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Big Dicks

Chapter 9

The next morning, when we all meet in the kitchen, it is to see that we are all still in our gloriously thick, and now very soggy baby diapers. All five baby boys look utterly delicious standing there like they are, and I truly wish I could relieve each boy of his super soggy baby diaper, and suck each one dry in turn. I cannot though, I know myself well enough to know that that would not be enough, and though I know that all five of them would be more than happy with that, it just does not feel right for how I feel about Devlin.

As soon as we finished breakfast, we all head to our bedrooms to get drained, cleaned, diapered, and dressed, and just over half an hour later, we all meet up, now ready to face the day. Our first chore is cleaning, as usual, and now with so many of us, we get everything done in record time. Aidan and Kent took the woman”s washroom, Taran and Jamie took the men”s, and Devlin and I started on one of the tracks. As soon as the washrooms were finished, the boys split up, one couple to the arcade, the other to the trick arena. Devlin and I then moved to the other track, and shortly before finishing it, the others joined us and helped for the last few minutes.

With all that now being done, we go and start unloading the trailer of all the boys” things, not that there is lots of stuff, but still enough that it took half an hour for us to get it all out and put away. Granted, we did get everything put into its final homes as well.

Devlin decided to come with me to take the trailer back, so we went for the drive to take it back and pay for it. As we drove, we of course talked.

“So, the hall”s gonna be finished in just a couple more weeks, right, we should have a grand opening celebration and competition, make it a week long event. If we were to schedule it for in three weeks, that should be more than enough time to ensure everything”s done, give us the time to really advertise and push it, and of course to purchase everything that”ll be needed.” Devlin said.

“Yeah, I”ve been thinking the same thing. We really should, that”s for sure. At least we needta try and start bringing in some money to pay it all off. Mind you, I haven”t gone into debt to do it, I still have plenty of money, but still a far cry less than I wanted. It cost more to do that hall than I”d hoped it would, but it”s gonna be pretty awesome as well, then everything else on top of it too. We still have roughly a metric fuck tonne of stuff to buy to pull all this off too though.”

“Like what, other than food?”

“Tables and chairs start off the list at probably the single largest amount, but I also want lots of picnic tables for outside as well. We still haven”t even thought of the staging areas and competitor bays, which might be a good hit to the wallet, depending upon what we decide on. Hell, we even need probably a hundred garbage cans. Let”s see, what else is there, oh yeah, we need a podium. Not to mention all the assorted little stuff, and that I wanted to order a shit load more park merchandise.”

“Ah, yes, did forget about all that. Well, tables, chairs, garbage cans, and a shit load of other stuff we should be able to get at Costco, the last time we were there, they had lots and they were pretty good deals. As for the bays, why not just use a bunch of those quarter size shipping containers, like the first place I competed at, they worked perfectly, and they”re good and secure. As for the podium, not a clue, and we should have a judging station as well, which means we”re gonna need cameras and monitors and a shit load of other things like that.”

“Fuck, forgot about that.” I had to laugh.

“Yeah. The problem is, we have six different competition areas, it already cost a shit load of extra money for all the extra bleachers we hadta get because of that, since they can”t easily be moved. We don”t really wanna make six different judging areas, and get six different sets of cameras and all that gear, that”d cost stupid amounts of money, real fast, so, what if we got a trailer and converted it to do it all for us. If the cameras were mounted on top of it, and could be moved remotely, and everything inside is mounted so that as we move it to the next area, nothing can get broken, that could work. We”ll only be doing one competition at a time anyway, even if others wanna use the other tracks for practicing and whatnot, so it doesn”t make sense to have six different, when we can have one universal.” Devlin shrugged.

“Okay, glad I”ve got you, I totally never thought of that.” I had to laugh.

“It makes sense, really.”

