Coed Confidante Ch. 05

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My name is Melanie, and I am a student at a large state university—a place that has quite a reputation as a party school. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I am masquerading as a student to get some interesting perspectives on college life in the millennial age. I am really a writer/blogger working for an alternative newspaper. My editor approached me with the concept and offered to pay all expenses if I would be willing to go undercover to experience college life firsthand. I was admittedly rather hesitant since I am a rather modest person with limited experience in the world of parties and sex, but I agreed when he told me that the project might lead to a book project and possibly an independent art film. It seemed like a promising way to take my career to a new level, and so I accepted the challenge. I vowed to push myself to explore experiences I might otherwise have avoided, and, in the end, I surprised myself with a newfound sense of courage and adventure. Here is a chapter in my series titled “Coed Confidante”.


I knew the day would eventually come, but I was still feeling sad as I walked to the old gym to lead my final practice with the men’s swim team. I smiled as I thought back to the first practice and my surprise as every member of the men’s team stepped out on the pool deck completely naked. It seemed shocking at the time, but I quickly got used to the daily display of nude athletic bodies and the unabashed way that they paraded their luscious cocks in my presence during every practice. I marveled that no two cocks were alike, and yet they were all captivating to watch as they went through their training routines.

I also found myself thinking back to the intensely erotic encounter I had with Derek in the training room after the first practice, and the series of steamy sessions I enjoyed with each of the other swimmers after they feigned injuries one by one to get my special attention in the locker room and shower. Each guy had found a clever and unique way to get my fingers and lips on his raging hard-on after practice, and eventually each had found his own way of getting me out of my swimsuit and deep into my warm recesses of my inviting pussy. I know that some would find the thought of servicing every member of the team to be unseemly, but as I entered the pool area for the final time, I knew that I would miss the delectable parade of male flesh and the special attention that each guy had showered on me.

This final practice was structured like all of the others I had coached. I spent the first half of practice working with the racers as they did their laps, and then I worked with the three divers at the far end of the pool area for the rest of the session. As I watched these three attractive nude guys working on their dives, I was cognizant of the fact that I had not been intimate with any of them like I had with the other members of the team. They had always been the first to shower and leave every day after practice, and I had wondered a few times if they were not interested in me in any context other than the coaching tips I had passed on to them. As it turns out, I could not be more wrong—they simply had a different plan of attack.

I think the three divers were my favorites of all the guys on the team, maybe because I had been a competitive diver myself and I could relate to their challenges better than I could with the racers. Rory was the tallest of the three, and his fair white skin looked even more striking when he emerged from the pool dripping with water. Emilio was Hispanic, and his darker skin created a beautiful and eye-catching tableaux every time he stood motionless on the diving board before each dive. Tim was the oldest of the three. He had a powerful build that was a product of years of swimming laps, but he had switched to diving to make use of the skills he had mastered as a gymnast. As I sat there watching them perform their dives in the nude during my final practice with them, I was reminded again about the incredible beauty of the human body.

“Coach Melanie,” Emilio called out, pulling me out of my brief reverie. “It’s your last day with us. Will you do some dives for us?”

“I’m not sure that’s the best way to use these final minutes of practice,” I called back. “The conference meet is tomorrow, you know.”

“We know,” Rory jumped in, “but we have been doing the same routine for weeks now. I’m not sure a few more reps is going to make a big difference at this point.”

“Rory’s right,” Tim added as the three of them approached me on the pool deck. “We talked about this before practice, and we all agreed that we want to see you dive one more time.”

I looked over and noticed that Coach Cooper and all of the other swimmers had already gone into the locker room. “Looks like practice is over,” I said güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with a hint of relief. “It’s time to call it quits for the day. Sorry.”

“The other swimmers cut practice short today on purpose,” Emilio persisted. “We talked to Coach C. and he said that we would have the pool to ourselves now.”

“But it’s been so long since I practiced any of the dives I used to do,” I stammered. “I’m afraid I would just make a fool of myself up there on the board.”

“That’s bullshit, Coach Melanie,” Tim said forcefully. “First, you have been giving us tips up on the board for three weeks now. We all know you can still do it. Second, we heard that you have been working on your dives over at the Women’s Rec Center recently. We just want to see what you have been practicing.”

I could sense that I had been cornered, and I also knew that a part of me was actually tempted by the prospect of showing off some of skills in front of these guys. I half-heartedly tried again to talk them out of their request, but they were insistent, so I slowly made my way over to the one-meter board. I grabbed the rails on the ladder and started to step up when I heard Emilio yell out.

“No swimsuit,” he said simply. “Birthday suit only, please”

“I can do the dives just as well in my swimsuit,” I answered nervously. “Is it the dives you want to see, or is this just a ploy to see me naked?”

“This from the lady who has watched us practice completely naked for four weeks,” Rory countered. “This truly sounds like a double standard to me. To answer your question, I think the answer is both.”

“What if Coach Cooper or the other swimmers come back out?” I replied weakly. “That would be pretty awkward.”

