Dear John

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The following story is fiction and in no way represents the actions or feelings of anyone either living or dead. Any sex described within this story is between two consenting adults of at least 18 years of age. I hope you enjoy. Please vote and all constructive criticism is encouraged.


I drove down my street in a small central Ohio town south of Cleveland still steaming from the dressing down I had just received from my supervisor. I was being blamed for not properly loading a shipment of goods that the customer had claimed had been damaged during shipment. In all honesty I had to admit I had been in a hurry that day but if I had damaged any product I would have remembered it. Also I would have replaced it with undamaged product. If I had not loaded the shipment properly the carrier should have been charged because they inspect the load before shipping. Accepting the load should transfer the blame to the carrier. To put it simply it was my baby while the doors were open but after the trailer doors were sealed the carrier should have been liable. In any case the customer was claiming we were liable and had filed a claim. My job as a shipping clerk wasn’t in jeopardy but I hated the idea of a black mark on my record. I had gotten a verbal reprimand and was in a sour mood.

As I pulled into my drive I got a call from my 13 year old daughter Sunny. “Hi dad just reminding you I am at Cindy’s house so we can study together. No boys allowed because her mom isn’t home from work yet so don’t worry about us. We should be done in a few hours but I’ll give you guys a call or Cindy’s mom will bring me home. Ok?”

Cindy’s mom Karen was a divorced single parent. Her husband had just walked out on her and Cindy one day announcing that he was moving in with his girlfriend. Karen filed on abandonment and received all of their assets including all of their joint account, which wasn’t much, only a few thousand. Looking at it from my side he got hosed but he never fought for any more so I guess he just wanted out. Go figure.

Karen was 28. She had long wavy honey blonde hair, blue eyes, a rather plain face and was big breasted, about 5′ 10″ 160 lbs. Nice flat stomach but meaty hips and thighs. People would describe Karen as big boned I guess.

Her ex was living with a bunch of druggies and crack whores now in a flophouse somewhere in the bad part of town. Karen had not had any contact with him since their divorce was final four years previously.

“You will keep the doors locked I presume?” I asked.

“Yes sir always,” she said.

“Ok baby have fun and actually study something,” I said with a laugh. My little girl was growing up too fast and I knew the subject of boys would come up probably sooner rather than later.

“You got it daddy. I love you. Bye”

“I love you too baby. Bye.”

I parked next to my wife Sandy’s eve gelen escort car and went into my home. My mood was suddenly not so sour as I went to my door with keys ready. When I entered the house I used the side door. Passing through the laundry area I entered the kitchen and yelled “Sandy I’m home,” and went to the refrigerator for a beer. I had a supply of locally brewed ale that we had discovered recently and I really wanted to unwind with a beer and my beautiful wife. She was a natural redhead, petite 5′ 2″ 115 lbs nice shape with 32a boobs, flat stomach, slender hips and a pretty bubble butt. Maybe we could take advantage of Sunny’s absence for a little loving. It had been several weeks since we had connected sexually. It had been few and far between even before that. In fact we had only had sex twice in the last six months. I had been reading up on several different sexual techniques and positions that we could try to spice our sex life up and felt that today we could take advantage of my new found knowledge to jump start our stale 15 year old marriage.

Not hearing Sandy I started looking for her through our 3 bedroom home. I wasn’t concerned when my calls for her went unanswered. She frequently went with her friend Debbie from work on shopping excursions but rarely during the week. I was disappointed but not really alarmed when I found the house empty so I decided to find a ball game on the TV.

Finishing my ale I went to the kitchen for another and it was then that I saw the envelope with my name on the cluttered countertop. Reaching for my beer I opened the envelope. Inside was a handwritten letter, a business card and her wedding rings.

The letter said:

My dear husband John,

There is no easy way to put this so I will be blunt. I have left you for another. Please do not try to find me as I have changed my name and all of my id numbers including my s/s and drivers license. By the time you find this I will be on my way to my new home with my lover.

I have been involved with another for the past year. In case you want to know there has been infidelity for the past 6 months and that is the reason that our sex life slowly drew to a close. My lover wanted me exclusively but I resisted until now and did allow you to be with me occasionally while I was making up my mind. Today I was given an ultimatum.

My dear husband it was the hardest decision that I have ever made and I want you to know I didn’t make the decision lightly to leave you and Sunny. I cried for hours as I wrote this letter to you. Never again will we cuddle and sleep together again as man and wife. Never again will I look up to the man that I promised to have and to hold. Never again will I hold my child to comfort and love her, help her with her school work or talk to her about her concerns about boys, no more ‘girl fatih escort talk’.