“We”ll haveta call around and see who has the containers, and how many we can get, and for what prices. The trailer, though, as brilliant as that is, I have no idea if we can do that. It might be the only, and probably fastest and cheapest option though. Hell, we could even just kinda make our own outta another shipping container even. It can”t be too hard to put wheels underneath it for moving it short distances, and we can easily put windows and whatnot in them. At least there”s lotsa room for it all, and to easily maneuver whatever we get. We”ll haveta look into that right away. Actually, call the others right now and tell them we”re gonna be a few hours, we”re already out, we may as well go to Costco and order what we want, and then go to the same place I bought the other shipping containers from.”

“Okay.” Devlin called the others right away and told them what is happening, and what all we are doing. He was still on the phone, explaining everything, in fact, when I got back in after dropping off the trailer, and still talking by the time we were half way to the store.

We headed into the store, found the tables and chairs that we want, as well as a whole bunch of proper garbage and recycling cans. Of course we are not taking it, so we headed to customer service to arrange to pay for it all and have it delivered. We asked to have it delivered in two weeks, since by then we should have somewhere to put it all.

As soon as we left, we headed to the place I bought the other shipping containers from, they always have dozens, or sometimes hundreds of them that are decommissioned from the shipping industry, because eventually they can no longer be used for that. They are not perfect, they are not pretty, but they really are perfect for what we need. I asked the question, I want sixty of them, in the three by four to five meter range, preferably all the same, but that is not important, and of course with delivery, and because I want so many, I am asking for a very good deal.

They only have fifty five right now, but are expecting more inside of a month, just not sure when. I told him that I will take all that he has, plus the others when they arrive, if he gives me a smokin” good deal, so, he did. Still, it hurt, but I paid for it all, and arranged to have them start coming as soon as he has time.

I even asked about a five to ten meter one that I could easily put wheels on, that it will only be moved with a tractor, and only inside my park, and he grinned and took us outside and asked if that would work, and pointed at an eight meter long container, and a custom made dolly for it. I grinned and said yes, yes it would, and so, we haggled over price, because he had had it made for someone else, who never paid for it, it was a bit more than I had hoped to spend, but I have to do almost no work to it. It is even an insulated can, and already has two thirds of one wall cut out for a large window, and a door cutout in the other side. He had said that it was going to be used as a concession stand, but clearly that never happened.

I asked to have that one sent first, since we will need to start working on it right away, he agreed, so I paid for that too. We now need some supplies, so, we head to a store for all that we are going to need to do the construction. We still have some supplies, but we will need more. We found all that we needed, and then headed home.

“You know Baby, in order to pull all this off in three weeks or less, we”re gonna need some sorta miracle, and I don”t believe in either miracles or any sort of godly bodies that could provide such a thing. It”s gonna be one helluva feat in order to pull off to be sure though.”

“I know, and you know that us boys will all happily help, and you remember both Taran and Jamie”s dads are currently looking for more work as well, they each have a part time job, but it”s not enough.”

“Yeah, but as it is, already paying all you boys is getting expensive, I can”t really afford to pay more too.”

“True, until we start bringing in money, I imagine that it”s gonna hurt a bit.”

“Yeah, but, in a way, hiring them might be the best choice, not only are they like us, so that”s perfect, but we”re gonna need lotsa help, especially in the kitchen. I know Tibs is good in a kitchen, so he”d be perfect. Maybe we should ask the boys their opinion on it.”


As soon as we got home, we asked Taran and Jamie what they thought their dads would think about it, so, they said that they would ask them when they got home, which they really should be heading toward anyway. So, they headed out, leaving just us four, and so, we had a good evening in, sitting around the table, trying to figure out a game plan.

The next morning, I asked our contractor how much more time he feels he needs, telling him what our plans are. He said that two weeks is perfect, and then the following week for any touch ups and last minute things if there are any, which he hopes there is not. I asked how the budget is, and he said under, oh thank soggy diapers. It is looking spectacular though, so that is good.

Taran and Jamie also had good news. Taran started.

“So, our dads were already thinking of moving in together to help save money, but because they also wanna settle down, they”re getting pretty serious. My dad likes the idea of working for you, and maybe only having one other part time job, but I was wondering how you”d feel if they moved in here as well, that way we could all be together. You have more than enough bedrooms, they could pay you room and board, you pay them for what they work, when they work, because it”s not always that they”d be needed, which would trabzon escort help the both of them considerably.”

