Coach’s Conquests Ch. 14

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The 34-12 win over Sandcreek moved the Raiders to No. 2 in the high school poll while Valley Falls, after being shocked by Highland 20-18, fell to No. 8. Highland moved to No. 6 with that impressive win. The conference standings after Lakeville’s fifth league game looked like this:

Lakeville 2-0

Highland 2-0

Valley Falls 1-1

Prairie 1-1

Weston 2-2

Sandcreek 1-3

Redwater 0-2

The next week, Bret studied game films over and over in preparation for a game at Prairie. The Pirates had lost two games in a row, but were 1-1 in league and a dangerous team. And it was their Homecoming. And like Homecoming all across the United States, teams that weren’t that good on the field tended to be very good that night.

The long film sessions paid off, however, as Lakeville prevailed 20-18. Monique was flirty the night of the game, but one of the assistant coaches, intent on getting the lowdown on the state playoffs, sat by Bret all the way home and didn’t give the coach a chance to get near the cheerleader. When they got back to Lakeville, she said she felt sick, and it must’ve been so because she missed school that next Monday.

The Raiders stayed at No. 2 in the poll, Highland moved up to No. 5 with a win over Sandcreek, and Valley Falls improved to No. 6 with a crushing of winless Redwater. The Huskies of Highland began to worry Bret. Here was a team that no one expected to perform at this level and they were 6-0 and threatening to make a run for the conference title.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It was supposed to be Lakeville and Valley Falls, Valley Falls and Lakeville. To add gray hairs to the young coach’s head was the fact that it was Lakeville’s Homecoming this week. Certainly, more distractions loomed. On the bright side, the opponent was Redwater, winless Redwater. Didn’t everyone want Redwater to be their Homecoming guest year after year? Well, yes, but it didn’t always work out that way. This season, it happened to work out, and Bret was grateful to whoever made out the schedule before he had arrived.

On a statewide level, the top-ranked team, Oaktown, hadn’t lost in three seasons, and it was a given they would be No. 1 until someone defeated them. They had given up exactly one touchdown the entire season. Bret managed to get a game tape on Oaktown and watched it briefly before he realized he was getting ahead of himself. He hadn’t even secured one of the two playoff berths in his own conference, let alone one of the eight spots in the state tournament. There would be time to scout Oaktown, a school 4 1/2 hours away by car. That would come later.

As if the county fair didn’t present enough of a challenge, Homecoming week always did. Bret talked on the phone to Lori Hayes twice, and the sexy collegiate girl promised the coach at least a drink when she came home for Homecoming. The coach was hoping there would be much more. On Tuesday night the girls in the school played a powder-puff football game, the seniors and freshmen against the sophomores and juniors.

The boys in the high school officiated the game, and Bret was one of the faculty members who were in attendance as a show of school spirit. It was a fun event and everyone seemed to enjoy him or herself, even Monique, who was apparently over her illness. It was too cold for shorts, but the high school asses in their tight jeans still gave the coach a hard on.

One ass in particular that intrigued him was that of Carrie Kemp, a 6-foot-1 volleyball player. She was a lifeguard in the summer and had the body for it. She looked great in her jeans, even greater in her tight little volleyball uniform. The only problem was that Carrie had a tendency to like her booze, and she’d been warned more than once that one more violation would find her off the team. Normally, one violation was enough, but this was Carrie Kemp, the daughter of the only banker in town. Kemp flirted with whoever would flirt back, and to this point, Bret had kept his distance.

But when Carrie started coming on to him in class, he felt obligated to come on back to her. The flirting had been going on for quite a while, but it was worse than ever on this night. Bret suspected Carrie had been drinking — and he was right.

Problem is, she got caught after the powder puff game and was booted from the volleyball team. It was too bad, too. Between Carrie and Tamica, the Raiders had a chance to go to state. Now, the coach thought, they didn’t have a prayer.

The coach spent most of the week studying film of Highland’s win over Valley Falls. He could scout both teams that way, and the two-point game allowed Bret to see what both teams did near the end of the game in a close battle. Bret occasionally looked at Oaktown film too, even though he had promised himself he wouldn’t look at the Oaks until the time came. Still, he was gleaning valuable information from their tape. Now, if only the teams would meet.

