Dirty Laundry

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Darrel Duncan walked through the front door of his apartment and immediately announced his entrance to whoever might have been in earshot. When he wasn’t answered with any sort of immediate retort he continued on deeper into the home until he came up on the first bedroom door to cross his path. Darrel beat his fist against it before twisting the knob and poking his head inside the room.

“Hey, Jamie,” he said after taking notice of the young lady puttering around the cluttered floor of her bedroom. She had been busy gathering up the discarded array of clothing articles when he interrupted her. “Your mom around?” he asked once he had her attention.

“Try back in her room,” Jamie answered him with a slight hint of resentment in her voice as she leaned over to snatch up a few more articles. “It was where she was the last time I heard from her.”

Darrel pulled his head back and decided to do just that. He walked on back to the bedroom that he shared with Jamie’s mother, Paula, and found her right where she said he would. She appeared to be engaged in a similar act of tidiness as she bounded from one side of the room to the other.

“Hey,” Darrel said, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind him. He quickly began peeling his way out of the soiled clothes that he had one.

“Decided to make it home at a decent hour today, huh?” Paula said to him as she continued to go about gathering up clothes and tossing them into the basket that rested on top of their bed. “Can’t say I’m upset about that. Just go on and toss those clothes over in the basket. I’m about to go down and get a few loads started.”

“You do that,” Darrel said, tossing his shirt over towards the hoop. “I’m gonna go ahead and hop in the shower.”

Paula stood there and waited until he’d stripped every stitch of clothing from his body and made sure they all made their way into the basket before collecting her things and leaving the room.

Jamie spun her body around and hopped up on the closed lid of the running washing machine next to the one her mother was currently in the process of filling with another load of dirty clothes. With the basement laundry room being as empty as it was at this hour in the evening every racket that the two women kept up seemed to echo that much louder off of the dingy walls that surrounded them.

The noise of the rickety machine that Jamie climbed up on gave Paula cause to cut a few quick looks over in her daughter’s direction. She took quick notice of the snide grin that had somehow found reason to appear on her lips.

“What the hell are you grinning on about?” Mrs. Duncan said as she poured detergent over the pile of clothes that she had just finished loading into the washer in front of her.

“Because,” Jaime said, placing her palms down on the lid in the space between her legs as she leaned her upper body forward. “I got a date this Friday night. With Sam Jennings,” she said, kicking her legs out one at a time as she leaned back into an upright position.

“Is that so?” Paula replied adding the detergent into the machine. “He’s not that boy I caught with his tongue halfway up your snatch a few weeks ago, is it?”

“No,” Jamie said with a look of disgust on her face. “He’s nobody you know. And while we’re on the subject, you and Darrel kept me up half the night last night even after I told you I needed to get up early this morning.”

“Well, I suppose it serves you right,” Paula said, adding another scoop of powder to the load. “Not like the two of you ever give me any consideration when you’re going at it.”

“It’s your own fault,” Jamie said to her. “Don’t forget who’s idea it was for me to start using his cock to break in my hole.”

“Something that I’ve been regretting ever since,” Paula said as she lowered the lid and turned the dial on the machine. “How’re you coming along anyway?” she asked, sliding herself down to the next washer where another basket waited to be unloaded.

“Alright, I guess,” Jamie replied. “We haven’t really been at it for awhile now. It’s been mostly just straight fucking. Either that or him gushing down my throat. Where is he anyway? I saw him nosing around looking for you earlier.”

Darrel stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. Once he was done drying himself he went to his room and threw on a set of sweatpants and a T-shirt. His growling stomach eventually led him in the direction of the kitchen where he was left extremely disappointed by the lack of any readily available sustenance. Afterwards, he left the apartment and made his way down to the laundry room.

“Well look who it is,” Paula said when she saw him come through the door. “Speak of the devil.”

“Speak of him all you want,” Darrel said as he approached the two of them. “What are you planning on doing about feeding him?”

“We were just talking about you,” Jamie said to him.

Darrel moved past Paula’s back and pressed his body up against the machine that Jamie was sitting on; moving into position between her hanging güvenilir bahis legs. “Yeah? Anything I’d be interested in knowing about?” he said, rubbing his palms up the length of thighs that protruded from the short pants that she wore. In return Jamie placed her palms against his chest and rubbed them up to his shoulders.

