Cuckolded by a Cougar

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It is liberating to learn, accept, and live out your role in the panoply of sexuality. It’s often the case that an older man has a younger woman who cuckolds him, or that both partners are young. Not so with my lady and me. You could say she’s my cougar, albeit with a twist.

I met her at the small independent bookstore where I work. While shelving/re-arranging items one afternoon I saw her browsing around, she having come in a few minutes before and the only customer there at the moment during that rainy afternoon. She is plump but not fat and a quite youthful early forties. When she speaks she is often demure and some would say a bit mousy, either way deferential in some manner to be sure, even now in her cuckolding me, even toward me as she denies me. I asked her if she needed help while she was immersed in a book she had taken down, standing and staring into the text. I was too busy looking at her thick round ass pulling her long skirt tight and up to her knees to notice that she was at the shelf labeled ‘Erotica’.

“Oh, my, I’m just… I’m fine, thank you.” She quickly turned so that her whole backside was facing me.

“I didn’t mean to startle and interrupt you, please pardon me.” It was then that I realized where she was. I decided to take a chance.

“It’s so difficult to find tasteful erotic literature.”

That got her attention. She turned halfway back to me, still hiding the book though.

“I mean, there’s so much that reads like it’s pornography, without exploring the intellectual connections that can be made through sexual chemistry.” I had browsed a good deal through the Erotica section and knew quite a bit about the books we had and their contents.

“Oh, I was just, I don’t know…” Blushing and embarrassed, I moved in to assuage her and take advantage of her clearly feeling ‘caught’.

“I’ve looked through these and bought a few myself. While there is so much erotica online, it’s nice to have solid books around, even if I don’t put them on my bookshelf with the novels and nonfiction that I showcase, wink-wink.” I felt like an ass for actually saying wink-wink, but she turned to look me in the eye right afterward and I knew that I had made a good move. Her face, delicate and framed by her dark hair, told me she felt safe now, like we shared a secret.

“Yeah, I have a couple of collections of stuff, I was just browsing for some new stories.”

“Which do you have there?”

She was hesitant to show me.

“Oh, it’s, well…”

It was a collection of Penthouse Letters.

“Ah, the classics.”

We both had a light laugh. She was becoming very eased.

“Well, now you don’t have to be embarrassed about bringing that to the register. I’m the only one here, and while you’re at it, feel free to buy a bunch of them – the owner sure would appreciate the business.” Another shared laugh.

She ended buying the book and I persuaded her to meet me when I got off that evening. Only then did we exchange names, hers being Nicole. We planned on a cafe around the way that served tasty light fare – I didn’t want to push it by trying for a real restaurant.

We met and had a lovely time. She told me about her busy day doing secretarial and paralegal work for a busy lawyer who worked from his own office. She spoke about his having been at a firm years before where she worked as a paralegal and that he stepped out to do things his own way, his reputation preceding him and allowing for such a move. When he asked her would she also leave to go work for him, she was glad to join.

“He was always the nicest out of the bunch and he made a pretty good offer. I’ve been there four years now and although the work can get heavy I wouldn’t dream of leaving. I work normal hours and he doesn’t ask me to take the work home, so it’s pretty great as far as this kind of thing can go.”

I spoke about working at the bookstore and working on my novel, which was just beginning to really take shape. I said that having a muse would be nice as I’d not been in a relationship for a couple of years. We both smiled at that.

She’d never been married and I expressed shock at that, which was genuine.

“But you’re so sweet-natured.”

“I’ve had some wonderful relationships that turned sour, either due to men cheating or their inability to accept some of my needs.”

“Which are? Wait, that was rude, sorry.”

“No, it’s all right. Not a topic for now, but maybe soon.”

It went great and we planned to meet again that Saturday for a walk in the park. After enjoying the crisp but lovely fall day I asked if she would like to come over and that I would love to make us dinner. She agreed and took my hand as we walked back to my car. When we got to my building I had her walk ahead up the steps, watching her soft black slacks fall into her crack with each advance. The pants were pulled tight, showing her fullback panty line. She looked so good in those and her comfy sweater, and all I could think about was what kind of poker oyna fullback panties she wore. She certainly seemed like a good ol’ Hanes Her Way or Fruit of the Loom gal, which I like. To me it’s sexy when women wear plain cotton bras and panties.

