(De)Flowering Marigold

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This is Episode 4 of my Balkan Adventures. Episode 1 recorded my enjoying the Mongolian Horde and Hoard of ‘Borte.’ Episode 2 described a foursome, in which Borte and I were joined by ‘Marina’ and ‘Bistra,’ who had themselves indulged in a sophisticated session the previous night. After the quartet had sounded its final chord I had gone to seek fresh bed-linen, and initiated the hotel receptionist, ‘Nevenka’ (Marigold), into an appreciation of the possibilities of that sweet toggle, the clitoris. At the end of that masturbation I suggested she join Borte and me that evening for further experiences.

Fortunately, a colleague showed and discussed a video during the first session of the course next morning. I was free to sleep on, and had just risen and showered when there was a knock at my door. I opened it, wrapped in a towel and there were Marina and Bistra. Of course, I asked them to step in. They had come to say Goodbye, as they were leaving shortly, ostensibly for their homes, but I suspected they were actually going to award themselves another night together somewhere before they had to part.

‘We have only little time,’ Marina said, ‘But…’

‘But we take off towel,’ Bistra said, doing so.

‘We like very much your rude word parts, Norma,’ Marina went on.

‘Yes, we have learned well these words. You have nice tits.’ Bistra said, taking them in her hands, squeezing the nipples between two fingers.

‘Also you have nice arse,’ Marina said, patting and stroking it.

Between them they took me to, and laid me down, in the unmade bed. Bistra lifted my legs apart and said, ‘We like very much your quim-lips.’ She ran her finger gently back and forth between them.

‘And your man-in-boat,’ Marina said, ‘But we think it is woman in boat.’ She knelt by the bed and bent forward to tongue that little personage.

Bistra knelt beside her and applied her mouth to a nipple, and they said no more, because their lips and tongues were busy. Marina also thrust her hand under my bottom and squeezed rhythmically as she licked that vigorously rowing boat-woman. Naturally, it was only a matter of a minute or two before their efforts induced a grateful, graceful orgasm. No two orgasms are alike, and this one began in both centres of sensation, tit and clit, and the tides of feeling merged and infused my whole body in an ecstatic fizzing along the nerves.

The two women laughed and stood. Bistra said, ‘You did good cumming, Norma.’ Then they did something sweet and charming. They embraced, half turned away from me so that I could see them ran a hand up each other’s’ thighs, under the skirts and slip a finger into the gusset of each other’s plain, white cotton, knickers, such as I myself usually wear. ‘We have finger in pussy-pie,’ Marina told me. ‘We are tossing off each other.’

How did they know I love to see this done, and to do it myself? The number of times I have knicker-fingered a woman to climax! Usually in circumstances where time and space are so limited that only such a tactic is possible.

Those forefingers were busy for only a short while, until Bistra said, ‘Are you cumming, darling?’

‘Yes, I’m going to cum, darling. Are you ready?’

‘Cumming together, Norma,’ they chorused, and hugged each other as tightly as they could with their hands trapped between them.

It was a delicious spectacle and I found I had without conscious thought applied a finger to my own boat-woman, and she was nearly ready to go again. What she needed was exactly what happened next. For, with a girlish giggle apiece, the two women turned their backs on me, flipped up their skirts and pushed down those neat knickers. They jammed their hips together, presenting four cheeks, a large pair and a small pair. Bistra said, ‘You like Marina’s big bottom-bum, Norma?’

Marina said, ‘You like Bistra’s little buttock-arse, Norma?’

‘Both are beautiful, my dears,’ I said, ‘They do an old lady’s heart and pussy good. ‘Stay there a moment, because I’m cumming. Oh, I’m cumming, my dears.’ And I did, a delicate, frothy confection of a cum.

‘We go now, Norma,’ Bistra said, fetching her lover’s bum a slap.

‘Yes,’ Marina said, ‘We go now, fetching Bistra’s bum a slap.

They pulled up their pants, dropped their skirts, and bustled out of the door.

It was now the coffee-break for those remaining, and I dressed and went to re-energise myself with a litre of coffee and a kilo of biscuits. Nevenka had gone off duty long since, and was, presumably, slumbering somewhere, clitorally-aware but at rest.

After the evening session, and the companionable night-cap, Borte and I retired to my room. There had been no time to brief her about Nevenka’s possible participation, so I began, ‘You remember the woman at the desk when I arrived? It turned out she was a virgin, fearful that her super-clytor was a freak and thinking the pleasure of it was forbidden.’

‘You change her mind?’

