Confessions of a Cleaning Lady Ch. 02

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Now my days were perfect. Sometimes I wondered how I had been content just watching them swim. Now, I couldn’t imagine a day without watching my men shower. I had a remarkable work attendance record, not being able to stay at home sick when there was such a good reason to be at the gym. Every day, I move as if in a trance, getting everything done, so I could treat myself with a ‘shower’ break. My two men were so delicious, so incredibly sexy, I honestly couldn’t believe my luck.

Each day started the same. They swam, in unison, in sync, their strokes perfectly timed. Now they used the same workouts, graceful and powerful in the water. I cleaned furiously, finishing all my assigned tasks while they performed. Then, I pushed my cleaning cart into the closet and casually entered the men’s dressing room, moving carefully to my secluded spot so I could observe Speedo and Tattoo.

First, they just lingered under the spray, rinsing the chlorine from their skin and suits. Then, and this is the moment I lived for, they both removed those tiny suits, rinsing them carefully and wringing them out, hanging them to drip on the common wall. That, as much as anything, I found incredibly sexy. Seeing these naked men, carefully rinsing and hanging their suits, was endearing.

Next, they would fill their cupped hands with liquid soap, liberally lathering their bodies. I admit, I was partial to Speedo. There was just something about his large hands, his elegant fingers. But I watched them equally, not wanting to miss a move.

For the first few days, I just watched, my eyes hungrily taking in their every move. But the ache between my legs grew with each shower, and I had to do something. Finally, I slowly slipped my hand into the waistband of the baggy pants. Under it, I often wore pretty, lacy lingerie, but sometimes I wore nothing at all. I am very partial to delicate underthings, often spending obnoxious amounts of money on gossamer bras and panties, or a sensuous garter belt. It always made me feel very feminine and desirable, knowing that I was dressed so seductively beneath my clothing. But, after finding my guys, I had to stop wearing the panties, because they would become soaked with my juices after only a few minutes of observation. Plus, I found it easier to comb my wet curlies and massage my aching slit if I didn’t have panties in the way. I didn’t dare touch my clit, I felt sure that I would come, and I knew I couldn’t be quiet then. I didn’t want anything to interfere with my morning ritual. So I stood in the shadows, unnoticed, and watched these two men take new steps each day.

It began innocently enough. They talked about their work, which men love to do. Speedo was a writer, doing feature articles for magazines. Apparently, he was relatively well-known. Tattoo was a lawyer, specializing in entertainment law. It seemed they had many famous people in common. One had interviewed them, one had defended them. This gave them much to talk about. All the while, their hands were washing and lathering and massaging various body parts. I leaned against my wall, watching the hands, watching the bubbles, watching the sweet cocks respond to all that attention. At first, the guys looked ahead or at each other, never glancing down. But day by day, they grew bolder, their gazes dropping further.

After thoroughly covering work stuff, they discussed their health regimens. Oh, goodie! That led to flexing of muscles and attention drawn to sculpted areas. This was sexy too. Again, two little boys showing off. Of course, the engorged cocks were never mentioned, just occasionally rewarded with massages. These avcılar elit escort men could keep their cocks hard for so long, making me lust for them both.

Some days later, the talk turned to women, as it often did. Speedo was not in a relationship right now, which pleased me. Tattoo had a girlfriend, who was, according to him, incredibly hot. Of course, we were treated to a description of her, from her straight blond hair to her polished toenails. Apparently, she was very kinky and willing to do anything. It was often the events of the night before that inspired his morning activities.

Somehow, no matter what the discussion, both men had massive erections and Tattoo managed to come explosively before the shower ended. Despite the fact that they had become quite friendly, Speedo always looked straight ahead and did not participate in the finale.

Of course, by now, they had real names. Speedo was Davis, Tattoo was Mark. But I liked my nicknames and preferred to think of them that way.

