Chrissy Ch. 01

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I sat alone on the couch, watching some sports game, when the doorbell rang. I jumped up and opened it, to find my beautiful best friend Chrissy.

“Hey, you busy?” She asked, walking in before I could answer.

“Pfft, like that’d stop you.” I replied casually, sipping my beer before following her to the couch.

“Ooh, must really be a slow day, for you to watch sports.” She commented, falling on the lounge with a flop.

“Hey, I watch sports sometimes!”

“Alright, what are we watching right now then?” She asked looking me in the eyes, with an eyebrow raised.

“Uhh…” I murmured, watching the players punch the ball over a net. “Punchball?” I guessed. Chrissy began to squeal in laughter.

“That’s not even a sport!” She gasped between giggles. After she died down, she pulled out a game I’d been meaning to play, and got up to put the disc in. As she did, I thought about her. She wore a baggy hoodie that made it impossible to tell her breast size, jeans that made her butt look amazing, and sneakers. She had no makeup on, but had fair complexion and long flowing black hair. She was short, and very skinny, but in a healthy way. All in all, a very comfortable look, yet somehow was incredibly sexy when she wore it. She unfortunately turned around quickly to find me staring at her butt.

“What, tired of Cyndi’s butt already?” She teased, as she sat back down.

“What? No! I didn’t- s-shut up.” I stammered, as she passed me the controller.

“That was smoother than your pickup lines!” She laughed. My cheeks turned slightly red, but fortunately she was too busy setting up the game to notice. Cyndi is my current girlfriend of one month. We met at a party, and I thought she was hot and nice. Chrissy was there, but she knew better than to mess with me while I was trying to pick up a girl, despite how terrible I was at it. Chrissy didn’t drop it until a week later, and still she makes the odd joke about them. Cyndi found my attempts cute, and I managed to score a date three days later. I haven’t had sex yet, but I have had and done a couple things with her.

“Yo dude, pick your character.” Chrissy called out, waving her hand in front of my face.

“What? Sorry, I spaced out a minute ago…” I said vaguely, focusing on the game.

“You shoulda told me my butt’s that good, I could pick up dudes so much easier.” She grinned.

“I doubt you could pick them up, being so short!” I said, putting my hand on her head to measure.

“You dick, I thought we agreed no short jokes for me!” She said, punching my arm.

“Yeah, well we also agreed no digs about my pickup lines.” I said, smirking.

“But they’re just SO bad, how can I not make fun of them?” she replied.

“Bad as they are, at least they worked. When was the last time your ‘lines’ worked?” I teased, expecting her to not answer.

“Last night, thank you very much.” She told me proudly.

“Your hand doesn’t count, you’ve told me that enough times.” I joked.

“But vibrators do.” She said, her cheeks turning a shade darker.

“How many dicks did you suck to get that much money? I thought you were behind on rent money or something?” After high school, where we met, she decided she wanted to be dependent immediately, and moved out the day she graduated. She only works in retail, so her pay isn’t too high, but she’s scraping by. I often offer to lend money whenever she mentions being a little behind, but she refuses, I suppose it would break the point of being independent, to her at least.

“Oh, I just worked overtime, it’s all fine now.” She answered. We continued to play games for a while, until it got late.

“Well shit, I just meant to pop over for an hour, I actually had something more important than you to do tonight.”

“More important than me to do tonight?” I inquired. Her eyes grew wide and she started to frown.

“That is not what I meant and you know it.” She said, rather than some retort. I got mesmerised by her eyes for a moment, a dark brown colour but shining, the kind of eyes you’d want to explore with your own, to stare deeply into for hours. I shook my head, and realized I had yet to make a witty remark.

“I dunno, you did blush as you said it, I think you knew…” I winked, and started to unbutton my shirt, starting at the top.

“Oh god, please don’t, I actually want to keep my sexual fantasies for when I’m home, thank you very much.” She told me. We both froze as she said that. We sat on the couch, and looked at each other. Eventually, she spoke up.

“That didn’t come out right.” She muttered, her voice a tiny squeak that I found adorable.

“That’s what she said?” I joked, to ease the tension. She started snickering, which I was glad to accomplish. After she finished laughing, she told me what she meant.

“I just meant I try not to think about sexual stuff out of the home, not that I think about… you.” She explained.

“Well what’s wrong with me?” I asked, winking.

