Deacon O’Connor Needs Butter

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“Have you called Deacon O’Connor today to see if he needs anything?” Lucy Kennedy sang out to her daughter who was watching TV in the living room while she finished up the breakfast dishes. “When he was doing the collection at church yesterday it looked like his knee was giving him trouble, didn’t you think so?”

“He always limps like that,” Heidi responded, a smile forming as she thought of the old guy who had the whole parish convinced that he was feeble, and while he might not be able to run a marathon or anything he was far from handicapped, and nobody in the world knew that better than Heidi. “I’m calling him now.”

“Deacon O’Connor?” Heidi said after the old guy picked up the phone at his end. “This is Heidi Kennedy. My Mom wants to know if you need anything at the store. I think she’s tired of me hanging around the house and wants to get rid of me.”

“Heidi!” her mother scolded from the doorway as she dried her hands and looked at her pride and joy scrunched in the chair.

“Hello Heidi,” purred the elderly man in response. “I was hoping to hear from you today.”

“Just butter?” Heidi answered in response to nothing the old man had said.

“I can think of something else I need honey,” John O’Connor chuckled. “It’s something with flaming red hair, perky titties and a big red bush between those sweet thighs. Can you deliver that?”

“I’ll ask Mom,” Heidi giggled as the Deacon told her to hush, knowing she was playing with him.

“No problem Deacon O’Connor,” Heidi said as she stifled a chuckle while the familiar response to the elder’s deep voice ran through her. “It’ll take me about a half hour. Okay?”

“Mmmm… it’s already pretty hot out. Bet you’ll have worked up a sweat by the time you get here,” Deacon O’Connor predicted. “Can’t wait.”

“Okay. Bye,” Heidi answered and killed the phone, slipping it in her shorts pocket as she stood up and told her mother, “Deacon needs butter.”

“You’re a sweet girl to help him out like you do. There’s a special place in heaven for people like you,” her mother predicted. “But didn’t you get him butter last week though?”

“Um – he baked cookies for the Sunday School kids,” Heidi mumbled.

“You okay honey? Your face is flushed,” Heidi’s mother asked as she went by on her way to hop on her bike and pedal into town.

“Maybe I’m going through menopause like you,” the girl kidded.

“18 year old girls don’t go through menopause,” her mother replied in missing the attempt at humor. “Now it’s nice that you do things for Deacon O’Connor but don’t get underfoot.”

‘He likes me to play rummy a lot of the time so I end up sticking around,” Heidi explained. “I can’t say no, and besides, there’s nothing else to do around here and he’s a nice man. See you later.”

As Heidi hoped on her 10 speed and whizzed into town for the butter that wasn’t needed the teen ground herself into the bike seat and pedaled hard down the gravel road, the tingling increasing as she flew into town.


The tall silver haired man stood at the front door and peeked out the curtains, leaning on the cane that he used mostly as a prop as he waited for his little friend to güvenilir bahis arrive, his free hand massaging himself through his baggy trousers as he waited.

“Anticipation,” the church usher sang off-key to himself as he waited for the neighbor girl to arrive, and just like clockwork he saw Heidi with her red hair flying behind her as she glided towards his house, her ever-present smile as bright as the sun that beat down on her as she put her kickstand down.

“Here’s your butter Deacon,” Heidi chirped loudly, just in case any of his neighbors were minding his business.

“Thank you dear,” he said as she held the door open for her. “Come in and let me give you a little something for your trouble.”

“Little?” Heidi giggled as she came inside the modest place. “I never got anything little here.”

“You’re a naughty girl. Do I need to spank you again?

“I dunno. When you did it last week it hardly hurt,” Heidi recalled. “It did make your dick hard though.”

“Oh heck child, you do that just by walking in the door,” Deacon said as he grabbed his cane and went into the living room, heading for his favorite chair.

“Wait for me Deacon. Remember it makes it easier if I take your drawers off first,” Heidi reminded the senior, who patiently waited for the redhead to come over, almost skipping on the way.

“I like the way your titties bounce when you move like that. Not wearing a bra today are you?,” Deacon observed as the teen went down to her knees and prepared to undo his belt. “Hey, aren’t you going to take off your top first?”

“Oh, alright,” Heidi grumbled as she got back up on her feet and casually peeled her blouse up and over her head, exposing a pair of breasts that barely filled A cups but jutted out dramatically with plump red nipples that practically screamed to be sucked on. “There. Happy?’

“Sure am child,” Deacon said as he cupped the cones in his weathered hands and kneaded them. “These are sure fun to play with.”

“Too bad squeezing them don’t make them bigger,” Heidi lamented.

“Why you want bigger one?. These are perfect,” Deacon O’Connor observed before letting go and grabbing the girl’s freckled wrist and lifting her arm upwards, smiling when he saw the tuft of red curls that was really coming along at his urging. “Looking more furry too.”

“Mom saw my pits Saturday and yelled at me for not shaving,” Heidi complained as the old man leaned down and kissed her underarm hair. ” I told her I did it because Deacon O’Connor said I remind him of a girl he screwed at Woodstock a long time ago who looked like me and had hairy pits.”

“I know darn well you didn’t tell her I said that, and besides, I didn’t fuck her at Woodstock. I fucked her at the drive in that was showing the movie Woodstock,” Deacon corrected.

“Whatever. Can I go down and say hello to Andy?”


“Yeah. Andy Conda. Get it? I just thought that up,” Heidi proudly announced as she knelt back down and undid the belt, the action causing his baggy trousers to drop right down to the floor. “My favorite snake.”

“Andy Conda. That’s how you got accepted to the community college? Using your brain?”

