Chrystal’s First

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Chrystal lay on her bed trying to drown out the constant thudding of the incredibly loud music coming from downstairs. She pressed her hands against her headphones but she still felt the pounding all through her body. Finally, she just got used to it and began to drift off to sleep when suddenly she heard a loud slam of a body against her door. She bolted up, pulled off her headphones and looked at the door. She heard drunken laughter from the person who fell against her door as he stumbled away down the hall.

Deciding that sleeping was going to be impossible she got up and went to the mirror. She sat there looking at herself as she did many times before. She was a cute girl, 18 years old and growing very well. She was noticed at school but not to the point of being known as a slut. She had long blonde hair that was naturally curly but she straightened it. She was a relatively small girl which somewhat contrasted her C cup breasts that she never had to bother stuffing. Her best feature however was her big, bright, sparkling blue eyes. When people saw her, this is the part of her that they remembered. They were almost hypnotized by her eyes and it was all these combined that let her pick and choose any guy she wanted.

Not that she did much though, she wasn’t too picky about the guys she chose as boyfriends and when she did they usually stayed together for a while. Very unlike her sister who seemed to have a new boyfriend every month or so. She was thinking all this as she applied a bit of makeup for something to do. She couldn’t go downstairs, her sister, Jade, wouldn’t allow it and she clearly couldn’t go to sleep or read because it was far too noisy.

Suddenly she heard her doorknob jiggle, she turned and saw a guy attached by the lips to a drunken bimbo. They stepped into the room and separated their faces and saw Chrystal in there. “Oh, shit. Sorry.” The guy said laughing. “We thought this room was empty.” And he pushed the girl out and closed the door behind him. Chrystal heard them stumbling down the hall looking for another empty room.

That’s it! She thought. I’m going down there, screw Jade’s rules. So she got up and walked to her door. She opened the door a crack to see if anyone was out there. She saw a couple of people sucking face across and a bit down the hall but they wouldn’t notice her, they were too busy with each other. She opened the door and tip toed down the stairs stepping over someone passed out at the bottom. She snuck into the kitchen and making sure there was no one there she opened the fridge scouring it for some sort of alcohol.

Suddenly the light in the kitchen poker oyna went on. Thinking it was her sister, she squeaked with fear and hid behind the fridge door.

“Hey, who is that?” Came a male voice from the kitchen door she was relieved but still cautious.

“Uh, no one…” She said, in a badly disguised voice.

The guy at the door started walking towards the door saying “Jade, is that you? What are you doing there?” He reached the door and pulled it open to see Chrystal crouching in front of the fridge with a beer bottle she’d found clutched in her hands.

“Chrystal?” He said slightly shocked and confused.

“Hi Ben,” She said sounding defeated. “Don’t tell Jade…OK?”

Jade’s current boyfriend, Ben, looked at her then down at the beer bottle and smiled. “Well, OK. But it’ll cost you.”

Chrystal winced and reluctantly asked, “Cost me what?”

Ben grinned mischievously. “You have to be my drinking buddy tonight. Go back to your room and I’ll be up there in a sec with some ‘special’ al-kee-hall”

Chrystal grinned from ear to ear. “Really!?” She asked excitedly.

Ben chuckled, “Yah really. Just go upstairs quickly before anyone sees you.”

“OK!” Chrystal said beaming and she ran up the stairs forgetting that she still had a beer bottle in her hand. She bounded into her room and noticed the beer. She shrugged and put it on her bedside table. She sat next to it on her bed and waited for Ben to come up. Finally! She was about to have her first taste of alcohol that wasn’t the wine or champagne that her parents gave her on New Year’s.

She waited for what seemed like forever but finally she heard the door open and saw Ben step through with some weirdly shaped bottles.

“Sorry it took so long,” He said as he put the bottles next to the beer she’d already brought up. “I had to make sure that Jade wouldn’t come looking for me.”

Chrystal was only semi listening. She was more focussed on the bottles he’d brought in. “What are all these?” She asked fingering one.

Ben pointed to each of them as he named them. “Tequila, orange juice, vodka, Bailies and…some unlabeled green stuff. Not sure what that is. Take your pick, I’ll just have the beer that you brought. I’ve been drinking a lot already.”

Chrystal handed Ben the beer and thought for a moment. “I think I’ll try the green stuff.” She said pointing to it.

Ben smiled. “Are you sure? It’s powerful stuff.”

Chrystal crossed her arms and stuck up her nose. “I can handle it.” She said. “I’m not a little girl.”

