Cuckold for Miss Crystal Ch. 01

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Hello boys. I’m Miss Crystal. I’ll give you a little mental picture of myself first. I’m 6’1″ (And no, I don’t mind being called an Amazon.), thin around the middle, 38D tits (Which you will never even get to see. Poor thing.), long brown hair, nice legs (pretty muscular—not toothpicks), and I do love to dress sexy. I still like to wear high heels even though I’m taller than most men. You see, I kind of get off on intimidating men. I’m used to talking down to them my whole life. I’m 33 years old and I work for mid-sized corporation that’s doing very well. My friend got me the job there three years ago when I got divorced.

My ex wasn’t such a bad husband but we married young. We eventually grew apart and never had kids so a divorce seemed mutually beneficial so we could move on with our lives. But after the divorce, I discovered myself sexually again. I discovered that I love taking control of a man. I’ve had a steady boyfriend/slave for two years now. He’s only 24, an accountant and a little dorky but fun to have around.

When poker oyna I first met him at a college bar, I thought it was so cute how he kept trying to buy me drinks and stare at my legs while all these other hunks were around, staring at my tits. So I gave him a chance. Mike, my boyfriend, has a pretty bad foot fetish too but I hardly ever let him lick my feet. I just have never found it very appealing but I do make him give me massages every night when I come home from work.

Mike ends up begging to kiss my feet pretty often but begs even more often for intercourse. It just doesn’t turn me on as much as having him eat me out or use our dildo. At a little over 5″, he’s actually an inch or two smaller than my ex and Mike knows this. I’ve told him the truth that it doesn’t really pleasure me. He actually likes it when I exaggerate and make fun of how small he is.

However, I do give in sometimes and let him fuck me. I’m on the pill so I do let him cum inside me. Then I usually order him to eat it out of me. He didn’t really like that canlı poker oyna at first but now he always eats his own cum. Sometimes I even put it over his face in the doggie-style position and hand him our dildo to use on me. I playfully slap the 8″ pink dong back and forth across his face and say, “You know what to do!”

He inserts it slowly between my big pink lips and his own cum begins to ooze out onto his face. Then I’ll lean my head down and give him a couple sucks to tease him. Then I’ll bite it so he yelps and I’ll slap his balls. He knows to go faster at this point. As the rhythm picks up, I shove my clit down to his face and rub it up and down until I cum.

I have a bunch of other devices in my toy chest too. I have some bondage equipment. There’s a belt that I put around his waist. Then there’s wrist and ankle straps so I can tie his hands and feet behind his back, to the back of the belt. I love to watch him squirm around the bedroom floor like this as teasingly dangle my high heel sandals off one side of the bed and internet casino then the other.

My slave has also always known that I talk to my ex on the phone occasionally. (He moved to the West Coast after the divorce.) One night I complained to Mike that my ex always wants to have phone sex but that I have never done it before. Mike was surprisingly encouraging. And for a couple months now, my favorite thing to do is just that. I have made Mike take several sexy pictures of me with high heels, mini-skirts and lingerie that he has purchased for me. I wrote down the time of day to call on the back of one of the developed pictures and mailed them to my ex.

When the time of the week comes around, I put my slave into bondage as usual but on top of the bed. I lay down next to him and tease his little cock until my ex calls. I talk to my ex about fucking and sucking his big cock and how much I’ve missed. We’ve even made fun of Mikey’s little cock and laughed about it while he was between my legs, trying so hard to eat me out. Oooh, I love it so much—cumming while fantasizing about turning Mike from boyfriend to slave and then into cuckold.

If you like this story so far, email me and tell me all about how it made your little cock cum. I love responses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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