Dating the Pastor’s Son

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I’ve heard that women don’t desire sex as much as men. I think I’m different in that regard. I’ve been a highly sexual woman since I was a young age. I grew up a Christian though, so that was always stifled by the sexual ethics being taught to me. When I was young I learned how to get around my parent’s internet blocker and soon began to indulge in unwholesome pictures of men. I became addicted to it pretty soon and it only strengthened the flame of my sexual desires.

Growing up in my church there were 15 or so other kids my age and we were all ok friends, some of us better than others. I would talk to my pastor’s son, Zach, a lot. People always used to joke that we’d make a good couple and I think it was those jesting affirmations that finally brought us together. Zach and I started dating in High School and we were the perfect couple.

We hardly fought, we spent a lot of time together, we held hands in school, and went to movies and on dates every weekend. Others envied how much we were in love. When we started dating our youth pastor sat us down and gave us the boundaries talk. He told us that we needed to avoid certain things so that our relationship wouldn’t become impure. Zach and I already knew these things, but it was helpful to hear them from our Youth Pastor too. Zach’s dad, being a highly conservative pastor, sat in on that conversation to make sure we were being led in the right direction. He had a stern face and looked concerned. I hoped he didn’t know about what I did on the internet, he might not have let me date Zach if he had known.

The pastor told us we shouldn’t start kissing until we were more mature. He told us to avoid cuddling and to try not to be alone together. Before we left he reminded us, “intercourse sends people to hell. I pray, for the sake of your souls, that you wait until you are married.” Needless to say, Zach and I were properly scarred into premarital celibacy.

It was our senior year of High School, after we were both 18 that I finally saw him shirtless and he finally saw me in my bikini. We had avoided going swimming or to the beach or anything out of fear that his dad would rebuke us, but early that year his dad had an above ground pool installed in their back yard so we figured it would be safe for us to swim together there as long as one of Zach’s parents were there.

His body was fantastic. He was on the football team, although not very good, so he worked out regularly. He had tight abs and sexy pecs. He even had some good patches of chest hair. He didn’t have a lot, but definitely more than most of the other smooth chested 18 year olds. I noticed him looking at me in my bikini a lot while we were swimming. I wish I could know what he was thinking of.

Zach’s mom was at work and his dad came out and told us that he needed to go visit someone in the hospital. He told me that we should get out and I should head home for the night. His dad left and we got out. While we were drying off I noticed that Zach and a very hard erection that was showing through his swim shorts. I didn’t get a good glimpse, but it looked pretty big. He noticed his bulge and wrapped his towel around his waste to cover it.

I finished drying off and walked over to him to hold him a bit before I got dressed and left. He hugged me and held me tight, I could feel his hard dick pressing up against me. He kissed my neck a few times so I moved my head out a bit. He leaned in and kissed me on my mouth for the first time. It was magical. Sexual desires were filling my body as I felt his lips on mine and his erection still up against my body.

He backed up and said, “I’m sorry, that was just a sudden urge I got.”

“It’s ok,” I said, “We’re 18, we’ve been dating for 2 years. I’m sure we’re mature enough to kiss.”

He snickered and moved back in to kiss again. We went inside and I laid on his couch. He got on top of me and kissed me again and again. Soon we opened our mouths and it got more intense. We we’re pretty naive, but knew enough about kissing to involve our toungues. He got more and more on top of me. We were still in our bathing suits so I could feel his skin rubbing against mine. He began softly dry humping me. It became more intense and I grabbed his back and held tight.

I could feel his erection sliding on my lady parts. I wanted him to tear our clothes off and go all the way so badly! But I knew we couldn’t. In my passion I grabbed his butt with both of my hands. It was so firm and delicious. He casually poker oyna moved one of his hands onto my left boob and continued dry humping.

“Shoot,” he said softly as he got off of me.

“What’s wrong?” I said, sad that he was stopping.

“I think that might be too far,” he said, “were you ok with that?”

“I think we are fine. What we were doing wasn’t sex, so as long as we avoid going further I think we’re fine.”

“I think you’re right,” he said, “we just need to be careful with how long we do that together. It almost became masturbation for me.”

I was so turned on by the fact that he almost ejaculated from that, I was looking forward to making out more in hopes that he would cum from dry-humping me. We made out and dry-humped a few more times that semester and even more over the summer. Whenever we could find time alone we would and it felt great. We were always fully dressed, but feeling the weight of his body rubbing on mine was wonderful. He eventually became ok with cumming while doing it so we started dry-humping until he would orgasm pretty often.

Soon summer was over and we were both off to college. Thankfully we were going to the same university. I was looking forward to being able to date as independent adults. Our youth pastor gave us each a book for graduation presents. They were both on dating. His was about being the leader in staying pure while dating. Mine was about not tempting him with my body to stay pure. I had an ever growing desire to be with him sexually, but I was also entranced by the Christian literature telling us how bad it would be for us to indulge before marriage. My morals and my bodily urges were at war. I had to think his were too because he continued to enjoy orgasming while dry-humping me.

