Cum Addicted Husband Ch. 03

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Several weeks had passed since our eventful evening with the motorcycle gang. While David and Karen hadn’t actually moved in with us, they were around so often our kids now referred to them as “Uncle David” and “Aunt Karen”. My wife was still getting her share of cock, and I suspect pussy as well. However, she had essentially cut me out of her sex life since the night with the bikers. It had been five weeks now and I was dying for a taste of cum, eating my own was starting to get old! Since I was still washing my wife’s panties and stockings by hand, I could suck some dry cum from them which had been deposited there by one of her many lovers. Dried cum, however, is no substitute for fresh cum – and I needed some bad!

I finally got up the nerve to ask my wife why she had not included me in her recent sexual activities.

She looked at me and smirked, saying sarcastically, “Because darling, you are such a pathetic wimp you’re not even worthy of licking cum out my cunt anymore.”

She went on to say that if I wanted any release at all, I would have to earn the privilege of eating cum directly from her cunt. I started to panic! She had gotten me addicted to cum and was now withholding it from me, dangling it out there like a carrot. She knew she had total leverage over me, and so did I.

I asked her, “What is it exactly that you want me to do?”

“Simple Baby, anything and everything I ask,” she said. “Total, unequivocal, submission to my demands, desires, and whims; whenever and wherever I please. You see, I get off on humiliating you, especially in front of other people. I don’t know why, but it really turns me on to expose you as the wimp you really are!”

I gulped, she was taking this to a new level, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go along. She was asking for a major commitment.

“What are my options?” I asked.

“Well…if you agree, you’ll eventually get to eat your precious cum out of my cunt now and then. If you don’t agree, you might as well cut that little pecker of yours off, because I’ll never touch it again.”

Some choice I thought. I agreed to her conditions of course, but she was quick to remind me that I’d have to prove myself before we finalized the agreement.

It was now Thursday night, she said I would have a one-week trial period. If I passed all her tests, I’d be her little cum slave forever! I told her I was ready to start whenever she was. With that, she stood and lead me to the bathroom.

She said, “Your first test will be an easy one, but I assure they will get harder as your week progresses. Your trial period will basically determine just how much you love to eat cum. So, before you can eat it from my beautiful cunt, you’ll have to eat it from lots of other places!”

She then sat down on the toilet and let go a flood of her hot piss into the bowl. She stood up, told me to pull my pants down, stand in front of the toilet, and jerk my little dick off into the toilet. Since I hadn’t cum in a while, it didn’t take very long for me to shoot my load. I aimed it into the bowl as she directed me to do and watched it splash into her golden piss.

As soon as I came, she said, “Well, there’s the cum you love so much, go get it wimp boy!” She grabbed the back of my head and forcing me to my knees, pushed my face into the toilet. “Lap it up!” she yelled.

I did as I was told. I normally love to drink piss and cum, but this had started to turn cold from the water in the bowl. It took everything I had to keep from gagging. My wife sensed my resistance and stood up and put her high-heeled foot on the back of my head. I had no choice but to finish lapping the piss and cum mixture. When she finally let me up for air, David and Karen were standing there laughing. My face was dripping piss and I had cum on my chin.

“I see the Faggot has accepted our terms,” Karen said. I thought to myself, our terms?

The next night after I came home from work my wife was waiting for me. As I changed out of my work clothes, she informed me that Karen was on her way over to take me shopping.

My wife noticed the puzzled look on my face and said, “You do know that Karen has always wanted to dress you up as woman, don’t you?”

Thinking back, Karen had made several references to my “nice legs and cute buns.” I knew this was probably related to my trial period, so I decided not to protest. I quickly showered, dressed and waited for Karen.

When Karen walked in, she immediately walked over and pinched my butt and whispered in my ear “Are you ready to go get some pretty things Faggot?”

