Christmas with Mom at the Cabin

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Mark got back from California with a couple of weeks to go until Christmas, his mother called him the night before he left to let him know she was up at the cabin waiting for him. He rented an SUV from the car rental place at the airport and made the long drive to join his mother at the cabin. She decided to use up the rest of her vacation time at work so they could be together until after New Years, then she would go back to work and he could start work for one of his father’s clients.

Mark never really understood why his mother worked selling real estate for one the area’s largest firms. His father made more than enough money with his marketing firm, his father says she just needs to do something to keep her time occupied now that her son was grown.

The cabin was a great place for the family to spend vacations both during the summer and the winter. His father bought it several years ago from one of his clients and made a lot of improvements to the place. The cabin has a very large spacious living room and the kitchen had been modernized with modern appliances. The well had been dug to supply water and a generator was hooked up in case they loss power, which happened often in the winter.

A few hours later Mark arrived at the cabin, he saw his mother’s SUV parked out front. Mark grabbed his bags from the back of the vehicle and went in through the front door, he saw his mother standing by the fireplace. She was busy putting another log on the fire when she heard him walk through the door.

“Mark!” she yelled running to greet him at the door.

“Mom.” He yelled dropping his bags to take her into his arms.

The two incestuous lovers stood embracing each other in the entrance way of the cabin, Mark sought out his mother’s lips. He found them and she quickly thrust her hungry tongue into his mouth, she had been very horny waiting for his return.

She broke the kiss and quietly took her son by the hand and led him over to the warm fireplace. When they got in front of it they stood and stared deeply into each others eyes as the fire burned hotter and hotter. Mark reached up and started to unbutton the oversized flannel shirt she was wearing, when he reached the last button he slid it from her shoulders. He reached between her breasts and unhooked the clasp that held the white lace bra together to reveal her beautiful perky round breasts.

He leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth teasing it with his tongue, Sarah moaned softly at the sensation. Mark switched back and forth between the two breasts as his mother urged him on with güvenilir bahis her soft moaning.

Mark stopped and pulled off his sweater, and then he dropped down to his knees and pulled down her slacks. He had a little grin when he saw the matching white lace French cut panties she had on. He could smell the muskiness of her sex as he leaned in and buried his nose to her crotch. Mark gently grabbed the waistband and slid the panties down her legs until they reached her feet. Sarah stepped out of them; her son now grabbed her hands and pulled her down to the floor.

Once situated on the bear skin rug that lay in front of the fireplace his father bought as a joke, Mark spread his mother’s legs kissing his way up them. He kissed all the way to her wet pussy and gave it a few gentle licks. He then become overwhelmed with lust and feverishly attacked her pussy with his tongue. Sarah could not remember the last time she felt a tongue move so fast and hard on her clit. It only took a minute or two and she was creaming her love juice all over her son’s face.

“Oh god baby you really need to fuck Mommy now!” she moaned loudly.

Mark undid his pants upon hearing this and pulled them off quickly, he got right between her legs positioning his cock at her pussy. He slid his cock into his mother’s pussy, it was so wet and tight as it clenched around his hard cock.

“Mom your so fucking tight.” He groaned working his cock in.

“I have not been fucked since you left after Thanksgiving baby.” She replied. “Now give Mommy what she needs and fuck me.”

Mark began to give his mother a good fucking in front of the fireplace, he missed her so much. He missed sucking on her breasts, he missed her nails raking his back like they are now, he missed her pussy and he missed her sweet ass too. Sarah reached down and grabbed the back of her knees pulling them up towards her shoulders.

Her son got the hint and repositioned his arms pushing her legs up even further; he soon realized that this gave him better penetration. A combination of the long trip, not being laid in a while and his mother’s tight pussy, Mark was emptying his heavy load into her waiting womb.

“Oh shit that was great Mom.” He said with his final thrust.

“This is just the start honey.” She sighed. “Let’s go up stairs, your father will not be here for a few more days. We can make love all night in bed tonight.”

Mark carried his mother in his arms up the stairs to the master bedroom of the cabin, the master bedroom had a king sized bed in it. They laid down on the bed kissing türkçe bahis and caressing each other. Soon Sarah had her son’s cock in her mouth getting it back to being good and hard again.

“Damn your one fine little cocksucker Mom.” He moaned.