Before I could say anything, Jamie gave his part.

“My dad also likes the idea of working for you, and I too love the idea of maybe having us all live here together. Us boys all already work for you, and Taran and I practically live here half the time anyway, so together we could all make this work, and it might not even cost all that much in order to do it.” He said, really trying to sell it.

“I”d almost be inclined to make the offer, because you”re right, we”re all alike, it”d help them and me, and you boys too, and on event weekends, we”re gonna need a lotta help. If they”re home today, have them come over at some time and we can talk it over. You both said a couple weeks ago that they”re both pretty much in diapers full time now too, right?”

“Oh yeah.” They both said, “And they”re fucking hot like that too.” Jamie added.


“My dad”s not working today, so I”ll call him and ask him to come over.” Jamie said.

“Same.” Taran added.

They made the calls, one after the other, and both dads agreed to come over and talk it all over.

Within half an hour, the two men were here, so, we all laid it all out on the line, introducing all those that did not know each other, of course they could tell instantly that Devlin and I are baby boyfriends, but are absolutely okay with that. They both agreed that coming to live here would be amazing, and so, we worked out a deal, and we are all very satisfied. It will cost both of them less than half what they are paying now, and they will have at least one good steady source of income, and can work other part time gigs as well. By the time all was said and done, they were here for only a couple hours, and now they are gone again to go tell their landlords and arrange everything. They are both in furnished apartments, so they really have very little to move.

Shortly after they left, the first load of our shipping containers arrived on four trucks. The one will be our judges booth, and its dolly is already on there as well. The trucks each have a crane on them, so they are just offloading them where they can, since we can move them the rest of the way with my tractor anyway. Before we even got half of them moved, the next load arrived, and we never did catch up, and our parking lot pretty much got filled by the end of the day. It seems he wanted them out of the way right away, because by the end of the day, they are all here.

The following morning, we finished putting the containers into their final homes after doing our morning cleaning chores, and then we put the container that will be the judges booth into the shop, since we have everything in there that we will need to finish building it. I had already put it onto its dolly, so now it is super easy to move around with the tractor. What is funny, though, is that with nothing else in it, I can actually wheel it around pretty easily just by myself. Once fully loaded, I might need one of the boys help to do it, so we could even do it by hand if we wanted. We will just use the tractor.

It took us only three days to build the judges quarters, even including putting in an air conditioner and heater unit, just in case, as well all the electrical. I ordered all the video equipment that we will need, damn near forgetting that I needed some sort of display board and PA system until the boys and I were looking over everything. Fuck, that cost a massive amount, but it is going to be pretty impressive. We also had to run power to all the areas where the trailer will be parked, so that we can plug in, and holy shit, that was expensive as well. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. When I checked my bank account after doing all that, I was staggered to see how low it is, I really cannot afford to keep spending money at the rate I have been, I really have not very much left. Fuck, I hope Devlin is right, and that we will probably earn every penny of it back within just a year or two. Oh well, it is only money, and I do do pretty well for myself. I owe nothing other than property taxes and utilities anyway, so all my earnings go into savings.

We are now down to just one week left for the hall to be finished, and to tell the truth, I doubt he needs even that much time. All the plans for the grand opening celebration and competition are going well, and we are down to two weeks for that. I have thirty three pedal bikes, and forty motor bike racers scheduled. This, of course, means that I actually do not have enough space for them all, so I went and talked to the shipping container guy, and asked when the last five were coming, and if by chance he has more, like another fifteen. He laughed, and said they are scheduled to arrive in a few days, and that he would get them to us as soon as is possible. I paid for them and headed home.

