Cityslicker Cousin Ch. 05

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Samuel was not happy as he fought through the branches. He hardly slept the night before because he was worried about his sister Sadie. She was out camping with their cousin and her friends. He wasn’t so much worried about Ginny. She was his cousin and her father was the local minister.

It was those friends of hers he didn’t like! The twins had the look of harlots about them and the way their cousin Michael kept eyeing Samuel’s innocent sister made him grimace. He knew what that kind of look meant!

“I can’t believe father let her go!” Samuel snapped to himself as he slipped and fell for the third time.

It was actually his mother who let Sadie go with the others, but Samuel’s father didn’t override her. What was wrong with them? Sadie was too innocent and precious to send out into the world without someone to protect her, someone like him.

“Having fun?”

Samuel looked up and saw one of the twins standing a little ways off. She was grinning at him.

“Heidi! There you are!” he cried, and then quickly asked. “Where’s my sister?”

“First of all, I’m Hillary, not Heidi,” the twin replied, causing Samuel to frown. The twins were identical, but he was almost certain that the clothes this one wore were the ones Heidi had on the night before.

“My sister?” he prompted, ignoring his own confusion. The truth was he didn’t care which twin stood in front of him as long as she could lead him to Sadie.

“She’s back at camp,” the twin replied. “Now quiet down. It’s still pretty early and not everyone is awake yet.”

“Take me to the camp,” Samuel insisted. Hillary looked at him, rolled her eyes and started leading him down a nearby game trail. It meandered through the woods.

“How did you find us?” Hillary asked.

“Your father told me that this is most likely where you’d go,” he replied. “I thought I’d be able to reach Sadie when I was closer on her cell, but she didn’t answer.” That fact alone caused Samuel a lot of concern. It wasn’t like Sadie not to answer her phone.

“She may not have heard it,” Hillary shrugged. “We just threw together a quick camp last night since it was already late when we got here. My guess is that her purse and cell are either still in the car or under something that muffled the sound.”

“I’ll have to talk to her about that. It was very irresponsible of her to not have it with her,” Samuel frowned. “It was just dumb luck I stumbled upon you.”

“Yeah, dumb luck,” Hillary said with a shake of her head.

She was taking the long way back to the camp. Hillary had no idea what she was going to do once they finally arrived. Samuel was going to seriously lose it when he realized what was going on.

‘Oh well,’ she said to herself. ‘It will certainly be interesting!’

“What so funny?” Samuel asked, seeing Hillary smiling.

“Nothing,” she quickly replied. “I’m just enjoying the day. It’s a beautiful morning.”

“How much longer until we arrive at camp?”

“A few more minutes,” she replied, and then lied, adding, “You’re lucky I was taking a morning stroll when I heard you crashing about.”

The truth was that he was very close to the camp when she found him. His thrashing about was what drew her from the tent where her cousin Michael was probably almost done making Sadie no longer the innocent little girl Samuel remembered, not that Sadie was complaining.

“You know, you owe me,” Hillary sighed. She was having a great time before Samuel interrupted and forced her to leave and see who was stumbling near the camp.

“For bumping into me?” Samuel frowned. Hillary didn’t answer.

They wondered around for a few more minutes, but eventually Hillary couldn’t stall any longer. She brought Samuel to the camp.

“Which tent is Sadie’s?” he asked as they entered.

“She, your cousin and I took the big one last night,” Hillary replied. It was the truth as far as it went. Of course, Sadie moved into the smaller tent in the middle of the night with Michael.

‘Oh boy! Here it comes!’ Hillary thought as they both entered the bigger tent.

“Sadie?” Samuel called, looking at the three sleeping bags. Two were obviously empty, but Heidi’s face peered from the last.

“Hey!” Hillary’s twin complained, pulling the unzipped sleeping bag up to her chin. “You made it cold in here!”

“Where’s Sadie?” Samuel asked impatiently. Heidi looked past him and met her twin’s gaze. Hillary didn’t say anything, but Heidi knew the truth instantly. It was a twin thing. She grinned.

“Sadie’s not here,” Heidi said to the overprotective brother. “But your cousin Ginny is.” Heidi threw the sleeping bag open to prove her point.

‘Poor Samuel,’ Hillary thought. She was trying hard not to laugh at his expression as he saw his naked cousin with her face buried between Hillary’s equally naked sister Heidi’s legs.

“Wha…” he began, but no words came to him for a moment.

“It’s pretty hot, isn’t it?” Hillary asked with a grin. Samuel turned toward her and stood transfixed as she quickly stripped off her clothes. “How would you like to have some fun?”

“Where’s Sadie?” he asked again, güvenilir bahis his voice came out like a croak. By this time Heidi had stood and joined her twin.