‘Yes, she’s a convinced clitoriser, and took to womanising, too, but what she’ll make of your Mongolian yurt pole, I don’t know. I did isvecbahis warn her you were different. She’s actually rather afraid of you.’

‘She must not be afraid. I am pussy cat.’

‘Yes, you are. Your cat is going in her pussy, if we can calm her fears.’

There was a gentle knock on the door, and there was Nevenka, in a blouse and short skirt, carefully made up, hair neatly combed. She looked at me with an intriguing mixture of shyness and bravado, the swimmer scared of the dive but determined to do it. She peered past me and saw Borte. This elicited a little gasp and a small step back. But I drew her into the room and shut the door. I said, ‘We’re glad you’re here.’

‘You will not hurt me?’ she said.

‘Nobody will make you do anything you don’t want to do,’ I said.

She looked at Borte under her eyebrows ‘She is different woman?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘She is different, but beautiful, like you.’

‘She will make new things for me?’

‘Yes, she will.’

‘They will be good things, not hurting?’

‘You want to learn new things, don’t you, Nevenka?’

‘Sex things?’

‘Yes. Borte will show you new sex things.’

Borte now stepped forward, took Nevenka in her arms and began to kiss her, gently.

Nevenka tensed a moment, arms at her sides, but then began to answer to the kiss and embraced Borte. They both intensified the contact, mashing their mouths together and thrusting tongues. Soon, Borte’s hands began to rove over Nevenka’s body, stroking and squeezing, palpating her bottom.

Tentatively at first, Nevenka reciprocated, and eventually, by mutual consent, they drew apart, and Borte spoke for the first time. ‘Undressing this pretty woman, Norma. I want to see her.’

It was thus established that I was to be the servitor, facilitating the approaching intercourse, in whatever forms it would manifest itself. I would be the magician’s assistant, performing the tasks which enabled the spells to be cast. So, I turned Nevenka towards me, undid the blouse-buttons, drew off the garment and stepped back to afford Borte the full view. That Nevenka was expecting to be unclad was confirmed by the fact she was wearing an obviously new, tight, lacy bra, which showed off her medium-sized but clearly firm breasts. Borte certainly liked what she saw, for she uttered an encouraging noise, ‘Hhhyaaar!’ And I moved behind Nevenka to unclasp the garment, which needed a little gentle pulling, the tits being so closely held in the cups.

I looked over their owner’s shoulders to admire the breastwork and Borte and I both made appreciative murmurs. Though not large the bosoms were full, standing out from the chest, as if already plumped by orgasm. The nipples were pointed, almost devoid of areola, and Borte leaned down to draw one of them into her mouth. In response Nevenka did something charming. She hefted her breasts to offer them. And this was a woman who until a few hours ago had had, she had told me, no sexual experience.

I reflected as I oversaw this delightful sight, the near-virgin proffering her nipples, that sometimes sexual initiation triggers a total transformation, almost like religious conversion. Nevenka now believed in her right to sexual fulfilment, and with it the desire to give pleasure to partners, for she was enjoying Borte’s relish as well as her own arousal.

As Borte nuzzled and suckled she gestured to me a downward hand movement. It was time to remove the skirt. Its waistband was held with hooks and eyes, and when those were undone, a side-zip released the garment and it fell round her ankles. I quickly had it free, and there she stood, Borte still absorbing into her mouth as much as she could of Nevenka’s left mamelon. No baggy old drawers this time. The plain blue, waist-high cotton panties were as tight as the bra had been.

Without releasing the breast, Borte ran her hands down Nevenka’s body, savouring her bottom through the knickers and then placing a palm on the pubis. Thus she felt, as I could see, that the gusset was already damp. Not surprising, considering the sensations occurring in the bosom department.

Another hand signal indicated that I was to manoeuvre the pair towards the bed, which was not difficult, since both were ready to go there and needed only the pressure of a hand on shoulder, bum or thigh to derive the necessary movement. Borte, still, after all, fully dressed, clearly wanted Nevenka on her back, and we soon had her so disposed, with Borte kneeling beside the bed to maintain the limpet-like suction.

But now progress was required, and Borte detached herself and stood back. It was de-knickering time, my next duty. I stepped forward, inserted my fingers, with difficulty, into the tight waist and began to drag them down.

Not only were they skin-tight but, naturally, as they moved downwards, in small increments, they became tighter as the bottom inside swelled out. How had she ever got them on? Like the bra, these were new, and they could have been a size or two larger. However, she seemed to be used to loose ones and was not used to choosing isveçbahis giriş less capacious ones.