As every person registered, I told them that there is RV parking available, and what numbers to call to arrange it should they desire, and from what my neighbors have happily told me, pretty near every last one of them are, so they are all happy. They can all fit somewhere between ten and twenty RV”s at a time, and even if they only charge twenty bucks a night, for the six nights of this festival, that”s more than a grand that each of them stands to make, that is a lot of money in this area. It is good for them, and I am equally happy for them. Of course, all my entrance fees have started coming in, so that is helping a massive amount. Granted, a lot of that is being earmarked for prize money, as well we need shit loads of food and drink, which I have already started ordering.

One day ahead of schedule, our new hall is completed, and it looks freaking spectacular. The exterior had been done for a couple weeks already, so every artist got to add their personal touch to it, and it already looks great, but will get filled in a huge amount as time goes by. I paid the final balance owed, thanked the contractor for a job spectacularly well done, and now, we need to start getting everything set up.

All the deliveries have been made, the walk in cooler and freezer have already started being filled, since they were ready to go almost a week ago anyway, so, now we have to put everything else away. All the tables, chairs, and various kitchen accessories are put away, and now it looks like a hall. The attached washrooms, that can be accessed from both inside and out, are nice and large and easy to navigate. This will be nicer than trying to have everyone use the main buildings washroom facilities, because they were never designed to accommodate that many people, but now with both, we should never have a problem.

The final week before the grand opening celebrations were to start was a madhouse of activity, I don”t think any one of us actually got any actual rest, though we are, as always, keeping very well drained and diapered at all times, but still, we are working our soggy diapered asses off. Poor Devlin and Aidan have hardly had a chance to even practice, and honestly, since moving is with us, I have not even coached Aidan even so much as once. I mean, it is not like he needs it any, he is already really good, just not as good as Devlin in the tricks, but way better in the speed races.

“Well Boys, this is it. Tomorrow we find out if all our planning worked out. You ready?”

“Yes.” They all said.

“Everyone remembers their jobs, right?”



The two dads are kitchen duty at pretty much all times, Devlin and I are on registration and making sure everything is running properly, Taran and Jamie are working the concession stand with their dads, doing all the food and merchandise sales, as well as cleaning, and Kent is floating around, helping where and when necessary, as well as sort of playing security, just mostly keeping his eyes peeled for anything that is not supposed to happen.

The judges arrived first, at just after eight the morning it all starts. I know them all, we shook hands, and they congratulated me on making all this, and then more so after I showed them all around, especially their judges booth, which is probably one of the nicer ones that they have ever had they claimed. I told them I just wanted to do it right, but that it had cost a lot more money than I cared to admit to do.

The competitors all started arriving at just after eleven, and I would say fully three quarters of all of them had arrived in RV”s, and are now parked in the lots around us where they were allowed and had arranged. The rest seem to just be staying in local hotels. By two o”clock, the entire place was packed. As Devlin and I did the registration for everyone, we made each and every person of their party read, understand, and sign not only the release waivers, but the park rules, so that they know and understand what we expect of them all. Everyone had been warned flat out that any and all drug or alcohol usage on my property, regardless of who they are or what they are using, will be dealt with promptly and as harshly as I am able to.

When everything was arranged, all had been told that we have a full on site restaurant, so all that care to do so may eat here, instead of having to travel elsewhere, and everyone appreciated that. We have a really good menu, breakfast, lunch, or dinner all day, every day. I know that most who brought RV”s will have brought food as well, but I am hoping that they eat at the restaurant as well.

So many people know me, or have heard of me, which of course meant that I was kept talking almost the entire time. Only Devlin could tell how much it frustrated me, but then, he is also already getting a little of that himself, and I know how much he likes it as well.

It was just after three when we finished all the registration, so finally Devlin and I get to go and do something else. We both need soggy baby bum changes, so, we head inside to go and do that first. We are also hungry, so we head down to the restaurant to get some food.

“So, how”s it going here?” I asked once it was our turn.

Both dads are in the back cooking away happily, Taran is on till and helping customers, while Jamie is working on filling the orders.

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“Really fucking busy already. It seems no one ate before coming here, I think we”ve had just about every person here already through. At least all the food”s now paid off, or at least pretty damn close if it isn”t already, the rest is profit now I think. We”ve also sold shit loads of merchandise already. In fact, if possible, you might wanna try and get another shipment of sunglasses as soon as possible, because we”re gonna run out in only another day or two.”