“Not unless you’re interested in finding out what a shiftless shit you are,” Paula replied as she loaded the machine. “One who’d rather go around making throat babies rather than dumpin’ his nut where he’s supposed to.”

“Damn it, Paula, don’t start with me.”

Jamie actually found herself tickled into giggles by the sound of yet another storm brewing between them. So excited, in fact, that she casually let a hand slip down and slide in beneath the waistband of his sweats. Jamie fished around for his cock until she had located the thick glans and began massaging it in her palm.

“Hey,” she said to him. “Did you hear? I’m going out with Sam this Friday.”

“Really?” Darrel said.

“Yes,” Paula answered him as she continued to sort through the laundry. “Maybe then someone might finally get around to reaming her out instead of just fucking around.”

“Shit,” Darrel muttered to himself over the tune of Jamie’s giggling. He rolled his eyes up until they came down on her grinning face. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of the small cosmetic bag that Paula had brought down with the rest of her things. “Come on, Jamie,” he said as he snatched back the zipper and shoved his hand into the mess inside.

“Are you kidding?” Jamie said over a mouth filled with chuckles.

“No. He’s just being a dick as usual,” Paula said.

“I’m dead serious,” Darrel said, flipping up the lid on the small bottle of lotion. “Anything to shut your damn mouth.”

He squeezed a huge glob of the slick solution out into his palm. Jamie let go of his dick when he reached down and pulled down the front of his pants and watched as he slapped the lather onto his swelling shaft. Darrel began running his palm over the length of the growing organ with so much vigor that Jamie could hear the noise of the wet spank of flesh slapping against flesh.

“C’mon. What if somebody walks in?” Jamie said, still full of cheer over the ensuing situation.

“Nobody’s coming in here,” Darrel reassured her. “Paula, would you go check the door?”

“Oh, for shit’s sake,” she fumed, tossing down the clothes that she held before making a stride over towards the door. She stuck her head out the door and peeked a look up the stairwell, listening for any signs of life out in the small corridor. “There ain’t nobody there,” she said as she moved back over to her original place behind the washer.

“I can’t believe this,” Jamie said as Darrel took a step back to give her room to hop down from the top of the machine.

She turned her back to him and placed her palms down on top of the machine. The slapping rhythm made by Darrel jerking his cock off paused for the length of time that it took for him to grab hold of the waistband of her shorts and underwear and yank them down over the fleshy curves of her ass cheeks. He left the rear of her waistband resting just beneath the bottom arc of the two humps to reclaim his hold on his now fully erect staff.

Paula, having gotten back underway with her sorting through the pile of clothing in front of her, cut a look over in their direction and watched as Darrel craned down the wet tip of his pole and worked it through the soft valley between the two mushy hemispheres of Jamie’s ass. When she heard Jamie wince out loud she was sure that the meaty mushroom cap had succeeded in coming into direct contact with the outer ring encircling her tight sphincter. She was pretty sure that that was all that had happened seeing as how a lengthy portion of his rod still remained visible to her.

When Jamie felt the weight of his warm, wet cock head come down on the wrinkled mat surrounding her asshole, gaping open the pucker, she leaned forward on the washer and stepped her legs apart as she angled her rear end up higher to meet his intentions. She whined out in anticipation of the movement of the broad shaft that was set to follow the hefty headpiece once it started on its way further up into the depths of her body.

Darrel grabbed up the bottom of her shirt and worked it up just high enough to leave Jamie’s tits hanging free. Grabbing hold of one of the well-fleshed mounds, he placed his other hand down on her waist and shifted his hips forward.

Paula watched his stick slip in to the base with one ease of a push. Jamie greeted the filling sensation with her signature shrill cry and Darrel immediately took off with reckless abandonment. Paula twisted her lips up at the sight of Jamie’s trembling, rippling flesh as Darrel repeatedly spanked her bottom with his pelvis. With the sound of slapping skin and Jamie’s whimpering cadence reverberating off the walls she went on with trying to finish sorting through the laundry.