It did not take Sarah’s highly skill mouth long to get her son back to a full size erection. When she got him back up to his full length she climbed on top of his cock and began to ride it. Mark alternated from her tits to her round ass, he was especially thrilled when he looked over and saw them in the full sized dressing mirror.

When she was done riding his hard cock he rolled her off and got her up on all fours so they could do it doggie style. He pushed his cock into her pussy while reaching under her to alternate with her breasts. Mark remembered from a porno that women sometimes like they’re clits played with when they fucked. He slid his hand down until he found her clit and began to rub it as he fucked her from behind.

It had the desired effect he was looking for as she started moaning very loudly as they fucked. Within a few minutes Sarah had an orgasm that in all of her years nearly made her pass out right there on the bed. Mark too was emptying another load of incestuous sperm inside his mother’s pussy.

The two of them collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed and fell fast asleep in each others arms. Mark awoke once during the night to take a piss and when he came back he was hard again.

He spread his mother’s legs apart and slid his renewed hard on inside her cum filled pussy. It made a lot of squishy noises as he could hear his juices and hers churning as he started to fuck her again. Sarah was tired from the two earlier sessions; she lay on her back allowing her son to ravish her again. She glanced at the digital alarm clock and saw it was three in the morning. About four in the morning and several orgasms later her son finally rolled off falling back to sleep.

The next day Mark woke in the big bed alone, it was now around noon time and his mother was no where to be found upstairs. He slipped on his father’s robe that was in the master bathroom and ventured downstairs. He found his mother out in the kitchen making some sandwiches for lunch.

Mark went up behind her wrapping his arms around his mom’s petite form. He leaned down and nuzzled his face into her slender neck as she spread the mayo across the slice of bread.

“Morning stud.” She said.

“Looks like it is closer to afternoon.” He said still nuzzling her neck.

“God you were great last night, I missed güvenilir bahis siteleri you so much these last couple of weeks.” She said putting the last sandwich together.

“I missed you too Mom.” He said. “I missed this too.”

Mark reached down and squeezed her ass with one of his hands, he loved how round and firm her ass was. Sarah knew she should have put on more than just a pair of panties and a night shirt when she came downstairs.

“Mark as much as I want you in my ass we need to stop baby.” She said.

“Why?” he whispered.

“Your Aunt and two cousins are coming over soon.” She explained.

“That is soon, this is now.” He said.

Without waiting him practically ripped the panties off of her body, she could feel his hard cock probe the crack of her ass. She looked around the kitchen wondering what he was going to use to lube up his cock before he stuck it in. She gasped aloud and grabbed the counter with both hand as she could feel the head of his cock force its way into her asshole.

He continued to keep pushing and pushing until he was able to work most of his cock into her asshole. Sarah could feel tears in her eyes at the painful sensation of having his cock force itself in. Her son was now fucking her tight asshole with hard uneven thrusts, it seemed to take longer for the muscles of her anus to relax enough to accept the intruder.

“Oh Baby it FUCKING HURTS.” She cried aloud.

“You want me to stop?” he grunted.

“No I want you to fuck my ass, common son fuck my ass before my sister gets here.” She begged.

After a couple minutes her natural bodily juices began to lubricate her asshole to make it easier for her son’s thrusts. Now this was the ass fucking she had come to enjoy from her son. As the two of them were rutting like incestuous pigs in the kitchen they did not hear the front door open.

Sarah’s sister Kathy arrived early with Mark’s two cousins, Kathy heard the noises coming from the kitchen so she followed the noises. As she walked into the kitchen Mark pulled his cock out of his mother’s ass and shot his cum all over her milky white buns.

“Some nice hot cream for my mom’s hot buns.” He said.

“Oh god you can be so nasty.” She laughed aloud.

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!” Aunt Kathy screamed.

Mark did up the robe and ran out of the kitchen; he passed his two cousins at the front door running upstairs. Sarah could do nothing but pull her panties up and start crying in the kitchen in front of her shocked sister. Kathy had no idea what to say or do so she went over to the counter and hugged her sister.

AUTHORS NOTE: The story will continue soon involving the aunt, the two cousin, and maybe Mark’s father. Let me know what you thing either in a comment or in an e-mail. Thank you, thehumpman

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