“But I bought a hundred pairs!”

“I know, and seventy five are already sold. We”ve even sold fifteen of your souvenir videos showing all your most popular jumps, not to mention everything else. Easily half of it”s gone already.”

“No shit.”

“Yes Shit.” He grinned brightly.

“Oh, okay, wow.”

“So, what can we burn up for you, Mr. Customer Sir.”

“I don”t know, what”s good in this two bit joint?” I laughed.


“Good to hear.”

Devlin and I decided on what we wanted, and they got it all prepared for us, and before too long, we are eating. The men are doing excellent, because the food was amazing. They are actually going to be shutting down soon to concentrate on getting everything ready for the night”s grand opening celebrations, where, unfortunately, I have to get up front and talk.

After Devlin and I had our fill, we headed out to walk around and ensure that everything is going smoothly and that everyone is behaving themselves. Not only do we have all the competitors, and in many cases some or all of their families, but we also have many of our regulars here to enjoy everything. I know that they are probably just here for the food, but they deserve it, and I hope that they enjoy it as well.

Everyone, though, is out enjoying all the tracks and training areas, even the skateboard park and the arcade are full of people, everyone is enjoying themselves, so that is good. Devlin and I were stopped and congratulated so many times that I could not possibly count it, everyone, both locals and competitors alike, love the place, and say that it is amazing. It bloody well better be for how much blasted money I spent on it.

Finally it is six in the evening, and the start of our grand opening. Everyone was to gather in the hall. All the tables and chairs were already put away, so that it is a standing event, honestly, there was no way this many people could have sat anyway. Unfortunately I had to kick off the celebrations, so, I headed up to the front, grabbed the microphone, and got everyone”s attention. As soon as everyone was silent, and looking at me, I started.

“Thanks all for coming to the grand opening of my brand new competition park. As many of you may already know, I am Ryder, and for many years I was a competitor just like so many of you here are. I loved doing that so much, it was my true life”s passion, but, one stupid little mistake, that even still we were never able to pinpoint, and I was wrecked, damn near killed in fact. So, I created this place to share my life”s passions with those that also enjoy doing so. For years I only ran this park as just a place for the locals to come and play and enjoy, I”ve added on and changed plenty over the years, but, recently I have taken on as protege and son, a young rider that exceeds even what I was capable of doing. He loves competing, though he has only entered two now, but, well, we have a rather busy place here to run, so, going away for all the competitions was going to prove difficult, and so, it was his idea to do all this, and share it even more. Many of you already know of Devlin, you have already seen him perform, and so, I dedicate this grand opening celebrations to him.”

A very large cheer went up for Devlin, and so it should.

“Thank you all for that, though he was too embarrassed to come up here tonight to share the spotlight a little with me, some day soon, he too will have to learn how to do this, though, truly, I despise with every fibre of my being, standing up here, doing this.”

The crowd laughed.

“Yeah, I know. Anyway, we are having a week long celebration, there are plenty of competitions going on all week long, as well all sorts of fun to be had for all. Tonight is all about you, so, please, enjoy to your fullest, all the food we can possibly stuff into you.”

And with that, the food started coming out and the music was started. Devlin and I even went and grabbed a tray each, and started wandering around, offering everyone something. Well, I think it was a hit, because nearly every scrap of the almost thousand dollars worth of food that I bought for just this one night alone, was pretty near gone. We finally had to call it at nearly ten, when almost half the kids were starting to fall asleep where they stand. Given our sport, it is not generally thought of as an older persons sport, so a good portion of our competitors are in their teens, and I know that they had all been going nearly non stop all day already.