The Homecoming bonfire was scheduled for Thursday istanbul escort night, the game on Friday and the dance Saturday night. When Bret was in high school, dress to the dance was casual. He remembered fondling breasts through tight sweaters and massaging butt cheeks through jeans. Boy, how it had changed. It was a formal affair these days, and that’s why it had been moved to Saturday night and not held on the night of the game.

Bret touched base with Lori Hayes Wednesday. She said she’d be in town Friday, watch the game and then the pair could see what developed. She said she planned to see Monique Saturday and take her to the cabin at the Barr Place to help Monique prepare for the dance Saturday night. Monique had told Bret she wasn’t thrilled about the date she had accepted, but he was a friendly guy and she was sure they would have fun. She inquired about stopping by his house after the date had ended, but Bret impressed upon her how important it was to make her date feel like he was an important guy.

Monique agreed. Bret, like the other faculty members, attended the bonfire Thursday night. It was held annually at a vacant lot in town, far away from any structures that could accidentally catch on fire. Wood was hauled in each year, usually from an old barn that some farmer tore down. The band played, the cheerleaders cheered and most of the students drank, thinking the faculty didn’t know there was either rum in their Coke cans or schnapps in their hot cocoa. But the faculty did know. Hell, Bret Harris even put some liquor in his coffee. One of the students who didn’t hide the fact that she’d been drinking was Carrie Kemp, the former volleyball player. The tight jeans and sweater accented her fabulous body, and the coach got hard thinking about what it would be like to have this tall, luscious girl on top of him, riding him, fucking him.

It wasn’t to be on this night, however. Carrie had brought a friend from another school and was busily making out with him during the festivities. Bret flirted with Monique a bit, but her date for the next night, a seldom-used football player, was hanging around the cheerleader, acting as if the two were a couple. Bret could sense Monique’s displeasure, but did nothing to intervene.

Friday morning dawned sunny and cold, but at least it wouldn’t rain during the game, the coach thought. He had put in some new passing plays and wanted a chance to use them against Redwater. School let out at noon for the afternoon parade, which went down the mile-long main street of Lakeville. Bret rode on the float with the football team; the cheerleaders on a car just in front. As the people lined the streets to watch the parade, which consisted of the local police and fire departments, the band, the cheerleaders, the team and one float from each class, Bret looked for Lori Hayes. And there she was, in front of the pharmacy, standing with her mother. Lori smiled and waved, and Bret returned the gesture.

When everyone returned to the school following the parade, Lori was there, in her designer jeans and a sexy top. It was cold out, and her braless nipples were pressing against the low-cut top she wore. The nipples were huge, the coach thought, and he was looking forward to getting his mouth on them later. The small talk that ensued between Bret and Lori confirmed his wishes: She all but told the coach he’d be dipping his cock into her pussy later that night.

A large crowd packed the bleachers and the sidelines for the Homecoming game. Assistant coaches who had been at Lakeville told Bret it was a larger Homecoming crowd than normal. It appeared there were a lot of people who normally didn’t go to games who attended this one to see just how good the Raiders were this season. On one other occasion the Raiders had started this well, 6-0. But they lost their seventh game of the season and then lost again in the state semifinals to finish 9-2. Lakeville had never been to a state football championship game.

The game with Redwater, as expected, was a mismatch from the beginning. The Raiders drove 65 yards on their opening possession to take the early lead and never were threatened. It was one of the most relaxing games in Bret’s coaching career. Everyone played; everyone had fun. The coach wasn’t even bothered by the players who had to stay out on the field for the Homecoming halftime festivities instead of being in the locker room.

The final score? Lakeville 74, Redwater 36. Chants of “on to state” came from the Lakeville student section as the victorious Raiders jogged off the field. The Raiders were now 4-0 in league and 7-0 overall.

In the locker room after the game, the only thing Bret told his team was to have a nice weekend, but to lay off the alcohol. Despite the perfect record, drinking would not be tolerated on this team.

One of the well wishers after the game was Lori Hayes, who congratulated the coach with a handshake. He slipped a house key into her mittened hand. Bret staved off Monique and the escort bayan ever-charging Carrie Kemp by saying he “had” to go drink with alumni who were happy about the 7-0 record. He told Monique, “I’ll talk to you before your date tomorrow night.” She expected a phone call, but it didn’t turn out that way as both would find out later.

