Down South Ch. 01

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It was my third year in college, and that wonderful month of March rolled around, when spring break comes and the bikinis come out. I had turned twenty-one in October, and my best friend, Scott, was coming down from New York. I was planning on an open sunroof, a cooler of beer, and a weekend of chasing girls all over the Outer Banks of North Carolina. What I got though, was an unexpected surprise.

I was sitting on the couch in my apartment, playing guitar and eating something, when my cell phone rang. I checked the caller ID and saw that it was my sister. I thought this was odd because we never talked all that much even before she graduated and moved away. In fact one could say that we really didn’t like each other. But the less we saw of each other the more we got along, and since she lived in Florida that worked out rather nicely.

“Hey Laura, how’s it going?” I said as I flipped open the phone. I was kinda wondering what this was about or what she wanted from me. “How’d you get my new cell phone number?”

“I got it from Mom, dumbass,” she said with a laugh.

“I love you too,” I replied. “So what’s up?”

“Well, remember when I said that your birthday present would come late?” she asked.

I did remember now. I had thought it was weird because she usually sent me expensive gifts that I really didn’t need, like cigars or more cologne. “Yeah, so…am I gonna receive it now?” I asked with a smile of expectance.

“Well, you will in a week. I’m flying you and Scott down here for a few days to party, and no Mom and Dad this time.” I could really hear the smile in her voice. I guess she was waiting for my reaction.

“Holy shit…” I muttered. From what I’d heard, my sister lived very well. She was an executive in some PR firm in Miami. Her husband’s parents were extremely rich from some kind of real estate deal years ago. I’d never been down there to see how they lived, but my parents had told me that she had just bought a new Mercedes, and that they lived in a large apartment somewhere downtown. She always was a damn overachiever, I thought with sarcasm as my mind flashed over these details.

“Well….that’s fantastic,” I said, wondering how this was going to work out. “But…what about Scott? And Mom and Dad? What do they think about all this?”

“We’ve already cleared it with Scott, and he’s definitely on board. Mom and Dad think it’s a great opportunity for us to visit. You’re coming down on American Airlines, first class all the way. You still having doubts?” I could picture the smirk on her face as she said it, the one she had given me a thousand times before.

“Well hell yes. I’ll be there,” I said with an ear-to-ear grin.

“Well good. Mom and Dad have your tickets. Chris and I will see you in a week.”


It was one week later that I found myself on the tee box of the seventh hole at Weston Hills country club outside Fort Lauderdale. It was about eleven-thirty in the morning on a beautiful spring day, and I was loving life. As I considered the wind conditions for my drive, my mind wandered beşiktaş anal yapan escort over the preceding few hours.

I had woken up really early in order to catch the seven AM plane out of RDU. Only a double espresso from Starbucks was enough to get me going. It was the first time I’d flown first class, and I had to admit, I liked it. Upon arriving in Fort Lauderdale airport, we were picked up by my brother-in-law and dropped off at the golf course, with instructions to call him when we were winding up our round. Someone had told us that this was the home course of Dan Marino, and it looked it. My reverie was broken by the sound of Scott’s voice.

“C’mon man, when the hell are you gonna hit the ball, for chris’sakes?” he shouted from the golf cart.

I grinned and stepped back, addressing the ball. I went into my backswing, and just when I was poised to bring the club down and hammer the ball, I caught some movement in the corner of my eye in the trees on the right edge of the fairway.

I made contact with the ball before I identified what it was, and I instantly regretted making the swing when I was distracted. I sliced the ball badly, but I caught a lucky bounce and it rolled to a stop on the fringe of the fairway, about fifty yards short of Scott’s drive. I uncoiled my follow through to the sound of Scott’s laughter. More than a little pissed off, I looked carefully to see what the hell it was that had caught my eye.

“Goddamnit…the beer cart girl distracted me,” I muttered over my shoulder. Oh well, it was about time for a brew, I thought.

“Too early for you?” I asked Scott as I returned to the cart.

“No way buddy. I’m always up for a beer,” he replied.

We met the other cart midway on the path, and stopped and climbed out, pulling out our wallets as we did.

“Beautiful morning, isn’t it?” we heard called out from behind the other cart.

“Oh, very much so. It’s been a while since I’ve been in Florida and the reception is fantastic,” I replied. “You got a few beers in that cooler of yours?”

“Oh yeah. What kind do you guys want?”

“Uh…” I glanced at Scott, who shrugged. “Two Miller Lite’s oughta do it.”

“Absolutely,” she said as she came out from behind the cart.

“Oh shit…” I heard Scott mutter. I had to admit that she took my breath away as well. She was about five foot eight, with dark brown shoulder length hair, and a very deep tan. She was wearing a sleeveless golf shirt and short khaki shorts, and had eyes that were of an instantly captivating shade of blue.

She flashed a brilliant half-smile as she tossed the can at me. “Two bucks each,” she said.

I fumbled out a five dollar-bill and handed it to her. “Keep the change,” I said. “So are you from around here?” I asked.

“Yeah, I was born in Miami and stayed down here for college. I love it here, the weather’s great everyday. What about you guys?”

“Well I was born in North Carolina, but I go to school in New York City,” Scott said.