“How türkçe bahis else would I get accepted, and don’t you dare say it Deacon!” the teen cautioned as she helped the old man step out of his trousers. “Deacon, I’m going to get you some boxers for Christmas. All yours are worn out.”

“Andy?” Heidi playfully called out, and after she lifted the one leg of the briefs she exposed the tip of the senior’s foreskin. “There you are!”

Heidi then lowered the boxers and told Deacon he could sit down, grabbing the flaccid penis as he did and stretched it outwards, the absurd length still amusing the girl even after seeing it dozens of times.

“I love your dick Deacon. I know I always say that but I do. Biggest dick in Warren County.”

“Now how would you know that? You haven’t seen all of them.”

“Seen plenty though,” Heidi confessed as she lazily pulled on the enormous organ, feeling the process of stiffening begin already. “I know I’m a piglet but I never fucked any of them. Just you, the rest I just sucked. Can’t help it, I just like sucking dicks.”

“And you do it so well,” Deacon noted as Heidi took the end into her mouth and got to work. “Still feel guilty about that. I didn’t know you were cherry. Never would have done it if I knew that because that first time should be special.”

“It was,” Heidi said, taking the lengthening weapon out of her mouth to check her progress before going back to it.

“For me too child,” Deacon mused as she looked at the redhead’s mouth going up and down the top half of his over-sized organ.

It was true. he had heard the girl was loose from guys in the congregation and judging by how easy he coaxed her clothes off that first day did little to change his mind about that. Added to that was the way Heidi gave head, exhibiting a talent that Deacon had rarely experienced, and considering how many mouths his grizzled member had been in that was saying something. Who would have suspected Heidi was a virgin?

She was though and the proof ruined a set of satin sheets on the Deacon’s bed, but that was a small price to pay and better yet, the girl didn’t mind the initial discomfort and became a regular visitor to his place.

“I swear one of these days you are going to get the whole damn thing in your mouth!” Deacon declared as the freckle-faced girl’s lips went all the way down the vein riddled shaft except for the last couple of inches, her eyelashes flicking his grey and brown pubes.

“How’s an old guy like you still get it up?” Heidi asked as she stood up and undid her shorts. “I heard my Mom on the phone with my aunt last week and she was saying Dad couldn’t get it up after they got home from the Grange Hall dance.”

“It happens to all of us,” Deacon observed as he looked at the flaming red jungle that was revealed when Heidi’s panties came down.

“Really?” Heidi asked as she prepared for the old man’s probing finger. “It happens to you too Deacon?”

“Hell no,” Deacon roared as he slipped a long bony finger into the teen’s pussy, making her wiggle in response. “How about if you let me eat the hairiest pussy in town out?”

“No time today,” Heidi said as she prepared güvenilir bahis siteleri to climb onto the senior’s lap, the skinny thighs spreading wide as she straddled him on the chair while he held his manhood upright for her to ease down on. “I know I had more hair down there than the girls in my gym class, but is it really that hairy? I was thinking about trimming it.”

“Don’t be getting crazy girl,” Deacon advised as Heidi eased down slowly, groaning as his tool gradually impaled her tight sex. “First of all, hairy isn’t bad. Second of all, I used to bang a lady whose pussy was even hairier than yours. Her hair grew right up to her ass. She was a redhead too.”

“Ooh! Really?” Heidi asked as she caught her breath before starting to ride him.

“That’s the gospel truth,” Deacon swore as he held the girl’s sides to balance her, fighting a grin as he wondered what Heidi would think if she knew she lived in the same house as that other woman. “That’s it child. You got all of that big cock up in you, don’t you? That’s it, up and down like you’re on the merry-go-round.”

“Good – really good,” Heidi gasped as she grabbed onto the back of the chair Deacon was sitting in while going up and down, slowly at first while using small movements and then going faster and plunging all the way down on the pole.

“That’s it child. Take it all,” Deacon chanted while his hands were all over the girl, mauling her breasts and rubbing the fur under her arms before leaning forward and sucking her pointy tits hard. “Damn, you’re tight today. Not gonna last long I’m afraid. You going to cum soon?”

Deacon’s last words were drowned out by Heidi’s yelping as her orgasm hit her. Her pussy clenched down savagely on him while she spoke in tongues, and the whites of her eyes were showing as she almost tipped the chair over with her bouncing before collapsing into him.

“Oh Deacon, that was so good. Did you say you came?” Heidi asked.

“No. Said I was going to but I got caught up in watching you so I didn’t yet,” Deacon replied, but when the girl started to move again he told her not to.

“I can cum just like this, looking at you with my cock in your pussy,” Deacon told her, and then he felt the cum surging through his member. “Here it comes. Nice load of baby batter for your womb on the way. Ahhh!”

“Yeah,” Heidi whispered as she watched his face contort. “I can feel your dick twitching. Cum for me. Cum hard. Breed me Deacon.”

Then they just stayed in place smiling at each other until Deacon’s dick deflated and then slid out of the girl, at which point Heidi gingerly climbed off of the old man, shivering and looking down at the cum drooling out of her.

“Wouldn’t that be something if you got me preggers Deacon?” she asked as she got her clothes back on.

“Yeah. Something all right,” he mused without concern since he had gotten a vasectomy decades before. “Am I going to see you again this week?’

“Sure. Give us a call, but need something besides butter next time,” Heidi chirped as she kissed him on the cheek. “Want me to help you get your drawers on again?”

“No, I can do it. Give me something to do the rest of the day. Be a good girl,” Deacon said as he watched Heidi’s cute butt wiggle out the door.

“You did good – what did she call you? Andy Conda?” Deacon chuckled as he looked at his now dead dick. “What a kid.”


Thanks for reading.

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