Cleanliness Next to Goddess

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The sound of the shower hummed in your ears and the water throbbed against your face, washing the soap from it. You used the pads of your fingertips to help the water rid your face of the soap, caressing your cheeks in circular motions, down the bridge of your nose, across your brow, from beneath your nose, and finally from your chin.

While you were in the act of doing this I crept into the bathroom, it was easy since you left the door partially open. You felt a slight chill as cooler air rushed in but were too occupied, concentrating instead on getting all the soap from your face. I of course new nothing of this until you told me when I stepped into the shower with you, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I took off my clothes silently and laid them in a pile on the floor, wondering if you’d heard me or not.

I caught my reflection in the mirror and took a few moments to indulge in the narcissism; what was a smooth shave that morning was now showing some bristles, the chest hairs were thin and led a trail down from my collar bone, branching out to my nipples to encircle them with hair, then down to my belly, and from my belly – what you would refer to as the ‘treasure trail’ – to my groin, but their was no hair past my underwear line, that hair and the hair that surrounded my cock and covered my balls went with the hair that was on my face that morning, it too was slightly bristly but still more smooth than anything just like my face, my cock jutted out from my body at a perpendicular angle at the excitement and anticipation of our coupling, I was always so easily excited, my thighs were thick and muscular and covered with the same thin hair as the rest of my legs, my eyes went back up to my arms and how they weren’t overly muscular they were still strong enough to hold you close and tight, and my long ‘head banging’ hair that you’ve been after me to get cut for awhile now but I would not give in.

I pulled the curtain aside and peared in, a mist of water touched me and I closed my eyes. When I opened them again I saw you rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, your head tilted back, your breasts thrust forward. My gaze wandered down to the object of my affection, and I was startled to see it was as bare as I was, my cock gave a jump, I touched the tip and a drop of precum was wet thier like dew.

I opened the curtain further and stepped in, the jostle of the rings on the curtain alerted you and you opened your eyes, scared at first but then a smile spread on your face as you said hi. I echoed your greeting and finished climbing into the stall, pushing the curtains back where they originally were.

“I didn’t hear you come in, I must have been washing my face.”

I crept forward, my body wetted by the water that made it past you. You were turned around now facing away from me, washing away some of the shampoo that had trickled onto your face, your butt pushed backwards. I touched your shoulder softly, and you hummed another greeting. I put my other hand on your hip and trailed the hand that was on your shoulder down your back and snaked it around to your belly giving you a squeeze which pressed the length of my cock against the crack of your ass, to which you hummed an agreement. I then slid my palm down your belly to the top of your bare mound.

“When did you do this?” I whispered into your ear.

You brought your face out of the stream of water and wiped your hands down it clearing it of water before replying. “When I first got in here. Do you like it?”

I pressed my length again into her crack, “I love it!” I whispered harshly into her ear.

“I thought casino siteleri you might.” You brought my hand away from your mound back up to your belly beneath your small breasts and hugged my arm. You turned and tilted your head back and opened your mouth for a kiss, I obliged. We snaked our tongues together which caused another jump from my cock which was nestled comfortably in your ass crack.

You made a gesture to turn around and I stepped back so you could get away from the full force of the shower head, my cock slipping from its nest. You turned to face me and we embraced in a kiss again, your arms went around my shoulders and your hands to the back of my head. My hands went to your hips and I pulled you into my groin, my cock pressing into your mound, I adjusted and the tip slipped down to press against your labia. You hummed another agreement as our tongues intertwined. You parted your thighs slightly, just enough so my cock could push between them and rest comfortably against the length of your labia, then you closed your thighs capturing me. I didn’t resist.

I slid my hands from your hips around to your ass cheeks, and as we kissed I rubbed my hands across them in circles, you hummed an agreement. I then dropped my hands to the bottom of your ass where your butt ended and your thighs began – I would refer to this cleft as the ‘sweet spot’ – and grabbing the soft flesh pulled up and out letting the water from the shower head pulse against your exposed hole. You grunted and broke the kiss. My hands let their hold go, and you in turn freed my cock from the pleasant prison you had placed it in.