“Give it up, Coach,” Tim said. “This has all been worked out ahead of time. We know what you have been doing with the other swimmers after practice. We have been patiently biding our time, but we are ready for some special time with you.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but I could tell that I was outnumbered and out maneuvered here, so I quietly nodded my consent. The three guys all stepped closer and watched with eager anticipation as I grabbed the straps on my swimsuit and started to pull it down over my torso. They all whistled when my tits came into view, and they held their rapt attention as I pulled the suit over my hips and down my legs. I had done the same thing for the other swimmers before, but I somehow felt more vulnerable out on the pool deck with three observers. I balled up my swimsuit and tossed it over by the wall.

The prospect of showcasing my dives while fully nude was still a bit daunting for me, but one thing I had discovered about myself over the past few weeks is that I lean a bit toward exhibitionism in situations like this. As I started to step up on the ladder, I spotted what I think was a video camera near the back wall and mostly hidden by a pile of towels. I was tempted to call out to have them put it away, but then I changed my mind. I figured it was harmless and that it might give them something to remember me by. As I was adjusting the diving board fulcrum with the foot wheel, I looked over and smiled when I saw my three pupils sitting in a tight half-circle on the pool deck right next to the board. They were each holding their phones and were obviously ready to capture my performance on their own devices as well.

“What’s your first dive going to be?” Emilio yelled out.

“Inward 1 and ½ somersault. Pike position,” I answered with a smile and I stepped to the end of the board.

“Smart choice!” yelled Rory. “Start with something of lower difficulty.”

Truth be told, I had a different reason for my dive selection. By starting in the inward position, I would be facing away from the water—and facing toward my very attentive audience. I held my pose at the end of the board for a much longer time than normal to give the three guys the show that they had been fantasizing about for weeks. After the long pause, I began my bouncing move and completed the dive.

I noticed one thing immediately when I knifed into the water. The sensation was different—and surprisingly pleasant—than all of the dives I had ever done while wearing a swimsuit. The water felt wonderful against my skin, and I was starting to understand why so many people like to swim in the nude. I realized one more advantage as I swam toward the edge of the pool. All divers, especially females, learn that they have to make adjustments to their swimsuits before pulling themselves out of the water to maintain what little measure of modesty they can in the revealing competitive suits. They generally have to pull the clinging fabric out of their ass cracks after the force of entry into the water, and girls always have to check to be sure güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that a breast has not been uncovered during the dive. I did not have such worries today, and it felt invigorating to pull myself smoothly from the water.

“8.5!” shouted Tim as he held up a homemade card with the score.

“8.5 here too,” said Rory as he revealed his score.

“Really? Scores?” I replied with a laugh. “I thought this was just a friendly exhibition.”

“You guys are too easy,” Emilio remarked with a big grin. “I gave her an 8. I thought the pike could have been a bit tighter, and the entry was a shade off vertical. Other than that, the form was beautiful. And so was the diver!”

“I can see where this is going,” I said. “Since you are getting technical, my next dive will be a Reverse 1 and ½ somersault in the tuck position. I really was not expecting to hear my coaching advice to you being turned right back on me.”

For the next half hour, I did a series of dives that I had done competitively many years ago, and each one was met with applause and scores from my judges. I did a variety of dives in the inward, reverse, and forward positions with varying degrees of success. I was ready to move to the three-meter board to try a few more, but Emilio took my hand as I was moving toward the higher board.

“Thank you for doing your dive program for us, Coach Melanie. You are more beautiful this way than any of us imagined.”

“I’m prepared to do a few on the higher board,” I replied. “There are a few that I can only do from the three-meter.”

“We actually have something else in mind,” Tim said. “Practice time is over, and it is now time to get cleaned up.”

“We want to send you off with a celebration,” Rory added.

I had a pretty good idea of what they had in mind since I knew they had heard the stories of my special sessions with the other swimmers, but as we walked slowly back to the shower room, my mind was reeling. I had once pleasured two guys before and I had enough hands and enough lips to keep them both happy, but I was not sure how I was going to pull this off with three guys. The looks in their eyes told me that their expectations were high, and I did not want to disappoint them.

As soon as we stepped off the pool deck and into the communal shower area, we did a quick check to be sure that all of the other swimmers were gone. The place was quiet and empty, so my three divers set their plan in motion. They soon had warm water flowing from the showerheads and then they all converged on me to start covering me in soapsuds. Tim was the oldest and strongest, and he took charge as he gently guided me against the wall. He pressed his body against mine and I could feel his hardening cock pressing against my pussy. The other two guys were standing nearby stroking their cocks in anticipation, so I signaled them to come closer. I whispered to them that my tits needed some attention, and as they leaned in to kiss my nipples, I slid my fingers up their legs and began to stroke them in unison. Tim’s raging erection was still throbbing as he pressed close and struggled to penetrate me, and the sensation of his wet soapy body sliding against mine was wonderful.

I felt Tim’s fingers slide smoothly between my wet pussy lips. He found my love button and worked it gently in rhythm with my soft moans. When he sensed I was really feeling it, he eased his hard cock inside me and pressed deeper. Rory and Emilio were still massaging and kissing my breasts as I worked their cocks as best I could in this position, but I knew they would want a turn in Tim’s position too.