“Well you’re my best izmir escort bayan friend, I mean, you don’t think of me like that, right?” She asked. I paused, to think of what to say. The truth was that I thought about her most of the time. I mean, she’s been my friend since seventh grade, which conveniently, was the year I learnt how to masturbate. Even from that early age, I had been thinking of her. The unlucky side was that I became her friend, and as beautiful as she was, no matter how much I thought of her as the cutest girl in the world, I didn’t want to ruin that friendship with emotions and sex and losing something that has been such a part of my life.

“I try not to, but sometimes a picture gets into my head for no reason. It’s hard being a guy.” I sighed.

“Oh please, only one part about being a guy is hard.” She said, her finger gently poking my dick to demonstrate. Chrissy had never touched me sexually, and I happened to be wearing loose track pants that day, so my dick sprang to attention immediately and Chrissy couldn’t have pretended not to notice. “My point exactly.” She grinned. I didn’t say anything, feeling awkward since Chrissy has never seen me with a boner before. At least not with it being obvious. Noticing my embarrassment, she got serious for a moment.

“Hey, don’t worry about the boner dude, I don’t care if you get one around me. I mean I am a girl after all.” She smiled gently. It took all my strength not to kiss her soft lips then and there.

“Whoa, hold on, you’re a girl?” I asked, my embarrassment fading fast.

“You didn’t realize? Are you sure you’re straight?” She asked.

“About as straight as my dick.”

“Pfft, was that one of your pick up lines because that was just bad, dude.” She told me, patting me on the back as she got up.

“Where you going?” I asked, my dick softening as I got up.

“Gotta head home, I’ve got an early shift tomorrow.” She said as she swung her bag over her shoulder.

“Oh right, ‘early shift.'” I imitated a blowjob and smirked as she sighed.

“You wish. If I started doing that you’d probably be first in line.” She winked at me. We said our goodbyes and she left.

I ended up not seeing Chrissy for another week, at a very bad time. Cyndi decided to take me shopping with her, for lingerie. Cyndi was only a little shorter than me, blonde with short hair, bright blue eyes and lips that most guys dream of. Her tits were huge, and had an ass like no other. She was more defined as ‘hot’ rather than ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute’ like Chrissy, but nonetheless she was a great catch, physically. She was also a gymnast, training for the Olympics, which was impressive. She has shown me a few of her moves, so to speak, over the month we’ve been dating. She went into a change room in the corner with a few different sets, and I sat leisurely on a couch positioned between the walls, with a good few of the door.

I sat, cross legged for obvious reasons, when I saw Chrissy walk in. My eyes widened, as I hadn’t quite introduced Cyndi and Chrissy yet, and now didn’t feel like a good time. I was wondering what to do when she noticed me.

I heard a curtain rattle and looked to the change rooms where Cyndi revealed herself in a black frilly bra, connected to equally frilly panties by a thin thread. Both girls spoke at the same time and then looked at each other.

“Hey!” Chrissy yelled, waving her hand at me, before turning to look at Cyndi.

“So what do you think?” Cyndi asked, her hands on her hips when she turned to look at Chrissy.

“Erm, so both of you haven’t met. Cyndi, this is my best friend Chrissy. Chrissy, this is my girlfriend Cyndi.” I stammered nervously, my voice cracking as I spoke. If the circumstances weren’t so awkward, Chrissy probably would have made fun of me for that. Chrissy stood frozen for a moment, before extending a hand.

“Hi, I’ve been a friend of his for a while, he’s told me a lot about you! How are you?” Chrissy asked, trying to be as friendly as possible. Cyndi just stayed standing in the dressing room, her hands on her hips, looking unimpressed.

“Get rid of her. You can’t be friends with her while you date me.” Cyndi said eventually, turning and shutting the curtain.

“What?!” Chrissy and I yelled at the same time.

“I’m not ‘getting rid of her’ like that. She’s the closest friend I’ve ever had.” I said defensively. She pulled the curtain open, her bare breasts exposed, and told me directly.

“You will date her if you do not get rid of her. You have to choose, me or her.” She seemed to jiggle her boobs a little as she talked, almost on purpose. I looked at her, with her magnificent tits and gorgeous supermodel face, and then at little Chrissy, who only came up to my chest. Who almost never wore makeup. Who always wore t-shirts and jeans and hoodies, and whom I’ve known for half of my life, and I knew my decision.