In essence I have left my life with you both and started a new life with my lover.

From this moment on I release you from your marriage vows. You are free to date and hopefully find another person to fill the empty space in your bed.

I have contacted an attorney and started the paperwork for our divorce. The reason for the divorce will be my infidelity with my lover and I have freely admitted to this and so stated in the divorce paperwork. You were not in anyway to be blamed and I was most emphatic in this with my attorney.

In our settlement I have taken $10,000 from a bank account that was in my name and you knew nothing about. The money prepaid my attorney fees, is for my travel expenses and to reestablish myself in my new life. The balance of the account, $240,000, was transferred to our joint savings today. I will not tell you how I acquired this much money or why I felt it necessary to hide it from you but to say I did nothing illegal so you can keep it in good conscience. I had planned this money for Sunny’s college fund and to make our retirement years easier. I have also removed my name from all of our joint accounts and in the divorce settlement I have transferred all my worldly goods that I acquired in our marriage to you and Sunny. I have conceded 100% custody to you and relinquished all visitation rights for Sunny and I am asking for nothing in return. I will never see you or my darling daughter again and my heart is truly broken.

With my new identity I am going to marry my lover as soon as I am notified by my attorney that our divorce is final.

In closing I want you to know how difficult my decision was to make. I truly love you both with all my heart and if there had been any other way to have my new life without hurting either of you I would have chosen it but alas my lover made me choose. Rather than you someday discovering my affair we chose to preemptively come forth with the truth and I would sever all ties with you and Sunny.

The life I have left behind would be enough for almost everyone but the choice I have made to sever all ties with you and Sunny was made with the knowledge of what I am leaving behind compared to what I am gaining with my lover.

Please don’t grieve for me and PLEASE never try to find me. I have done everything in my power to make my exit from your life as painless as possible and have made every effort to disappear forever.

I have left my wedding rings in the hope that you may find someone in the future to give you the love and life you deserve. I have also left you a business card for contacting my attorney. Do not try to contact me through him as his only way is through a disposable email address. I will not respond to any other email but my divorce decree halkalı anal yapan escort and will cancel the email address when I am notified of our divorce.

If you ever loved me then please, please, please give me this one last thing.

Goodbye my darling John,


‘Well…DAMN’… What the fuck was she thinking?

Lover? Man or woman?

Where could she possibly go that she couldn’t be found?

How can she claim to love Sunny and I with all her heart but choose to be with her lover? How could she leave the man she swore to love, honour and cherish and along with that permanently sever all ties with her own flesh and blood?

Did anyone else have a clue? Her sister? Work contacts? Sunny? I know even as of this morning Sandy seemed to be the same person I have known all these years. She never said a word to me about being dissatisfied with her life, ever. In fact she has said on more than one occasion that her life was perfect.

Apparently it wasn’t as perfect as she wanted everyone to believe.

I wondered what she took with her so I started searching her personal belongings. All of her clothes seemed to be in place. Her jewelry box still had everything in it including the string of pearls that I gave her for her 35th birthday last week. Digging through her dresser gave me no clues either. Her underwear drawer showed nothing new or unusual. Nothing seemed to be missing. I tried to remember what she was wearing this morning when I left for work. She had just finished her shower and had her pink bikini briefs and matching bra on. I remember commenting how pretty she looked in pink right before I kissed her for the last time and left for work.

I went to our bath and looked for any missing cosmetics. The expensive body lotion that she once said was the only type that could make her skin feel really soft was still on the counter. There was the towel that she had used. When I went through the dirty clothes still in the hamper. The pink briefs and bra were on top. So she had changed clothes before she left. I had no idea what she could have worn when she walked out today.

Next I searched her car. Nothing seemed out of place. She was never a neat person but the normal clutter was all I found. Opening her trunk gave me my first clue. There was an unfamiliar locked metal case and nothing else. I took the case to the kitchen to unlock it but the lock seemed to be tamper proof and the key was not on her key ring. Much more secure than the normal luggage lock, I couldn’t jimmy the lock so I put the case aside for the time being.

I sat with another beer while thinking this through. My wife of 15 years had left me today while I was at work with only a short letter to explain her actions. She claimed to have been involved in an affair for the past year but only intimate for the past 6 months. Other than the drop in frequency of our lovemaking there hadn’t been any indication of her affair or her plans to leave. What kind of woman just leaves her husband and only child with only a short note as explanation?

Did I ever know her at all? Then…

Where did she get a quarter of a million dollars?

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