Ben’s smile widened and he chuckled, “No, no of course canlı poker oyna not.” He took the bottle of green stuff and a glass he’d brought in. He filled the glass half way and handed it to her. He held out his beer bottle and she clinked it with her glass and they both drank.

She downed her drink it one gulp and slammed her fist on her bed as she swallowed. “Holy SHIT!” She said as she felt the warmth of the alcohol going through her.

Ben laughed at her reaction “I told you, it’s strong.” He filled her glass halfway again. “Try to take it in smaller portions this time.” But as soon as he’d finished pouring she gulped it all down again shouting “God damn!” She grinned a drunken grin at Ben and wiggled her glass indicating she wanted more.

“Jeez,” he said amused. “You drink like your sister, you know that” He filled her drink again and she knocked it back just as fast. This time she let the glass roll out of her hand and it clattered on the floor. She inched towards him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“That’s not the only thing I do like my sister.” She said practically climbing on him. She moved her hand down slowly and placed it on his crotch.

Realizing what she was doing Ben backed off a bit. “Whoa!” He said, “I think you’ve had enough.”

She inched towards him as much as he backed away and put her hand back on his crotch this time slowly undoing his fly. “No,” She said pouting and slurring her words a bit. “I haven’t had enough…that’sh the problem…”

Drunk enough to let this happen Ben said quietly. “Your sister might find out.”

Chrystal reached down his pants, pulled out his cock and leaned forward as she said, “Only if you tell her.” She wrapped her lips around his soft limp cock and started sucking.

Ben leaned back on his elbows his head rolled back, his eyes closed as he let his girlfriend’s little sister suck him off. Chrystal started bobbing her head and stroking the shaft with her hand feeling it grow in her mouth. Once it got big enough she put only the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it enjoying the jerking reactions from Ben. She leaned back and pulled off her top exposing her braless breasts.

Ben sat up as her face was covered by the shirt and when she completely removed the shirt she saw him grinning at her which made her giggle. Suddenly he pounced on her knocking her on her back into the pillows at the head of the bed. She grinned wide and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“I knew you couldn’t resist.” She said spreading her legs.

“Shut up and relax” He said quietly as he hooked his fingers internet casino into her panties and pulled hard ripping them off her. He grabbed his cock still sticking out of his jeans and pushed the head against Chrystal’s tight slit. Since this was covered by the skirt she was still wearing, Chrystal leaned her head back, closed her eyes and smiled as she felt him push into her.

Chrystal gasped with pleasure as Bens cock slid into her slowly. She clenched her pussy squeezing his cock as he pulled it back then thrust it forward. He started going faster and faster breathing hard. Chrystal opened her mouth in a happy grin, a little drool coming out the side of her mouth. She pulled on his neck making him come closer to her and she pressed her lips into his feeling his laboured breathing from his nose onto hers. She put her mouth right next to his ear.

“Whatever you do, don’t –ah- cum inside me.” She whispered panting hard.

“Don’t worry baby, I won’t” He whispered back. He lifted himself up onto his hands and started pounding hard into her pussy. She raised her hands above her head and made small cute yelping noises every time he thrust.

Suddenly she gripped the headboard sides tightly and tensed her muscles. She threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream as she came hard. Her pussy quivered on his cock and he pulled out for a moment and let her pussy juices spill onto her sheets.

She continued to buck her hips a few times but eventually sank into her sheets relaxing after the amazing orgasm. But Ben wasn’t going to let her relax just yet. He grabbed her shoulders and started pounding into her hard and fast. Her eyes flew open and her pussy still tender from the orgasm made it easier to orgasm again, and again. Soon she began giggling uncontrollably as she came many times at once covering his cock with her cum.

With his hands still on her shoulders and pounding fast he said “Oh shit baby! I’m gonna cum soon!”

“Not — OHH! — in — Ahh! – Me.” She said gripping her sheets barely able to talk from the pleasure rushing through her constantly.

“Ohhh baby! Here it comes!” Ben said

Just as he was about to pull out the door flung open suddenly, “What is going on in here!” Said Jade from the door.

“FUCK!” Said Ben startled. He was so surprised that he shoved his cock into Chrystal and gripping her shoulders hard he shot his load into her pussy. Stream after stream his hips bucking slightly unable to pull out.

After cumming he was finally able to pull out of Chrystal and he looked around at everyone. Chrystal, wide eyed and slightly angry and worried as she fingered her pussy which was covered in cum. Jade standing in the doorway with her hands over her mouth looking horrified and the people behind her, trying to look into the room to see what was going on.

“Shit.” He said.

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