Ginny silently watched. A part of her was horrified by what was happening, but she was too excited to panic. She was in the middle of tasting Heidi when her cousin and Hillary came in to the tent. Ginny didn’t stop despite her cousin’s arrival until Heidi stood and moved away.

“Have you ever been with twins?” Heidi asked, reaching for Samuel’s clothes. Hillary grinned and started helping her twin. It wasn’t long before he was naked as well.

“N…No,” Samuel replied, obviously staring at the well shaped twins. His eyes kept shifting between the two as if looking for some feature that wasn’t identical. Of course, his gaze seldom rose past either’s neck.

Hillary leaned in, kissed Samuel and traced his lips with her tongue. He groaned. A moment later Heidi took hold of his cock. He jumped, but didn’t pull away. Ginny bit her lip as she watched.

‘I’m turning into such a pervert!’ she thought as she felt her pussy respond to the sight of her cousin’s naked body. She suddenly grinned. ‘Oh well, at least I know I still like men.’

“Are you two succubae?” Samuel groaned.

“If that’s what you want us to be,” Heidi said with a sexy smile. She was now on her knees, slowly stroking his cock.

“But I need to find Sadie!”

“We’ll find your sister later,” Hillary said, pulling him to her and giving Samuel another passionate kiss. “Right now, wouldn’t you rather see what it’s like to have two women at the same time?”

“Two identical twins?” Heidi added seductively, leaning toward his cock. Her tongue was sticking out slightly and Samuel watched her as if mesmerized.

There was a cry from the other tent that made Samuel pull slightly away and frown.

‘Damn!’ Hillary thought. We almost had him.

“Or would you rather watch something like this?” Heidi asked quickly as she let go of Samuel’s cock and moved toward Ginny.

Hillary took hold of his cock and continued to stroke it while Heidi gave Samuel her sexiest smile and kissed his cousin Ginny full on the lips. Hillary smiled because she felt Samuel’s cock jump in her hand. She kissed him one more time before dropping to her knees and leaning forward. Her mouth was only inches away from his cock when Sadie’s cry from the other tent could be clearly heard.

“Oh Michael! Fuck me! Take me! Make me cum!”

“No!” Samuel cried with a shake of his head. “Sadie!”

He was out of the tent before anyone could stop him. Hillary stood quickly and followed. She could feel her sister coming right behind her. They caught up by the time he reached the other tent, but they couldn’t stop him from entering. Each twin had one of his arms, but Samuel just pulled them into the tent with him.

“Sadie! What are you doing?”

It was a silly question, but understandable in the situation. Sadie was on her hands and knees with the twin’s cousin Michael behind her. He was holding her hips and slamming his cock into her.

“Cumming!” Sadie cried. “Again!”

Hillary saw the expression on poor Samuel’s face and found herself momentarily pitying him. It’s not everyday a guy’s belief in his sister innocence is shattered.

“But…” Samuel began. Sadie cut him off.

“Little brother, get lost! I’m busy!” she cried, and then she looked at Michael who was slowing and added, “Don’t you dare stop now!”

“Sadie…” Samuel said, but she cut him off again.

“Little brother, be quiet!” she snapped. “I’m busy! You can watch if you like, but no more interrupting!”

Poor Samuel stood there frozen. He’d always known his sister Sadie had a great body. That was one of the reason why he never let her show it off in public, but knowing and seeing were two different things.

“Sadie! I’m going to cum!” Michael cried. Sadie quickly rolled out from under the twin’s cousin.

“I want to taste you again!” she cried, taking Michael’s cock in her hand. She looked at Samuel with an angry defiance as she slowly swallowed Michael’s entire length down her throat.

“Oh wow!” Heidi said as she watched.

“Wait until you feel her mouth!” Hillary smiled. “Her tongue isn’t nearly as wicked as Ginny’s, but she more than makes up for it with enthusiasm!”

“You mean…” Samuel asked. His eyes were still locked on Sadie who was now ignoring her brother as she stroked Michael’s cock.

“Oh yeah,” Hillary smiled sexily, remembering.

“Sadie…can’t…hold…back!” Michael panted. Sadie took the head of Michael’s cock into her mouth and picked up the pace of her stroking. Michael grunted once and then cried, “Cumming!”

Samuel shook his head in disbelief. He couldn’t help but notice Michael’s balls jump as the twin’s cousin filled his sister’s mouth with cum. He was both disgusted and excited at the same time. He didn’t know what to do!

Sadie stood when Michael was done cumming and walked toward her brother and the twins. She smiled at Samuel and then moved to Heidi, kissing the girl with an open and full mouth.