“I beşiktaş bdsm escort was born and raised in North Carolina. I go to school at NC State,” I told her. “How’d you get a great gig like this?”

“My dad’s a member. I got in good with some of the staff. They like me being around here, and I kinda think they like having eye candy around,” she said with a smile.

I decided to get a little ballsy and stepped towards her, leaning against the cart as I took a long draw of my beer. “Is that all you are to them…eye candy?” I asked in a suggestive tone, feeling rather lame as I said it.

“Yeah…well, most of the time,” she replied with a wink.

“I bet your boyfriend hates that,” I said, reluctantly drawing out the old cliché. I just couldn’t stop with this lame shit!

“Ha, you wish it was that easy,” she quipped, making me look at my shoes quickly. I crumpled up the can and threw it in her trash can. “You need another one already?” she asked.

“Yeah, make it two more,” I said as I pressed a bill into her hand.

“Hey, we’re gonna be having lunch in the clubhouse after the front nine,” Scott said. “Why don’t you join us?”

“I can’t, I don’t get a break until later,” she said. Then she leaned in closer to me, putting her hand on my bicep as she did. In a whisper that only I was meant to hear, she said “I could…join…you if you’d like, though.” She looked into my eyes in a very sultry way, making certain parts of my body awaken.

I just nodded and grinned roguishly, stepping back to my cart and going to find my ball.


We finished the front nine all square. For once I was able to keep up with my friend, as we were both shooting in the low forties. We parked the cart and ambled up to the clubhouse. I noticed with amusement some of the guys that worked there running out to wipe our clubs off while we ate.

We walked into the opulent dining room, and ordered club sandwiches and draft beers. As I was handing the menu back to the waiter, I noticed the girl cross the room to Scott’s back, looking at me sidelong and jerking her head to suggest I follow her.

“I’ll be right back, I’ve got to use the head,” I offered lamely to Scott. I almost jumped out of my seat and chased after her, following her down a service corridor. She ducked in a room to the left. I waited a second, to make sure that nobody was about to yell at me or something, and then followed her inside.

The room was pitch-black, and my fingers found the light switch. The light came on, and I found that I was in a storage room of some kind. The girl (I still didn’t know her name) quickly crossed the room.

“They’ll see with the light on,” she said as she flipped them off again. I was once again plunged into complete darkness. The only thing I could detect was the fact that she was very close, as I could smell her hair.

“So what did you mean,” I asked, “out there on the course?” I was pretty sure but I wanted to make sure in case I had royally fucked up my guess.

I heard beşiktaş elit escort the rustle of fabric and felt her press against my body, instantly awakening my dick. “This is what I meant,” she whispered. She kissed me very lightly, so lightly I was almost not sure that she did. It was electric though, and my hands found their way to her back. She had taken her shirt off, and I touched the silky smooth skin of her lower back very lightly. She tensed at the contact and pushed her mouth against mine firmly, slipping her tongue between my lips. I pulled her tight against my torso and ran my hands up her back, noticing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I grabbed her and turned her around quickly, so that she was pinned to the wall.

She gasped at the force of my movement, but it only served to get her more excited. She kissed me even harder and began grabbing my ass firmly with both hands. I was extremely turned on and was still wondering where this was really going when I felt her hands on my belt. She hurriedly undid the buttons of my fly and whispered huskily in my ear, “Please fuck me John.”

My raging cock popped free as my shorts slid to my ankles and her hand enveloped it in a warm sheath, stroking me slowly. I didn’t need any more encouragement, and as I reached to undo her shorts as well I wondered how she knew my name. I noticed with some amusement that she wasn’t wearing any underwear either. I felt her step out of her shorts, and I squeezed her newly exposed ass. She groaned softly into my mouth as we kissed, and I picked her up under her butt. She obligingly wrapped her legs around my back as I pushed her against the wall. I was beginning to gain some vision in the darkness as she squeezed her legs around me. As I entered her, I could just barely see her mouth opening wide, inhaling in pleasure. I pushed in slowly, feeling her tightness against my raging hard-on. She was like a velvet sheath, and her tight pussy was well-lubricated from the hot sun and the sweat.

I felt my cock bottom out inside of her, and kissed her as I drew out and pushed back inside of her. She had small, nubile breasts, and I refocused my oral attentions on those as I began to work up a slow, steady rhythm. I tried to take her entire breast in my mouth, and she moaned deeply through closed lips. She started to pull on my back, and spurred me on with her legs as my tempo picked up.

I hadn’t had sex in weeks, and I could already feel my orgasm start to build after only a couple of minutes. I was fucking her like a jackhammer, and I whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna come.”

She responded by urging me on even faster with her legs, and I felt that familiar tingling start in my legs as I struggled to maintain my rhythm. My strokes degenerated into irregular thrusts as I felt the first stream of come jet out of my cock. I shot for what seemed like forever as she moaned effusively into my ear with every spurt.

My orgasm finally subsided, and I collapsed against the wall. My limp dick fell out of her with a soft plop, and she eased her legs off of me, standing up between me and the wall. I kissed her hard, forcing her back with the surprise. I pulled my shorts back on, flipping the light switch as I did so. I no longer cared if anyone found us, I wanted to see this woman in all her glory.

As I surveyed the perfection of her nude form, I asked her “So what’s your name?”

***To Be Continued***

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