“So who’s this türkçe bahis Sam guy?” Darrel asked through a mouth filled with gnashed teeth as he stared down at the picture of his cock slamming through Jamie’s crack. The sound of his words were strained as he tried using them in place of the grunts that he wanted to spit out while he relished in the feel of the snug wrap dragging across his shaft. “Anybody we know?”

“No,” Paula answered him. “According to Jamie he’s some new guy.”

“So is she bringing him over or not? Ah, shit!” Darrel belted out loud, feeling his cock thicken and jerk around in Jamie’s ass. He slid his hand down the center of her back, coaxing her to bend over further and shove her backside harder in his direction as he sped up the pace of his hips.

“Why?” Paula asked over the noise of Jamie’s pants and whines. “You plan on scaring him off?”

Darrel was barely able to focus on her words when he felt the beating pulse swimming up through his straining shaft quickly approaching critical. The next words out of his mouth were a series of grunts that he directed down towards Jamie’s trembling cheeks once he felt the wetness start flowing out of him. He slowly began to dial back the speed of his hips which also lessened the volume of Jamie’s cries until they were just wheezes and moans.

“As tempting as that sounds,” Darrel said as he leaned his exhausted body forward and placed his palms down on the washer next to Jamie’s. “I was just curious as to whether or not I needed to be on any kind of special behavior, is all.” He gave out another groan as Jamie smashed her cheeks back into him and swiveled her hips around on the dwindling mass still impaling her.

“Feel free to try,” Paula answered him. “But I’m sure it’d be a wonder to behold if you managed to pull it off.”

Jamie was all chuckles again and Darrel looked over in Paula’s direction with a twisted look of resentment on his face.

Paula Duncan walked through the front door of her apartment carrying two armloads worth of groceries. She could hear the television playing in the living room as she kicked the door closed behind her.

“Hey,” she called out to the two lumps that she was sure were parked on the couch in front of the screen. “Could one of you get in here and help me?”

Paula made it all the way to the kitchen without receiving so much as an acknowledgement of her presence. After sitting the bags down on the counter she stormed into the living room to see what the holdup was. Once she moved into the room it wasn’t hard to figure out. All it took was one look at the television screen for her to understand why no one had been in a big rush to come to her aid. The nude couple undulating and gyrating their fused bodies certainly explained a lot. And a closer view of the pair sitting on the couch watching the show explained a lot more.

Actually, Darrel was the only one watching the action at that particular moment. Jamie was, at present, busy slowly dragging her lips up and down the pole jutting up from his bare lap. Paula walked over to the couch and laid a light slap against the back of Darrel’s head, adding more bass to his next aching groan.

“What the fuck?” Darrel whined as he turned around to get a look at her while rubbing the back of his head.

Jamie lifted her head up from his lap and looked in her mother’s direction.

“There’re groceries in there in the kitchen,” was all Paula had to say to her in order to get a disgusted sigh and eye roll out of Jamie. Seconds later, the fist that she rubbed around Darrel’s cock suddenly stopped moving and she rose up from her position on the couch.

He returned her look of disappointment when she passed in front of him on her way into the kitchen. “What the hell did you do that for?” Darrel said to Paula as he scooted over to make room for her on the couch.

“Shut up,” she said, getting comfortable on the cushion. “Where’s the remote?” When Paula was able to fish it out from between the cracks in the couch she pointed it at the television and switched it to something with a little less shock value. Although now the picture of the engorged shaft next to her that she just couldn’t quite seem to keep from cutting her eyes over to get a look at seemed a bit more out of place. It didn’t help much that Darrel had a disturbing habit of constantly reaching down to apply a few massaging pumps to it (some slow and long, others short and quick) to keep it in a somewhat rigid state. “Do you mind?” Paula said to him.

“No,” he replied. “As a matter of fact, I don’t.” Darrel released his hold on the stick that was still slightly damp from Jamie’s mouth and reached over towards the buckle on the front of Paula’s pants.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she said, looking down at his busy fingers.

“Oh, be quiet,” he snapped at her. “Now just sit back and take it. It’s obvious that you need this more than I do.” After he succeeded in getting the buckle undone and the zipper down Darrel reached up for the fabric around güvenilir bahis siteleri her waistline and began tugging down at the material. “Lift up,” he ordered her.