The two slipped away when they sensed that Tim was ready to climax, and they came back a few moments later with a pair of yoga mats that they had found in the other room. They laid the mats down under the shower spray and eased me away from Tim now that he had shot his load. Emilio lay face up on one of the mats and held my hand as I straddled him and eased my body over his stiff shaft. I was as aroused as I can ever remember as I felt his thick member slide deeper inside, and as I looked up, Rory had set the second mat on the floor and had kneeled down so that his engorged cock was just a few inches from my face. I leaned forward and pulled him closer so that I could take him in my mouth. After a few awkward lurches, we developed a soothing rhythm as I slid my pussy lips up and down Emilio’s penis while I worked Rory’s shaft with my lips and tongue.

I smiled when I felt both guys quiver in ecstasy just before they climaxed, and a few moments later, we were all lying on the shower room floor panting and catching our breath. Amazingly, even though I had just enjoyed a string of powerful orgasms, I was still aroused and began stroking my pussy with my soapy fingers. güvenilir bahis şirketleri My friend Emilio took note and began working his way over my breasts and down my torso with his lips and tongue. I let my legs part slightly when he reached my navel, and he quickly switched his position. He gently pulled my fingers aside and replaced them with his tongue. Rory and Tim slid to the floor and began to stroke my tits and kiss my nipples that were now standing proud. I have had guys go down on me before and I have always enjoyed it, but I had never reached this level of arousal before. Maybe it was the warm water spraying down on me or the fact that three guys were all pleasuring me at once, but I was soon writhing uncontrollably on the wet mat. I did not know that orgasms could be so intense, and my three lovers were intent on making this the most unforgettable moment of my life.

Rory and Tim continued to work my nipples with their tongues and Emilio was trying to finish me off by using his finger to stimulate my clit. I was moaning loudly now and squeezing my legs together to be sure that Emilio did not pull away. My pleasure was intense now, and I was rolling from side to side with my legs still clenched on Emilio’s fingers as they continued their pleasurable assault. As I reached my final orgasm, I gave one last moan and then relaxed my legs as I lay back and let the warm water envelope me.

None of us spoke for several seconds, but then Emilio rolled over and whispered in my ear.

“We hope you liked your going away gift from us,” he said with a smile, “though I am not sure who got the best of this deal.”

“This was amazing,” I replied quietly. “These past four weeks have been unbelievable for me, but this may have been the most unforgettable part of it all. I am going to miss working with all of you.”

“My only regret is that we did not demand from day one that you had to be naked on the pool deck just like us.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Tim added, “though waiting until now made this an even more awesome experience.

“Well, you do still have the video from my diving performance to let you relive the day,” I replied. “I don’t have that, so I will have to rely on my memory to remember how much fun it was to watch you practice in the buff.”

“Are you planning to come to the conference meet tomorrow?” Rory asked. “I think I might be more inspired if I saw you sitting in the front row near the diving well.”

“Of course I will be there,” I answered with a grin. “And I guarantee that I will be picturing each of you naked as you pose before your dives. After all, it is the only way I have seen you dive.”

“I would do the same with you, “Tim offered, “but I’m afraid the resulting hard-on would be a little distracting as I stood there in my diving Speedo.

“Thanks for being a great coach,” Emilio added. “It’s going to be a drag having to go back to working with Coach Cooper.”

With that, we laughed as we stood up, turned off the showers, and went to dry ourselves and get dressed. I assured them that I was the one to be thankful to them for making the experience so special. As promised, I cheered them on the next day at the conference meet, and I was proud that each of my divers scored personal bests at the meet. I’d like to think I had something to do with that.

A week later as I was going through my notes and writing the first draft of my Coed Confidante article related to my coaching internship, I heard a knock on the door. One of my sorority sisters handed me a disc and said that a guy had come to the front door with it and asked me to get this to you. I smiled the moment I put the disc in my DVD player and hit the “Play” button, because the first thing to come up on the screen was the diving area of the pool at the old gym. There was no action for a few moments, and then I watched as Emilio, Rory, and Tim walked out of the locker room completely naked, just as they had done for four weeks while I coached them. They had taped an entire practice for my pleasure, and I smiled as I watched them perform for me. I was about to hit the “Stop” button when it looked like the practice was over, but then a caught a glimpse of the three guys again.

I watched as they passed the camera around so that each guy could pose one last time for me. They took turns posing like they were in some kind of bodybuilding competition as the camera panned slowly up and down each beautiful body. When the show was over, they propped the camera up on the diving board, grouped closer together, and smiled as Emilio told me that we are now even and that I have video memories to match the ones that they had shot days before.

As I went back to work on my article, I knew that I would probably have several new and interesting adventures ahead, but I also realized that it might be hard to top the chance to work with a whole team of gorgeous naked male athletes who allowed me into their lives for a full month. Before I continued writing, I picked up my phone and sent a quick text to my editor to thank him again for lining up this unique and exciting assignment for me.

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