“She’s türkçe bahis sharing Michael’s cum with Heidi,” Hillary said to Samuel, watching his reaction. Samuel stood like a statue. Hillary actually felt a little sorry for him. Sadie was basically letting her brother know as bluntly as possible that she was now her own woman. It was long overdue, but you couldn’t help feel Samuel’s pain.

“My sister is a slut,” Samuel said softly.

“You know, your cousin Ginny’s in the other tent,” Hillary said, ignoring his comment. “You seemed pretty excited before when you saw her kissing Heidi. How would you like to go see if she’ll let you fuck her?”

“She would never…” Samuel began, but then stopped and looked at Hillary.

“Maybe not if you tried on your own, but with my help?” the twin asked. Samuel shook his head. Yet, a moment later he allowed Hillary to lead him out of the tent.

Samuel walked in a daze. He actually stumbled once or twice as they made the short trip to the other tent. Hillary smiled when she entered. Ginny was lying on her back playing with herself. She was close to cumming and didn’t stop until she saw Samuel entering behind Hillary.

“Don’t stop on our account,” Hillary said, letting go of Samuel’s hand and kneeling between Ginny’s legs. “In fact, let me help you.”

“Oh yes!” Ginny cried when Hillary’s tongue found her clit. “You are so good at that!”

“Ginny, please stop!” Samuel cried. “This is wrong!”

“I don’t think so. No one is getting hurt as far as I can see. What makes it so wrong?” Hillary asked, not really expecting an answer. She smiled at Samuel briefly before going back to Ginny’s pussy.

“I don’t understand!” he cried.

“Don’t try to,” Ginny groaned. “Just relax and enjoy yourself!”

“But you and Sadie…”

“…are both grown women. We’re old enough to do what we want and we both obviously like what we’re doing!” Ginny interjected. “Now stop talking and look at Hillary’s ass. I bet you have a great view from where you are?”

Samuel looked at the twin’s ass and felt his cock hardening despite his confusion. Her thighs were already slick with her excitement. Hillary took a moment to look back and meet his gaze.

“Why don’t you join us?” she asked with a smile.

“Is it okay?” he asked his cousin, who was also watching him.

“I bet you’ve never taken a girl from behind?” Ginny asked sexily. “Why don’t you see how it feels with Hillary?”

Hillary smiled and spread her legs a little farther, letting him know he was welcome.

“You really are succubae!” Samuel groaned, but a moment later he was kneeling behind Hillary. His cock wasn’t as big as Michael’s or even Herb’s, but it still felt good to Hillary as he pushed into her.

The twin went back to licking Samuel’s cousin. He watched as he grabbed hold of Hillary’s ass and starting seriously fucking her. He was riding Hillary in the same position that he’s seen her cousin Michael fucking his sister Sadie. The realization excited him. It wasn’t long before he groaned and let loose a torrent of cum into Hillary’s pussy.

“He’s filling me with so much cum!” Hillary cried as she joined him in orgasm.

“Oh wow!” Ginny moaned, close to her own orgasm, but unable to finish.

Samuel nearly fell away from Hillary when he was done. The twin seemed tired, but she had enough strength to move so that her thighs were straddling Ginny’s face. She looked down at Samuel’s cousin.

“Do you want to taste his cum?”

“Wouldn’t that be a little incestuous?” Ginny asked.

“Most definitely,” Hillary grinned.

Ginny turned her head and looked at her cousin. She saw that Samuel looked more excited then disgusted by the thought.

“What do you think cousin?” she asked with a knowing smile. “Should I lick your cum from Hillary’s pussy?”

“Please!” Samuel cried.

Ginny’s smile grew wider as she stuck out her long tongue and pushed it into Hillary’s pussy. She didn’t break eye contact with her cousin until Hillary grabbed her head and forced her tongue even deeper.

“I love your tongue!” the twin cried, riding Ginny’s face.

Samuel watched, almost in awe as his cousin slurped and swallowed the bulk of his cum from Hillary’s pussy. He didn’t remember starting, but by the time the two ladies were done, he realized that he was pumping his hard cock with a slow, long stroke.

“Who’s that for?” Ginny asked with when she noticed. Her eyes were afire with desire.

Samuel stood and moved to his cousin. Hillary inconspicuously slipped out of the way. She wanted to watch this. Incest was definitely one of her big turn ons!

“You,” Samuel replied with a thick voice. “If you’re willing.”

“We shouldn’t,” Ginny said softly, but she was reaching for her cousin’s dick. “But I want to so badly!”

“Me too!” Samuel groaned as he lay down next to her. Ginny had his cock in her hand. She could feel it harden considerable at her touch.

“This would be so wrong!” she moaned, but she didn’t stop. Ginny had every intention of feeling her cousin inside of her, but she decided to have a little fun teasing güvenilir bahis siteleri him. It made her feel even hotter to watch him fight against his own desire. She moved so that her face was only a few inches from his cock.