I merely nodded my head and she pointed toward the front door. We headed for the largest mall in town and went to an upscale department store. I’m sure Karen selected this store for their large lingerie department. We looked at several things, but she finally batman escort selected a pair of black, french cut, control briefs for me. She told me to go over to the men’s department dressing room and try them on. I actually like wearing women’s things and didn’t object to this in the least! As I stood in the dressing room admiring myself in panties in front of the mirror, the salesclerk reached over the top of the dressing room door and handed me a note. Karen had written on the note “Jerk off into the panties and them bring them directly back to the checkout counter in the lingerie department. Do it NOW!!” I did as I was told.

When I got back to the counter, Karen was chatting with the female salesclerk.

Karen said, “How did they fit?”

I felt myself blush and mumbled, “Fine.”

I laid the panties on the counter and the salesgirl picked them up to scan the bar code.

Her hand hit my wet spot on the panties, and she yelled “YUK! What did you do in there?”

Karen took the panties from her and turned them inside out, she looked at me very disapprovingly.

Then she said, “I told you not to cum in these until we got you home! You’ll have to clean up your mess.”

The salesgirl said, “I’m not sure I want to see this.”

Karen laid the inside-out panties on the counter; my load of sperm was clearly visible. I scraped the cum off the panties with my fingers. The salesgirl quickly snatched a tissue and held it out to me.

Karen shook her head and said, “He won’t need that.” Then looking at me, she said “You know what to do Faggot boy.”

I looked the salesgirl in the eye and slowly licked my cum from my fingers. She was mesmerized by this display of total humiliation.

When I was done eating my cum, the sales girl pointed at the panties and said, “You missed a spot.”

Karen started laughing as I scooped up the spot I had missed and ate that too. The girl finished checking us out and was still shaking her head in disbelief as we walked away.

Even though the episode at the department store had been totally humiliating, I was starting to feel pretty good about my trial period. I had passed their tests on both Thursday and Friday and was now on my third day of the trial week. I knew Karen wasn’t through by any means with her little cross-dressing experiment, but I had survived so far. Besides, a little cross dressing never hurt anyone I always say!

Saturday morning, I served David, Karen and my wife a late breakfast. They had all slept together in our king size bed while I was exiled to the guest room again. Since it was mid-morning, the kids were already outside playing. I decided to boast a bit about my accomplishments so far.

I said to my wife “This trial thing isn’t so bad, eating my own cum is nothing new to me.” The three of them looked at one another and laughed.

My wife said, “I think we’ll be correcting that little oversight today, don’t you Karen?”

Karen responded by saying, “I think a nice stroll in the park would be wonderful today!”

As they continued their innuendoes, I decided maybe I should keep quiet and not do anymore boasting.

After breakfast, my wife and Karen told me to throw something on and get ready to drive them to the park. Karen made sure I was wearing the new black panties we had bought yesterday. She also told me to wear my black ballet flats. When the girls came out of the bedroom to go, I couldn’t believe what they were wearing! They looked more like a couple of hookers than suburban housewives headed for the park! Both Karen and my wife were wearing short tight skirts, dark nylons, four-inch pumps, and sheer sleeveless tops. There wasn’t a bra between the two of them! Heavy make-up and lots of jewelry completed their ensemble.

We got to the park a little after lunch and it was crowded, families everywhere! I thought to myself that I should be here with my kids, instead of these two “hookers”. Our city park is quite large and has lots of trails that go in and out of the woods. While it is quite safe, especially on a Saturday afternoon, there are some secluded areas where winos and derelicts tend to hang out.

The girls set off down a path and told me to stay right behind them and do as I was told. We walked through the woods for a while and I could tell they were looking for something or someone. Just then we came upon a derelict sitting on a park bench soaking up the mid-day sun. It was in the high 70s and this guy had enough clothes on to make it through a Minnesota winter!

Karen and my wife told me to stay where I was and walked over and sat down on either side of the derelict. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed at the two gorgeous women who had materialized out of thin air. He started grinning and licking his lips. The derelict was obviously drunk, and I bayburt escort could smell him from where I stood 10 feet away! The smell of his body odor and urine was repulsive! My wife whispered something in his ear, and he looked over at me with glazed eyes and started grinning. He then nodded his head in agreement to whatever it was she had said to him.

