Discovering Joy Ch. 02

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Fall hit us with a vengeance. It was as if someone had turned the switch off. The days had been warm, in the mid-70’s. Two days before the In-laws were to visit we got up to three inches of snow on the ground. The weather was now coming from the north. The In-laws were to be here on Friday but the weather would dictate if that would happen.

Wednesday evening I nervously watched the nightly news and I almost leaped with Joy, (no pun intended). We should have a break in the weather, with clear, warmer days starting Friday. I was not sure how I would do it but I was determined to get Joy, my mother in-law alone long enough to shoot my load somewhere on or in her body.

Four hours before the five o’clock news I had received an email from Joy with a photo attached. The photo was of Joy’s pussy. Joy’s ability to take pictures of herself had steadily gotten better. Many of the earlier photos and videos had been blurry but this one today was as if I were on my knees, in front of her and only a foot from her pussy. Joy’s salt and pepper colored bush was thick and there was no mistaking the moisture of it. The email she sent along with the photo read:

“I hope the weather gets better. I am looking forward to getting a chance to let my kitty play a little.”

As I read the email and looked at the photo my hands reached into my sweats I was wearing. In no time at all my cock was hard. I than took two photos to send, along with my reply. The first photo was of my hard cock. The second photo was of my mouth with my tongue sticking out. Once the photos were attached to the reply I typed”

“Me too! If we can find the time to be alone long enough, I am not sure which one I want kitty to feel.”

After sending my reply to Joy’s email I seriously considered “jacking off.” As I had aged I had come to realize it’s better to not waste a load of cum and choose to save it for my wife when she came home from work.

With hearing the Wednesday evening weather report, along with the earlier email from my mother in-law I formed a hasty plan. I knew my wife would be home within the next ten or fifteen minutes. I walked over to the kitchen island, took the note pad and quickly wrote out:

“I’m in the shower. Care to join me?”

I had only been in the shower for about five minutes but with the email and photo from Joy fresh in my memory I was rock had when the shower curtain was pulled back and my wife joined me. I turned around to face her and was happy to see her 38C breast’s nipples were already hard. She pushed against me as my hands grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against me.

“Oh my! Someone is feeling awful horny” She giggled when she felt my hard cock poke into her belly.

She took one hand and reached down to hold my throbbing cock in it. Stepping back from me she bent over and guided the head into her waiting mouth. As the warm water of the shower ran over the two of us I watched my wife suck my cock. Reaching under her I lightly pinched and pulled on her already erect nipples. She moaned and in a muffled voice said. “That feels so good.”

For several minutes she remained bent over, sucking my cock. The entire time I was looking down on her and having visions of her mother as the one sucking my cock. Sensing I was getting to the point of shooting my load into her mouth. My wife ceased her sucking and stood up and güvenilir bahis said:

“I am not ready for you to cum just yet. I’m feeling as horny as you and need your mouth on my nipples and pussy.”

Placing both her hands on my head she pulled downward.

“Suck on my nipples, you know how that makes my pussy wet.” She said.

I lowered my head and placed my lips around her left nipple. Using only my lips I lightly sucked and flicked the tip of my tongue over the tip of her nipple. I spent about thirty seconds sucking on it before she told me to do her other nipple. I moved over to her right nipple and started all over. After sucking lightly on her right nipple for about the same amount of time I used my teeth and with very little pressure I raked my teeth the entire length of her erect nipple. I knew what the response would be to this action. Up until using my teeth on her nipple both her hands had remained on my head. With a loud moan she moved one hand down between our bodies and began stroking my hard cock.

“Oh God! You’re making my pussy wet!” She moaned loudly.

For several minutes I alternated from one nipple to the other, sucking, licking and raking my teeth over them. I than went down on my knees in front of her. As I did so she shifted her body and lifted her left leg up, placing her foot on the stone edging of the shower stall. I had another vision of me on my knees, in front of Joy, my mother in-law.

Once on my knees I quickly buried my face between my wife’s legs. Without any hesitation I stuck my tongue into her pussy. As I slid my tongue upward it ran over her erect clit. My wife pulled my head in tightly and in a loud voice screamed she was cumming. My wife released her grip on my head and as I took her erect clit into my mouth I rolled my eyes upward to see she was now pulling and twisting both her nipples. I knew what was coming and I prepared my mouth for it.

I felt her body tighten and seconds later the juices from her pussy started to flow. At first it was a trickle than she began to squirt. I took my mouth off her clit and did my best to capture as much of her cum as I could in my mouth. I manage to swallow two mouthfuls of her cum. It’s hard to describe the taste other than it is not bitter. I think it has to do with her diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables.

As my wife’s orgasm faded we both realize the hot water was fading fast. Still on my knees and running my tongue over her pussy, she turned off the shower. I stood up and we mashed our lips together. Our tongues fought one another. We stopped kissing and I turned to step out of the shower. Reaching out I took two towels off the rack and handed one to her. I used the other and began drying off. I placed the towel over my head and shoulders and began rubbing the water off my body. My wife leaned over and took my hard cock into her mouth. As her lips slid over the shaft of my cock I used my towel to dry her back. The way she had her body angled allowed me to also use the towel to dry the water off her ass. Once dry I let go of the towel and let it fall to the floor. With one hand I reached down and behind her, running my fingers across her anus, stopping briefly and lightly run circles around it before plunging two fingers into her very wet pussy. She moaned and sucked hard on my cock. I closed my eyes and once more a vision came to me Joy, türkçe bahis my mother in-law sucking my cock while I fucked her with my fingers. I was close to cumming and stopped sucking while straightening up our lips met and we fought to see who could get the most tongue in the others mouth. Without any words we broke apart and walked out of the bathroom.

