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Alenka Pavlic’s parents lived in a second floor apartment in Ljubljana’s southern suburb of Vic, near a gate in the old Roman wall, when she was born. She was a bright, happy child who responded well to her parents’ wishes. One would call her extremely “well-behaved”.

Alenka’s parents dream for her, their only child, was for her to become a business manager, a highly professional and successful one. Being the “well-behaved” daughter that she was, she did not let them down.

After graduating from the University of Ljubljana with honors with a diploma in business management, she went to work for TV PIKA, a local, privately owned televison station, the most viewed among regional television channels in Slovenija.

Initially, the Assistant to the Production Manager, Alenka quickly showed her management talents and when the Production Manager left for a job in Munich, Germany, Alenka was chosen to take his place. Within three years she was the station’s Executive Producer, in charge of all the station’s productions and virtually, the number two executive in the company.

During her meteoric rise, she lived the kind of life her parents had taught her was pleasing to them – she never dated, never saw a man as a mate and concentrated her whole beingness into being the best business manager she could be.

Yet, physically, Alenka, at twenty-five, was drop-dead gorgeous! She was naturally blond, blue-eyed, with wonderfully rosy, clear skin and a Madonna-like face, with high cheekbones and a wide, full-lipped mouth with perfectly spaced and glistening, white teeth. Alenka was tall (6 ft) and had a beautiful figure – long, slender, shapely legs, a delightful swell to somewhat narrow hips for her height and a firm, tight butt, then narrowing to a trim waist. From her waist her torso tapered outward to the point where her marvelous breasts thrust out – high, firm and round. Her breasts had never needed support of any kind and at, 24, still showed no indication of any sag whatsoever. Her breasts looked like they were made of alabaster, softly streaked with bluish veins emanating from the center of her half-dollar sized rosy areolae, peaked by stiff, pinky nipples, pointing straight out from each luscious mound.

Alenka had a penchant for athletics. She was an excellent skier, loved basketball and soccer and jogged through Tivoli, a local park, early every morning before work. As a result, every day when she went to work one could see the continuing effects of her daily workout in the rosiness of her complexion and the very slight touch of sweat on her upper lip and in the hair near her ears, even though she had thoroughly showered before leaving for work.

Alenka wore no perfume or scents of any kind, yet she smelled fresh and clean at all times on the job. Even during her menstrual period, she smelled only slightly musky compared to her usual scent, betraying her condition only to other women and enhancing her allure to men, who did not know why they felt more attracted to her on those days.

Her taste in clothing was superb. She tended to wear tight-fitting, knee-high skirts and long-sleeved, high-necked blouses made of softly flowing fabrics which alternately hid and displayed her luscious curves as she moved. – indeed, her movements were sinuous and lithe, cat-like, owing to her athleticism.

Being tall to begin with, she did not wear spiked heels, but chose two-inch heels, allowing her to walk easily and gracefully.

One thing everyone who came into contact with Alenka agreed about her, she was all woman, a highly desirable and sensuous woman and brilliant, to boot!

Inasmuch as her seemingly sole aim in life was to please her parents, throughout her childhood and maturation, she had been sheltered from many of life’s pettinesses. She seemed totally without guile by those who knew her, playing every game she engaged in fairly, yet always to win – a consummate competitor with a natural understanding of her competition’s characteristics, strong and weak. As she never took unfair advantage of them, even those who “lost” to Alenka liked her and looked up to her, rather than resent her.

Perfection? Well, not exactly. A lot going for her? Undoubtedly! Yet, Alenka, with all her successes, was as yet still missing a vital element of life – she was a woman without a man who she loved unconditionally and who loved her in return, unconditionally.

Up until this time in her life, she had paid no attention to such things. She was totally absorbed in achieving her goals to please her parents. But, one afternoon she was previewing a recent Ziveti Zdravo – Living A Healthy Life program, hosted by Milka Krapez, concerning pregnancy and the greater or lesser risks associated with the age of the mother, how older women tended to have more problems and how their children tended to have more health problems. There seemed to be, by statistics, an optimal age for a mother to have children. There, of course, were very widely varying exceptions, but still there seemed to be an optimal point and Alenka realized she was rapidly poker oyna approaching that age.