As Karen kept watch, my wife slowly unzipped the derelict’s pants and pulled his nasty pecker out. Just as she got it out, an elderly coupled walked by and she quickly put a brown paper bag over his dick to conceal it. Even though this was a secluded area of the park, it was not totally unused. After the couple passed, my wife removed the bag and slowly began to jerk the derelict off. She was whispering in his ear and licking his ear as she stroked him. I couldn’t believe that she was giving this bum sexual release and was ignoring me!

He lasted for an unusually long time, but when the old wino came, he shot a huge load! His cum landed at his feet on the sidewalk in front of the bench.

As he came, Karen turned to me, crooked her finger, and said, “Lunch time Faggot boy! Our friend here just littered the park, come clean it up for him sweetie.”

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I walked over and knelt between the winos legs. I bent over and lapped his cum off the sidewalk. The pavement was hot and so was his cum.

The wino was grinning from ear to ear at his good fortune, having just been jerked off by a gorgeous woman; and now, some guy was licking his cum off the sidewalk! As I was licking his jizz off the ground, I noticed Karen lean over and say something to the wino. He mumbled something incoherent and again nodded his head up and down.

I heard him start to chuckle as my wife called to me, “Honey, our friend wants to thank you by pissing on you!”

I looked up and was hit square in the face with his hot piss. Karen and my wife burst out laughing. They stood up and walked away as I knelt there being pissed on by the wino.

When he was done pissing, he gruffly said, “Kiss it dry Faggot boy!”

I quickly looked around, and seeing no one near, popped his cock in my mouth and dried it off with my tongue. I stood to leave, and he made me put his cock back in his pants and zip him up. He was still laughing and calling me Faggot as I walked back down the trail toward our car.

When I got there my wife said, “Well, you’ve passed the first part of Saturday’s test, ready for part two?”

I nodded meekly and said that I was ready to continue. They told me to get in the back seat and take off all my clothes except the black french cut panties and my ballet flats. They drove me to a bar which I recognized as one of David’s favorite hang outs. Instead of going in the front door, they drove around back. I had been here before and remembered that the back of the bar had a small room with one pool table and a small bathroom with one toilet in it. In fact, the whole bathroom was no larger than a small closet, not even a sink.

The girls hauled me from the car in broad daylight and shoved me in the back door of the pool room. It was dark and it took a minute for my eyes to adjust.

I heard someone say, “Alright! The entertainment is here!”

As my eyes were getting used to the darkness, Karen shoved a shopping bag in my hand and pointing to a chair said, “Put these on pretty boy, you might as well look the part.”

I looked in the bag and saw a black lacy garter belt, sheer smoky gray nylon stockings, and three-inch black pumps; all in my size of course!

I looked around the room for the first time and saw David and five of his friends, they were obviously having some sort of party. A couple of the guys already had my wife in the corner feeling her up, she wasn’t concerned in the least at what was happening to me!

I started for the bathroom to put my lingerie on, but Karen stopped me. “We’re all friends here Faggot, you can slip into those pretty things right here!”

One of David’s friends lifted a chair up and placed it in the center of the pool table. “Hop up here and give us a little show Faggot boy!” he said. I did as I was told.

Sitting on the chair in the middle of the pool table, all eyes were on me as I hooked the garter belt in place. I then sat down to pull the first nylon stocking up my leg. I could still taste the derelict’s cum in mouth and had a strong feeling I would be getting more real soon. The men were leering at me and starting to rub their crotches. I looked over in the corner at my wife and her two new-found lovers. Her top was off and so was her skirt! She wasn’t wasting much time! I pulled the other stocking on and hooked it into place on the garter belt. I stepped into the pumps and then they helped me down off the table.

Karen bebek escort took me by the hand and lead me to the little bathroom. She then pulled some bright red lipstick from her purse and applied it to my lips. She also wrote in lipstick on my chest, “Free Faggot Boy.”