“Not so hard.” You reprimanded, though still smiling. I apologised.

I ran one of my hands from one cheek to the next parting you as I did so. “Did you wash back here yet?” I asked.

“I was just going to soap myself down when I was done with my hair before I was interrupted.”

“I’m sorry.” I said mockingly.

“It’s okay, it was a pleasant distraction.”

“Maybe I should help?” I offered.

“Wash me?”

“Of course.” I smiled.


I reached for the shower puff and held it under the spray, letting it absorb the water, after a few moments I squeezed the excess water out of it and reached for the body wash pouring a healthy amount into the puff. I looked into your eyes and smiled, and you mirrored it back to me.

I started in circles on your chest waiting for the soap to foam and after a few motions it was in a thick lather. I proceeded to wash your chest starting at your collar and working my way down to your small breasts, the nipples were hard and erect and jutted out from your breasts looking for attention, I rubbed the puff over them softly at first then harder until they were red and you let out a small yelp before telling my to stop, I obliged. I proceeded to your belly rubbing in large circles, then to small, then back to large, ending by scrubbing up and down your sides from your arm pits to your hips. You would giggle a little when I washed your arm pits, telling me how it tickled, but of course I already new this. I then took an arm and washed it up and down getting into your arm pit again bringing more gigles from you. I did the same to the other arm.

Throughout this exchange my cock never once faltered in it’s rigidness, if you looked at it long enough you could see it pulse with every heart beat.

I squatted down, my balls inches from the water that had collected in the tub. I proceeded to wash your strong thighs that had gripped me minutes before, your knees, and calves. I asked you to lift your foot and canlı casino you obeyed, I washed it thoroughly, stealing glances up at your bald pussy. I asked for the other foot and did the same thing. I saw you seeing me look at your sex and we caught each other smiles.

I leaned forward and gripped the back of your thighs in my hands, one still holding the puff and its lather of soap, and pressed my face into your shaved pussy. You bent your knees and parted your thighs bracing your hands on the walls to keep balance as my tongue tasted you. You tilted your pelvis pushing more of your pussy into my face, and I eagerly licked everywhere I could; your outer labia wetted with my saliva, then I darted my tongue between those folds and wetted your inner labia. I then shifted my concentration and licked on your clit. I could hear your breath coming in gasps and I loved every sharp inhale and exhale. I licked down to your opening and pushed my tongue inside you as far as I could, pressing my face hard into your mound as I danced and twisted my tongue inside you. Then I flattened out my tongue and ran it along the length of your slit completly covering you with my spit, until I reached your clit again. You gasped.

I stood up. “Did you like that?”

Still to short of breath for words you nodded and hummed an agreement, then said, “Uh-huh.” Nodding your head again.

“Rinse off your front.” and when she completed that. “Turn around, it’s time for your back.” She obeyed by facing the cool wall as the shower poured upon us from the side.

I started again in large circles, then small, then large again, ending by scrubbing your sides from arm pits to hips, causing more giggles when I tickled your arm pits. I squatted again and washed your ass cheeks in circles, then slid the puff between your cheeks scrubbing roughly your asshole, this brought a gasp from your lips. I then proceeded to wash the back of your thighs, knees and calves.

Still squatting I cupped the water in my hands and rinsed the soap from your ass and thighs, then standing up for a moment to rinse the soap from your back. You make a gesture to turn around but I tell you stay where you are, and you obey.

I squat back down and touch your ass, the puff by this time has found its way to the bottom of the tub to be forgotten – and a witness – until this act is done. I massage it, gripping it and pulling it open, ogling the dark skin around your anus.

“What are you doing …” You ask, but I answer with a shushing noise.