Reaching the bed I grabbed the blankets and threw them over toward the end of the bed. I climbed into the middle of the bed and lay on my back as I watched my wife move toward me. My wife stood next to the bed and leaning over began to softly stroke my cock.

“That cock is nice and hard. It’s going to feel so good in my wet pussy.” She said with a smile on her face.

I reached down with one hand, placing it over her hand that was stroking my cock and reply with a smile on my face:

“Do you want to get fucked first, while you suck my cock?”

My wife let go of my cock and quickly climbed onto the bed. On her hands and knees she moved into one of our favorite positions. She spread her knees apart and moved her ass toward my head. Before taking my cock back into her mouth she said:

“I can’t wait to put your cock in my pussy after he has cum in me.”

My wife licked the head of my cock and ran her tongue down the shaft to my balls and I moaned a reply:

“You tell him when you want his hard cock in your pussy and when you’re ready to come on it.”

Before plunging her mouth over my cock she answered back:

“OK. When he’s fucking me I want you to suck my nipples. You know that will make me squirt all over his hard cock.”

As my wife slowly sucked my cock I began to take two fingers and move them in circles over the lips of her pussy. Occasionally I would put three fingers together lightly probe her wet pussy. I would only place a half inch in and tease her. My wife would respond with pushing back toward my hand trying to get more inside her pussy. For over five minutes we played out the fantasy. During this time her pussy would contract and release while making noises. Several times I had to tell her to stop sucking my cock or I would unload into her mouth. She stopped sucking one time and straightened up but still on her knees next to me. We had played out this fantasy enough for me to know what would come next. As my wife continued to play with my cock she said:

“Fuck me with that hard cock while I stroke my husband’s cock.”

My wife rolled her head back and pushed her pussy down toward my hand. Once again using three fingers I pushed upward until all three fingers were inside her. Slowly I moved them in and out while rotating them. She began humping up and down on my hand as I used my free hand to reach up to pinch and pull one of her nipples.

Pussy juice was beginning to flow down my hand and drop to the bedsheet. My wife was still stroking my cock with one hand. She leaned down toward my head and with her free hand guided her tit to my mouth while saying”

“Suck my nipple. Make me cum all over his cock while he fucks me!”

With my mouth open wide I took as much of her tit and nipple between my lips and right before sucking and licking it I was able to moan:

“Tell me when you’re going to cum on his cock!”

Only a few seconds went by before my wife yelled loudly:

“Fuck! I’m coming on his cock!”

Her güvenilir bahis siteleri orgasm started with a small squirt of cum from her pussy. Each time she squirted she’d moan and each squirt increased in volume. By the time of the fifth squirt I had juice running down my arm. There was a puddle of her cum under her. Halfway through her orgasm I had released my lip lock on her nipple. As her orgasm continued she jammed my cock into her mouth trying to devour it. Feverishly she humped my hand while sucking my cock. I knew I would not last to much longer and with a sound of urgency yelled out:

“Fuck me with your come filled pussy!”

Moving quickly she straddled me and plunged down onto my cock. Within seconds she leaned over me and again said:

“Suck my nipples! Make me cum on your hard cock!”

Rapidly she bounced up and down on my cock and seconds after taking a nipple into my mouth she told me she was going to cum again.

Her second orgasm was stronger than the first. Her come came squirting out around my cock she was riding. I felt the juices run down over my balls, down the crack of my ass. My balls tightened and I grunted I was going to come. As I filled her pussy with my come she came a third time. I closed my eyes right before her third orgasm and pretended it was my mother in-law coming on my cock.

A few hours later we received a call from her parents. Everything was set. They should be at our house by noon Friday. While my wife spoke with her mother I was laying on the couch, daydreaming of my mother in-law sucking my cock. My wife was twelve feet away, sitting in the recliner. Occasionally she’d glance over at me and smile. I now had my sweats pulled down, freeing my hard cock. I was slowly jacking off while my wife talked with her mother. My wife in turn had pulled up her night-shirt to show me her tits. This went on for about ten minutes until I heard my wife say:

“Mom I got to go. Something has come up. See you Friday when I get off work.”

My wife turned the telephone off. Sat it down, got out of the recliner, walk over to the couch, got on her knees and before taking my cock into her mouth said:

“Someone is really horny today. We shouldn’t waste this.”

Five minutes later she swallowed my second load of the day and never spilled a drop.

Thursday came and around noon the telephone rang. Before answering I noted it was from my wife’s parents. I hit the button and said:


“Well hello Mark. I take it the boss is at work?”

‘Hey there good looking! Yea she won’t be home until around 6pm.” I replied.

“Well I got the impression last night someone was in a hurry to get off the telephone. What was going on?” Joy asked with a hint of humor.

“Do you want the truth? Where are you?” I shot back.

“Every detail. Don’t you leave anything out? I’m in the car, down at the Post Office.” She giggled.

I sat down on the couch, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out before saying”

“I was lying on the couch playing with my cock. So your daughter was watching me while talking to you. She hung up the telephone, came over and sucked me off. She never spilled a drop.”

“She’s a luck girl. I bet you taste yummy. I wish I was somewhere private so I could play with my pussy.” Came her reply.

“Oops! I got to go. The boss is coming out from mailing a package.” Joy said hurriedly and the phone went dead.

It took me only five minutes to shoot my wad while sitting on the couch. I hoped my mother in-law and I would be able to somehow get some time alone. I truly wanted to fuck her.

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