Pretty near every one of my regulars that had come tonight thanked me profusely for allowing them to come and enjoy, and I of course thanked them for coming. Pretty much as soon as everyone was kicked out for the night, we started the arduous task of getting everything cleaned. Thankfully it was not that bad, but, still, a few hundred people make a decent mess, but at least we do not have a few dozen tables to clean as well. When we finally stumbled into the house, we all headed to our bedrooms, where I have zero doubts that we all did pretty much the same thing, because all Devlin and I did was strip each other down to our nearly leaking triple thick diapers, clean each other up, diaper each other just as thick, and then crawl into bed and pass the fuck out. I do not even remember saying either goodnight or I love you, nor do I remember turning off the light, but it is off, so I must have.

Taran, Jamie, and their dads were in the kitchen getting everything prepared for breakfast shortly before six, figuring that it would start getting pretty busy by about seven or so, while Devlin, Aidan, Kent, and I, went and took care of cleaning and preparing everything for the days events. We are doing one pedal and one motor bike event per day, so we take care of moving the judges booth into position for the first event of the day, which starts at nine. As soon as we were done, we went and got ourselves some breakfast, and boy was there already a lineup, but already lots more that have their food.

“We haveta get more food on order.” Is all that Taran said to me when we made it to the front of the line.

“Do you have a list already?” I laughed.

“Yeah. Jamie will give it to you when he gets you your food, so, what can I get you?”

Devlin and I placed our orders, and then before too long, we have our food, as well our grocery list, and go and sit down.

“Holy fuck, they need more bacon, I bought a hundred kilograms of the fucking stuff.” I nearly choked on the food I was trying to chew.

“What”d you expect, we have a bloody breakfast called death by bacon, and you saw how many people had that yesterday and already this morning.” Devlin giggled, as he is digging into his own death by bacon.

“True. But, a hundred kilograms is a lot, and in only one full day. Eggs too, by the looks of it, but I figured I”d haveta restock those at least a few times throughout the week. Yep, cheese too. Again, a hundred kilograms is almost gone.”

“Again, death by cheese, four slices of grilled bread, with eight slices of cheese, and then bloody cheese sauce. It was really fucking good though.” He giggled again, because that was what he had had for lunch the day before.

“Yeah, I knew I”d haveta restock everything at least once this week, just never figured on the first actual day.”

“Oh well. You heard how much money they made yesterday, more than enough to cover all the food for the entire week by the sounds of it.”

“True. Damn near everything hasta be replaced though. I actually didn”t figure everyone would eat solely here. I mean, that”s great and all, but almost too much all at once like that.”

“Meh, whatever, the four of them seem to be handling it just fine, and are enjoying themselves. They”re gonna be some tired by the end of the week though.”

“Yeah, no shit.”

I have my computer with me, so, I pulled up the website for the company we do our food ordering through, well, this is only the second time, but, hey, whatever I guess. I went through the list to make certain that I got everything, and I sure hope that I do, but it is another real expensive one, but that is okay too. They will have it to us some time this afternoon, hopefully soon enough, but, whatever if it doesn”t arrive on time. We still have lots.

I started noticing that there are a lot more people here than there really should be. I figured that we would get a few spectators, but, nowhere near as many as we seem to have. At the two entrances to the park, I have a secured box for people to put their entrance fees, I am doing it on an honour system, so hopefully most people are paying. It sure looks like the grandstands are going to be filled though, and there may be some people standing as well. Oh well, not a big deal.

Finally it is nine, and the official start of the competition. I once more go and welcome everyone. This morning is the motor bike speed races, and they get started with a roar. Everyone was cheering, the bikes were screaming, and it was a really good race. There was one pretty wicked wipe out, so the race was paused, but the rider got up and waved to the crowd, he or she seemed to be okay, so got back on, started up again, and they were off once more. It was a really good race, but it is only the first heat.

This event will take four hours to complete, and find the overall winner, and it was a good time the whole time. While the races were happening, Devlin and I walked around and ensured that everyone was behaving, we checked up on everything, including the judges to make sure they are okay, as well we checked in on the guys in the kitchen. They are just enjoying a little tunceli escort downtime, since they can right now. There are a few people coming every so often, but not lots, and mostly just for drinks or snacks.

