Clive and The Twins Part 2

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Clive stood looking down at the girls and didn’t hear the back door open, “OMG Daddy, what is going on?” Clive froze as he turned round and saw Amber standing in the doorway with a horrified look on her face. Her Daddy was standing naked and her best friends were on their knees bending over the sofa, their arses and backs covered in Clive’s cum.
There was an eerie silence before Clive stammered “Ah, I was just helping the girls with their project” while both girls looked at Amber shamefully. Amber stood there transfixed on her Daddy’s cock which was starting to show signs of life again as Clive looked at his daughter standing there in a tee shirt and tight yoga shorts.
This wasn’t the first time Amber had seen her friends naked as they had enjoyed many sleep overs growing up but it was the first time she has seen her father’s semi hard cock.
“Come and join us” Beth said as the girls sat back on the sofa. Amber wasn’t sure, this was her best friends and her Daddy, she had often thought about her Daddy’s cock but never thought she would get an opportunity to actually see it let alone play with it. Lyn reached forward and took hold of Clive’s semi hard cock, “Come feel this” she said, “It is so amazing how hard it gets”. Amber smiled as she saw Lyn rubbing her Daddy and her mood changed as she walked into the room. Her young nipples were visible through her tee shirt, “Here, have a go” Lyn said as she grabbed Amber’s hand and placed it on her Daddy’s now stiff member, “Wow, it feels so good” Amber said as she started to rub her Daddy, Clive looked at her and smiled. Beth reached up and pulled Amber’s shirt off and her little titties were now on show, her nipples stiff.
This was Clive’s chance to fuck his baby girl, something he had dreamed of but never thought he would do and as Amber slowly wanked him he started to rub her nipples bending down and licking each one in turn.
Clive took a step back and motioned Amber to bend down, he stroked her hair as she hesitantly put the tip of her Daddy’s cock in her mouth feeling the twin’s hands caressing her arse cheeks through the fabric of her shorts. Amber took the head into her mouth and seemed to like the taste of the mixed juices and let out a moan as Beth pulled down her shorts exposing her bare arse to the girls, fingers were exploring every inch and moaned louder as she felt the wetness of a tongue flick her arsehole before resting on her now wet pussy lips. Clive was now pushing his cock into his daughter’s mouth and Amber gagged as he hit the back of her throat, her eyes closed as the girls were working on her from behind, she felt fingers enter her as another tongue was opening up her arse.
Clive grabbed Ambers head as he started to face fuck his daughter, “Suck it baby, suck it” he cried as his knees trembled and he felt his cock pulsate and he emptied a load straight down his daughters throat, holding her head so she took the whole load, Amber was swallowing hard knowing there was no escape.
Amber was wet, she wanted to be fucked and as Clive pulled out of her mouth he was still hard. She bent down on the sofa pushing Beth back while Clive got behind her and edged his cock to the opening of her sweet wet cunt slowly pushing the head inside, Amber gave out a yelp and started to suck on Beth’s stiff nipples as Clive pushed in. Lyn got up and positioned herself behind Clive and started to rub his swinging balls as he pounded his daughter.
Amber cried out as she reached orgasm covering Lyn’s hand in her love juices “Cum in me Daddy, Cum in me” she cried out as Clive felt himself spurt deep inside his daughters belly, pulling out he wanked the last drops over Amber’s arse, milking every last drop out of his stiff cock.

