College Roommates Meet Ch. 07

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At 7am Devante woke up perky and eager for his first day of college classes. He grabbed his shower caddy and raced to the showers to get washed up and ready for the day. After getting dressed and grabbing a granola bar, he was even nice enough to wake up Spencer before heading out the door.

First on Devante’s class list was macro-economics. That was then followed by his intro history class. After a quick trip to the bookstore, Devante was hungry and according to the text on his cell phone so was Jeff and Spencer.

They met at one of the cafeterias near the academic side of campus that they had never been to.

“Dude you look beat” said Jeff to Devante

“Well I have been up since 7 dude” shot back Devante

“Hold on, you not finna come at my manz like that dude” commented Spencer.

“Whoa, where did that come from?” asked Devante

“Shit, I don’t know. Sometimes the hood just comes out. I did tell you was from Manhattan, so I spent my fair share of time in Brooklyn.”

“Uhm ok! And people call me ghetto. Anyway how were yalls’ first classes?”

“Haven’t had any yet” the two said simultaneously.

“You lucky bastards. I’ve already had two, but I only have one more today then I’m done!”

“Well, I have my first one after this so I’ll let you know soon.” Spencer said. “Oh yeah, and I heard that there is some kind of mixer this weekend so we are definitely going to that.”

Finishing up their food, they all head their separate ways. Getting home from class, Devante had the room to himself and he planned to take full advantage. Before he could barely lock the door his clothes were flying off. It had been a while since he had gone so long without busting. Even when he wasn’t getting pussy, back in high school, he had his own room so he could beat off whenever the mood struck.

Now laying on his bed, naked, with his dick starting to get hard he rummaged through the drawer of his night stand until he found the bottle of lube that he conveniently stashed there. While looking through his drawer he also came across the picture he had found earlier last week of Spencer’s cumshot.

If he wasn’t hard before he was now. He squirted a little lube on his shaft and started to stroke it. Not going too fast as he wanted to savor this, he poker oyna slowly caressed his mushroom head letting his finger dance across his piss slit.

I soft moan left Devante’s lips. “Man look at how big of a load that is” he thought to himself. “I wonder how many shots that was or how long he had to save up for that”

Just thinking about this was really making Devante horny. He starts to rub his nipple, which brought back memories of Theo and the amazing night that they had. This was all getting to be too much as precum was now freely flowing down Devante’s hard shaft.

At this point, Devante is thrusting his hips furiously. He takes one more look at the picture, at Spencer’s pretty pink dick and the thick veins running down the side and it sends him over the top. Ropes of cum start flying all over his torso. This feeling of euphoria came over Devante as this was one of the most intense jerk offs that he had ever had. He grabbed a towel from the floor and wiped off his chest.

The next thing he knew, Spencer was leaning over his whispering “Wake up sleepy head” in his ear. He must have fallen asleep, and completely naked at that.

“Looks like someone took advantage of having the room to themselves” Spencer said as he tugged on Devante’s dick.

“Dude! DON’T EVER FUCKING TOUCH MY DICK DUDE! I let a lot of shit go, but I’m not down with that!”

“Calm down dude, you’re always freaking out about something.”

“How would you feel if I came over there playing with your dick?”

In one quick motion, Spencer unbuttoned and dropped his pants and boxers. “That’s your prerogative. If you want to do that here you go… I’m not stopping you!”

“The things you do and say never ceases to amaze me. You don’t have to worry about me touching you ok?”

“If you say so”

“I do” Devante said as Spencer let out a little chuckle as he slid into a pair of really tight boxer briefs. “How was your class?”

Just then there was a knock on the door. Devante went and the flung the door open, expecting it to be Jeff, but to his surprise it wasn’t. In fact, it was actually a quite attractive young blond girl with big breast.

“This isn’t quite the greeting I was expecting, but I’ll take it.” The cute blond said.

“Glad you stopped by” Spencer canlı poker oyna said excitedly as he slid on a pair of basketball shorts. “Most people say if I had known you were coming I would have baked you a cake… Not me, I knew you were coming so I got naked.”

