Divine Intimacy

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Many ask what divine intimacy is. Men with the hope that it is endless intense sex, women with the desire for some deeper connection through the pleasure they know has a spiritual quality rather than just profane ones. A Nymph is a mythical creature and rooted in their mythology is the answer to this question. She lives eternally, regenerating with new power and youthfulness to remain intoxicatingly attractive. The sharing of deep orgasms sustains this eternity so she must experience it almost daily. The quality of her interactions is what she seeks to perfect. Beyond urgent intensity of some encounters she works to perfect her craft of sensual seduction and of love without the boundaries of a single lifetime and without the pain. The divine aspect is reached through tantric connection of souls. The connection is gentle, loving and supremely intense. When she couples in this way her soul entwines with her lover and grows in its understanding and empathy for them.

She will often love damaged souls who have been scarred by love or disabled sexually by misfortune with the express purpose of healing and gathering the intensity of energy this love produces. Her love is divine because of the communion of souls and it is intimate because it touches and benefits both- she from the sustaining energy and he from the deep sensitive connection. As powerful as this makes her as a woman and a lover with intoxicating power, compassion and strength it can also be her tragedy when the she and her lover become so deeply connected. After all she is eternal needing sex daily. He being mortal and having to share and lose her each cycle when she regenerates and ultimately when he dies. Her intoxication leaves her lovers mostly with only a trace of the memory of her and the transformation of self it leaves but she must suffer the anguish of separation for eternity. Sometimes she seeks the same soul in a new life.

There was a certain thrill in the kind of heated contact that was happening to Jonathan right now. Nearby was a crowded noisy party where he and Felicity had met, talked then consumed each other in a dance that left them both craving more private space. Now his hand had already cupped her small perfectly rounded breasts and pinched her nipple until it rose hard against the tight white silk halter stretched over her top. He enjoyed the breathy moans as he caressed her and felt her impassioned lips pressed against his with the kind of ache that he too felt increasingly more deeply. From the moment he had seen her his pants filled with an awkward lump but now it was straining against these confines for contact. When they danced he had felt her warm heat against him grinding wantonly and he struggled with uncomfortable moments where he felt he would simply explode in his pants.

In the darkened rooftop garden outside the penthouse apartment the pair had crept hand in hand to find a swing seat where they sat together wrapped in each other’s embrace daring to fondle and caress. The dress she wore was a tight diaphanous halter floor length gown with a split up the front that teased a view of her panties. It lay open and he moved his hand to her warm creamy thighs and caressed them feeling the taut muscles of her curves and waiting for the signal to stop or go on. It had been almost a year since he had divorced and he had difficulty with casual relationships. Even call girls had been disastrously short and unsatisfying. What he felt now was the edge of explosion, the tantalizing thought of a woman perhaps 20 years his junior was not just excited by him but encouraging him to explore her delicious body.

He moved his hand between her thighs expecting to have to stop and thing quickly of an apology but his flesh upon hers was met with her whispering sexily to him in between kisses. “Mmmmmmmmmm, touch me! Feel how damp my panties are for you.”

He felt his cock throb in response and moved his fingers between her parted thighs to feel the soft dampness that soaked her white silk bikini panties. He felt the furrow open up beneath his fingertips and the fabric grow damper. He slid his fingers up and down until she began to topkapı escort moan and writhe. He loved to masturbate women. Loved to feel them cum beneath his fingertips when he caressed and teased their clit. Reveled in the arching of their back and the seizures of pleasure that gripped a woman when she orgasmed. What he loved most was the squeals and spray of wetness. Felicity did not disappoint. On the contrary her orgasms came fast and frequently and with each sweet squeal and spray of wetness she writhed and growled like a wild cat on heat.

Then he felt it. Her hand traced an outline around the lump in his pants with her fingernails. He shivered and moaned knowing it was his turn to be switched into overdrive. She grasped his cock in her palm and squeezed. “Oh God you are soooooooooooo Big! I could touch you here if you want but I think its time we went downstairs to my apartment don’t you?”