I was beginning to think I was fated never to see more, find out more about Speedo. Then something wonderful happened. He came in one morning, starting his shower ritual, but humming as he washed. This was new. Even Tattoo noticed. And asked. I stood in my dark spot, listening attentively, curious about the change in my man. Speedo was excited and very willing to share with his friend. It seems he met a woman online. Not just a woman, but a wonderful woman, a woman who fulfilled his every fantasy. She was intelligent, quick, witty, and charming. They spent hours chatting, soon finishing each other’s thoughts. Then, just as he felt things couldn’t be better, she asked him to call. To his surprise, he did! He found her to be just as wonderful ‘in person’ and they talked most of the night. He was enamored. Tattoo was pleased for his friend. He was also pleased at this turn of events. Speedo seemed more excited, more eager to ‘wash’ his engorged dick, more willing to share with Tattoo. They stood facing each other, the chest-high wall separating them, their hands busily stroking. I LOVE MY LIFE! I could watch each man, in profile now, sliding soapy hands up and down, watch the balls tighten and pull up, watch the facial expressions as the men very deliberately raced to orgasm. Tattoo was first, his come splashing off the wall with incredible force. His howls filled the air, his breathing raspy. Soon afterwards, as if inspired, Speedo reached orgasm. His cock was pointed up, and splattered his chin and chest with thick white cream. I very nearly lost it then, I was so overwhelmed with desire.

I forgot my promise to myself and my little fingers began searching for my hardened clit, touching it once, sending shivers through my body. Then, I regained my senses and pulled them back, but not before coating them with my sweet juices. I allowed myself the consolation of licking them clean, enjoying the sweet tanginess that is all mine.

The men stood there, facing each other, grinning. A line had been crossed and now I looked forward to more daring behavior. This was unbelievably good. They turned, finished their showers and stepped out, wrapping in towels and continuing a discussion on golf as they walked to the dressing rooms. Unbelievable!

Each day surpassed my every fantasy. Speedo and his lady were involved in a richly erotic phone life, talking every night, sharing all sorts of wonderful thoughts. Tattoo and his girl were reaching new heights in sexual activities, causing him to keep a constant erection. And me, little invisible me, I just stood back and avcılar escort enjoyed it all, the stories, the visions, the reactions. My fingers were constantly busy, rubbing and probing, always avoiding my tiny clit, which begged for release.

I began working out every night, swimming lap after lap to ease the tension I felt. Swimming helped, but I was still in a state of constant arousal. After my swim, my reward was a soak in the hot tub. I would rush there, cold and wet, anxious for the heated water. It was three deep steps below floor level and I happily sank up to my neck in the bubbling warmth. There were powerful jets around the perimeter, 8 in all. I tried to sit between two jets, letting the bubbles rush past me. One night, I turned to leave the hot tub and the jet of water hit my right nipple. Damn, it felt good! I stood there, neck-deep in water, allowing the pulsing jet to massage my tightening nub. Then I had a thought and turned and knelt on the bench. If I positioned myself just right, the pulsing stream hit right on my pussy. I felt it pounding strongly against my covered mound. Then I straightened, and the water pushed between my legs, barely grazing my crotch, making the ache even stronger. I adjusted my body, moving the spray against me again. Looking around, I saw no one in the area, although I could hear women showering about ten feet away. I rested my arms on the floor surrounding the hot tub, settling my chin on them, and just enjoyed the feelings that were building. I reached down with my right hand, just to rub my clit once, just to get some relief from the ache. As my fingers slid into my pussy, the jet of water did too. Omigod! I stopped rubbing and pushed the fabric of my suit aside. Then, very deliberately, I used my right fingers to open my swollen pussy lips and hold them open as the pulsing spray hit directly on my clit. In moments, I could feel the orgasm building. I placed my open mouth on my left arm, biting it to keep from screaming. The powerful spasms tore through me, making me buck in the water. Suddenly, the pulsations were too powerful, my clit too sensitive, and I had to move my body, move away from the jet. I remained kneeling there, trying to get the strength to leave the hot tub and go home.

Then later, I would lie in my bed and remember the men in the shower, my excitement building again. I reached for my blue toys, needing to come again, needing to ease this ache I constantly felt. I was always ready, needy, and often had to come throughout the evening. I knew things had to change.