She said to the group, “Faggot boy here is addicted to cum, he just can’t get enough. I’m gonna sit him on the toilet in the cum booth while we party. Anyone who wants to jerk off on him is welcome to!”

With that she tied my hands behind my back with an extra stocking, shoved me into the closet size bathroom, and sat me down on the toilet seat cover. I heard her say that the door to the bathroom would have to be left open because it was so small and stuffy in there.

Then she said, “Faggot boy is open for business, who wants to be first?”

I heard David say he’d love to go first since he hadn’t cum on me in a long time.

I watched him walk in and stand in front of me, “Pull it out Faggot.” he said. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge cock.

The only thing he said to me after that was, “I’m gonna jerk it off all over your face Faggot boy.”

He pumped his big dick until he was ready to cum. David pointed it right at my mouth and let loose with a torrent of hot sticky sperm! Oh God I needed this! I opened my mouth and gobbled up as much as I could. As hard as I tried, I missed some of his cum and it fell onto my stocking covered thigh. As soon as David came, he wiped his messy dick on my face and turned and left the bathroom. As he walked away, I bent over and licked up the remnants of his jizz from my nylon covered thigh.

Everyone was busy drinking and talking so I had a chance to catch my breath after David came on me. As I sat there on the toilet with the door open in my stockings and high heels, I saw my wife bent over the pool table face first. One of David’s friends was standing behind her fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Karen was at her side sucking one of her tits. I sat there mesmerized and watched her body get slammed into the pool table with each thrust.

Just as she was about to orgasm, another guy walked in and stuck his dick in my mouth! I wanted to make him cum as quickly as possible so I could get back to watching my wife get screwed on the pool table. It didn’t prove to be a difficult task as he came within a few minutes. Instead of cumming in my mouth though, he pulled out and shot his cum into my lap, aiming for my own little pecker which was trapped in my panties. I could feel his hot jizz soak through my panties, unfortunately I couldn’t reach it with my mouth, so it stayed where he shot it.

As he walked out and my view returned, my wife was still bent over the pool table with a cock inside her. She looked up and saw me staring at her and got a mischievous grin on her face. She turned and said something to her partner, and he pulled out. My wife walked over to the bathroom door and stood spread eagle in the doorway, facing me.

She said, “If you like to watch so much, you might as well get a good view!”

The guy who had been fucking her on the pool table moved into position behind her and started fucking her again. All my wife was wearing was stockings, garter belt, and high-heeled pumps. She had her legs spread wide and her feet were braced against the base of the door frame. Her hands were over her head and bracing her against the door frame. The guy who was fucking her had his hands around her front, grabbing her beautiful tits as he fucked her. He was nibbling her ear and saying nasty things to her as he fucked her. My wife was staring right at me, deliberately keeping eye contact.

She then started her verbal assault on me as she likes to do.

“This is how I liked to get fucked wimp, nice and hard. Your little pecker is worthless of course, it could never fill me like this! Oh God…this feels so fucking great! Get on your knees in front of me wimp and get a good look at how this is supposed to work, you just may learn something.”

She then turned over her shoulder and said something to her lover.

He chuckled and said, “Sure baby, whatever you want!” The guy started groaning and was closed to cumming.

My wife was staring down at me and said, “Open wide worm.”

As she said this the guy pulled his cock out of her cunt and stuck it between her legs, aimed right at me! He shot off into my open mouth and all over my chest.

My wife looked down at me and said, “You’re pathetic!”

She then turned and deeply french kissed the guy who had just fucked her while his cum dribbled down my chest.

The rest of the afternoon and into the evening I sat in the cum booth while each of the guys came on me at least twice, some came three times. By the time Karen came and told me it was time to go home, I was a sticky mess! Karen and my wife made me drive them home in the outfit I was wearing while they kissed and hugged in the back seat. I had survived my third day of the trial week, but this wasn’t quite as easy. I began to dread day number four!

To be continued…

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