Jonathan could barely speak he was so excited. She stood up and took him by the hand and led him past the late party guests. Smiled sweetly and sailed through them with a few sweet goodnights and led him to a private elevator. She opened the steel lattice and pulled him inside the elevator and pressed the button for the sixth floor. The old elevator creaked slowly into action, as they pulled towards each other in a long grinding sexy kiss. ” Mmmmmmmmm, I can’t wait!” she slid from his arms to her knees before him and unzipped his imprisoned cock. She unfurled his thickness and pulled back the foreskin blowing gently on it as he watched her smiling and licking her lips. The feeling of her breath and moist lips so close to his cock evoked throbs. Her lips touched his sensitive flesh with tiny wet kisses. Followed by a flickering tongue. One hand circled his shaft firmly stoking while the other caressed, kneaded and teased his balls with her fingernails and fingertips. Just when he thought it could get no more exciting than this she engulfed him sucking him deep into her mouth expertly. The next few minutes brought him to the edge of orgasm two or three times. Each time he lost control and the throbs threatened to erupt she would pinch his cock tip and wait for the throbs to subside. Perfect Masters and Johnson impotency management. The third time he reached the near climax he watched as she pulled between her halter to expose her luscious tits, the nipple still hard and awaiting attention. She slid his cock tip around each nipple teasing them and looking up at him and smiling steamily while she also touched herself.

The elevator had come to rest an eternity ago. The air was thick with the scent of their pheromones and their excited moist organs. She let go of his tortured cock and held out her hand again as she pushed the Steel mesh doors aside and they moved into a dimly lit hallway. She punched in a security code that seemed out of place on the Art Deco building but was concealed behind an ornate brass plate. As they entered the room she untied the halter that held the dress in place and peeled it to the floor sexily wriggling from it dressed now in nothing but a pair of white silk designer panties and stiletto heels. She began to undress him unbuttoning his shirt removing his tie and pausing to tease and suckle his nipples, then helping him remove his pants and shorts. She kissed him more tenderly now. Gently and sweetly like a familiar lover. He melted into each kiss and toned his passion to the gentleness of touch she showed him. They both quivered with excitement and panted with a deep shivering lust.

She took his hand once more and led him to her bedroom. They lay on the bed and continued their sweet hot passion, each teasing and shivering and coaxing the other to luscious moans. Jonathan longed to hear her moan again. He longed to see her cum and spray her sopping panties with her excitement. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ears as he caressed her dampness once more, evoking an orgasm within minutes of touching her. Moving then to each nipple where he suckled and teased and pulled with his teeth until she cried out in pleasure and frustration. He kissed his way down her flat türbanlı escort silken stomach and inhaled the scent of her panties filling his nostrils with the intoxicating aroma. He kissed her pussy lips through the wafer thin panties passionately and wildly and she writhed and ground against him until she came not once but repeatedly for several minutes.

” Put your fingers inside me. Feel how hot and wet and tight I am.” She implored. He slid her panties aside and parted her labia with a single finger and felt her lips part to accept him then a second finger stretched her muscles around her and she arched her back as he suckled her clit and finger fucked her to another succession of orgasms. She beckoned him to return to kissing him. He knew it was time. They had felt the exquisite waiting game heighten their sensitivity to breaking point. He ached to be inside her now. They kissed tenderly again knowing what cam e next would be divine. She laid him on his back and straddled him. ” She was going to ride him.” He thought. She took his cock in her hand and slid the thick distorted tip against her panties until he moaned uncontrollably. The sensation of flesh against moist warm silk stretched over hot pussy was excruciatingly erotic. She writhed and moaned as his tip teased her hyper sensitive clit. She slid her panties aside and let his cock touch her wet entrance and dribbles of moisture roll down his thickness. He felt her lips part as his cock finally began to enter her. Relief was within a few inches and moments away. She stopped after his cock was barely an inch inside her and smiled at him.

” Touch me caress me, but don’t move inside me until I’ve cum all over your cock.” She began to touch her pussy and masturbate with his cock throbbing inside her. He resisted with what little strength he had left. He pawed at her breasts and pinched the nipples brutally now. He slapped her sweet ass hard in frustration. She moaned with each touch and each brave resistance until she exploded in a torrent of wetness that’s cascaded down his aching cock. As she came she slid down hard until his cock was deep inside her as she came violently and collapsed on top of him. They kissed with a serene wildness, his cock throbbing and her pussy contracting around him.

” Fuck me! Make me scream! FUCK ME Hard!” He rolled her onto her back and parted her legs and plunged into her hard and fast and deep. He pushed her legs around her like a rag doll fucking her to orgasm and then finding a new position to tease her and build her pleasure again and again. She shifted to her hands and knees and he fucked her doggy style until he was exhausted from the sheer physical effort of his marathon fucking.

” Its time for you to cum inside me.” She moaned as she climbed on top of him and rode his tired over swollen cock. She leaned forward and kissed him and slowed to a shimmering erotic slide barely moving but her pussy seemed to vibrate on his cock. She leaned toward him once more as he pawed and caressed her hot shapely ass and firm round tits and kissed him deeply and longingly.