Clive woke up with the sound of the front door slamming and quickly closed his gown as the three girls rushed into the lounge, it had all been a dream and he felt his belly wet with his cum as he had been wanking in his sleep, he looked flustered as Amber said to him “You OK Daddy?” as she looked at his red face, his gown untied but being held shut. “Oh Hello girls” he said as he tried to hide his embarrassment. “I fell asleep and totally forgot you were coming over” he stammered. “I had the strangest dream” he said not giving out any details but still looking flustered. He looked at the three girls standing before him and it was so like his dream, all three had white blouses and short black skirts with little white ankle socks, Clive held his gown tight as to not give away his erection hidden beneath telling himself to get a grip as his dream had no bearing on reality.
The girls dumped their overnight bags and headed off to the study to start on their school project leaving Clive to compose himself, he watched them as they walked away paying particular attention to their smooth legs.
Clive left the girls to get their project done and took their bags up to the bedroom and on his way down he saw the study door slightly open and quietly peeped through the crack, the girls were all busy sitting behind the desk but Clive had a nice view under the desk at six teen legs, as he looked closer he could easily see up their skirts and the sight of their white panties was giving him a tingle, they were oblivious to the fact they were being spied on and carried on working, Clive on the other hand was eagle eyed on the sight before him and the dream was coming back into his head and his gown opened and he started to rub his now erect cock.
Seeing how the girls were sitting got him thinking how lucky the teachers must be as they thought nothing of sitting lady like but giving a clear view up their skirts.
Still in his gown he decided to go back to the lounge and wait for them to finish before he ordered some food in.
Back in the study the girls were nearly done and chatting away at the job they had completed and then by accident Lyn opened up a folder on the PC, “OMG, what is that” she said embarrassed at seeing pictures of a naked man, “Is that your Dad” Beth said as they opened up a picture of a man standing naked with an erect penis. “Wow! Yes” said Amber a little embarrassed and they giggled a bit looking at the size of Clive’s cock, they were now fascinated at seeing the pictures and started to flick through the album which showed Clive naked in various poses, most of which showed him with a huge erection.
“Have you ever seen it before?” Lyn asked eager for an answer but Amber just shook her head, Beth then said “It looks yummy” as the next pic showed cum shooting out the tip and they all giggled at that.
They quickly closed the folder down and agreed not to let on what they had seen but all wondering what it would look like in the flesh, after all he was only in his gown. After a short discussion they decided that maybe they would tease him a little during the evening.
“All done” Amber said as they returned to the lounge, “Good” said Clive, “I will order a pizza” he continued. “Great, we will go up and get changed, it is OK if we just change into our nightwear” Amber said which got Clive wondering what they slept in, OMG he thought, what if they sleep naked, his mind was racing. As the girls walked to the stairs Clive followed to leave the food money by the door and glanced up as the girls went upstairs, he managed to get a good worms eye view of white panties and cute arses.
The food arrived and the girls came running down all dressed in large tee shirts, “Daddy, do you mind us dressed like this?” Amber asked, Many thoughts ran through Clive’s mind, wondering if they had underwear on was just one of them, “Oh no Baby girl, if that’s how you all lounge about it’s fine with me” Clive said with a grin, “As long as you don’t mind me in just my gown” He said with a grin, the three girls looked at each other before giving him the seal of approval, “Daddy, you look so comfortable and cosy in that gown” said Amber. Clive did look a bit puzzled as his gown, being quite short and silk was far from cosy or comfortable but who was he to argue and he still had his dream in the back of his head or was it maybe some kind of premonition.
After eating Amber offered to wash the dishes so while the twins relaxed on the sofa Clive sat in the kitchen talking to his lovely daughter while she stood at the sink. Clive had the perfect view of Amber’s rounded arse and legs, her night shirt although covering her arse was quite short and Clive could make out the outline of her skimpy panty line, it was quite a nice view with her panties up her crack as he noticed her shirt being sucked in, she was growing into a very sexy woman, he was quite proud and for the first time he was looking at his daughter in a sexual way.
Amber meanwhile was quite conscious of the fact that her Daddy was sitting behind her and she wondered what was going through his mind, as they chatted she periodically turned her head towards him and her suspicions were confirmed as she saw him looking at her arse, he sat cross-legged which made her wonder if he was getting aroused at the sight of her rear end. “Daddy, can you pass me the towel?” she asked making him stand up, her suspicions were confirmed as she could see a slight bulge out the front.
Amber dried her hands and they all returned to the lounge where Clive sat in his chair and Amber joined the twins on the sofa.
The mood was light and Clive sat looking across at the three girls on the sofa and couldn’t get his earlier dream out of his head, he looked at their smooth young legs trying to get confirmation on the panty question, moving his eyes up and seeing outline of their small pert breasts and nipples.
They chatted away about nothing in particular, the girls knew that Clive was looking in a suggestive way and they laughed and joked and were having fun.
“Why don’t we play a game?” Lyn suggested, “Great idea” was the response “What have you got in mind” Clive asked with a puzzled look as Monopoly would probably kill the mood. “Truth or Dare” Amber suggested looking at her Dad, “What are the rules” Clive asked and the three girls looked at each other and in unison said “None”
“We all throw a dice and the lowest chooses and the highest answers the question or performs the dare” Amber said “And you have to do it” Beth said with a giggle, the three girls all looked at Clive for approval, “You in Daddy? Amber asked which was met with a cheeky grin from Clive.

To be Continued… Part 3 coming soon.

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