“I don’t know if I’ll date her, but either way I refuse to date someone who would force me to lose Chrissy.” escort izmir I spat each word as if it were poison. “Goodbye.” And with that, I grabbed Chrissy by the hand and stormed out of the shop.

“Well she was a bitch.” Chrissy said, absently twirling her straw in her drink. We stopped in a small fast food joint to grab lunch.

“You can say that again. What reason did I have to date her?” I sighed to myself.

“Well I can think of two large ones.” Chrissy replied, her hands squeezing the air in front of her chest, making me laugh. Her smile disappeared for a second, and she leant in close.

“Can I be honest, like no jokes?” She asked. I nodded, and leant closer. “What did you mean, ‘I don’t know if I’ll date her?'” Chrissy asked, her eyes filled with wonder. I felt a lump in my throat, and started to think what to say, fast.

“I just meant, since she said we would and I didn’t think so but even if she was wrong, I refused to see her.” I stammered, the lump in my throat staying.

“Oh, okay.” She said simply. We sat awkwardly and ate for a few minutes, before I decided to break the silence.

“So what are you doing here? I thought you had an early shift?” I asked.

“You thought I meant early like lunch hour early? I wish.” She told me about how she had to get up at 7 in the morning, and she had another shift tonight at 9.

“Well, that leaves you with a fair bit of time, you wanna come back to my place?” I offered.

“Thanks, but I think I’d like to go to my house first, kinda still in my work clothes and all stinky.” Her work uniform was a rather ugly shirt and jeans.

“That smell was you? I just thought you farted.”

“Trust me; you’d know if I farted.” Ignoring that pretty image, I continued.

“Well, do you think I could catch a ride? I didn’t exactly drive here myself.”

“Oh, that’d make it a little difficult to get home.” She muttered. With that, we left and headed for her house.

Chrissy has a very small apartment. She doesn’t like to talk about it, but let’s just say she was desperate to leave her family, so she took the cheapest she could find, which unfortunately meant a three room apartment, each smaller than the last. She only had a bed/lounge room, kitchen and bathroom.

I sat on her fold out couch, and waited, as she showered. A thought popped into my head, of her standing in there, the water slowly dripping over her body, her breasts glistening… Snap out of it!

I shook my head, and moved my hand to the corner of the couch, when a buzzing sound started. My hand jerked from the spot, but the sound continued. I put my hand under the cushion to find the source of the sound… Her vibrator. It was about an inch wide, seven inches long, and pink. It was also still a little damp, which immediately gave me a boner as I pictured her sliding it into her wet pussy… I shook my head to get the picture out of my head and panicked, realizing the water had stopped. I looked quickly for an off switch so she wouldn’t realize I found it.

She walked in wearing just a towel to find me frantically turning her vibrator around, looking for an off switch.

“Should I give you a few more minutes?” She asked.

“I-I’m sorry, It was just sitting there and I bumped it and turned it on by accident, I didn’t mean to-” My stuttering was cut off by her yanking the vibrator out of my hands and pressing the button on the bottom. She had an amused smile, which meant I hadn’t pissed her off. Yet.

“You should let me know if you want to borrow it, I’m more than happy to.” She grinned. Without thinking she flopped onto the couch next to me rather roughly, and caused her towel to slip off her. She froze, and I stared at her small breasts, my cock growing more inside my jeans. They were small, but her nipples were hard and perky. She looked over at me as I looked up to her eyes.

“Well, you’ve managed to see two pairs of tits today. That’s probably a record for you!” She smiled nervously, making me laugh. “You know, it’s weird, you’ve seen these little jugs and yet I don’t feel weird around you.” She said, groping herself as she talked to demonstrate.

“Yeah, besides being turned on, I don’t feel any different around you.” I replied, adjusting my jeans as we talked.

“Pfft, so you’re no different around me then?” She said, sticking her tongue out at me. I laughed.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I grinned, now trying to show off my hard on in my jeans. There was a clear bulge, but it was harder to stick up through jeans than through track pants. She glanced at it, and bit her lip for a second.

“Well, I should probably get changed before this thing slips again.” She said, getting up carefully with a hand pressed against her chest.

“Or we could let it slip.” I said hopefully.

“In your dreams.” She yelled as she closed the door behind her.

After she got changed, we went to my place, which was much bigger and had a much better TV. She had changed into a tank top and yoga pants, much izmir escort to my discomfort. I couldn’t stop checking out her tiny breasts and her glorious ass as we walked to the couch.