She hadn’t really thought about it before, but now she began to evolve the idea that presenting her parents with a grandchild was just as much a part of her life’s goal to please them as all that she had done so far. At this same time, she realized that her being happily married to a fine man who her parents loved was also a vital part of her “pleasing them” goals. They would not be there forever and would be comforted knowing their daughter would be well cared for when they had passed on.

Gradually, over the next few weeks, these thoughts gelled and she resolved to enter the lists and play these games, too, the game of love and the game of creating new life. Her approach was just like her approach to all she did – she did thorough research and I mean thorough!

Her best childhood friend, Maja, had married right out of gimnazija (high school) and now had four children, two boys and two girls, ranging in age from six years to one month. Alenka never lost close contact with Maja, attending her wedding and sending presents for each of the babies as they were born. As well, at least monthly, Alenka invited Maja out to lunch at their favorite restaurant, the Cellar restaurant in the Grand Hotel Union – Executive or for a couple of drinks or pleasant bottle of fine wine at the bar/lounge on the top floor of Neboticnik (for many years, Ljubljana’s tallest building at twelve stories) as a way of setting Maja free for a few hours from her maternal “chores”. Maja, it was obvious to Alenka, did not consider her motherly activities as chores, but on the contrary, was always anxious to get back to the “babies” she loved so much. Alenka not only respected this, but was exhilarated by it, sensing this game could be played to great satisfaction.

So, Alenka called Maja and suggested they get together the following Tuesday for their “usual.” Alenka told her best friend about her recent realizations and expressed her interest in obtaining Maja’s viewpoint. Maja, in turn, expressed her delight at the prospect, but cautioned Alenka that she was still breast-feeding her newest son and would be bringing him with her as he could not go without a feeding for the hours she knew their tryst would entail. Alenka was surprised to find this news sent a tingle through her body, exciting her physically as she envisioned a baby suckling on her sensitive nipples, drawing life from breasts engorged with nutritious milk. Alenka squirmed in her chair, aware of new and thrilling sensations coursing through her aroused body.

“No problem, I’d like to see him anyway,” Alenka said. “Zdravo. Na svidenje,” they each signed off.

Alenka sat stunned by the feelings she was experiencing. Her body felt so alive – so vital! Thank God today was Friday. She only had to hold herself together until next Tuesday. This was important to her as she knew these new games seemed to be garnering an unfair amount of her attention lately and she couldn’t afford to have them negatively affect the other games in which she was immersed. She reveled in “balance” as without it, things tended to get a bit chaotic, out of control. This was a key element to her successes so far.

As Alenka and Maja stepped up to the Maitre d’Homme at the restaurant, he recognized Alenka immediately and greeted her with, “Ahh, Gospodicna Pavlic, I have a table for you right over here,” directing them to follow him to a quiet corner of the large room. As he stopped at the reserved place, he indicated a special rectangular, white, wicker basket on wheels which was decorated with soft blue baby blankets and white down pillows for Maja’s baby. After she gently placed her baby in the basket, he helped Maja sit and then turned to assist Alenka. “It’s a pleasure to see you as always. Enjoy your meal.”

Alenka’s attention was on Dani, Maja’s son. He was sleeping at the moment – serene, breathing softly, totally at peace. Alenka was awestruck! What a wondrous thing! A new life, created out of love. For the first time, she fully realized what she had been missing in her life and resolved to ensure she would not go much longer without adding this element to her existence.

Suddenly, Maja registered both surprise and joy as she waived happily at someone seated at a table two removed from them. “Zdravo, Doktor,” Maja called out, nodding and smiling broadly.

The handsome gentleman stood and came over to their table. He was about six feet four inches tall with a well-developed athletic build, dark brown, wavy hair and dark brown eyes. Alenka guessed him to be twenty-nine or thirty. He was smiling broadly, as well, as he approached their table and went immediately to Dani’s basket.

Lifting the blanket gently from the baby’s face, he openly admired what he saw. “Bravo! Maja,” he spoke softly. “He’s beautiful! What have you named him?”

“Danjilo, but we call him Dani,” she said, obviously pleased with the encounter.

“Doktor Janša, this is my best friend, Alenka Pavlic. Alenka is the Executive canlı poker oyna Producer over at TV PIKA,” she added proudly. He turned his gaze to Alenka, rapidly taking in every aspect, the look in his eyes betraying his obvious pleasure with what he saw, admiring her evident physical charms.

