse of what she had expected. ‘I really don’t know Dave, but I was as randy as hell, so… I just don’t know.’

‘Would it help if I told you that Cassie wouldn’t have stopped you, no matter how far you wanted to take it? In fact I know she was game for anything, and maybe a little bit sorry that nothing happened. And I wouldn’t have minded either.’

‘Game for anything?’ She queried, a sudden catch in her voice. ‘What sort of anything?’

‘Any sort of anything that girls can do together.’ I told her. ‘Fingers, mouths, everything.’

‘So are you saying?’ She asked carefully after a moment, looking around to make sure nobody was within earshot. ‘That Cassie wanted me to make love to her that night, I mean really make love?’

‘Yes, and on any other night. So if the same situation ever comes up again, just remember that there is nothing to stop you carrying it on to the end.’

‘And you wouldn’t stop us?’

‘I’d join in if you wanted me to.’

‘Oh my God. Really?’ Her hand flew to her mouth.

‘And just so you know. We’ll be home all Friday evening if you feel like visiting.’

‘Are you sure?’ She understood instantly. ‘I mean sure that Cassie would want me to?’


‘Oh my god.’ She said again. ‘Listen to us. I’m arranging a liaison with your wife and you don’t mind?’

‘No, I want her do enjoy herself. Can you make it?’ I meant “do you want to do it” as much as “is it possible”.

She nodded thoughtfully, and then to my surprise she winked. ‘I can’t see Peter objecting to me visiting a friend, can you?’

‘I wouldn’t have thought so. He doesn’t have to know why, does he?”

‘I certainly won’t tell him.’ She smiled conspiratorially. ‘Is about seven-thirty all right?’

‘We’ll look forward to it.’

‘Not as much as I will. See you Friday.’ She blew me an excited kiss.

With that she was off down the street. I watched her go, smiling to myself and noting the sudden spring in her step. The next step was to tell Cassie.

‘Are you sure we’d be doing the right thing?’ Cassie asked me when I told her.

‘Yes.’ I answered. ‘Because now we know she fancies you.

‘But what if other people get to know?’

‘Well, we won’t say anything, and Shauna doesn’t want Peter to find out so she sure won’t.’

‘But what about you? Are you cool with it?”

‘I’m fine. I’ll be here if you want me to get involved, but otherwise it’ll be your night with Shauna.’ I thought she was just throwing up objections for the sake of appearances, so I called her bluff. ‘I’ll cancel it if you like.’

‘No, don’t do that.’ Her alarm gave her away.

On Friday evening Shauna was punctual to the minute. At exactly seven-thirty our doorbell rang and Cassie went to answer it. It was probably a good job that she went, for it was Peter who was delivering Shauna and who promised to pick her up again whenever she texted him to say she was ready. If he’d known I was there he may have wanted to stay himself. I felt sorry for him in a way, unknowingly delivering his wife into the arms of another woman – and maybe another man. I heard the pair talking about it as they came back down the hall.

‘I didn’t think you’d want to see me again after that night.’ Shauna was telling Cassie.

‘I don’t fall out with friends that easily.’ Cassie reassured her. ‘Especially when it was as much down to me as you.’

‘I’m glad.’ Shauna smiled at her as they came into the room.

I had made coffee and deliberately set two cups in front of the couch, inviting them to sit together with me in an armchair opposite. It seemed appropriate that way. We made small talk for a little while and then it just kind of dwindled away; all of us conscious of what was expected and not sure how to begin.

‘You have no idea of the effect your kiss had.’ I told Shauna, trying to steer the conversation and get things moving internet casino again. ‘You sparked desires that I don’t think Cassie realised she had.’

‘Oh? What sort of desires?’ She smiled sexily at Cassie.

‘Well, the first one is to kiss you again.’

It was as simple as that. The two women turned to each other, moved closer, put their arms around each other and kissed. After that I think they almost forgot about me and that was the way I wanted it, so I just sat quietly and watched.

