Cindy S02 E02

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S02 E02

The Big Shopping Trip

Cindy – College Years

College life wasn’t always it was cracked up to be. It was far different than what the movies suggested. While there were a few parties, the majority of students were interested in pursuing their degrees and ensuring they didn’t disappoint their parents back home. Or, at the very least, make sure they were getting their money’s worth from the giant loans they had to take out in order to attend school.

There were still cliques. The nerds stuck with the nerds. The athletes stuck with the athletes. There were a few members that blended into a few different cliques. Unlike typical school, in college, there was a bit more diplomacy. Cliques tended to work together rather than berate or ignore one another. Not all the time, but far more often than what I had seen in my own school.

Being a pretty face with a supermodel body, I was able to float along the cliques geared towards those who had some money. Old money. I certainly didn’t mind the attention that I was accruing. In my book, the more attention I received, the better chances of my catching the right person’s eye to land a modeling gig.

Ever since the first party I had attended with my friends, however, I also found myself hanging with the athletes a lot. In particular, with Michelle and her friends. I’d never been much into sports aside from supporting those I cared about in them. Yet the more that I hung out with those girls, the more I had a reason to enjoy basketball.

They invited me to play once. The thinking was that since I was so tall, I had to be a natural. I wasn’t. I had a powerful walk and some grace, but I knew nothing about dribbling a basketball or shooting. Still, everyone had a good couple of laughs. M seemed to enjoy it. And I liked when M was happy.

We had kissed a few times since the party, but we’d never had a conversation about what we were or what our plans were. I found that I didn’t mind as much. Why did anything need to be set in stone when we were both so young? Our lives were likely going to take us in different directions, eventually, anyway.

So, I chose to enjoy the moment. And at that moment, I was enjoying M.

It was the weekend after a long week of back-to-back exams. It wasn’t even exam season. The Professors had all just decided to plan their tests in the same week. It was brutal, and I was exhausted from long hours of studying. With those behind me, M wanted to celebrate. She had said she knew a fun place where we could do some shopping. The twinkle in her eye suggested that it wasn’t a typical shopping trip.

Excited and nervous, I followed her onto campus. We walked down the sidewalk to the busy main street where all of the stores gearing towards students and student life were located. It wasn’t as busy as it güvenilir bahis usually was. Dinner was just around the corner, so most of the students were filling up the dining halls or heading for the local restaurants.

M led me to the far side of the street. There was a modest building there with an interesting purple paint job. “Come on,” M nodded to me. “Let’s go get some goodies.”

Intrigued, I followed her inside . . . and immediately stopped in my tracks. It was a sex store.

The woman behind the register smiled at us as we entered. “Hello, honies,” she greeted us warmly, “let me know if you need help with anything. I’ll just be here.”

“Thank you,” M called to her, then took my hand. “Come on, Cindy. No need to act like you’re a virgin at a BDSM party. The toys won’t bite,” she teased. Clutching her hand, I followed her inside the store further. A permanent blush was stained on my cheeks. There were shelves upon shelves of sex toys.

Some were intriguing. Others had me blushing even more. There were pieces of lingerie as well. Costumes, too, for those who loved a little bit of roleplay. In the far back of the store, I could see a large collection of porn DVDs. Those I would definitely ignore.

“Well, well,” M hummed, stopping in front of a wall that showcased a bunch of dildos. “These could be fun.” In particular, she was looking at a strap-on. I flushed at the correlation. Clearly, she wanted to use one of these on me.

“What do you think, Cindy?” she asked, pulling a few down. “Vibrational? Or do you want to see if you’re a Size Queen?” she asked, showing me a huge dildo that looked as big as her arm. The breath was stolen from my lungs. I couldn’t even begin to answer her.

“You know, I’ll get both,” she decided. “Never know when you might need it. At the very least, this trunk of a dick could be a good weapon if anyone decides to break into my dorm.” She laughed, and that helped ease some of my nerves.

She grabbed a few more items like toy cleaner and lube, but afterward, she nodded her head. “I think I’m done. You want anything?” she asked, looking over at me.

“N-No, I think . . . I am more than good,” I stammered, glancing about nervously still.

M chuckled and kissed my forehead affectionately. “You’re cute, Cindy. Innocent. It’s delicious.” Nodding to the cashier, she suggested, “why don’t you wait outside while I buy these? Get you out of here before you explode from embarrassment.”

With great relief, I went outside and waited for her by the door. It didn’t take too long for her to return. “Hey,” she greeted me and took my hand again. “Want to come to my place? My roommate is staying over at her boyfriend’s this weekend. Got the place to myself.”

The knowledge that we would be alone mixed with the purchases that she bought türkçe bahis gave me an idea of what she had in mind. In truth, I had wanted to play around with her again quite badly. I was slowly starting to become a very sexually-hungry creature. I needed it. “Sure,” I replied with a smile. “I’d like that.”