Thankfully the food delivery came before the dinner rush, and while the pedal bike event was taking place, so the guys were easily able to get it all received and put away with ease. This of course means Devlin is now competing, and as surmised, he of course is losing every one of these, but did better than even I expected. No, the next couple days as we do the two full days of freestyle racing, that will be his time to shine, and then of course, the final two days are jumping, motor first, then pedal on the last day, where he will undoubtedly crush his competition.

I had to order more food again on the fourth day of competition, and thankfully all the merchandise that I ordered arrived as well, just in time, because we had run out of a lot of it, sunglasses and water bottles were the first to be gone, but the thermal mugs I had only one left by the time the order arrived. Everyone was having a great time. There were a few injuries, to be expected of course, but nothing major or life threatening, thankfully, and of course a lot of bumps, bruises, and scrapes, and I lost count at forty three bloody noses. Funny, though, almost half of them were spectators.

Everything is going pretty near as flawlessly as I could hope for, everyone is having a great time, and each day when I go and empty the entrance fee boxes, there sure seems to be enough to cover all the people that are entering. I mean, I am only suggesting five dollars per person, or fifteen for a family, but it seems there is enough, so that is good. Even the arcade is doing great. I have had to empty all the machines every night, and restock the change machine. I figure the one day the arcade made a little better than a thousand dollars, that is huge, I never expected that.

Finally it is Sunday, the final day, and the final event just completed. Now to the awards ceremonies. Of course Devlin won both the events that he was expected to win, and did not win anything on the one that he was not expected to win on. Because it is my park, I get to be up there with the judges, as I get to hand out the money. I had already written all the cheques, so this is easy. All I had had to do was fill in the names. Pretty much as soon as the final awards were handed out, all the spectators started filing out. Those who do not need to stay for any reason are heading home, while the rest are family to competitors, so they need to go and pack up all their gear now.

Finally, the boys and I are sort of alone.

“So, how much do I owe you, anyway?” Aidan asked of his winnings.

“Nothing. Call the remainder your payment for all the work you did this week. Same for you Devlin, though by the time I calculate it all, I might still owe the both of you more, but I”ll figure that all out.”

“Oh. Okay.” He said.

Devlin just shrugged his shoulders.

Now we have the behemoth chore of attempting to clean everything. There is garbage everywhere, the tracks all need attention, the hall and kitchen, and all four bathrooms are going to need one hell of a scrubbing, and probably at least a bajillion more things. I had put a sign up for all the regulars that I am closing the park after the festivities, so to clean everything, so that it will be ready for them in the morning, and while lots had been here throughout the day, they too all left once it was over, so that is good. The dads and sons are still in the kitchen, they got started on the cleanup right away, so, the rest of us started on the bathrooms. Funny how women think they are the cleaner sex, yet, their bathrooms are by far the most disgusting. Just one of their washrooms was easily twice as bad as both men”s washrooms together. Oh well, that is what a hose is for, and a really large bottle of bleach. I have encountered worse, though a couple of the boys nearly lost their lunch I think.

It took a little better than four hours to clean everything to my standards, and get everything all sorted out. By then, we are all getting close to being seriously wiped. We had changed our diapers and went quadruple thick again, so that we could last, and when it was time for bed, we fell into our beds with our boyfriends, and passed out once again.

The following morning, after eating, we split up all the cash, and started counting it, to try and get some sort of idea as to how much money that we had made. I already have all the totals from my bank for all the electronic transactions, but we have what feels like fifty to sixty kilograms of actual cash, and that is not all the coin, that is just the bills. I took everyone”s totals, added it all up, and laughed.

“What?” Devlin asked first.

“With the entrance fees, we took in nearly three hundred thousand. We paid out a staggering eighty thousand, never before have I spent that much money in a week, well, I guess to build all this I did, but that”s beside the point. Now I just haveta figure out all your wages and whatnot, but that”ll only be a couple hundred, maybe, total.” I said, perfectly straight faced.

“You wish.” Devlin giggled.

“Nah, you guys all helped make this happen, there”s no way I coulda done it without you.”