“I know!” he groaned. “We’ll probably go straight to hell for this!”

“I’m already on my way for having sex with a member of the same sex,” Ginny shrugged. “But you’ve still got a chance. All you have to do is get up and leave.” She was breathing heavily enough to tickle his balls with her breath.

“I can’t!” Samuel croaked.

“I know,” Ginny finally giggled and took the length of his cock into her mouth.

“Oh my God!” he cried.

Hillary thought he was going to cum right there and then, but somehow Samuel held off. Ginny continued to lick him for a while.

“Lick lower,” Hillary directed. “Use that long tongue of yours!”

Ginny did and Samuel moaned loudly. Ginny liked the way she felt when she got to him. She continued to use her tongue. She bathed his cock and balls with it until he begged her to stop.

“I don’t want to cum yet! Please!” Samuel cried.

“What do you want?” Ginny asked knowingly as she lifted her head and straddled her cousin’s waist. She took the head of his hard cock and rubbed it up and down her slit.

“You!” he cried. “I want you!”

“Are you sure?” Ginny asked. “I’m am your cousin after all. After this, there is no turning back.”

“I’m sure! Please!”

“You know,” Hillary put in with a shake of her head. “If you keep teasing him like that, he’s likely to cum before you get a chance to feel him inside of you.”

“We don’t want that, do we Samuel?” Ginny asked, slipping the head of his cock into her pussy.

“No!” he groaned, and then reached up and pulled her hips hard, causing her to be fully impaled on his manhood. He started cumming after only a few strokes, but that was okay because his cousin had her own orgasm right along with him. Hillary was surprised when Ginny continued to bounce on him afterward.

“He stayed hard?” she asked in amazement.

“Oh yeah!” Ginny moaned, picking up the pace.

Hillary watched the two cousins and started playing with her own pussy. Samuel seemed much calmer, but Ginny was riding him as quickly as she could.

“So Samuel, how does it feel to be fucking not only your cousin, but the minister’s daughter?” Hillary asked. Both Ginny and Samuel moaned.

“Talk to him some more!” Ginny demanded. “His cock jumps inside of me when you do!”

“You know Samuel,” Hillary continued. “I bet Ginny would love to feel you pinch her nipples while she rides you.”

“Please!” Ginny moaned.

Samuel reached up with both hands and squeezed his cousin’s breasts before focusing on her nipples. Ginny cried out. Hillary was so excited that she buried two fingers into her own pussy.

“Come on Samuel! Kiss them! Taste your cousin Ginny’s nipples!” Hillary demanded. “Make her cum!”

Samuel did as directed and Ginny fell forward, burying his face with her breasts and cumming. She shuddered and shook for quite some time before rolling off of her cousin.

“You’re turn!” Ginny gasped out to Hillary between breaths.

“My turn already?” Hillary grinned, looking at Samuel’s cock sticking straight up into the air. It was slick with his cousin’s cum.

“Mind if I cut in line?” Sadie asked as she entered the tent. Heidi and Michael were right behind her.

“Just this once,” Hillary replied with a frown. She was really horny, but the thought of watching Samuel and his sister together was too much to pass up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you,” her twin said, replacing her sister’s fingers with her own.

“Heidi, you’re the best!” Hillary sighed, kissed her sister and then watched Sadie advance on her brother.

“Sadie! What are you doing?” Samuel cried when she stood over him. She looked like a goddess.

“Giving you your hearts desire,” Sadie laughed as she dropped lower and directed his cock toward her pussy. She was straddling his hips.

“What?” Samuel cried.

“Oh please!” Hillary snorted. “You’ve probably wanted her for years.”

“Yes,” Samuel groaned. “But not like this!”

“What did you think, little brother?” Sadie asked as she sank fully down on his cock. “Did you think it could be more than this?”

“I don’t know!” Samuel groaned in a mixture of confusion and lust that nearly overwhelmed him. Sadie squeezed down hard on his cock and he suddenly groaned and cried out, “Yes!” There! He’s admitted the truth.

“I’m sorry,” Sadie replied, no longer squeezing. “I love you Samuel, I always will. You’re my baby brother, but I’m not in love with you and I never will be.”

“But…” Samuel began. Sadie put two fingers over his lips.

“There are no buts,” she said. “We’ll talk later, but right now I want to share with you what I can. If that’s okay with you?”

Samuel looked up into his sister’s eyes. She was no longer the innocent girl he remembered. There was definitely something different about her. It saddened him briefly, but he was surprised to see that he also felt relieved. The truth was finally out. It didn’t matter what happened next. At least he no longer had to keep his desires a secret. The stress and guilt of doing so was too much to bear. He felt a huge weight lift from somewhere inside of him.

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