The coach had a quick beer with some former Lakeville Raiders and headed home around 11:30 p.m. Lori’s car was directly across the street, in front of the Barker house. Lori met Bret at the door wearing nothing but a short silk robe. She obviously had traveled across the country prepared. His eyes were drawn to her gorgeous legs, and he stood there admiring them. She stepped aside as Bret walked in and then gave him a hug, letting him feel the hardness of her nipples through the thin cloth.

After the coach had grabbed a beer, he returned to the living room to see Lori standing at the front of the hallway. When she was sure Bret was looking, she untied the robe and let it fall, revealing only a sleek black teddy that hugged her curves beautifully. Bret felt his cock bulge. Lori saw it and smiled. He again noticed the pierced bellybutton. Ahhh, college women, Bret thought.

“I wanted to be comfortable for you,” she said, her hands running over her breasts and touching the teddy all over. “I really wanted to show you this when you were on campus a couple weeks ago, but this will do.”

She began to caress her body, rubbing her hand across her stomach, over her hip, then to the inside of her thigh, slightly parting her legs so give him just a glimpse of her pussy, which was pressed against the material of the teddy. As her hand came to rest over her swollen slit, she pushed against her clit and gasped with pleasure.

“I’m so wet. Bret, why don’t you come down the hall with me and help.” Her voice was whiny, but in a sexy, sensual sort of way. The coach had had his high school pussy for most of the year, with the one exception being the mature Angie Evans. Now, he’d have what was between: He’d have a young, hot, sexy college girl, the type who knew what to do and knew what to say while she was doing it. And the coach liked that.

Bret was down the hall in no time, kneeling at Lori’s feet before she could even get to his room. He dived between her legs like a man on a mission. He breathed in her scent and pulled the thin strip of fabric to the side to gaze at her smooth, clean-shaven pussy. His tongue flicked across her clit then slid down to lap the wetness gathered on her outer lips. She leaned back against the wall and raised one knee over his shoulder, spreading herself open for him. His hands slipped easily under her ass and he lifted her up to his hungry mouth. She squirmed and squealed as his tongue probed inside of her, pushing his face against her clit, each wave bringing her higher and higher to her point of explosion. She came quickly, the juices running freely from her. He moaned with pleasure at her sweetness and continued licking her slick, hot pussy.

“Cock,” she moaned, “I want your cock.” He stood up as she began fumbling with the tie on the elastic waistband of his coaching pants. When she got it open, she could see his raging hard-on sticking out above the waistband of his briefs. She slid her hands inside, stroking and squeezing his tight ass while pushing the clothing out of her way. His cock sprang free and bobbed in her face. She covered the knob with her hot sucking mouth, causing him to shudder and sway. Her tongue swirled around while her lips rubbed over and over him.

Without missing a beat, they somehow maneuvered into his room and onto his bed. She stroked his shaft with one hand, while gently squeezing his balls with the other. He continued to thrust deeper into her hot mouth. She greedily took his full length until he was slamming the back of her throat. She felt him stiffen and heard him moan just before his hot load shot into her waiting mouth. She drank it like a crazed woman, noisily slurping every drop.

Bret then positioned the couple into a 69, and Lori continued sucking on his cock, bringing it back to life in no time. She rubbed her pussy over his face while slurping his now-stiff prick.

“I need to kiss you,” the co-ed said after removing the hard cock from between her sexy lips. “I want your tongue on mine.” She crawled around and got on top of the coach, closing her eyes. She moved her lips slowly towards his until they met in a soft, hot kiss. In a matter of seconds, Lori had her arms wrapped around his body again and her tongue in his mouth, passionately kissing him. She then began running her hands over Bret’s nipples and up and down his legs and stomach. She felt the familiar bulge growing and felt it against her stomach.

Just as quickly as she had wanted to French kiss her hot coach, she was suddenly overcome with the desire to suck on Bret’s cock again. She slithered and slid her sexy body down to where her she was at eye level with his prick. She grabbed his escort istanbul shaft and began licking and lapping his hard cock. After spending a few seconds getting it coated with saliva, she took his entire cock into her mouth and began sucking as if her life depended on it. Up and down she bobbed her head, hollowing her cheeks, sucking and running her tongue in circles under the sensitive spot right under the head. Bret moaned with pleasure.