“You”re welcome.” They all said.

“Actually, I forgot to calculate the amount the the judges were paid, but that was only a few thousand.”

I started running all the numbers for everything, figured out what all I owed the guys, entered it all into my books, and asked them if they wanted cash or cheque. They all took cash. Even the dads were shocked at how much they earned. Of course they gave me this months rent back, but still, they made out very well.

I of course now need to go to the bank to deposit everything, and then arrange everything properly in my accounts, as well we need lots more supplies. Devlin says that he is coming with me, but the rest decide to just stay in and relax. I cannot blame them at all.

After that, it was back to the same old, same old. Before the end of the summer, I had to take Devlin and Aidan to two more competitions, and we hosted four more, though each of these were for just one or the other type of bike, two for each, so were much more easy to manage, and definitely not so much work. We found, though, that all the locals, as well as all our regulars, really wanted for the restaurant to stay open every day, so, we all decided, why not, but closed Monday and Tuesday, except on long weekend, when we closed Tuesday and Wednesday instead.

I also opened up the arcade for all to enjoy, so I always had lots of kids rolling through, and the boys started teaching many of the smaller kids how to ride, do simple jumps and tricks, and they started to really enjoy that as well. Devlin ended up going online and finding dozens of bikes that he got for free, or very nearly so, so that they could fix them up with the kids, teaching them how to do so, and it was an excellent project that I used as an amazing write off for community services tax purposes.

When school started up again, the boys all headed there and did their utmost best, and we were averaging one away competition, and one at home competition per month, so that was really great. Both Devlin and Aidan are doing spectacularly, though poor Aidan I do not feel will ever truly manage to beat Devlin, he is just too good, but he does not seem to mind always coming in second place. Of course Devlin still cannot win the straight race events, the bigger boys just have the advantage there, but he is getting better, and I feel that by the time he hits thirteen to fourteen years old, that”ll be it, no one will catch him. The freestyle events, however, it is getting more and more a tossup between the two boys as to who will come in first place. Devlin has just a few more wins, but Aidan is trying really hard to pass him, and Devlin is trying really hard not to let him, it is cute. They are just like brothers in many ways, but they love and adore each other so much, it is good for them both.

We did another week long festival at spring break, and then another at the start of summer, and they went amazingly as well. It had not even taken a whole year to pay everything off, which is utterly amazing.

Just after Christmas, Devlin”s mom finally told him that she is no longer seeing her therapist, that he had deemed her as cured as she could be. They talked at least a couple times a month, and she slowly got better, but when she asked Devlin if and when he was ever going to move back home, he simply told her that he is home, and that he cannot live with her. They visit a couple times a month, but, even I can see that they are no longer truly mother and son. She tries, we all know it, but there are some scars that just cannot be smoothed away, and so, she agrees, Devlin is home.

What an amazing life we have now, who could ask for more. Who is to say what the future brings, but, we all feel that our future is bright.

The end.

****So, this story actually started a little better than a year ago now, it took a long time to complete, and got put on hold more than a dozen times I swear. As is the case with many of my stories, this story was inspired by a truly stunning young boy that I saw biking. He was about ten, and he was doing some pretty impressive jumps and flips, and fuck was he hot. I admit, I watched him a lot during that competition, which he won in his age class, clearly, but I only got to stay for the last two hours, so I am sure I missed a lot. Now, once more, I have spun a story around a topic that I know very little about. I tried to do some research, but it”s really hard, because the terminology and everything is vastly different depending upon which country you are in, and even sometimes the city too. It was really frustrating actually, then there was the fact that there are so many variations, my god, I had no idea that bike racing was that wide and varied. So, yeah, don”t fault me for that, I did at least try to make it seem plausible, but some of it is not wholly correct, though I did see a boy that approximate age do a couple jumps just like I described. Anyway, as always, should you desire to comment on this, or any of my stories, feel free to do so at erich5748 ail. I enjoy reading my readers comments, even though I require none to continue writing. I truly hope that you enjoyed this tale, and I shall see you on the next one.****

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