Turning to Alenka, Maja said, “Doktor Janša is my Gynecologist, but he was away at a medical convention in London when Dani was born and this is the first time he’s seen him. Sometimes the timing of these things can’t be too predictable, especially when it’s the fourth,” she laughed, a little self-consciously.

Alenka’s thoughts were whirling! God, he’s gorgeous and he’s obviously in excellent physical condition. Wonder what he does to keep in such great shape, she mused. He looks familiar, but I can’t quite place where I’ve seen him before. Then the thought of him examining her “down there” sent tides of warmth and color through her throat and cheeks. Her nipples hardened and that tingling feeling swelled out from her mons.

She noted he looked at her as he would look at a beautiful woman, appreciating what he saw and not as if he were looking objectively at a patient. He was clearly taken by her charms and attracted to her.

“Doktor Janša, won’t you join us at our table? I see you haven’t received your meal yet and we can direct the waiter here for you, ” Alenka suggested softly. “Maja and I would be very pleased if you could,” Alenka said, emphasizing the “I” ever so subtly.

“I would be delighted to,” he said pleasantly, with just a slight touch of excitement in his eyes. “Please call me Brane. Doktor Janša sounds so formal between friends and, by the way, I’m not related to another more famous Janša.” Brane was referring to the then Prime Minister of Slovenija, Janez Janša.

When he said this Alenka noticed Maja smiling, obviously very pleased at both Alenka’s and Brane’s reactions to each other.

Brane sat down in the chair next to Alenka. “Have you ladies ordered yet?” knowing full well they had not as he had been watching Alenka from the moment she walked into the restaurant, captivated by one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, if not the most beautiful, he acknowledged to himself.

“No,” Alenka responded softly, feeling this meeting was somehow not really a random one, that someone had actually planned it. She seemed mesmerized, unable to take her gaze from this man’s warm, dark eyes. For the first time in her life, she experienced a sense of not being fully in control of the emotions churning through her, ravishing her mind and body. And, most notably, she realized she didn’t resent this effect on her by this man she just met. Indeed, it felt good! She had an overwhelming desire to reach out and tenderly run her fingertips over his cheek and stop on his lips to receive a gentle kiss. God, she thought, I better get myself under control before this gets out of hand.

“Would you enjoy sharing a bottle of wine?” Brane asked, never taking his eyes off Alenka’s, as if the two of them were somehow joined by their eyes.

“We often enjoy a glass of ‘Dingac’,” murmured Alenka, still wrapped in his gaze.

“Wonderful! ‘Dingac’ it will be,” Brane said, as he got the attention of the Wine Steward across the room. Brane had ordered a veal steak (teleca pecenka), and was pleased their choice of wine, the Croatian equivalent of a Cabernet Sauvignon, would complement his meal very nicely.

Alenka was a little surprised at her reaction to Brane. Most men in her life, aside from her father, were part of her business existence and she saw them as “tools” or “resources” to be employed and/or manipulated in the game of business management, much like pieces in a game of chess.

But Brane was different. He came into her life independent of her work environment. He was associated with servicing her gender, indeed, intimately so! He was extremely attractive physically and the gentleness of his mannerisms, contrasting with his obvious physical strength, captivated her. For the very first time in her life, she was physically attracted to a man and she liked it! She wasn’t uneasy or afraid in any way – no, she was exhilarated by this new adventure.

Alenka realized that her plans to pump Maja for data about dating, marrying and being a mother and wife would have to wait for another occasion, but that was OK. One of her strong characteristics was patience.

“Alenka, I hope you do not mind if I call you Alenka, it’s such a pretty name, very fitting for such a beautiful woman. Are you originally from Ljubljana?”

“Yes,” she said, startled by his words. “My parents lived in Vic when I was born. They had no other children.”

“No doubt ‘broke the mold’ – no need to have more when you already have the best,” he said softly, complimenting her.

She accepted his praise of her beauty as sincere, not false or fawning in any way. It was as if he were simply stating an obvious fact, clear to anyone should they simply look. Alenka was no fool in such matters. After all, she had been internet casino successfully playing a “man’s” game most of her life and was keenly aware of false flattery and the usual intentions behind it. But none of this was there in Brane’s simple acknowledgment of her beauty and his appreciation of it. It surely would be easy to get used to having this man around, she thought wistfully, looking deeply into his dark eyes.