Inside we kept the conversation going while I made us some pasta and salad. It was great that we could talk about whatever, and that if we disagreed about something it wasn’t anything insurmountable or of consequence as far as possible nascent relationships go.

After dinner I put coffee on and we sat on my couch. I asked if she’d like to find something on television and she said sure. She flipped through the channels while we sipped and commented on the passing shows and movies. I don’t get any movie channels but it was a free weekend for one of the packages. She stopped on the movie ‘In The Cut’. She perked up at her find and asked if I’d seen it.

“Actually, yes. Jane Campion did this one, right? The Piano is such a good film.”

“Wow, it’s great to hear a man say that. That movie is so powerful. A great feminist piece.”

“I didn’t take you for a bra-burner.” I said it with levity as of course the wrong intonation could have turned out badly. Seriously, though, her seeming submissiveness made her comment surprising.

“Hey!” Feigning offense. I loved it.

“Just kidding. Women should be running the world, you know.”

“That’s better.” With that she scooted a little closer to me.

We watched the film for a moment and it was mere minutes until a sex scene between Mark Ruffalo and Meg Ryan. Meg Ryan took off her dress and stood in some cotton fullback string bikini panties with a floral pattern. I remembered when I first saw the movie and jerking off to that image for weeks afterward. Mark Ruffalo quickly pulls them down her legs, exposing her cute butt. I imagined the same pair on Nicole’s large ass atop her thick thighs. The next part had Ryan on the bed on her belly and Ruffalo behind her going down on her. I had to say something. I wasn’t sure why.

“I think this qualifies as erotic.”

“Indeed it does. It isn’t often that a man will do that… I mean back there.”

We were both looking at each other.

“Have you ever done that?” My cock stiffened to full length from its half-mast. She was asking me if I’d ever licked a woman’s ass.

“Oh, yes, with my most recent girlfriend. She loved having me go there after she would take a shower.”

“Was it always after a shower?” Her face was beginning to show something I hadn’t yet seen in her. Her voice was still soft and uncommanding, but her face began to show a slight licentiousness, perhaps mixed with bit of mischievous intent, that she hadn’t yet shown in the short time we’d known each other.

“Well, yes. She was always so set on being squeaky clean.” I didn’t know where this was going, but I was very turned on.

“One’s natural scent can be an intense aphrodisiac.” She put her hand on my shoulder. I cupped her face with my hands and we kissed gently. There was a moment it felt like we could slide quickly into animalistic sex, but we both stayed in the softness of the moment, our propensity for erotica driving us to prolong the pleasure. We didn’t even go into open-mouthed kissing until a few minutes had passed, and even then we were still like unsure middle-schoolers making out, reveling in the excitement and slowly gaining confidence. She pulled back and I saw on her face the same look she first gave me in the store, the one that seemed to be telling me I had the upper-hand. How strange things can seem.

“I would like you to do something. I don’t want to rush into anything, and you seem respectful, so I want to know if you’d like to do something for me. And for you.”

“Yes, certainly.”

She looked down and breathed in fully. She stood up, her belly at my face. She turned around so that the fullness of her butt was at eye-level.

“I want you to experience the scent of a woman. Back there. Please don’t be offended at my asking you this.” She had bent her head down, indicating shame. I reached for her hands and held them, my face nearing her ass.

“I am not offended, and thank you for trusting me enough to ask me to do this. I have experienced a woman’s scent, but not quite like you mean. I would love to, though, with you.”

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and returned my gaze to her ass. She is a size twelve, with wide hips and a slightly trim waist that separates thick women like her from unshapely women commonly seen as fat. This woman is what is meant by Rubenesque.