” Just kiss me, kiss me tenderly, lovingly, sweetly. Hold still and feel me around you and u inside me become one mass of heat and wet and pleasure.”

He almost lost consciousness with the wave of sexual ecstasy that crashed over them both. He could feel her clamp and loosen around his cock. Feel his cock sucked into her hot cunt like a vortex and then relax and shimmer again around his cock. They were barely moving at all. Their sexual organs and lips felt every shiver every breath, every hot contraction or throb until he felt the explosion rising uncontrollably in her at the same time as his own orgasm began deep in his balls which she caressed and coaxed. The orgasm that followed was tantric and explosive their collective moans locked them together as waves of orgasm passed over them and between them. Followed by huge spurts of his cum shooting wildly inside her heated cunt and sprays of her excitement leaving them lying in a pool of sexual fluid.

They collapsed in each other’s arms and deep blissful tüyap escort rest. Jonathan awoke alone. The scent of their sex filled his nostrils. He glanced down at his flaccid cock as he felt the soft shiny silk of her panties wrapped around them. It made him throb when he acknowledged the deep heat of the encounter he had been through. He moaned involuntarily and caught a sound from the other room like clattering in the kitchen. The bedroom door opened and her angelic form entered dressed in a sweet virginal white halter baby-doll and s matching silk mini robe she entered the room carrying a tray. His eyes were drawn to her naked shaved pussy peeking thru the hem of her short nightclothes. His eyes adjusted and he saw the time. 3pm- they had made love and slept for hours. She smiled in a way that lit the room and placed the tray beside the bed, sitting beside him and kissing him in the sweet hot gentle way he had fallen in love with. ” I hope you like eggs florentine because thats what I made?”

The idea that someone so young and beautiful who had just fucked his brains out all night could cook and look unbelievably sexy while doing it sent a surge of blood to his recovering cock. She smiled when she noticed and kissed him again.

” I know its kind of late for breakfast but we do need to keep our strength up don’t we?”

She kissed him again this time even more longingly. The cuddled and kissed and ate breakfast, drank fresh juice and hot coffee. She slid off her robe and they kissed deep and long his hands roaming her perfect curves and supple mounds. He kissed and fondled here breasts and held her in front of her his awakening cock rising against her sweet hot ass as he fondled her breasts and kissed her neck. The sound of her frequent and intense orgasms was one that he craved so his fingers quickly slid to her pussy and massaged her clit gently. She writhed sexily against his cock and leaned her head back to kiss him with the quiet desperation of her impending pleasure. The pleasure rose in her rapidly. She moaned in his mouth as her body shivered and tensed then convulsed in and orgasm that squirted onto the sheets with intensity. He pressed hard against her ass with his now fully erect cock and felt the drizzles roll down it.

” Fuck my ass” She moaned. Jonathan had long enjoyed anal sex but partners that encouraged it were rare in his experience. She reached behind and grasped his cock rubbing it against her copious wetness and teasing her clit as it tingled in the afterglow. She pushed his cock inside her pussy roughly until he was deep in her once more.

“Make me cum again then fuck my ass.” He kissed her wildly as he felt his cock deep within her throbbing and covered in her wetness. He reached around once more and attacked her clip. The desperation both felt did not lend itself to gentleness but urgency. He attacked her clit slapping and pulling at as she writhed and squirmed on his cock making it wet and slippery. She came again in moments and streamed cum over his cock the broke from his hug and moved forward on all fours. His cock slip from her hot cunt and he lusted over her sweet hot round ass. He pushed a thumb inside her tiny hole as she squirmed wantonly wiggling her ass seductively. He moved to his knees behind her and pressed the hot wet tip of his shaft against her impossibly tight hole. His cock was beyond hard now it was distorted with the growth he pushed until the sweet hole opened for him and she squealed as he pushed deeper until she was begging him to fuck her repeatedly. When he was deep inside her he once again reached around and masturbated her repeatedly until she screamed and shivered and moaned uncontrollably like a minx on heat. Then he fucked her ass deep and hard slamming into her evoking orgasms and blood curdling screams. He shifted to lie face down and and he began a more gentle ass fucking feeling his own orgasm close. She mounted him and rode his cock with her ass and then finally as they lay face down again he felt her hot ass grip him like a wet velvet trap. It was then he whited out from the explosion and her sweet cries of encouragement and own orgasm merged with his moans and cries.

Divine intimacy for a nymph involves pleasure in every form until the partner is exhausted. Jonathan would lose this entire weekend and awake at home feeling unbelievably alive and with a pair of sweet hot panties in his pocket but with no memory of it at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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