Then, one day, they did. It was a particularly arousing day. The men were frisky during the workout, exceeding even their own power workouts. As the showers started and the talk began, I noted a difference in them. Each had his own agenda, but today, it seemed more vibrant, more intense. Today, Speedo stood back and just watched, encouraging Tattoo to enjoy. Tattoo, for his part, seemed more excited than I could ever remember. He scrubbed his engorged cock, slid his soapy hands under his balls and thoroughly cleansed them, even inserted a slippery finger into his ass, all the while relaying the sexual exploits of the night before. Speedo didn’t look away as he usually did, instead, he rested his arms on the wall and watched, encouraged, suggested. They locked eyes as Tattoo came. Hard and loud. Speedo nearly applauded.

Then it was his turn. He began talking about his unbelievable girl, the woman on the phone, and how incredibly sexy she was. Their phone sex was unbelievable, her imagination knew no bounds. As he talked, he leaned against avcılar eve gelen escort the far wall, his engorged cock bobbing angrily, his fist flying up and down the considerable length. Now, Tattoo leaned on the common wall, his eyes hungrily watching, his voice softly cajoling, repeating, encouraging. I could hear him, hear the words that were designed to make Speedo forget himself and just come.

“Can you feel her? Can you feel her little fingers running up and down your hard cock, flying over the slippery skin? She would want you to come, man! She would want to catch that come on her tongue or breasts. Can you imagine your sexy little woman, all worked up, begging for your come, begging you to fill her mouth? She would want you to be happy! Come for her, man! Do it for her. Cover her with come, make her happy!” Tattoo kept repeating himself, urging Speedo on, until he cried out, shooting his semen into the air, hitting the opposite wall.

My fingers, unable to resist, slid into my pants, finding my wet and swollen slit, finding the silkiness of my pink, finding, God help me, my needy clit. Today, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to come with Speedo. What I really wanted was his cock inside me, I wanted to be fucked by him. I envied his fist. I wanted it to be me. For just a second, I closed my eyes. That was my downfall! In the darkness, I could see Speedo’s elegant fingers slipping into my clothes, finding me. I gave myself up to the images of him touching me. My engorged clit needed attention, and I just couldn’t stop myself. Almost as soon as I touched it, the sensations blasted through my aroused body, and I cried out.

The release was magnificent. I rode the waves of orgasm, enjoying it fully. Then, I remembered. Opening my eyes, I glanced at my boys. They were both staring at me, seeing me. I stood there, my fingers still buried in my pussy, my face flushed from orgasm, my eyes wide. I wondered how casually I could just walk away? I wasn’t sure what to expect, but certainly not the reaction I received.

Tattoo smiled first, extending his hand to me. “What have we here? A little mouse has been watching us! We never even noticed you there, Mouse. How very quiet you have been… until today. Come here, Mouse, and let us see you better.”

Reluctantly, I stepped forward. I did have the sense to remove my fingers, but that only filled the air with the scent of my excited pussy. As I moved closer, both men looked at me expectantly. I stopped in front of the common wall, equidistant to them.

Tattoo continued, “I have seen you, Mouse, as you clean the pool area. You like to watch us swim, don’t you? You like to watch us climb from the pool and walk around in our little speedos, don’t you? And, apparently, you like to watch us shower too. Ah, little Mouse, what shall we do with you? Davis, what do you think we should do?”

With trepidation, I turned to Speedo. I hated the thought that he would be angry with me or, worse, disgusted by me. I couldn’t look into his face, instead I looked down. I saw his hand moving toward me and braced for a slap or a shaking. Then I felt his finger, his long, elegant finger, under my chin, lifting my face upward, encouraging me to look into his eyes. There was warmth there. And understanding. And forgiveness. He smiled at me and I felt the weight of my guilt lifting from my shoulders.

All the while, Tattoo kept speaking, wondering aloud about my moral fiber and ethics. Speedo and I continued to look into each other’s eyes, his fingers now caressing my cheek. He reached up, knocking the cap off, allowing my auburn hair to tumble down. He reached for my black-framed glasses, removing them, smiling into my hazel eyes. We were locked together.

He put his hands on my shoulders, pulling me close for the briefest moment. He kissed my forehead, a kiss of pardon. Then he turned me and gave me a little push, sending me away.


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