When a slight pause let me know that the time for talk was done, I leaned in. Inhaling deeply through my nose I noticed her rich scent as it increased. It was pungent but not unpleasant. There was no mistaking that it was emanating from her anus, but it was nothing like I was a little worried it might be. It was a bit sharp, like a good cheese. It overtook my senses and it wasn’t until canlı poker oyna I made contact with her crack, my nose right at it, that I stopped moving in. It was then that I squeezed her hands, letting her know I was enjoying myself. After I did that she returned the squeeze, letting go of my right hand and using that arm of hers to place her hand on the back of my head. She gently pushed me in further. I breathed heavier, completely lost in her anal pheromones, the day’s sweat in her ass adding a saltiness to her scent. I felt the tightness of her panties beneath her slacks and wondered how much the layers of fabric were filtering her funk. I wanted more. I realized more than her smell I wanted to taste her. To clean her.

We stayed like that a few moments and then she stepped forward, turning around to sit back beside me. She put her head in the hollow of my shoulder and hugged me tightly.

“Thank you for not thinking I’m weird. Having a man do that to me makes me feel so alive, so desired.”

“I do desire you.” I wanted this woman at that moment to wipe her naked ass with my face.

She leaned back to look at me.

“You do?”

“Yes, very much. That was very enjoyable.” My hand went down her back and under her sweater, resting on her pants line. I felt the waistline of her panties just slightly below. She stayed my arm with a firm squeeze on my forearm.

“You would like to experience more.”

“Yes. Yes, please.”

She moved to lie down on the couch on her belly, motioning me to get on the floor beside the couch.

“You may sniff, but please, don’t pull my pants down. Let’s take this slow.” She seemed to waver between telling me and asking me. She was driving me mad with lust.

I quickly resumed sniffing her ass. I moved my head up and down her butt before resting it again at her anus. I did my best to work my nose in closer, her wet pussy adding to the scent. While that was certainly a bonus, she had me hooked on her ass. I stayed doing this for probably twenty minutes before dancing my fingers up to her waistline.

“May I? Please?”

She turned to look up at me, resting her head on a throw pillow. She looked so content. She looked like a woman who knows she is in control.

“You may pull my pants down. My panties will stay on.”

I moved quickly to undo the button and fly, she raising up slightly to assist. Her pants were tight and she held onto her panties while I pulled her pants down to her feet. Her ass was clad in fullback cotton panties, string ones just like Meg Ryan had in the film. They were white with a floral pattern also much like those panties. They were pulled into her crotch and lower third of her ass crack. The waistband said ‘Hanes Her Way’.

“Oh my God.” That was all I could say. My breath was caught in my throat, my heart pounding, my cock rock hard. Every inhale was generously infused with the smell of her ass.

I put my face forward into her rear, reveling in the blooming scent released with the removal of her pants. I thought about the cutesy little light pink flower petals patterned all over her panties. I thought about what her asshole would taste like.

She rubbed my head while I smelled her. I ran my hands up and down her thick legs and ass cheeks. I was lost in a zone of lust. I was getting all that I desired and then again not quite. It was like I wanted to keep sniffing through her panties but also to be able to exist in another dimension simultaneously wherein I could pull them down. My nose pushed her panties so deep into her ass I could feel tufts of anal hair through the cotton.

Finally, she gently pushed me away and sat up. In all the movement her pants had fallen off her feet and onto the floor. She motioned for me to get them. She then kissed me and went into the bathroom. She emerged wearing her pants and holding her panties.

“These are for you. I had such a wonderful time. Tomorrow I am visiting my parents, but I’d like to see you Monday evening if that’s possible.”

All I could do was nod. She placed the warm and damp panties into my hand. We embraced and kissed. She reached down to touch my hard penis through my pants that had been jabbing into her thigh.

“Will you sniff my scent while you touch yourself?”

Her scent was all over my face and I couldn’t wait to sniff her richness from her panties. I couldn’t wait to taste it. I nodded zombie-like. She then pulled a book from her purse. It was an older collection of Penthouse Letters, its spine bent and corners dog-eared.

“I have a particular letter bookmarked for you to read. Read it while sniffing my panties. Do not cum until after I have called you when I get home.”

“Yes. I will.”

She smiled sweetly and we kissed again, then she left. In less than a minute I was on my bed with the ass of her panties over my nose, the book in my left hand and my cock in my right. I nearly came when I saw that that her panties were wet from her juicy pussy. I felt so naughty seeing the internet casino light brown hue where I had pushed her panties into her anus, sniffing like a madman. It was that exact spot that I placed over my nostrils.