I moved into a dorm and he moved into a single apartment on campus. It was so easy for us to be alone now. Before we always risked his or my parents walking in on us, but now we could be alone without that worry! We spent a lot of time alone our freshmen year, making out cuddling during movies and studying together. Our relationship only grew stronger.

Our sophomore year was the same story. He was still strong but not as lean. He grew a sexy stomach and a good layer of fuzz and his pecs remained as defined as ever, but the hair on them only grew thicker. He also started growing out his facial hair and had a well groomed thick beard. I never noticed in high school, but now that we were in a big college city, he totally looked like a farmer boy. He wore tight flannels that showed off his muscles and he always had a ball cap on. He didn’t actually grow up on or near a farm. In contrast to the city men, this made him a very manly, sexy, hairy, specimen that I was proud to call my boy friend.

One night I was cuddling with him watching a movie until 2am. He had a studio apartment, so it was basically just a bed and a tv. We were cuddling on his bed when I realized how dreadfully hot it was in his apartment. He didn’t have AC and it was August, so even though we had the windows open and 3 fans on it still felt like 90 in his room.

“I hate this heat,” I said to him.

“Me too,” he replied, “I’m sweating through my shirt.”

“I know I can feel it,” I said while patting a wet part of his shirt that I was laying on.

“Sorry, I’ll change,” he said. He got up and ripped off his shirt revealing his sexy body.

He grabbed another one off of his floor when I said, “It’s ok, you can cuddle me without one. That way you won’t sweat as much.” He gave me a dorky smile. He also took off his jeans and put on some shorts. I think he was ok with being in his underware because he wore boxers so it was basically as much coverage as swim shorts would be.

“It’s not fair that you get to be in just shorts while I have to be in these hot clothes.” Women sweat too.

“I’ve seen you in a bikini before,” he said as he got back on the bed. “I don’t mind if you lay with me in your underware, just don’t show me anything I shouldn’t see.”

I said, “Aww you’re the best,” as I took off my top and my jeans. “You can lay here in your boxers too if you want. They’re basically shorts.”

“Good point,” he said as he slipped off his shorts. We laid back down together, skin touching skin and continued to watch the movie. I was on his chest so I continually twirled his chest hair while we were watching.

He fell asleep, like normal, during the movie and began snoring. When it finished canlı poker oyna I got up and turned off the TV. I got back on the bed without waking him up and fell asleep with him there. We woke up around 11am.

“Shoot did we sleep together?” He asked.

“Well, we didn’t like ‘sleep together’,” I said, “we just fell asleep on the bed together, nothing bad happened.” He seemed ok with this, which I hoped he would be and got up to put his clothes on. He had morning wood that was clearly visible in his boxers. The front flap didn’t have a button or anything and when he knealt down to pick up his shirt his penis just popped out.

It was as beautiful as I could have imagined. It was straight and long. He was circumsised, which was basically required of a pastor’s son, and I could see some of his unkempt bush sticking out.

“Shit er shoot,” he said softly as he stuffed himself back in hoping I wouldn’t noticed. He quickly grabbed his shorts and continued to apologize profusely.

I laughed and said, “It’s ok, seriously don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with seeing eachother’s bodies. It’s not like your going to shove it in me!”

He looked really awkward after I said this and threw me my clothes. After getting dressed we got up and went to get lunch.

That night I went back to my own room. We usually didn’t hangout Saturday night so that we wouldn’t be too tired for church. After church on Sunday I went back to his place to do homework. We mostly sat in silence, but soon we talked about what happened Friday night.

“I’ve been thinking about the other night and I think we need to be careful,” Zach said suddenly breaking a silence.

“I agree, but I think as long as we’re careful, what we did was ok.”

“Yeah, I’m ok with you sleeping over occasionally, and I’m ok with us being in our underwear together, but we can’t go much further than that.” He got up and made some coffee after saying this.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I know I’ve seen your stuff, but that doens’t mean we’re going to have sex. We’re adults we can control our urges.”

“I agree with that too, but we do have to be careful still. We are adults, but we’re not above sin.”

“Can I see it again sometime then?” I asked with a pathetic puppy dog face.

He blushed a lot, and I could see a bit of a hard on in his pants. “I guess that’s ok,” he said. He turned around from the coffee pot and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his ragging boner, this time I could see his balls too. His bush was immaculate. He put it back away quickly and came back to sit down near his homework.

“Do you want to see me?” I asked. He nodded. “This is kind of awkward,” I said. “Why don’t we just both take everything off, like ripping off a bandaid, lets just get it over with.”

“Ok,” he said and stood up. I stood up too. We began removing our clothes together, standing about 5 feet apart. His eyes were fixed on my chest as I finally removed my bra. Then my vagina as I slipped out of my panties.

“You are so beautiful,” he said.

“You look amazing too,” I replied. We looked at each other for a couple more minutes and then put our clothes back on.