Actually, that’s not quite true. I didn’t want then to forget me altogether. I think I’ve already said that I wouldn’t kick Shauna out bed, her long slim legs and trim athletic figure topped by a haze of light brown hair made her extremely attractive, and I was attracted. I was also very conscious of Cassie’s fantasy. If she really wanted to satisfy that little kink, I was only too willing to help.

Their first kiss was nothing like the drunken snog they had shared before, and nor was it an immediately full on kiss. The two began much more hesitantly with just a soft touching of lips, but as they became confident in each other their mouths opened and they kissed more passionately with their arms pulling each other into the kisses and their mouths pressed firmly together. I couldn’t see, but the little noises they were making told me that tongues were probing between lips.

As I watched I could almost see the passion growing, seeing them turn more fully to each other, bodies shifting to get the most comfortable and most enjoyable position. Soon their hands began to explore, running up and down each other, across breasts, around backs, along arms and even onto thighs, little mewing noises marking their mutual pleasure. It was so nice to see, especially when Shauna’s hand settled on Cassie’s breast and I heard Cassie whisper a sibilant “yes” between kisses. All this was having a predictable effect on me, and my jeans were hard pressed to contain my growing erection.

As on the first occasion Cassie was wearing a thin cotton blouse in an obvious invitation to Shauna to do as before and unbutton it, and it wasn’t long before I saw Shauna’s fingers fumbling with the buttons. She was taking so long in her excited nervousness that I nearly went over and helped her, but eventually the blouse fell open to reveal Cassie’s bra, purposely an innocent and alluring white. Now I wanted to see Shauna’s hand delve inside it.

As it happened she didn’t need to. As soon as her blouse was undone Cassie leaned forward a little and shook her shoulders to dislodge it and then freed one arm after the other before tossing the blouse in my direction with a happy smile. I guessed what she would do next, and I was right. She reached behind herself and unclipped her bra, shaking it loose as she had her blouse so that now she was naked to the waist and looking absolutely stunning, radiantly happy and very, very sexy. Not to be outdone Shauna immediately followed suit, crossing her arms to grab the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulling it over her head. Her bra was red, but that hardly mattered for within seconds it had followed her top and she too was bare breasted.

I was in the ideal position to compare the two women as they sat and gazed at each other. Shauna was slimmer than Cassie and her breasts were smaller, but they were more pointed than Cassie’s rounded globes and they were tipped with beautiful long cylindrical nipples that just begged to be sucked. I was sure that Cassie would do just that before long and, I promised myself, if she didn’t then I would. I couldn’t help but wonder what other delights she would expose when they finally undressed completely. I just hoped that wouldn’t be too long.

For the moment they seemed content to be half undressed, or maybe it was that they just wanted to take things easy, for without removing anything else they drew each other back into an embrace and kissed gently, their breasts pressed erotically together as firmly as their mouths and their hands stroking the smooth skins of each other’s backs. It seemed a lifetime of seconds before they pulled apart, eyes wide with surprised excitement and breathing heavily.

‘Wow!’ Cassie exclaimed. ‘Your kissing is so hot. I think we should go upstairs, don’t you?’

Shauna nodded eagerly, grinning broadly. ‘That would be good.’

I wasn’t sure where that left me and for a moment I hesitated, half rising and then sitting back down. It crossed my mind that maybe they preferred their privacy, for a while at least.

‘We want you to come too.’ Cassie told me, smiling sexily at her own double entendre. ‘Don’t we Shauna?’

‘Definitely.’ Shauna cast over her shoulder as the two women made for the stairs.

They nearly raced each other up the stairs, giggling and stumbling, breasts bouncing, with Shauna only losing because she didn’t know which bedroom to enter. When I arrived at a slightly more sedate pace behind them they were standing facing each other at the bottom of the bed, grinning excitedly and trying to catch their breath. Then, at no particular sign that I could see, they began to quickly strip off the rest their clothing, Shauna catching her foot in her panties and sitting down heavily on the divan, giggling at her own clumsiness.

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