She had lifted the said bottom to help and was keen to proceed, but it was not till I got my thumbs under the elastic and forced hard towards the pussy that progress was achieved. Borte was watching closely as more stomach and then fernery came into view, and, when the whole crotch was revealed, Borte let out something like a whistle of surprise and appreciation. There, glistening with lubricant was that stupendous clitoris. Nevenka was now shaking with arousal, eyes closed and hips making little upward thrusts.

Borte threw herself back on her knees, leaned over and clamped her lips round that spectacular clytor. She sucked it into her mouth, her cheeks working as she lapped her tongue across and round the glans. And Nevenka came almost at once. With a shuddering gasp she raised her lower body, proffering her vulva as freely as she had her breasts. Borte held the pricklet in her lips and laid her cheek on a thigh, relishing the climax. Then she stood, and it was time for the next phase.

We waited for Nevenka to recover and focus on Borte. Then I quickly stripped her to her all-enclosing silken knickers. Nevenka registered appreciation of the large breasts and awaited the final revelation. I wondered if she had guessed that she would not be seeing a vulva, with large, medium or small klitoris. I wasn’t quite sure myself about the possible disposition of that intriguing organ.

I lowered the panties. The cock was not folded back into the anus. It hung free, half erect and plainly ready to harden for action at a moment’s notice. For a moment Nevenka did not register what she was seeing. Then she gasped, moved backwards and said in confusion, ‘That is man petel. It is not of woman.’

Moving alongside Borte and putting my arm round her I said, ‘It is of a transwoman, Nevenka. Borte was born a boy, yes, but inside she felt she was a woman. Now she is a woman with a petel. She can go inside women, and men and transwomen. She can come many times.’

‘She has been inside you?’

‘Oh, yes, and in two other women who have left now.’

‘But they were lezzybans.’

‘Yes, but they were lesbians with Borte, too. We were all lesbians together.’

‘I know about. Her petel does like man one? She looked away a moment, looked back, blushed, and said, ‘I have never seen.’

‘You want to see.’

She nodded. Borte laughed. It was time for me to strip. Then I stood beside Borte, hip to hip, left hand on her bottom, right hand loosely holding the tool, stiffer now. I said, ‘She will come on you, Nevenka. You will see and feel her. You want that?’

Another nod and I took firmer hold, gathering the loose skin behind the glans and starting the back and forth, fingers beneath and thumb above. I felt the juice ooze from my minge and run down my thigh. Nevenka saw it and clearly found it exciting, because her hand went to her clitoris and began to caress it.

Borte put her right hand on my bottom and stroked as I stroked hers, pressing it forward gently in rhythm with the back stroke of my hand on her cock. Since I first saw a penis ejaculate I have found watching it happen highly arousing, especially if I am bringing it about. I love making women overflow, too.

Best of all I love to toss off a transwoman. The feel of her cock in my hand is so exciting it often takes only a touch on nipple or clit to spark me off, and frequently the sperm-spurt tips me over without need for other stimulus. The slimness and rigidity of Borte’s tool were fascinating. I couldn’t get enough of the sight and feel of it, and the anticipation of her spasms was breath-taking. I longed for her to jet out her essence, but at the same time wanted to delay it indefinitely, so that I could continue to relish the sensation of that delightful rod between my digits and her increasing progress towards ecstatic release.

Borte said, ‘Open legs. I want to see cunty.’ Nevenka obliged and Borte and I thrilled at the view of that neat vulva, leaking liquid below the outthrust clitoris.

‘She’s ready to come,’ I told Nevenka. ‘Can you see, her petel has gone harder? Can you come, too?’

‘Yes. It is ready,’ she said, ‘She will make the sperm?’

‘Watch her,’ I said. ‘See my fingers, just below the shield, the sensitive place. When the petel is ready, it likes it slower and, quite slowly, like this.’

Borte’s hips were rocking to and fro, so that I had only to hold her cock as it slid back and forth between my fingers. ‘She’s coming now,’ I said, feeling that tell-tale ultimate swelling of the shaft as the semen surges through.

Borte let out a throaty grunt and out shot the first dollop; of thick cum, splattering onto Nevenka’s lower stomach and oozing into the fringe. And that brought on Nevenka’s orgasm, almost as if it were unexpected, for she uttered a chirrup of delighted surprise. Borte’s next spurt landed across Nevenka’s hand and vulva, and the three or four spurts following spread up her body, for one of the agreeable characteristics isveçbahis yeni giriş of ejaculation is that its composition, trajectory and delivery are unpredictable. The spunk flies where it will, and Nevenka was clearly amazed and excited to see this happen.