“Calm down, captain asscheck.” She told me after she caught me glancing.

“Captain Asscheck? That was weak even for you.” I grinned.

“Not as weak as your pick up lines.” She grinned back, as she flopped onto the couch yet again. I hadn’t changed clothes since the day before, being the lazy guy that I am, and went to change. As I slid my pants down, I thought I heard a creak of the door, and turned to see nothing. I dismissed the thought and continued getting changed, into some loose comfy track pants and a simple polo shirt. As I changed I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t too bad looking, somewhat muscular from my truck delivery job. I also had a little stubble, again from being lazy. I left my room, and sat back down next to her.

“Are track pants really a good idea?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Depends what you consider a good idea.” I replied smoothly.

“Well, you can’t seem to take your eyes off my butt, for starters.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” My eyes accidentally wandered down to her breasts, which looked magnificent in the tank top.

“Maybe I should just get naked for you now, so you’ll stop staring all the time.” She said as I started to sip my beer, causing me to choke on my drink.

“I don’t think that’s how it works, Chrissy. Pretty sure I’d stare at you a little more.” I said after I swallowed my drink.

“Well, would you stop staring if you weren’t so horny?” She asked, genuinely curious.

“Probably, but is my staring actually annoying you?” I said, worried she felt degraded.

“It’s flattering, but it’s kinda hard trying to talk to you with your eyes looking down all the time.” She said grinning. “How about you go jack off and when you come back we’ll talk.” She offered, her eyes twinkling.

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yeah, seriously. I’d rather talk with your eyes looking at my face, I can wait a few minutes.” She said, leaning back on the couch. There was a slight problem with her plan though.

“Erm, it would probably take more than a few minutes…” I said, quieter than I meant to. Her eyebrows raised in surprise.

“Seriously, it’d take you a while with a computer?” She asked

“Yeah.” I said simply. The truth was that I almost always pictured her, even when watching porn. I would see her face instead of the actress’s. I don’t know if that affected my ‘performance,’ but it was how I had always done it. And for some reason, it always took at least an hour.

“Well, what if you did it in front of me? Maybe I could help a little.” She offered. My eyes widened, and my hands began to shake.

“Are you offering to help me jack off?” I asked, my voice shaking a little. Her cheeks blushed a little.

“Well, not exactly help, but maybe looking at a real girl would speed up the process?” She said, her voice getting higher as if she was asking.

“I-uh, it probably w-would with you.” I stammered, my cock starting to harden in my pants, which was easy to notice due to my loose pants.

“I can see that. Go on, get it out. I’ve never seen a dude jack off before, so it’ll be fun for the both of us.” She flashed me a grin, and I gripped my waistband with my fingers.

“Wait, why are you doing this?” I asked, before dropping my pants. She was surprised to hear me ask that. “I mean, this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you’d let me do normally.” I continued.

“I would have let you beat off in front of me years ago, but a situation like this never came up. Are you complaining?” She asked, smirking.

“Well, no, I’m happy to do it, I just-“

“Well then grab your dick!” She exclaimed, sitting rather close to me. I took a deep breath, and lowered my waistband. My boner popped out, and sat upright. It was a decent size, about 6 inches long. She gasped as she saw it, and licked her lips.

“Dude, your dick looks good.” She commented, leaning closer. She was sitting cross-legged facing me, leaning close enough for me to feel her breath against me, which turned me on much more. “So, you gonna whack it or what?” She asked, seeing me hesitate. I held it in my hands, and started to slide my hand up and down slowly. I looked at her to see her mesmerised by my hand, as it moved up and down. As I looked at her, my hand started to go faster. She looked up and locked eyes with me, and I felt my dick throb.

“Oh, should I do some modelling or something, to help you?” She asked, leaning back a little.

“What, you mean you weren’t already?” I teased, my hand gripping tighter.

“Wow, you managed a line that didn’t totally suck. Congrats.” She said, winking. She looked back down and watched as my hand flew over my dick, becoming a blur as I jerked off as fast as I could.

“Jeez, and I thought my hand was fast.” She said. I noticed her hand rubbing against her thigh, almost desperately. Her legs were squeezing together, tightly,

“Judging by your hand, I would say you’re enjoying this a bit more than you expected.” I grinned, as she stopped her hand and looked down at it.

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