I lean forward and plant kisses on your cheeks, while snaking one hand beneath you searching and finding your mound and beginning to caress it. I kiss and lick your ‘sweet spot’, interchanging the two. I can hear your breath becoming short again as my fingertips massage your clit. I ask you to push your hips back and you obey. I wet the middle finger of my other hand and press its saliva coated tip against your pussy opening. I nurse the opening until it opens up for me and you relax all over, and I can see your ass spread with that same relaxing, opening your anus to me. I press my finger into your pussy a little further and begin pumping it in and out, pushing it in a little more each time until I’m knuckle deep. Still rubbing your clit and pumping my finger inside you I proceed to lick your ass inches away from your anus, up and down.

“Don …” You begin, but I answer quickly telling you to relax, and you obey.

I start licking your ass again, my fingers continuing their administrations, working my tongue towards the dark skin around your anus. Once there I slowly and passionately kaçak casino plant a kiss on your asshole, causing a great exhale from your lungs. I then begin licking your anus like I did your clit, my other points of pleasure relaxing you, making you give in to this taboo act. I push my tongue inside your anus, and by now I can tell what you were reluctant to enjoy moments before you are thoroughly enjoying now. I continue tonguing and licking your ass until I decide you need more.

I remove my finger from your clit and tell you to pleasure yourself, you quickly bring a hand down to replace the one I removed. I wet my finger in my mouth tasting your juices and savoring them for a few moments. I pull my finger out of my mouth coated in saliva a press the digit at the opening to your ass. You tense a little, but with my other hand I slip another finger into your pussy, giving you two now. You relax a little and I push the finger at the opening to your anus inside to the first knuckle twirling it around inside your taboo. I push until the second doing the same, until my entire finger is embedded in your asshole and I’m pumping it in and out with the same pace as the two inside your pussy.

Your orgasm from all the stimulation hits you like a wave and your body convulses, you moan as it empties you, your hips rock up and down as my fingers continue thier motions.

You moan the words ‘Oh God’ over and over again. But you need more.

I remove my fingers and pick up the puff as I stand up, the soap thats left in the puff coats my still rigid cock. I get behind you and spread your ass further than it was and I use some of the soap from the puff to coat your asshole.

“Don …” you begin again, but I quickly reassure you.

“I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” and I kiss your shoulder. You hum an agreemet.

I position my cock at the taboo opening and using the soap as a lubricant press into you. Reluctantly the tip goes in and you gasp when it does. I coo you with more shushes. I slowly work my way in and out of you like when I first pushed my finger into your pussy, going deeper with every thrust. This thought brings my mind back to your pleasure and I snake my hand around – the one I used to finger your pussy – and I begin working on your clit. After a few moments of this, you begin to loosen up and I’m sliding effortlessly in your ass, my finger continues to pleasure your clit, and you have snaked your own hand beneath you and are pumping fingers in and out of yourself, how many I could not guess.

You are pressed against the wall, the water is hitting our side, my cock is pushing into your ass, your fingers are pumping into your pussy, and my hand is rubbing your clit. This entanglement of our bodies is beautiful. You softly cry to me that you are going to cum again, you tell me not to stop, you echo again that you are going to cum several more times.

I’m pumping freely into your taboo feeling my own orgasm rise, my breath is harsh and coming in short little gasps, I softly cry out that I’m cumming, and I distinguish it next with that I’m cumming in your ass, and I pour forth my hot semen into your taboo, slowing my thursts as each spurt is poured into you.

Then your second and more violent orgasm hits you and your body convulses, your own ejaculation coats your hand, your hips rock up and down so violently that I’m pulled out of your ass with a pop which causes you to sharply cry out. You repeatedly call out, ‘Oh God’, until the wave subsides.

I slip my arms around your waist and hug you from behind, but you quickly straighten up and turn around returning my hugs and include plenty of kisses, and our tongues snake together. The shower still flows onto us from the side, washing the remains of our loving away, and the puff the only witness to this act lays at the bottom of the tub.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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