Meanwhile I, too, was hovering on the verge, but needed an extra contact to orgasm. Borte sensed this and she bent her knees and leaned down so that she could slide the hand that had been caressing my cheeks down under my bottom, through my legs to bring her fingers onto my teetering clitoris. A surge of sensation so intense I almost fainted spread at speed through my pelvis and on into my whole organism.

In the last throes of feeling Borte and I got onto the bed with Nevenka and the three of us lay packed together, kissing and caressing. This was all new to Nevenka, but she had no problem in participating. Plainly she felt that we were doing, what we had done, was right and proper. The taboos were overcome, though she might yet be wary of Borte’s unsuspected equipment, which now rested, somewhat less rigid, on Nevenka’s thigh.

After a while, Borte said to her, ‘I will make sperm inside you your first time.’

‘But I have never done like that,’ Nevenka said, a little alarmed. ‘It can hurt me.’

‘No,’ I said, ‘You are clear in your picka. My fingers tell me so. And Borte’s petel is slim to slip in easily.’

‘How will she do it?’ Nevenka asked.

‘We’ll show you,’ I said, parting my legs. Borte got off the bed and got back on between my spread knees. She moved to point her again rod-like penis at my vulva. Nevenka leaned up on an elbow to watch, as Borte moved forward and rested her tip at my vestibule. ‘This is one way, ‘I said, as the glans slid between my labia and began to disappear.

‘It is so good, so good inside cunt,’ Borte said. ‘It is why I did not get it taken. I am trans who want fuck with cock all time.’

‘Does it do cumming inside woman, like before?’

‘Yes, it does. Maybe you feel it cum.’

‘Does it make woman cum, too?’ Nevenka asked.

‘Sometimes,’ I told her, ‘But you may need touching on you clitoris, too.’

Borte pushed on into me, until I felt her tip lodge alongside my cervix. ‘She is long,’ I said, ‘She may not be able to get it all the way in this position. It is better for that like dogs.’

‘Show me like dogs,’ Nevenka said, and, naturally, we obliged. Borte withdrew, I knelt up and she re-entered me to sink her whole length, watched by the fascinated Nevenka.

Borte said to Nevenka, ‘I save my cum for you. Maybe for Norma later.’ She pulled out and I got off the bed, so that Borte could readily position the half-frightened, half-eager Nevenka, legs apart on her back. ‘Like this you can see me going in,’ Borte said.

She moved to seek the entrance, drawing the curtains of the labia. Nevenka shrank back a little, but then watched as the penis slowly vanished. She said, ‘I can feel. It is like tampon, but hard, and long. It can go no more in.’

‘It doesn’t hurt, does it?’ I asked.

‘No. Will it make sperm now?’

‘Well, let’s see if you can cum, too.’ I gathered slime from my vagina, took that splendid clitoris between finger and thumb and began to toss it gently. Borte began to move in and out, clearly unable to hold back much longer. As I had hoped the sight and feel of the cock within and the ready response of that receptive clit began to take effect.

‘It is good feeling,’ Nevenka said.

I bent to take a nipple between my lips and she gave a little start of pleasure. She was becoming steadily more aroused. ‘This is proper fuck now, like men do with women?’

‘Yes,’ I said, releasing the nipple, ‘And transwomen with women, too, just like this.’

She said, smiling, ‘Now I am not devica.’

‘That’s right,’ I said, ‘You’re not a virgin anymore.’

‘But she have not done sperm in me.’

‘That will certainly make sure of it,’ I said. ‘And if you watch her and feel her petel you will know when she’s going to cum.’

As I resumed teasing her nipple she slid the hand on her other side down her stomach and past the hand with which I was masturbating her clit to feel for the base of Borte’s cock. She was keen to detect any evidence that ejaculation was imminent and had understood that the extra penile swelling at the point of orgasm was indicative

‘There’s another way of knowing, Nevenka,’ I said, having lifted my mouth away. ‘Study her face, look into her eyes. They will tell you.’

The two locked gaze, and, as I knew would happen, Borte’s expression was one of great tenderness, smiling down at Nevenka in peace and happiness. I watched Nevenka’s face answer to this in a similar expression.

They were bound together, so to speak, by a shared concern for each other’s fulfilment and pleasure. Through that shared eye-contact they were looking deeply into each other’s bodies and souls. They were truly seeing each other. And that enabled them to come together, in all senses. Borte released her essence deep with Nevenka’s being and Nevenka received it with reverence and total satisfaction. Borte sensed Nevenka’s orgasm through her penis and rejoiced. Their secretions and spirits blended, harmonised and united them in a bliss which was beyond their separate ecstasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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