Cin 24: 3:30 to 4:15

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3:30 p.m.

During part one, Cinnamon enjoyed phone sex with George. In part two, her boss Bill at her pussy. In part three, Cinnamon takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel. Mark has asked her a question.

She could not continue. She lay on top of Mark, stopping her fucking him, but having his cock deep inside her cunt.

“That was good, sweetie. I loved being fucked like that. What would you like me to do now, bend you over and fuck you from behind? Or would you like to swallow cum?”

Cinnamon looked up at Mark’s face. What a choice. But she looked at the clock, and realized that she had only about twenty minutes before she had to head back to work.

She got off of Mark, and rolled off the bed. She walked over to the upholstered chair sitting by the motel room window. She kneeled on the seat, and gripped her hands to the top of the chair’s back. She wiggled her butt in Mark’s direction. Only a fool would not know what she wanted her lover to do.

She turned her head, and saw Mark quickly approaching, with his ten inch cock long, hard, thick, and pointing upward at her butt. Mark rammed his dick into her pussy with one stroke, it being quite wet and lubricated after being fucked properly a few minutes ago. Mark started to thrust in and out of Cinnamon’s vagina.

Cinnamon could feel his balls bang against her butt, as his cock moved deeper inside her cunt. She loved being fucked from behind. And with time being so short, she knew that Mark was going to fuck her fast and hard, the way she liked to be fucked.

Mark continued his onslaught. He was standing on the floor, but leaning his chest into Cinnamon’s back. He reached both his hands around, pinching and pulling on her nipples, and sometimes squeezing her tits. This caused Cin to get wetter and hotter, as her nipples were hard wired to her clitty. Mark’s stroking was rubbing against her clit, and her almanbahis g-spot, and deep into her womb. She cried out, “Oh damn, it feels so damn good, oh yes, oh yes, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Cin pushed her butt back against Mark’s groin, and this seemed to push his dick in deeper. She squeezed her pussy and heard Mark cry out in pleasure. She was rolling, and in a few minutes, she was going to have another orgasm.

“Keep pounding me, Mark! Oh it feels so good. Oh yea, yes, yes, hmmmmmmmmm, yes, oh God, oh God, yes, yes, yessssssssssssss, hmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, yes!”

Cin then screamed through her climax, it felt so good to have her pussy pounded by such a huge cock. She never wanted Mark to stop.

She then felt a finger start to push its way into her asshole. She loved being stimulated there. She pushed back against the finger, and it popped right in. The finger started to rotate around her anus, and it felt so good.

Mark continued to pound on her, causing her to roll to another climax. She screamed, “Oh Mark, oh yes, oh God, yes, yes, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, yesssssssss, oh God!”

Then Mark pulled his cock out of her pussy. Cin felt so empty. She turned to look, and saw Mark walking over to the bathroom. Why had he stopped? She watched as Mark went to the sink, grabbed something, and started to come back to her. His cock looked so shiny, it was so huge, she thought about turning around on the chair and offering her lips to it.

Mark pushed her against the back of the chair, and suddenly she felt something cold and wet go up her ass. Before she could speak, she could feel the pink head of his cock start to enter her asshole. Oh, she loved the feel of cock up her ass. It filled her up so much. And Mark’s huge thick cock filled it more than she was used to. She reached around to his hips and pushed lightly against him. “Slow down big boy; let me get use to you a little.”

Mark almanbahis yeni giriş stopped pushing, and let Cin control his entry. She pressed down as if going to the bathroom, and his cock entered her about an inch. It still felt so good. She pressed down again, and it went in more. Cin continued to rock back a little at a time, pressing down, and pressing back. In a few minutes, Mark’s cock was deeply in her ass. She began to rock back and forth faster, and soon, she pulled her hands off of Mark’s hips, and then said, “OK, it feels great in my ass, now start to fuck me slowly.”

Mark responded to her command, and rocked in and out of Cinnamon’s ass in a slow motion, making sure he pushed all the way in, and then pulled almost all the way out. Sometimes he would stop midway, and reverse direction. Sometimes he would slightly move his hips, rotating his cock slightly, listening to her moans of pleasure to tell him whether to continue or to try some other motion.

Cinnamon’s eyes were closed, concentrating on the cock in her ass. It continued to feel so good. She had asked Mark several times to fuck her up the ass, but he had never seemed so interested in doing it. He would rather fuck her pussy for hours, or have her suck his cock and fill her mouth with his cum.

Cin could feel a different form of climax building up inside of her. She loved the feel of a dick in her ass, and Mark’s cock felt every bit of her. She was letting loose with moans of pleasure, and sometimes she attempted to squeeze his cock.

Suddenly she heard the motel room’s clock radio go off. That meant that it was ten minutes to four, and she only had about five minutes to finish and get dressed, in order to drive back to work. Mark knew that too, and he started to move faster inside of her.

Cin knew that Mark was not going to last long. He was pinching her nipples hard, and her pussy was so wet that she could feel almanbahis giriş her juices down her thighs. She pressed back, and knew that this was going to start Mark’s orgasm.

Before he began to cum, she suddenly was greeted with her own anal orgasm, and she screamed and moaned, “OH my God! Oh God, it feels so damn good, Oh my, yes, yessssssssss, yes, my God, yes, fuck me harder Mark, oh my, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh my, yes, yesssssssss, yes.”

Mark banged harder, and suddenly Cinnamon felt the hotness of his spunk insider her ass. He continued to fuck her ass, and she continued to feel hot shots of his sperm. This triggered another orgasm inside her. “Oh my Godddddddddddddddddddd!” was all she could say.

Mark pulled his dick out of her ass. He helped her off the chair, and then went to the bathroom for some towels. He handed them to Cinnamon, who dried herself off. She was all smiles for her lover.

Cinnamon looked at the clock, and it showed a few minutes past four. Oh shit, I’m going to be late back to work. She sat on the bed, and pulled on her panties and pants. I could use a quick shower, but there is no time. She pulled on the blouse, and started to button it. She turned to look at Mark, who was now lying on the bed, with his head propped up by two pillows. He looked content, laying there naked with his cock looking slightly slick, but still partly erect.

“Don’t you have some place to go Mark?”

“Oh, I have to be somewhere at four thirty, plenty of time. Hey, can you meet with back her around eight?”

“I don’t get off until nine tonight. Let me see, and I will call you later.”

“Surprise me Cin; bring a lady friend if you can.”

Cin laughed at the thought. It was Mark’s fantasy, to be in a threesome with two women. She pulled on her shoes, leaned over to kiss her lover, and walked out the motel room. She got in the car and drove quickly back to the store.

When she walked in, she saw that the store was not very crowded, and no one seemed to notice that she was late from lunch. No one saw her, except Sally, who was watching as Cinnamon walked to the cash register.

4:15 p.m.

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