She burst out laughing. “And who is this hot stud?” she asked.

“Oh, this is my roommate Devante.” Devante looked over at Spencer quite confused.

“Oh, my bad. Devante, this is Beth. Beth is in my philosophy class and stopped by to borrow my book.”

“Well thanks for the book, but I have to run. I’ll return it in class on Wednesday. Nice meeting you Vante!” Beth said as she left out the door.

“It’s Devante” he shouted.

“Damn man, wasn’t she smoking hot? What wouldn’t you do to slide your dick in between those pretty little pink lips of hers?”

“Horny much man?”

“You know you want some of that”

They both threw on some clothes and tidied up a bit. Soon their door flew open with Jeff coming in.

“Hey guys! Let’s go see what Lance is up to.”

“That sounds like a plan.” Spencer said.

They quickly darted down the hall and knocked on Lance’s door. There was no answer but they could hear rustling inside, so they turned the knob to let themselves in. As they began to open the door, Lance screamed, “Hold on! GIVE ME A SECOND!”

Unfortunately, by this point it was too late and the door was wide open. To their surprise, low and behold their naked RA in all his fully erect glory grabbing for a nearby towel.

“Shit, sorry for interrupting” said Jeff.

“Glad we didn’t surprise you too much and get caught in the crossfire” Spencer said as he began laughing.

All the while Devante could not peel his eyes away from his RA’s humongous dick. For a white boy he was blessed. Full erect, it had to be at least 11 inches and it was uncut with pre-cum streaming from the tip. His pubes were neatly trimmed into a small little patch above his penis. Devante’s mouth began to water looking at the ivory pogo stick. Thankfully for him no one was looking in his direction.

“Are yall gon leave or continue to sit here and ridicule me with the door wide open so everyone can look in and laugh with you” Lance said in disgust.

They all came in and closed the internet casino door. “Dude cool it” Spencer said. “You aren’t the first dude to masturbate, and I’m sure you aren’t gonna be the last. If I didn’t have ole Devante over here as a roommate I would be spanking it all the time.”

“Shit, me being there doesn’t stop you!” Devante exclaimed.

“Yall are gonna seriously sit here with your half naked RA?”

“Do you know who you’re talking to” Jeff asked.

“What did I do to deserve this?” Lance said mockingly.

“What were you beating off to anyway” asked Spencer as he poked his head around Lance’s room. “I mean you gotta have a porn rag or some flix or something” as he clicked his tv on then off again.

“I am not having this conversation with yall” Lance yelled.

“Come on yall, get off it! Obviously Lance does not want to talk to us about… what do you call it Spencer… Cuffing the carrot…” Devante said as he made his way over to Lance patting him on the back.

Quickly lance pulled on some tightly fitting jockies as we went to grab some pajama pants.

“If I hadn’t already seen your dick, I definitely would of now. I mean could those things get any tighter?” questioned Jeff.

“Got a comment for everything huh? My girl loves these, but since you think they are so inappropriate, what kind of underwear do yall wear.”

Devante spoke first and said that he wore boxer briefs, with both Jeff and Spencer dropping their pants. Jeff was also wearing some boxer briefs but his were arguable equally as tight as Lance’s, while Spencer proudly exclaimed, “I just free ball it. The ladies love this just as much as they love those things you got on.”

At a loss for words Lance just shook his head. “Devante, I don’t know how you live with these characters.”

After the sexual tension had died down a bit, the conversation turned to classes and they talked about how their first week of classes was going so far. After about another 20 minutes of chatting and finding Lance’s cum well-used cum rag, the guys went back to their room to prepare for bed.


This is chapter 7 of College Roommates Meet. I don’t know why, but this chapter was a real struggle so I hope you enjoyed.

I have a challenge for you guys. If any of these characters remind you of someone you know or even yourself, send me a pic. Naked pics gladly accepted :). My email address is below and as always email me with any comments, questions, critiques, or suggestions.

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