The letter she marked for me to read was from a man writing about his wife whom he obviously loved, and she him. He went on about how their marriage maintained a sexual spark like a volcanic eruption due to an arrangement they had: cuckolding. I knew about the lifestyle and something of its varieties from all the erotica I’d read and yes, some porn I had come across. Nearly always about humiliation and husbands with small penises I found the subgenre to be a little tiresome and clearly for a very specific audience, but this letter was different. These people had a strong bond and a well-defined sexual relationship that worked for all involved. There was no humiliation, just fulfillment of everyone’s desires. The arrangement was that the woman would have anal sex with her boss, not on certain days but at least once a week, who was more well-endowed than her husband although her husband was not small (I’m not large but certainly not small). She would come home to her husband and they would kiss passionately, her tasting of her boss’s cock because she would get him very wet with her mouth so that he could ease into her ass. What happened afterward sent my head spinning. The husband would pull her panties down and lick her ass. He would literally consume her boss’s cum from her asshole. As I read this I kept thinking that it was a bit much, but after I noticed that I kept stroking myself to the point of needing to stop so that I wouldn’t cum I realized that it was indeed touching a spot in my mind that was responding well. I continued to sniff her dirty panties as I read the letter again, twice, keeping my hand at bay so as to obey Nicole’s instructions.

When she called I picked up just after the first ring.

“Hey there.” I sounded overzealous, I knew it, but I also figured that was her plan. I liked what she was doing to me, and although part of me could figure out where all this was going, the other parts weren’t ready to absorb it.

“Well hello. I trust you are enjoying yourself?”

“Very much. This letter is very hot.”

“I was hoping you’d think so. Do you remember when I said something about some past lovers not being able to accept some of my needs?”


“I’ll be blunt. My boss and I have a strong sexual relationship. I was wanting what is in that letter for something like seven years before we ever left the firm, and once we were working alone together, it didn’t take long for me to come on to him. He has a wife and she knows – she is submissive through and through and is turned on by what we do. I could never get a man to accept the arrangement I need, which made any sex I had with any boyfriends never good enough. The truth is that since I’ve been working exclusively for my boss he has had sole access to my body with his cock. Any men I’ve tried to date since this began simply could not accept it when I told them about it. Simply put, you will never fuck me. Ever. However, if you’d like to be my cuckold, to orally serve me, to worship my pussy and particularly my ass fully, I’d love to see where this goes. I’d love to be your girlfriend. You are a sweet young man, and I could tell that you have a nice package, but for the dynamic I need in a relationship, you must accept that you will not penetrate me. I am not in love with my boss, we are merely highly sexually compatible. We make love nearly every day I work there, and I would like to have a ritual with you similar to the one in the letter you read.”

“You are saying things I’ve never experienced. Or even thought about. I want to say that I might want to try this.”

“Understand that this is not about kinky phone sex or talking out fantasies. This is real. If you accept this then I want you to know that you will have the privilege of having your face in my ass without me having panties on when I come over Monday evening.”

“I do accept. I need to taste you.”

“That is good. I suspect you have had a bit of my taste from my panties?”

“Good God yes. I am practically delirious with it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, I just need you to understand my needs. I’ve never been able to have this, to cuckold a man like this. If you give this to me I would be so grateful.”

We talked a little about how glad we were to have met and then hung up for the night. I stroked my cock and soon came all over myself.

The next day was torture. I didn’t call or text her not wanting to bug her. I spent most of the day in bed, sniffing her panties, reading the letter, and stroking myself. In the late afternoon she texted me.

Her: Hey cutie. At my parents’ place helping get dinner together. How are you?

Me: Hey! I’m doing great. Thinking about you 🙂 How are you?

Her: I’m excited that you are willing to go for the kind of relationship that I want. That I need. Does it bother you that you will never have intercourse with me?

Me: Honestly, yes. A little. Maybe a lot.

Her: Good! Haha, just kidding. Not really 😉

Me: Could it ever happen?

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