“I’m sorry I’m too tempted to do things, I think you should go back to your dorm for the rest of the night.”

“Ok,” I said, I packed all my things, he kissed me, and then I left.

Later that night he texted me saying, “We might be moving a bit too fast, can we take like two days off from seeing each other while I think about some things?”

“Yeah that’s fine,” I replied, “but let me help you think too. We’re in this together.”

Things started escalating slowly from there. We began reguarly being in just our underwear when we spent time alone in his room. We’d cuddle like that and make out like that. I began sleeping over more often too. My roommate started thinking I was moved out., Often he’d be dry-humping me in our underwear when his penis would slip out. He’d keep going and even came on my stomach a few times. I started taking off my bra a lot too. He enjoyed seeing my breasts and feeling them as we made out. He didn’t want be taking my panties off though, he was afraid it’d be too tempting.

We were both afraid that we were going too far too fast, but we knew that as long as we didn’t actually have intercourse, we were good.

Our junior year came pretty quickly. I maintained my dorm room, but in actuality I was living with him. We knew our parent’s wouldn’t understand, internet casino so we kept it secret, but I kept my clothes there, got a key, and slept there with him every night. It was helpful for us to cohabitate. We were getting pretty serious at that point and we both knew marriage would be coming soon after college.

Living together stretched us. We got in more fights, but learned how to resolve them. I learned his annoying habits, he learned mine. These were good things to know if we were going to one day commit to being together forever.

One night we were cuddling in silence together. I felt his erection on my body, which was pretty regular now. I moved my hand down and touched his erection, which was only covered by his boxers. I’d seen it quite a few times, but this was the first time I actually touched it with my hands. I began rubbing it gently. He started rubbing my head. I pulled it out of the little flap and started rubbing it bare now. I think he enjoyed it because he started moaning. The boxers were constricting so I got up and just took them off and continued rubbing him.

“That feels nice,” he said, “don’t stop.” He got down and started kissing me while I rubbed him and soon we moved into full on making out. I took my bra off and he began humping my panties while fully nude. His bare dick rubbing on my pussy was amazing, even if I did have the underware as a barrier.

He laid down and I got on him as we were making out. I started licking his chest and moved down to his stomach. Eventually I got down to his manhood and put my mouth around it. “Is this ok?” I asked.

“I think so, I don’t think oral stuff is sex.” As soon as he said this I went back to sucking him. It was kind of weird at first, and I gagged a few times, but I got used it. I was getting hot so I took off my underwear and began fingering myself as I sucked him. He moved my hand away and started fingering me himself.

“Come kiss me more” he said. So I stopped sucking and got back up to kiss him, with our fully nude bodies rubbing against each other. He laid me down and got on me and began humping me. He didn’t penetrate, but his penis was rubbing against my pussy. It was so big and warm. It felt great to have our skin finally meet like that.

We did this for a while then he laid back down. I got back on him and was playing with his dick. I held it up against my vagina and started rubbing them together. I took the head of his penis and started moving it around on my pussy. Soon I had the head of it inside me. I’m not sure if he notice because he didn’t say anything.

“You feel so good!” I exclaimed, “I just want to feel you inside me, not sex, I just want to stick it in really quick.”

He was obviously super horny because he just said, “Do it.”

I moved onto him and stuck his full manhood deep inside of me. We both moaned in ecstasy and he got up and kissed me passionately. I started moving my hips slightly and he began to groan in ecstasy from the feeling of rubbing inside me.

He agressively laid me down and started fucking me himself. He starred into my eyes and I saw for the first time, a deep sexual passion in them. He started fucking me harder and harder.

It didn’t take long before he starting shouting, “Shit, shit, shit!” He gave a few powerful thrusts as I felt a warm liquid squirt up inside me. He starting kissing me again. He slowed his thrusts down and said, “I’m so sorry, I finished inside of you.”

“Oh no,” I said worried, “I think I’m not at the right point in my cycle to get pregnant, so we probably dodged that bullet.”

“But we had sex,” he said pathetically, “and it felt amazing.”

“Yeah it did!” I replied affirming his performance. “Are you ok with this?” I asked, sensing he was deep in thought.

“I’m not sure,” he said, “we ate the forbidden fruit, but it feels so right.”

“I think it felt right too. I mean, we know we love each other, and we know we’re getting married, why not be committed to being together now?”

“You’re right,” he said smiling, “Stephanie, will you marry me then?”

“Absolutely!” I said.

He finally pulled out of me and we laid there together and fell asleep. In the morning we woke up and had sex again. It became a pretty regular occurrence for us. We used condoms for a while at first, but I ended up getting birth control so we didn’t have to worry.

Eventually, we got married and lived a fairly happy life. He ended up going to seminary and became a pastor following in his father’s footsteps. We had a pretty great sex life and eventually had two kids, both sons. I can only hope that someday they grow up and make some lucky women as happy as their father has made me.

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