Together, we left down the street and headed for the dorm reserved for their athletes. Considering that she was Captain of the team, her dorm was a bit bigger. I glanced around it curiously as we first entered. A few posters hung on the wall of other black athletes that she admired. Other than one corner of the room where some laundry was on the floor, the rest of it was quite tidy.

“Come here, you,” M purred when we entered, closing the door behind me. “I’ve been wanting to taste those lips for some time.” With an excited, slightly nervous, breath, I leaned in and kissed her. Those soft lips returned to me.

Her arms moved around my waist, holding me to her until I could feel her breasts pressing against mine through our shirts. Her tongue swept into my mouth, slowly coaxing out my own. I found myself moaning lightly, leaning into her, my hands moving to grip her hips rather boldly. M seemed to like that, moaning in return and working her tongue faster against mine.

Slowly, as we kissed, she began to steer me towards her bed. Willingly, I went, following her every movement. Once we fell on her bed, she moved over me. Her lips parted from mine and started to kiss down my jaw and neck. “Not gonna lie, Cindy,” she murmured against my skin, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you again or some time.”

“Me too,” I admitted with a blush.

“Good. That’s good,” M smiled and kissed me again. My body was quickly lighting on fire under her kisses and touches. Sensing my rising desire and urgency, M started to pull my shirt up over my head. It fell to the floor. Lowering her head, she kissed one of my breasts. Her mouth formed a perfect circle around my nipple, suckling and teasing me.

I gasped, my back arching against the bed and towards her to get more. My hand slid through her braided hair, stroking her slowly, encouragingly. Her body pressed to mine and slowly started to grind us together. The stimulation had a blush growing across my skin in no time. My nipples were so hard, wanting.

M drew back and looked me over. “Mmm. I’d eat you out again, Cin,” M said, “but I really, really, want to fuck you. Shall we see how wet you are?”

I blushed as she slowly pulled my pants down. Her fingers touched against my entrance and came away utterly soaked in my arousal. “That’s what I like to see,” she poured before suckling her fingers clean. “Give me a second, baby. I’m gonna go see about putting that harness on.” She kissed me again, then grabbed the bag of sex toys and slid into the bathroom. güvenilir bahis siteleri

My heart was beating quickly as I waited. My body was thrumming in anticipation. It felt like ages had passed before the light turned off and she walked out–naked except for a purple dildo hanging out of the strap-on harness she wore. “What do you think?” she asked, posing seductively.

“I . . . I think you look very sexy,” I managed to say.

“Yeah?” M purred, sauntering over to me. “You want me, baby? You want me to fuck you with this cock?”

My eyes widened at her naughty words. “Yes,” I breathed. “I want you.”

M immediately lowered down and kissed me hard, passionately. My legs opened for her. She pressed the tip of the lubricated dildo against me and slowly pressed her hips forward, sinking it

inside of me. I gasped against her lips. It had been some time since last I’d felt something inside of me.

I squeezed around the cock, making it a little difficult for her to move at first. But she gripped my hips and started to rock back and forth, slowly sending it within me. The dildo was textured wonderfully. Ribbed. It rubbed against my walls in a way that I’d never felt before. Immediately, I started moaning.

“Mm, you like that, baby?” she whispered, kissing me softly.

“Yes,” I panted. “That feels wonderful, M. You feel so good.”

She smiled and gripped the bed next, starting to work a little faster. “That’s not all I can do.” Then she pressed a button at the base of the dildo. All of a sudden, the dildo started to vibrate inside of me. I cried out immediately as my pleasure intensified ten-fold. M chuckled and sped up more, thrusting the vibrating cock in and out of me faster.

I had never felt anything like this before. It was almost too much, but I didn’t want it to stop. My legs spread wide on either side of M. “Yes!” I cried out loudly, not caring if people could hear me. “Yes, fuck me like that, M. Just like that, it feels so gooood!”

M moved faster and faster, making the bed shake under us. She was rubbing the cock right up against my g-spot with every thrust she gave. My cries became even louder as she got me close to the edge. “Fuck me, fuck me, please. Don’t stop. I’m right there,” I panted, my eyes half-closed.

M grunted, panting, as she slammed the dildo into me over and over . . . then pressed the button to make it go to the highest vibration. I came immediately. With a scream, I clutched onto her as I orgasmed all over the cock, brought to such heights of pleasure.

She thrust me through it all. I was helpless against the pleasure, my legs twitching in response. Only once my cries quieted did she slow and stop. When she pulled out, the dildo was dripping with my orgasm. “Mmm. Damn Cindy. You are one hot girl,” she praised.

I could only smile weakly. Despite my best intentions, sleep was quick to claim as pleasure faded from my body and left me bone-tired. Despite being in a stranger’s bed, I felt comfortable and safe. And very, very, sated.

The End

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