Paula sent out a gust of frustrated wind through her nostrils and lifted her hips up from the seat. Once Darrel got her pants and panties down to her thighs she sat back down, never once taking her glare off of the television screen. Darrel continued to snatch her pants and underwear down the length of her legs until he got them free of her body. When he rose back up he shoved her thighs apart with just enough force to elicit a groan of aggravation from her and gain him a frowning glare from her face. Sliding his fingers down her lower abdomen and sinking a couple into the slit that had been left vulnerable with the spreading of her legs gained him an entirely different noise from her. When he went to digging around between the strips of flesh he was also able to turn that look of scorn on her face into a twisted mockery of itself.

Massaging her inner thigh with one hand and keeping her legs spread wide, Darrel used the fingers of his other to mix up a batch of juice in her cunt that left a glossy shine on each digit that he ran through her slit. He sank a pair into her slick opening and Paula became so moved by the sensation that she fumbled around with the remote that still held until the video that he and Jamie had been watching when she entered the apartment came blaring to life once more.

“Oh, fuck you,” Jamie said, announcing her return to the living room. She didn’t know which upset her more; the fact that her mother had taken up a seat on the couch next to Darrel while she was busy stowing away the groceries in the kitchen alone, or that his shifting fingers had her hips humping her seat while she panted and moaned out louder than the couple on the screen.

She walked around the two of them and dropped down sideways on the couch next to Darrel. With her eyes focused in on the television screen she scooted up close enough to Darrel to reach out and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

Feeling his fingers slide out of her hole and glide up through her cut until they were able to peel back the hood sheltering her clit, Paula lifted her shirt up until her breasts dropped down into her cupping hands. She kneaded the two masses and pinched at her nipples until the combined sensation of every hand fondling her body forced her muscles to spasm as her clit burst loose with a mind shattering orgasm.

Darrel continued to throttle the bulging bit between her legs even as he spoke over her cries with his own moans that had been supplied courtesy of Jamie reapplying her salivating mouth to his stiffening dick. The lips and the fist grip that she had wrapped around his straining pole continued to pick up their steady increasing pace until he was forced to pull himself away from Paula and apply both of his hands to the head bouncing in his lap.

“Wait an minute!” Darrel grunted out as he struggled to stop the motion of her face and pry her lips up from his twitching member. “Wait a minute.” When he finally got Jamie’s head up from his lap he had to suffer a confused and upset look from her before turning his face in Paula’s direction. “Come on,” he said to her.

Jamie leaned back in her seat and folded her legs in Indian style as she watched her mother angle her body over in Darrel’s direction. She took his staff up in her grip and her fist became a blur as it began swiping strokes across the lengthy piece of meat. All eyes were on his cock as he leaned back in his seat and began pumping his hips up to keep in tune with the motion of her hand. When the noise of his grunts began to grow louder and more labored Paula cried out to Jamie.

“Hurry up and get me something before he nuts all over the place!” Paula yelled at her.

“Something like what!?!” Jamie called back to her, her eyes still glued to the distended head of his codpiece as she anxiously waited for her mother’s pounding fist to produce the first burst of drainage from the organ.

“Shit! It don’t matter! Just hand me something! Quick!”

Jamie breathed out a disgusted wind and peeled the T-shirt that she wore up over her head and threw it in her mother’s direction, leaving her nude from the waist up. Paula was swift enough to cup the material beneath the head of his cock and bring up a net of fabric to catch the first blast that Darrel grunted and sent showering out of the small slit in his glans. Paula kept pumping her fist until the imprint of her hand could be made out against the wet material that surrounded it. When he was done spraying Paula wiped the drool up from the end of his prick, bawled the shirt up, and tossed it over towards Jamie. She lurched back and swatted it away, voicing her disapproval with a sound that matched the look of objection on her face. Paula got up from her seat, grabbed her clothes up from the floor, and headed off towards her bedroom.

“So how about this guy you’re bringing over tomorrow?” Darrel spoke up after he found wind enough through the gasps and wheezes that had consumed him. “Were you wantin’ us to clear out of here so you two could have a little privacy or what?” he said, giving up some laughter with his words when he was done.

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