The Wine Steward arrived with their wine, showed the label to Brane and after Brane nodded his approval, uncorked the bottle and asked Brane if he wanted to taste it then or set the bottle down to “breathe” for a few minutes. Brane elected the latter and the Wine Steward left.

“Is that alright?” he asked Alenka.

“I would do the same,” she responded, respecting his judgement. “How long do you usually let it set?” she asked, making small-talk, still efforting to keep her emotions under some semblance of control. What she really wanted to do was touch him. It would not be long before she gave in to that urge.

“Oh, about ten minutes, if I’m not distracted.”

“And are you distracted, Doktor?” Maja asked, coyly smiling.

“Yes,” Brane said simply, “and you had better set the timer,” never taking his eyes away from Alenka.

“And are you also originally from Ljubljana, Brane?” asked Alenka. She liked the ring of her saying his name.

“No. I was born in Izola. One of those Istrian kids who swam in the morning and skied in the afternoon,” he said, smiling warmly at Alenka.

“And what do you do now to stay so fit? Alenka asked, admiringly.

“Well, with the demands of my practice, at present, all I have time for is a good jog in Tivoli every morning.”

Recognition flashed through Alenka. Yes, it’s HIM! Oh my God. It’s HIM! I knew I’d seen him before. However, their meetings on the jogging path had always been quite brief as he usually approached her from behind and only seemed to glance at her and nod as he sprinted on past her.

But Brane knew he had not just glanced at her. He had appraised her quite thoroughly from behind, relishing the view and only sprinting on by so he could get a good look at her profile and front when he was sated with the rear view.

When Maja had called him to ask if he would be interested in meeting a single friend of hers, a very eligible female, he had agreed to be in the restaurant at the appointed time in order to get a good look at Maja’s friend, not really knowing who she was and not actually committed to a date.

But when Alenka and Maja came in together, Brane was astonished and elated – it was HER! The gorgeous young woman jogger from Tivoli! And in the flesh, she’s far more attractive than I could have dreamed, he acknowledged. What a stroke of luck, he thought, and she isn’t just beautiful, she’s a very accomplished and successful professional! With a lovely voice and extremely feminine! And, per his observations, interested in him. What a stroke of luck – he just couldn’t get over it. And sweet Maja had drawn them together, knowing both of them and knowing how well they would react to each other. She was a genius as well as a friend!

Both Brane and Alenka simultaneously reached out their hands to each other and grasping them, squeezed their fingers around each other’s and shook their hands up and down like kids doing a made-up dance, laughing merrily.

“It’s YOU!” they both said at the same time, then laughing excitedly again, reveling in their recognition of each other.

To finally be able to give in to her desire to touch him exhilarated Alenka. Her breasts heaved with her heavy breathing and her heart raced, sending color up her throat to her cheeks and ears. She felt so alive! Could this actually be the imagined soul mate she had lately been dreaming about? The man who would be her lover for life and the father of her children?

Maja was beaming. Her little intrigue was working out much better than she could have imagined. And, it seems they actually knew each other before or at least, had seen each other, but had had no opportunity for a “correct” introduction. Well, that’s been handled, she thought, beaming at her two “best friends,” aside from her dear Pino, her husband, lover, and father of her babies. At that moment something intruded insistently into her revelry. Dani was bawling!

Brane and Alenka realized the infant was crying out, too. “He’s hungry!” they both said, again, at exactly the same time and with the same exact words. And again, this caused them both to break into merry laughter, as if they were now so close that they thought and acted as one. Neither had ever experienced such before and were quite excited and pleased by the phenomenon.

Maja reached over and lifting Dani to her breast, softly stroked the back of his head and cooed to him, “Come to your mother’s breast, moj djece (my baby). Satisfy your hunger and thirst at my breast.” As she said this she opened her blouse and the flap of her nursing bra and guided Dani’s bawling mouth to her engorged nipple. He quickly fixed on it and sucked heartily, making little mewing sounds as he drew life from his mother’s ample supply of milk. Maja’s eyes closed and her head tilted back slightly as she felt her son suckling on her breast. Her face was the picture of serenity.

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