College Love: Dylan and Robyn Ch. 01

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This is the story about how Robyn and I got together. I’ve appreciated the feedback I received from you all of late, and decided to expand on my earlier works, if for no other reason than to set the record straight. I am married to Heather now, but at one time, I was deeply in love and in other things, with Robyn….this is about how Robyn and I got together. As a couple.

Robyn and I first met on a Lacrosse trip to New Jersey. We both attended a Midwestern university, and during our junior years, she was one of the captains of the Women’s lacrosse and I was a starting midfielder on the men’s lacrosse team. Our teams rarely, if ever traveled together. Robyn and I knew one another, as teams will do, but did not ever really connect until this trip. We were on our way to Princeton, NJ for a huge preseason lacrosse tourney sponsored by the university. I am a NY guy, so I’d been to Jersey a few times, but never once had my visit been as eventful as this.

We ended up sitting together on the way to NJ, mostly out of our mutual appreciation for the last row of seats at the back of charter busses. There tended to be more room there, and it stayed reasonably quiet. So, we got to talking about stuff-friends, our Greek organizations, our teams, our families, our ex’s on campus and off, our plans for after college, and so on-it was about a 10 hour drive, so we got to know one another quite a bit. It turned out that she was good friends with Corinne, a girl I had dated briefly, but rather ‘intensely’ during freshman year. Corinne and I had hooked up at a party during the first week at school, and upon waking up together, tried to make it work for about a week. It became very clear that there was little else in common, and we parted amicably, yet rather sated, if you follow.

“Ouch-what must you think of me,” I stammered when Robyn brought this fact up.

“No-I thought it was kind of sweet that you both tried to make it work. Most people avoid one another after ‘the walk of shame.’ You both tried-I think that it says something güvenilir bahis about the both of you, and she’s a good friend.”

I smiled, and let the compliment go-I had felt bad about what happened with Corinne. She was a nice girl, but there was little else between beyond physical. We kept talking through the entire trip. I was really impressed with Robyn. Her parents had been divorced when she was 13, and she took on a caretaking role for her 3 younger siblings when her mother began to work full-time. She was at school on an academic/Lacrosse scholarship, and worked extremely hard at both. She was very active in her sorority, leading volunteer groups and so forth. I admit, I had noticed her before on campus because of her beauty-and do not mistake me here, she was gorgeous: Long, lustrous red hair, deep and penetrating eyes, a tight figure, hardened from hours in the gym and on the field. She was easily one of the prettiest girls on campus. But, spending 10 straight hours talking to her, I became more and more enamored of her as a person-as cheesy as that may sound to most, it is the truth. She was something special, and she was choosing to share that information with me. I was intrigued, to say the least.

When we got to Princeton it was around 10 PM on a Friday night. We were supposed to be in our rooms by midnight, which gave us a little time more together before the hectic three-day tournament schedule began. We decided to walk around Princeton a bit. We both remarked at how there was a great mesh of Colonial and modern buildings and really enjoyed the stores and restaurants and such. It was such a great night; I was not really self-conscious about myself, and I was not even really thinking of ‘making a move.’ Such an approach did not seem necessary. As we were walking, I felt her hand take mine, and it just seemed natural. It was.

We walked as much of that town as you can walk and still make it back to the hotel in time for curfew. I walked her to her room.

“This has been a great trip so far,” she türkçe bahis said. To which I replied,

“And we haven’t even played a game yet.”

She smiled at that, and pulled me close, her arms wrapping around my waist, her head resting on my chest. We stood like that for what must have been five-ten minutes. She smelled great: the kind of great that you know that when you walk away, the smell will follow you. The kind of great that people will smell it too and wonder who you’ve been with.

She looked up at me and slowly began to close her eyes, and I kissed her. Nothing extravagant-nothing sweaty. Just a nice soft kiss. Lip-to-lip. She smiled, and turned into her room. I returned to mine. My roommates were asleep thankfully. Not that I would have minded telling them what an awesome time I had. But that night was the kind of night that all you can do is sleep in your clothes so the smell of her hair and her perfume will permeate your dreams. It was that great a night.

The next few days were filled with games. We played three that Saturday and the women’s team played two. We were scheduled to play another two Sunday, as were they. Robyn and I saw one another intermittently, and had a few meals together, but were not able to really spend any more quality time together at the moment. It was excruciating to be in that first stage of a new relationship, where you walk by and her girlfriends whisper. Where your hands get clammy when she’s on the other side of the room-and where you definitely feel your ears get hot when she’s next to you-like I said, excruciating, but in a good way. Oh, it was sweet. It was one of the most romantic weekends of my life, and we only kissed that once.

We got on the bus Monday afternoon, and after a very long weekend, began to make our way back to the Midwest. Robyn and I found our seats, and slept for a little while. It was some of the best sleep I’d ever enjoyed in my life. Since Friday night, all I’d thought about was her and holding her again, and here we were. She had brought güvenilir bahis siteleri a quilt with her, as she said that “hotel blankets are to rough.” Having been intimately connected with her extremely sensitive skin, I do understand her qualms. We wrapped ourselves together and slept for a while, speeding home to the Midwest. We slept until we stopped for dinner in Pennsylvania, around 7 PM, still having another 5-6 hours ahead of us.

Neither of us was hungry, so we stayed on the bus, wrapped up in our blanket and got to talking again. We talked about the weekend, and how our games went and stuff, and passed the time until the bus started moving again. As time got the better of us, we began to appreciate the last row of the charter bus for a new reason: no one can see you without turning around, and when it’s dark, even better.

As we talked, our faces grew ever closer, to the point that we were resting our foreheads together. In the passing light of a roadside diner, I saw her eyes staring deep into mine, and I kissed her, and though it was only for the second time, it was as though I had been kissing her all my life. Her lips parted and our tongues explored one another. Our hands followed suit. It made me even more grateful that she had brought her quilt. As our hands ran over one another, I could feel the gorgeous body I had only until recently seen from a distance. Her waist was tight, and her breasts were firm-as only an athlete’s are, and her arms and shoulders and legs were hard, and every inch of her skim was sensitive to my touch. I could feel her breath get quicker as I moved my hands around to her ass, and she sort of raised her body to invite my further. She ran her hands over my chest, and turned her nails flat and ran them over my abs, back and forth. I am in decent shape now, but I was in awesome shape then, and my body had never been touched in that way before-so sensual. I get chills thinking of it now. This went on for hours, longer than we thought, because before we knew it, we were pulling into the university parking lot. We both found ourselves tired, yet deeply aroused and very interested inbeing together. This was only the beginning. Later that evening, we…..well, that’s a story that is continued in part II. Please, check it out…

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