The feeling of Lori’s tongue roaming over that concentrated bundle of nerves made him wild with desire. Each time her tongue reached that spot, he felt as if he was going to come right at that moment and fill her mouth with gobs of his sticky come. Luckily for him, however, the feeling passed each time her tongue moved back around to the other side of his cock, only to come back when her tongue brushed the underside again. Her sweet and talented tongue was keeping him on the brink of orgasm.

She pulled Bret’s cock out of her mouth, just long enough to beg him to come in her mouth. “Please,” she pleaded. “I need to taste you again.” Then she put his cock back into her mouth and with one last, long, sucking stroke, milked a big gush of hot cum from his cock right into her mouth. It didn’t even slow her down; she kept right on sucking, swallowing all the cum that Bret could produce. Or so she thought. She continued the lovemaking of his cock and got it hard again by increasing the speed and sucking pressure on his rigid member. This went on for a few more minutes until the coach was ready to blow again. With a forceful spurt, the come came exploding out of his cock, right into Lori’s cheeks. Again, she swallowed it like a pro.

Lori finished licking Bret’s cock clean, lapping any stray drops of his cum lovingly with her tongue. Then she scooted back up and maneuvered her tits to Bret’s mouth, the teddy amazingly still on her body somewhat.

“They need attention,” the sexy co-ed cooed. “Can you give them some? How about it? Give them a Happy Homecoming?”

“Mmmmmmm,” the coach replied, “Homecoming has always been my favorite holiday.”

Bret slid the straps of the teddy off of her tan, sexy shoulders and down to her waist. She wriggled out of it and Bret threw it into his closet. “A memento,” he told her. Lori leaned over him, offering first one breast, and then the other, into his waiting mouth. His tongue felt so good on her nipples that she almost came just from his gentle nibbling. When she could take no more of this, she slid further up the bed, leaned over the headboard and lowered her pussy onto his mouth.

As his tongue started exploring her pussy lips and finally found her clitoris, Lori’s passion seemed to reach an even higher level than it ever had before. Bret’s tongue nibbled and sucked and flicked over her clit, while wave after wave of pleasure flowed from every square inch of her body. After a few minutes, she felt the telltale sign that her orgasm was approaching. Excitedly she grasped his head and forced it hard onto the tip of her clitoris. She clamped her thighs around Bret’s head and had the most explosive orgasm she had ever had in her life. There was no time to rest now. Looking down at Bret’s hard cock brought Lori back to a state of full arousal. She straddled him and sat down hard, forcing his meat to fill her to the hilt. She sat there for a few seconds, contracting her muscles around him and enjoying the wonderful feeling of having him inside her.

Almost reluctantly, she began a steady up and down rhythm, concentrating on the sensations that this caused deep inside her body. Although Bret’s last orgasm was less than 10 minutes ago, Lori could sense that another was fast approaching. She reached down to play with her clitoris while still continuing her undulations.

“Don’t you wish you would’ve done this a couple weeks ago?” she teased between upward and downwards movements on his cock. “Don’t you wish you would’ve fucked me in that hotel room that night?”

“Mmmmm, yes,” the coach said, only half lying. Angie Evans had been hot, but Lori Hayes was quickly rising to the top of his list. He definitely would have to get together with this beauty over the holidays.

“You’re coming home for Christmas, right?” the coach said. “Ummmmmmmmmm, not sure,” she moaned back while continuing their slow, methodical fuck. Their sex wasn’t as hasty or rushed as it had been, and both seemed to be enjoying the short respite even though the lovemaking was continuing. “What’s in it for me?”

“I’ll be in you,” the coach said. “The entire holiday break. If you’ll have me.”

“Ohhhhhhhh, I’ll have you,” the college girl replied. “More than you’ll want probably.”

The fucking replaced the conversation as the pace increased with Lori on top of Bret. She again reached down to give her clit a few strokes, “just to help me along,” she smiled.

Feeling her hand brushing his cock, as well as her own clitoris, gave Bret all the encouragement that he needed. He emptied his next load of come deep inside Lori’s pussy, just as her pussy walls began contracting and forcing her own orgasm. Totally worn out from their passionate exertions, Bret and Lori fell asleep for a while. He woke up a couple hours later to her French kissing his cock.

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