Doug Gets Caught Sniffing Panties

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My name is Doug. I am over at my friend Jon’s house where he lives with his girlfriend Amber. We were hanging out and drinking beer. I went to the bathroom upstairs. I was sitting there and I noticed some whit cotton panties on the floor. They were a size 5. I picked them up and smelled them. I loved the smell of her worn panties. I could also see sum cum stains on the crotch area.

I felt my cock stiffen. I sat down and started stroking it. I smelled her panties as I stroked myself. I imagined I was making love to Amber as I stroked my cock and played smelled her panties. I cummed so hard as I imagined myself inside of Amber.

I cleaned myself up and put the panties back on the floor. I then headed back downstairs. We had a time drinking and playing video games. Amber and me joked around a lot. I love to make her smile. I kind of always had a crush on her. Jon decided to go with some of the guy and me and Amber stayed at the house. Amber was really getting drunk and could barely stand or complete a sentence.

I went back upstairs thinking it was safe and I quickly picked up her panties and smelled them standing in the entrance of the bathroom. All the sudden I hear Amber say oh my God. I turn around still holding her panties. Amber asked what I was doing. I apologized and handed her the panties. She slapped me and then got off balance and I caught her.

She thanked me and said I was so strong. She walked into the bedroom. I stood in the doorway as I could bahis siteleri not believe she took off her shorts. She was wearing a light blue thong. She took it off and threw it at me and said her is a fresh pair.

She then demanded I give her my boxers. I took them off and there we stood in just are shirts. I walked up to her and removed her shirt. Amber was so sexy. She had short light brown hair. Her breasts were small and firm with huge nipples. I loved her big butt and muscular legs. She took off my shirt as we then kissed.

She lay back on the bed and demanded that I fuck her now before Jon gets home. She called me her little panty perve. My cock was at her entrance of her pussy. I pushed my tip into her pussy lips. She was so tight. I thrusted hard into her as she screamed. She then yelled to fuck the shit out of her. I fucked her fast and rough. She screamed and started to whimper. I kept fucking her hard. Her pussy was so wet. She than had a full body orgasm. My cock exploded with cum inside her pussy. I sat back as I watched my cum ooze down her leg. I helped her get dressed and cleaned up and wet to bed before Jon got home. I was awaked with my cock all aroused. I looked to see Amber on her knees sucking on my cock. I didn’t last long. She swallowed all my cum. She then stroked me and got me hard again. She climbed on me. She pulled the crotch of her red bikini cut panties to the side. This gave access to her tight pussy. She guided my cock into her pussy. canlı bahis siteleri She grinded slow on my cock for 15 minutes. She heard Jon moving upstairs so she jumped off. She took off her panties and she cleaned are juices off with them and then kissed me and said goodbye as she handed the red panties to me. She pulled on a new pair of panties and went to cut off Jon.

I left before Jon got downstairs. I sniffed her panties that she just gave me and I got so hard. Amber asked me not to call and to wait for her to call me. So I went about my days thinking about how incredible my time with her was.

Five days went by and then she called. Amber said she was coming to the city and wanted to come by. She promised she had something for me. I said come on up. She was at my apartment in an hour.

Amber showed up at my door wearing a short black mini skirt and a tight white halter top. Her nipples were hard and she had no bra on. She came in and set 4 pairs of panties in zip lock bags on the kitchen table. She said if I bought her panties she would wear them and masturbate in them. She would then come to my apartment and bring them by and make a special pair that she fucked me in.

She then unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor and stepped out of it. She was wearing a satin purple bikini cut panty. She than removed her top. She walked up and kissed me. She undressed me and then we kissed as she rubbed my cock. She then went to the side of the canlı bahis couch and bent over the arm of the couch. She then told me to fuck her asshole. I first entered her pussy. She got wet quickly. I then removed my cock soaked with her juices. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her asshole. I then slowly entered her asshole. She moaned and buried her face in the arm of the couch. Her pain turned to pleasure as I pumped my cock in her ass. She began to push her ass into my as I thrust into her asshole. I pulled out and cummed on her ass cheeks. She pulled her panties back up and she rub are juices in them. Amber than took them off and sealed them in a baggy.

She then pulled a white pair out that had a picture of 2 cherries and said Cherry High. She got dressed and we went to dinner.

At dinner we got to know each other more. I liked Amber more with every story I learned. She told me how she was a cheerleader. How she loved to watch me run the football in high school. I didn’t know her cause she cheered for a team I played against. She said she always had a crush on me. She said all the cheerleaders liked me. I was the star running back in the county and they thought I was cute.

Amber could not believe I had never dated a cheerleader. I explained that I was shy and just didn’t get out much. She smiled and said now you can date a cheerleader. I asked about Jon. She said they had not been happy for months and that they broke up. She moved into her sister’s apartment yesterday.

I walked her to her car and she told me goodnight honey. I will call you after work tomorrow and she left. I slept good dreaming of my new girlfriend and lover. Most importantly I had a used panty supplier.

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